Rain pounded the roof, in loud torrents, while I sat in dismay on the window seat, banging my head against the grimy window frame staring through the curtain of rain that was obscuring my vision, hating it immensely.

This had been my one chance to escape this month from my captors, who had driven away half an hour ago for their monthly bingo date.

Seven years had passed since "mommy' and "daddy" had taken me and I was finally ready to make a break from this despicable place. There was no way it wouldn't work this time. I had everything planned. Except the for the rain, that is.

Yet, I smirked to myself, thinking of their horror at finding me gone, their perfect little princess vanishing like a ghost. Their brain conditioning had proven futile; my mother's defiance was ingrained in my DNA. I was going to get away from these freakshows one way or another. Hell, I'd already attempted an escape ten times when I was younger and clueless, but this time it was going to work. It had to.

I let them think they'd finally broken me for the longest time. What a mistake on their part. Yet, the lock and chain around my ankle was proof that a shred of their distrust remained. But I had another reason for making y great escape. I had to escape before they found out I was different than other people. Or before I got too pissed off to control my magic and exposed myself or hurt them. Actually, hurting them and punishing them for everything they had done to me sounded nice, but I wasn't going to go down that road. I'd hurt them only if I needed to. It didn't matter that I was some sort of mutant or something, I was determined not to become a monster like them.

Banging on the window frame, I held in tears of desperation and hope. I had been planning for this very moment for a very long time because I knew no one was going to save me.

About thirty minutes later, the rain eased. Standing with a grin, I took a deep breath, This, was it. Summoning the energy that hummed inside me, it ran through my body like a current, making my bones feel stronger. Instinctively, I reached down with a clenched hand. Taking a deep breath, I threw my palm at the lock. Break, I thought. Shattering like it was made of glass, what was left of the lock and chain dropped to the floor with a bang.

Surprised, I smiled brightly to myself. Mostly I was happy that after all these years, my magic, the healing energy that coursed through my veins, healed every bruise, cut, scar and broken bone, was actually real. It was proof I hadn't been imagining it for the past six months. I was becoming a superhero, and for whatever reason, I was glad for it. No one was ever going to hurt me again.

The first time my power had jumped out of me was when He had attacked me. I didn't know how I had electrocuted him at first, but it felt like a jolt of static. Luckily, it hadn't been strong enough to really hurt him but at that very moment I had only wanted to stop him from punching me in the face, not that it would have hurt much since the energy was buzzing through my body, strengthening my body while I waited for the inevitable hits. Thankfully, he hadn't suspected it was me that had hurt him and had left the room dazed. I'd been practicing my power daily ever since. It had taken me a few months to realize that my power did more than heal and zap things. I could also charge objects with energy and control them with my mind. Also, I could blow stuff up, but I didn't do that often because it made noise. I couldn't wait to test my powers in solitude without fear.

This is why I had to run away. I was different, maybe I wasn't even human, not that it mattered to me; I didn't care what I was, as long as it got me out of here.

Jogging to the bed, I ducked, and crawled under it, trying not to sneeze at the dust, picked at the loose board with my jagged nail, reached for my old schoolbag which was full of the supplies and money I'd been stealing over the years. I had only a hundred dollars which I knew wasn't very much but I couldn't risk taking large sums of cash. Besides, I had all of the tiny cans of sardines wrapped up in clothes, that She gave me whenever He decided to starve me for a punishment for something. Well, they would definitely come in handy now. Placing the board back down, I slipped out from under the bed, shouldered my backpack and walked to the window. It took ten seconds of fierce concentration before the padlocked charged and sprung open I stared at it. Hover, I thought. It hovered, while I scrambled through the window and shut it. Using a hand moved the lock, hovered over the catch and locked itself. Turning around, I slipped a little and grabbed onto the ledge for support letting out a shriek of fear.

