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Sixteen Years


The wipers slowly went left and right on the big Sienna's windshield as Remy waited in front of the general store for Rogue to come out. His eyes went from the small dash clock to the glass doors of the building. Why was it taking so long?


He slowly went down the stairs and walked towards the living room. She was there, lying on the couch, a light hand gently stroking her still flat tummy. She had put her favorite movie in the VCR, but wasn't watching it and had her eyes closed. Did she know he was there? He stopped in the doorframe, silently watching her.

She was only three months gone, but both of them were more than excited. Remy had gone into some kind of shopping craziness and had bought almost everything new parents could need. But he wasn't the only one: Jean was only a few weeks ahead of Rogue in her pregnancy and Scott had already decorated the baby's bedroom in nice shades of yellow and green.

Remy smiled. He was doing a lot, too, having bought a small part of the park outside two months ago, and the nice fair-sized house was almost finished constructing. He was spending all his days there, working with the builders, and his hands were full of splints, his back hurt, his knees were scorched and most of his clothes were ruined, but he didn't care. Rogue had cried tears of joy for almost three days when he had announced the building of the house, and since then she always had a beautiful smile on her pretty face. The scorches were worth it.

He slowly came out of the shadow of the doorframe and sat on the sofa, lifting her feet to put them on his knees. He gently began massaging her feet and ankles, and Rogue's eyes slowly came open while a small smile tugged at her lips. "Yah don't have to do that yet, sugah…They won't hurt until a few weeks yet."

"Maybe, but dis doesn't hurt either, does it?"

"No" she said, her smiled enlarging. She streched like a cat, lifting her arms above her head, and then relaxed into the soft cushions. "Besides, yah have to get the hang of it before Ah'm as big as a whale." He stopped his massage and grabbed her ankles with one large hand, and with a divilish grin, he ran his fingers down the sole of her foot. She started to giggle and vainly tried to jerk her feet away from his grip. "Stop it! Stop it Remy!! STOP IT, Ah said!" She pulled her feet sharply and kicked him on the soulder, but her heel slipped and hit his chin hard. He quickly let go of the other feet and cupped his hurt jaw with a startled exclamation, and Rogue suddently stopped struggling and put a hand on his shoulder. "My Gawd, are yah okay, sugah?" He simply let go a small "hun hun" and nodded, gently rubbing his jaw, and she sat back on her feet, sighing. "Told yah to stop." He simply glared at her with watery eyes, and she began to laugh helplessly. He lifted his eyes to the sky, but laughter was already shaking his shoulders.


Damn the woman! He sighed angrily, his fingers tapping nervously on the steering wheel. The platter of the rain on the hood was unnerving, and he was already stressed. Was she trying to make him have a heart attack? They were already late, at least to his eyes. Not to hers, obviously. He leaned his elbow on the armrest and rest his chin on his knukles, the cold metal of his ring brushing against his skin. Why was buying a coffee taking so long!


He layed in the bed, watching the dark ceiling. He slowly flexed his fingers, hoping the tingling sense would dissapear. For months he had tried to control it, but it seemed it was only getting worse. Many times a day, he had to let go of anything he was holding before it exploded. After his most cherished motorcycle, he had blown off the remote control, the cat's food bowl and a flower pot, bringing on his head Ororo's rage (and rain). He had bought back the stuff he's blown, but he was getting frustrated by the moment with his incapacity to control the boiling inside.

He took a deep breath, and the tingling slowly dissapear, only leaving a light pain in his shoulders. It was getting stronger, it seemed, and the tingling was coming more and more often in the last few weeks. He reassured himself, it could only be good. Maybe before long his powers would be back and under control. Maybe.

The bathroom door slowly opened and Rogue entered the room, a strange look on her face. She reached a shaking hand to lean on the chest of drawers, and Remy was on his feet in no time.

"What's wrong? Are'y okay?"

"No… Remy, Ah… Ah'm bleeding."


"Come on, Rogue!" he hissed between his teeth.

"She's only been out for a minute and a half, uncle Remy. Give her time…"

He turned back his head to meet the owner of the young feminine voice that had just said that, and he managed a small smile. Lydia gave it back, her deep blue eyes enlighted with the smile.

"I know, Lee, but I don'want t'be late."

"The speed you're driving on the highway, I doubt we'll ever make it there alive!" said another voice. This time Remy frowned, and his eyes reached to the back on the minivan to meet devilish green eyes over a wide grin.


He sat in Henry's study, next to the lab where the Beast was with Rogue. He had been pacing back and forth for the last hour but, tired, had finally sat down in an armchair and put his head in his hands, tears filling his eyes.