Maybe going out this way wasn't such a good idea after all. Edging around the window, I inched my way around until I faced the east and edged my way to the edge. Looking down, I summoned more of the energy. It buzzed through my body like a warm hug making me feel warm and tingly. I didn't know if it would actually work, as I'd never jumped from this height, but I had nothing but hope.

'Don't be a coward,' I whispered to myself. Breathing in, I hesitated for half a second, but without thinking, my body took three steps back and ran for the open space launching straight off the roof. The wind whipped at my long messy hazelnut hair and caught my dress. For a fleeting moment, panic overcame me in waves, catching my breath, that is, until I landed in a silent crouch. I was expecting pain, maybe a broken bone but thankfully and surprisingly nothing happened. Relief calmed the anxiety that had been screaming at me and for a second, a second, I wanted to climb the nearest tree to figure out how far I could push my body but the icy rain trickling down the nape of my neck, reminded me that I was escaping so I curbed the thought, for now.

Standing up, I tore off towards the heavenly scented pine trees and was instantly swallowed by them. Following the driveway which wound around the trees, I kept going until I found the end. After spending months memorizing map pages that I'd found discarded in the compost heap last year, I knew turning right would eventually lead me to Seattle. I knew that's where they would expect me to go. I needed to disappear like a ghost. I don't know why something told me to turn left, but it's a good thing I listened.


Sometime later, it could have been hours for all I knew, I was walking along the side of the road, my head bowed as the rain tinkled down lightly. I froze when I heard the purr of a motor coming up behind me. Turning, I stared at the sleek black sedan in the distance that could be seen thanks to the headlights because the car was pitch black. Knowing it wasn't my captors, they only had a beat-up red pickup truck that growled like a monster, I walked out to the middle of the road waving. Thankfully the driver was already slowing down, I didn't want to push my luck by having to use my ability.

Once the car stopped ten feet away, I jogged to the driver's side and a window wound down. What I saw shocked me to the core.

Sitting in the driver's seat was the palest and most beautiful guy I'd ever seen.

He was mid-twenties maybe thirty, it was hard to tell because my brain wasn't working right because he was beautiful, too beautiful. His striking golden eyes were trained on me and all I saw was concern. Not that I needed to look at his facial expressions to know what he was feeling. Yet, while he was beautiful, there was something, a warning in the back of my mind, and my buzzing power started to appear until I tampered down on it. It was strange, it only ever did that when He was around. But as I stared at the man, I couldn't see why my powers were reacting to him. It was weird.

His hair was a light blonde and perfectly combed and it barely moved as he tilted his head to the side slightly assessing me. A little warning buzzed in the back of my head again but I ignored it. His face was slightly angular and the way he was staring at me unnerved me; he had yet to blink.

'Are you okay?' He asked while I shook my head. A passenger, I hadn't realized was there leaned over the seat to peer at me. She had the same striking golden eyes and pale skin but very short black hair. She smiled at me. I couldn't help but return it. Smiling felt alien to me but I decided to go with it.

Thunder rumbled and I flinched. Great, just what I needed; more rain.

'Need a ride?' She asked in a soft yet high voice. I found myself nodding mutely as I found my feet and stumbled to the left passenger side and curled up in the backseat next to her. She was as beautiful as the guy in the driver's seat. I didn't need a mirror to know I paled in comparison with them. Hell, I was wearing a shitty red flannelette dress, with ratty long hair for God's sake. Shutting the door, the car pulled away.

'I'm Alice Cullen and this is my dad Carlisle.' Alice said as she looked at me expectantly.

'I'm A-Luna.' I mumbled giving them my middle name before I looked away. I hadn't spoken in weeks so my voice sounded rough and scratchy.

'Nice to meet you.'

'Likewise.' I muttered in my Texan drawl.

'Oh, you're a Texan?'

'Yeah.' I mumbled.

'You're a long way from home.'

'You're telling me.' I muttered through a bitter smile.


Waking up, I was instantly trembling in panic, my body coiled to run, my power charged, buzzing through my body. I didn't recognize this room at all and I didn't remember how I had gotten here. I was warm, too warm. Glancing down, I touched the soft, warm quilts that had been piled on top of me. I had been sleeping on a long, comfortable couch. I looked around, still unable to believe my eyes.

Was I dreaming?

The wall opposite me was an off-white colour, while the cool, floor to ceiling windows showed the beauty of the pine forest that probably surrounded the building I was in. I touched the glass and then breathed on it, just making sure it was all real as I stared at the pine trees for a while wondering just how far these people had taken me. I hoped it had been far enough that the freaks wouldn't find me, but even if they didn't, I still had to stop them from taking another kid to abuse. I knew I wasn't the only kid they had ever taken; I was just the one they had kept the longest.

Craning my head back around, I looked around the room and placed my feet down on the thick and spongy creamy, light grey carpet. The couch I was lying on faced a medium sized weird looking television hung on a wall next to the door, which was shut. Turning my head to look at the wall length book shelf which held a lot of CD's as well as books, I stared at the huge CD player. I hoped whoever owned this collection wouldn't mind me listening to some music. I had a lot to catch up on. The last song I had ever listened to was Shakira's first English album but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it or the songs were called.

I sat up, reached for my backpack hugging it to me as I remembered I'd done it. I'd escaped. I was going to be okay, maybe. I snorted; did I even know the meaning of the word?

'Morning!' The girl called Alice trilled. I gasped and flinched at her unexpected appearance, cringing away from her smile although I didn't know why, or how she'd appeared at the door so silently, or why my peripheral vision hadn't seen her open the door. Putting it in the back of my mind, or trying to, I sucked in a breath trying to calm my pounding heart.

'W-where am I?'

'Our home. Well, it's yours now, I guess,' Alice said walking into the room. 'Would you like some breakfast or a shower?' She babbled while I was still absorbing what she said. She and her dad wanted me to stay with them? I didn't know what to say, I felt a little nervous talking, since uttering a single word was enough to send Him into a rage. Even his wife hardly spoke, only speaking to me while I nodded along with her.

A dozen questions erupted in my mind yet I chose the question with the least words. 'Do I smell bad?' I asked sniffing. I couldn't smell anything.

'No, but well look at the state of those clothes.' She said wrinkling her nose. It's not like I could keep up with fashion while being held hostage, I thought grimly folding my arms. 'Anyway, I'll find you something decent to wear, come on.' She said nodding towards the door. She led me to the bathroom that was next to her bedroom and opened the door. I was faced with twin white basins, a deep bath, a large shower and a toilet tucked into the corner.

Alice showed me where everything was and thankfully left me to it. The room was so white and clean. It looked like something out of a catalogue my foster mom had looked at once. Stripping out of the ugly dress as fast as I could, I soon stood under the hot spray, running my hands through my knotted hair. I found a rose scented bodywash and lathered myself up. Could this be real? Was I really free?


I was hugging a towel and brushing out my long hair, untangling the knots with a strong comb when there was a knock on the door.

'Yeah.' I muttered, returning back to the wide mirror. Wincing at a large knot, I tugged and tugged while the door opened and Alice walked in.

'I brought you some clothes.' She said eyeing my extremely long hazelnut hair in dislike.

'Thank you.' I said still struggling with this comb. Finally, the knot gave in and I brushed the long lengths out. They'd never let me cut my hair and I hated how it fell past my butt. I reached for the shaver wondering if it would cut my hair.

'Looks like you need a haircut.' Alice said looking at my hair with a smile plastered onto her porcelain, pixie face.

'A big one.' I agreed.

'Let's go today. We'll go shopping.' Oh, dear god, shopping? With people? No, no, no. Anxiety clawed its way through my body until I was in full panic mode. I began breathing super-fast and my vision started to cloud. What if those monsters were looking for me? Of course, they were. They always told me they'd find me if I ran. I gulped in air, trying to remember how to breathe. I didn't even know if I could act normal around these people let alone hundreds of shoppers. My body grew weak. Before I could blink, I fell to the floor with a dull thud.