"Please, don't let me loose both of them!"

"Three of them" said a male voice from the door. Remy snapped his head up to meet Henry's eyes.


"Rogue is going to be okay, Remy. She's sleeping right now. And I said three, because she's going to have twins." Remy brows went up and his mouth hanged open for a few seconds. Then he smiled.

"Everythin's okay? Twins?"

"She needs rest. Light bleeding doesn't occur for every woman, but it isn't anormal and  doesn't automaticaly means she's going to loose the child. In her case, it's more some kind of warning that she needs some rest. She should keep bed more often. Can I count on you to put her, and keep her between the blankets for a few days?" Remy nodded slowly. Keep Rogue in a bed? It wouldn't be easy.

"Twins?" he simply repeated. Henry smiled.

"There are two foetuses, and two placentas, wich means they aren't identical twins. They could both be girls, or boys, and they could also be one of each, I can't tell before another three months. And they are fine. It was only a false alarm."


Remy made no comment and turned back to watch the general store, trying to hide the small smile on his lips. He heard a chuckle coming from the back of the minivan, and repressed his own laughter. With three teenages in a car, he had to keep autority and control, or else he would turn crazy before Rogue returned.


"Very good, Gambit! You're actually getting the hang of it!" said the intercom.

Remy made a face at the thought that he was getting "the hang of" powers he had had for years, but the fact was there. He stood in the Danger room, a carton figure slowly turning to ashes in front of him. His powers had almost fully returned, and he had begun his training a few days ago. Scott was in the control booth, bellowing instructions and, surprisingly, a lot of encouraging.

"Try again."

"I'm tired, Scott, we've been doing dis all afternoon…"

"Try again, Gambit."

"I'm tired, Cykes!" he snapped, looking angrily towards the control booth. Scott glared at him, at least he seemed to do so behind his glasses.

"I said, try again. The training's not over, Gambit. Not until I say so." Remy stared at the booth for a few moments, and his mouth opened in surprise when the wall began to glow red. Scott's brows shut up and he quickly opened the door, running out of the control booth and into the Danger room. He and Remy leaped to the ground when the booth exploded, and Remy landed hard on his stomach. Short of breath, he managed to raise himself on his elbows, to see that Scott's eyes were closed and that he was groping for his glasses. Remy reached for them and, putting them into Scott's grateful hand, asked: "Still want to try again, Cykes?"

"What the hell was that, Gambit?"

"Well it looks a lot like the powers I had when Sinister entered my mind." He shivered at the thought and got on his feet, and reached down to help Scott stand up. "Sorry I almost killed'y."

"Bah, I don't begrudge." Remy really laughed at that, and Scott just looked at him with questionning eyes.

"What? What's funny?" He wiped some tears from his eyes.

"He he, well…"

"Remy? What happened here?" Both men turned their heads to meet their wife's glares on them.

"Ahem, well, I had a small control problem."

"And yah blew the whole place off?" Rogue raised one brow, and Remy shrugged, tilting his head to the side.

"Kinda. Why you came here for?" Jean suddently beamed behind her, and a large grin appeared on Rogue's face.

"We have the results!" Both men smiled back.

"Scott, it's a little girl" Jean said, a quiver in her voice and tears in her eyes. Scott had no special expectations, but Jean had badly hoped for a girl.

"And we're having one of each! A boy and a girl!" Rogue threw her arms around Remy's neck and he gently hugged her, careful not to squeeze to tight his wife's round five month gone tummy. "Thank Gawd Ah'm having only one boy! Ah kept having nightmares about two mini Remys running around in the mansion like crazy, blowing everything off!" He laughed again and lifted her from the ground, and she pulled back her head to look him in the eyes.

"And I was dreamin' about mini Rogues, blocking the way to every single bathroom in the house…"


Listenning to the gentle chatting of the kids in the back, Remy sighed with relief when Rogue finaly came out of the store, two styrofoams coffee cups in her hands, and ran up to the minivan. He streched to the passenger side to open the door for her, and she sat on the leather seat with a sigh.


He looked at the small bundle in his arms, and blinked several times to keep the tears from running down his cheeks. There he was! His son. He was incredible tiny, as twins usualy were in comparison to other babies, and the little body fit in the two palms of his hands. Next to where he was sitting was Rogue's bed, where she was lying, crying with joy, as she held in her arms the second baby, a tiny girl with a brown fuzz on her round head. Then their eyes met and he couldn't keep the tears away anymore. He reached out an arm and squeezed them all, holding his family in his arms.