'Hey, why are you upset? You're safe here.' Alice promised softly, drifting closer to me.

'I'm never safe.' I whispered with a shudder. A shadow passed the door. I clutched at the towel squeaking as I scrambled away, remembering that He had recently had taken watching me in the shower. Images popped into my mind as I fell to my knees clutching my head while bile rose in my throat. The door was closed with a snap but it didn't make me feel any better.

'Luna, what's wrong?' Alice asked rushing to my side.

'They're going to find me. They're going to kill me.' I moaned sobbing as more memories haunted me. I swallowed down the urge to be sick.

'Who is?'

'The people that took me seven years ago!' I exploded angrily. A second later, the familiar buzzing energy surged inside my body, just in case.

'Luna, sweetie no one's going to hurt you. You're safe with us.'

'I can't stay here.' I said looking up in her eyes. 'I have to keep moving.' I gasped as the urge to vomit become overwhelming. I raced to the toilet violently throwing up. Alice was behind me, keeping my hair off my face until I was done. Flushing the toilet, I leaned away hugging myself squashing myself into a corner. I hid my face in my knees until I could breathe again.

Once I had gotten a grip, Alice pulled me to my feet. I was shocked with how cold and hard her skin was, but was distracted when she handed me a toothbrush and I numbly brushed my teeth while she tenderly rubbed my back. Not being used to being touched, I flinched, skittering away like a stray cat.

'Sorry.' I whispered as a few more tears leaked out.

'You have nothing to be sorry about. Let's get you dressed.' She said softly producing a pair of denim jeans like nothing had happened.

Longing filled my body as I stared at the fabric as if it were the best thing I had seen in years. In my haste to touch them, I almost snatched the jeans right out of her hands.

'I can dress myself.' I whispered. I wasn't that deranged, no matter what she thought.

Leaving the clothes, Alice softly smiled at me finally leaving me alone. Dropping the towel, I opened a packet of assorted light pink underwear and pulled the first pair I grabbed on. I found matching socks and a small bra to go along with it. Ugh, after a few minutes of wearing the underwire bra, I decided I hated the underwire with a fiery passion and took it off, not that I actually needed it. I didn't fit into the A cup at all. I bet the woman had tried to slow my development as much as possible by only feeding me small amounts. It didn't take a genius to figure out why. Shuddering at the thought, I swallowed hard, internally telling myself that vomiting again would not make me feel better.

After I was dressed in an olive hooded sweater and jeans, I started the chore of plaiting my hair. If I didn't, it would only become a knotty mess later. As I stared in the mirror, I tried to recognize myself but couldn't. Who was I? I used to be Abigail Luna Whitlock. I used to be a punk looking girl with magenta hair, which clashed horribly with my dark green eyes that appeared grey and black in some lights.

I desperately wanted to find that girl again.

Shaking my head, I sighed loudly to myself as I crossed the room and opened the door to find Alice leaning against the wall looking impatient. 'Aw look at how cute you are. Come and meet everyone.'

'Everyone?' I echoed unable to keep the fear out of my voice. How many family members did she have? And did I want to meet them? Not really. I needed to get my head around everything before I had another freak out. I may have escaped my captors but I knew nothing about the beautiful, bewitching pixie. Unfortunately for me my stomach growled. I flinched, waiting for the hit that never came.

As if she hadn't seen my terror, Alice smiled widely. 'My mom Esme is making you breakfast, come on.'

'She doesn't need to do that.' I said automatically. She had done that for me too. A single slice of bread with homemade apricot jam, which I had hated with a passion but it was better than nothing.

Alice smiled softly at me as she walked down the hallway with me following her down the hall. I trailed after Alice, flinching at every sound as we went like a stray kitten as she led me down a staircase. A few moments later, I found myself in a wide kitchen with granite benches. Esme had the same ice-white with soft golden eyes and full pink lips and golden blonde-brown hair. She was slightly rounded, like how a mom would look. I don't know what it was about her, but she made me think about my real mom. The one that used to hold onto me, the same one that promised she would never leave me. Even my foster mom had been kind to me but for the life of me, I couldn't remember her name.

'Good morning, you must be Luna. I made fruit salad, but you can help yourself to anything else if you prefer.' Her voice was so gentle and kind. I felt my guard slipping a little bit. I looked at the huge metal bowl heaped with berries, cantaloupe and watermelon. I hoped someone was going to help me eat it because it would take me days to eat this small mountain of perfectly cut up fruit.

'Thank you.' I stammered, instantly remembering my manners. Esme flitted beside me, patted my shoulder affectionately before she and Alice walked out of the room, leaving me alone with a gigantic bowl of salad. Grabbing a small bowl from the counter, I piled it high with the fruit, adding a lot of the berries since I hadn't had them in about five years. Feeling awkward and ruse, I managed to stumbled my way to the refrigerator and peered inside, finding three delicious tubs of yogurt. Mango called to me. Quick as a flash I grabbed it, cradling it to my chest waiting to be screamed at. Again, nothing happened. Sighing, I chastised myself and went back to the bench.

Once I had finished making my breakfast, I stood at the bench eating, trying not to remember how I much pain I would be in if He had caught me eating without permission. Swallowing hard, I forced myself not to think about him. As I slowly ate, the fear faded, not completely, but enough so I could eat in a little peace. I was halfway through the bowl when a little girl walked into the room. She looked to be about four or five, with long light brown wavy hair that hung at her waist.

'Hello.' She said eyeing my bowl curiously.

'Hi there.' I winced as my southern drawl appeared. In the back of my head, I waited for the punishment that didn't happen.

'I'm Renesmee.'

Weird name, I thought to myself.

'I'm Luna.'

'I like your eyes, they're so dark, but bright.' She beamed staring unapologetically in my eyes. I looked into her chocolate brown eyes, holding her gaze for a few seconds, before ducking my head and speared a raspberry.

'Thanks,' I said popping it into my mouth letting it dissolve on my tongue. She eyed the bowl curiously.

'Do you want some?' I asked. What kid could say no to fruit salad and yogurt? Renesmee did just that. She shook her head.

'I already ate.'

I stabbed a strawberry and dipped it into some yogurt before handing the fork out to her.

'Fruit isn't your enemy, it's yummy.' I promised. Reluctantly, she took the fork, popping the berry in her mouth, handed the fork back while chewing, tilting her head to the side. I could tell she didn't mind it but didn't want more food forced on her.

'It's okay, I guess.' She said before she bolted from the room. Shaking my head at her in astonishment, I returned to my food and finished the bowl. Once I had rinsed my bowl and replaced the fruit salad in the fridge, I sighed. What was I supposed to do now? Oh right, meet new people. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. I got to the door, peered out and then disappeared down the hallway searching for solitude.


Hours later, I was sitting in my refuge in the attic which was surprisingly as light and open as the rest of the house. Looking down at the spring grass, I felt the need to go out and run even though it was overcast and looked like it would rain. Footsteps alerted me that someone was coming to find me. Probably Carlisle or, Esme, or Alice who kept trying to make me talk even though I didn't want to. I needed to get my head around my escape that I'd been dreaming about for so long. I knew I wouldn't be able to function until I'd figured it all out. I knew I had to do it soon though before those freaks grabbed another kid.

The light footsteps had to be a male. Don't ask how I knew, I just did and whoever it was, was pretty damn worried, not to mention a little untrusting. It took ten seconds to decide it wasn't aimed at me. Whoever it was, didn't trust himself, and not only that, I found I could read his emotions easier than I had anyone else. He was so clear to me, as clear as my own emotions. How was that even possible?