"Gawd it's raining cats and dawgs outside!" He looked at her with a smile. She had turned forty a month before, and he had to say she was still the most beautiful woman in the world. Her face had lost it's last girly traits and she had grown into a mature woman. The constant training had helped her keep a fit body though, and she still had her twentie's young woman body. She had cut her hair to her shoulders some years ago, but it was now tied up at the back of her head, and wild curls were beginning to get loose. She kept complaining about her age, but she hadn't any grey hair, with the exception of the white streak on the top of her head. She wiped her face with her sleeve and met his eyes, and smiled. He smiled back, and turned on the engine.

"It's a curse on the LeBeau's family. Whenever we're on vacation, it rains."

"Ah just hope the plane lands fine." He braked and looked at her, a frown on his face.

"You think dere could be trouble?"

"No! No, Ah was just saying… Ah, don't worry, sugah, Ah'm sure everything is fine. It's only rain."


"PAPA!" Remy sighed and turned his gaze from the TV to look at the group of kids in the doorway.

"What is it, Louis?"

"Matthew stole my firefighter truck!" A small six years old boy was standing next to the couch, hands balled into small fists on his side. Angry green eyes filled with tears were looking from his father to the other boy, this one five years old, standing in the doorframe. Remy switched his look to the other boy, and deep blue eyes grew huge with surprise.

"Hey it wasn't me, uncle Remy! I swear, it's Lydia who told me to steal it!"

"Matt, y'give Louis back his truck. And it's no fair to accuse someone else for thing you've done. Now out, both of ya."

Louis grinned at his victory, and Matthew's eyes went to the ground. "Yes, uncle Remy. Sorry, Louis."

Remy looked at the two little boys heading out of the living room, and sighed. Lydia and Matthew, Jean and Scott's children, were getting along with Louis and Josée, and the four of them were being raised together, despite the fact that the LeBeau's were living at the far end of the mansion grounds. And the four kids were giving their parents hard time.

He smiled. Hard, but happy time.


The Sienna came to a stop in a parking lot, and the five of them got out of the minivan, running towards the airport main entrance. Lydia was walking on Rogue's side and Remy had to turn back many times to order Matthew and Louis to calm down. The teens were over-excited and acted like kids. Remy smiled ironicaly. He was over-excited himself, but at least he wasn't poking Rogue in the ribs until she yelled at him, like the boys were doing. He looked at the arrival table, his heart squeezing. He couldn't wait anymore!


"Papa? I got picked for the exchange program." He closed his eyes. He had been dreading the moment when she would say that. He stood in the kitchen, looking at the small steaming cauldron in front of him, but he had stopped stirring the sauce and his hands were flat on the counter.

"Are y'sure ye wanna do dat, chérie?" She came behind him and wrapped her arms around her father's waist, putting her cheek on the broad back.

"You know I do, papa."

He turned around and put his arms around her shoulders, and looked down at her with a sigh. "As you wish, chérie. Do y'know were y'goin?"

"In Québec" she said proudly, trying to surprise him. She did, and he actualy smiled, and a small laugh escaped form his lips.

"Québec! You're gonna learn French!" She poked him in the chest.

"Je connais déjà le français, papa*. I'm just gonna practice it, and learn new things, and…" She put her head down to hide the tears coming into her eyes. And be away from all she's known her whole life, and be away from her brother, her cousins, her mother, her father…Remy put his hands on his daughter's cheek, cupping her face, and plunged his formidable red eyes into her watering green ones.

"Tout ira très bien, j'en suis sûr**. This going t'be a great experience fo'you. When are you leaving?"

"In two weeks. And I'm leaving for ten months." A lump came in his throath. Ten months? His hands left her face and he gathered her in his arms.


A girl made her way through the other passengers, looking all around her. Where were they? Maybe they were late. "Not with daddy driving" she thought with a smile. She caught a flash of white and recognized her mother, chatting with a young woman sitting next to her. Remy was behind, admonishing Matthew and Louis, gesticulating, as Lydia watched with a smile on her lips. Josée's eyes filled with tears as she saw her father's long slender hands moving in the air, and she began walking towards her family.

Remy was the first to see her. His spatial awareness had grown spectacular with the years, and he caught her movement almost instantly. He turned his head towards her, and smiled. She ran to him, oblivious to the others around her, and felt her father's arms wrap around her and squeeze tight.

She was home.

To be continued!

* I already know French, dad.

** Everything's going to be alright, I'm sure.