'Luna?' A male I didn't know asked from the doorway, I looked into the reflection of the glass, seeing a tall, blonde gorgeous hunk staring at my back. I turned, mirroring his gaze. His back was straight, kinda like how a soldier would stand. His golden eyes were full of his emotions, emotions I could read as easily as a book.

'Yes?' I asked quietly, wondering who the hell he was to be looking at me like that. We were both confused now and it was irritating the heck out of me.

'I'm Jasper.' He said walking closer. I pressed my back against the glass as my energy pulsed inside my body, instinctively reacting to my bout of anxiety. If he sensed my uncertainty, he didn't show it as he sat down a mere three feet away. I got the feeling, he didn't want to sit closer to me, but he was forcing himself to do it. I couldn't imagine why. I was the one acting like a rat trapped in a cage.

'Why are you up here?'

I stayed silent, like always, I was anxious to speak my thoughts. He tried again, 'What's your last name?'


I saw and felt his shock but that only confused me further. 'What are your parents' names?' He asked quietly.

That's a weird topic for someone I just met but I figured if I was truthful, he'd leave quicker. 'Sadie and Randall. Mom called him Randy. They died when I was ten.'

'Do you have any other family?'

'My uncle Joe was in the army.' Anger buzzed over me as I thought about him. If Joe hadn't had been deployed when my parents died, I never would have been placed into foster care, and I'd never would have been taken. Thinking about him made me angry. I battled with myself until I could control the sudden raging emotion inside me. Seconds later, I sensed a calmness that wasn't my own emotion. Confusion spread through my body while I searched for the alien emotion. I realised with a start that it was coming from Jasper. My anger spiked. The bloody blonde guy was doing something to me. Deciding I didn't care if he knew or not, I leant closer to him narrowing my eyes. I guess being angry made me forget my shyness.

'Stop it.' I snarled. Blinking at me, he frowned.

'What did I do?'

'You know exactly what you did.' I hissed standing up.

'I don't know what you're talking about.' He lied so smoothly it irritated me. How did he expect me to believe that he hadn't done anything when I had felt it?

'Whatever.' I muttered looking back out of the glass window gritting my teeth. After a few moments, he got up and left me in peace. So, I wasn't the only one in this world with strange abilities…too bad I was with someone who could manipulate my emotions. Maybe I wasn't as safe here as I thought.


By lunch time, I was navigating my way through the house. I hated how slow I was walking, like a stray cat infiltrating a human's home. I finally found the kitchen and was thankful that the room was empty. I made another bowl of fruit salad and added more yogurt. I was alone until footsteps made me look up. I was instantly on alert and placed the bowl onto the counter. A tall guy around my age walked in and I couldn't help but notice he had a striking resemblance to the little girl I had met earlier.

'Hello, I'm Edward,' he said in a rich velvet tone that annoyed me a bit. What was with everyone in this house being so damn attractive? I blinked and went back to relishing the delicious berries, their juices bathing my tongue in their bitter sweetness, I swallowed, turned to the nearest window and then poked my tongue out, elated when I saw my tongue was blue.

'You seem to be enjoying yourself.'

Drat, he was still there and had seen my sticking my tongue out like a kid. Go away, I thought aggressively. I felt his muted surprise, annoyance and it annoyed me too as I fought to shut his emotions out. Turning away, he walked out, thankfully leaving me in peace.


At dusk, I convinced myself it was time to go downstairs and I was exploring the white and open house, while Esme cleaned the kitchen. I found the grand piano, tinkered on it for a few minutes, remembering a few songs I'd learnt as a kid. The memories I had were fractured and felt alien. Yet, I held onto them with desperation. How could I forget the people that had truly loved me? A song erupted from the radio as I walked through the house the familiar chords struck home.

'I'm gonna harden my heart...' a woman's song was playing on the radio as I passed the living room. I froze as an image of a beautiful woman singing while walking down a darkened hallway swept through my mind. I knew this song and while it took a few seconds to remember I recalled the band's name was Quarterflash. An image of singing this song with my mom while she played the saxophone entered my mind. That's right, mom had been in a rock band that played at weddings.

'Luna are you okay?' Alice asked as she looked up from the fashion magazine she was looking at. I hadn't realised I was standing in the doorway to the living room, staring right into space.

'Um...I know this song. My mom learnt how to play saxophone because she loved this song.' As the song progressed, I closed my eyes remembering her, as the scent of her musk rose perfume cascaded around me. Even now, after all I had been through, it had been the memories of her and dad that had kept me sane. No one could ever take away the love I felt for them. I wondered if they were watching over me, if they would be proud. While I stood absorbed in the memories, I sensed someone's calming influence as I grew sad and I turned, burying my head in Jasper's icy cold chest. I don't know how I knew it was him and I didn't question it as he wrapped his cold arms around me holding me gently. I felt his uncertainty, and his lack of trust but I didn't listen in to his emotions. I was too busy remembering the dark-haired woman dancing around the RV laughing as we sang along to the radio.

'I can't forget her. I don't want to forget them.' I whispered, promising this to myself. I hated knowing that my memories of her were fading more as I grew up. Gritting my teeth, I breathed in, wincing slightly at Jasper's enticing scent, opening my eyes which were briming with tears, I looked up at him. His own honey eyes were looking down at me. I blinked realizing we had an audience. I felt everyone's eyes on Jasper but Alice skipped to our side with a green notebook in her hands. Tugging on my hand gently, I flinched but allowed her to pull me from Jasper's embrace.

'You should write your memories down. Maybe listening to some more music will help.' She chirped leading me through the house. I felt waves of relief coming off of everyone and irritation took place of the calm I had just felt.

'Why is everyone acting like Jasper did something wrong?' I demanded finding my voice. I knew it had nothing to do with me. Even with my aversion to being touched, I trusted him but he didn't trust himself. I knew the feeling all too well. I could feel it now from the other members of the family, that had mirrored his own emotions.

'They were worried, because you're not used to being touched, right?' She asked quickly. To be perfectly honest, I was struggling not to wrestle my hand out of her grip.

'I guess, but Jasper wouldn't hurt me. None of you would. I'd have left already if I thought you were them.'

Alice nodded solemnly. 'I know, and we aren't like them at all.'

'What if I'll always be like this flinchy? Is that even a word? I don't think I can...' I trailed off as memories bubbled to the surface. I'd already tried to kill myself before. Months ago, I'd messed up so bad burning the bread, He had beaten me with a wooden baseball bat. Later when She had taken me to the bathroom to clean my ugly, bloody self, I had decided to end my suffering. They'd been so careful not to leave sharp things lying around but once she had filled the bath with scalding hot water that seared my bloody skin and left, I found the medicine cabinet unlocked and found a pair of thin sharp scissors. Getting into the tub, ignoring the burning water, I had slashed my inner thigh. It had hurt like hell and I had lost consciousness as I had stared at the crimson blood staining the water, but yet, I had survived. I had woken up in the bloody water to the knocking on the door with a newly healed thigh; the only evidence of my act was the thin pink scar and the bloody water I was sitting in.

I had tried again the next time I had a bath, cutting both arms this time, but the result had been the same. Something, had healed me and I had been stunned when I stood naked in front of the mirror, turned and saw all the scars on my back from the previous whippings had completely disappeared.

It was then that I knew I had to escape. If I couldn't die, then I had no choice but to survive.

Edward appeared in the room, looking sad. I wondered why he would feel that way. He had a family that loved him. He'd never felt the torture I had felt. He'd never tried to kill himself. He had a wife and daughter.

What did I have?

Nothing, save a strange ability that kept me tethered to this world. For the first time in my life, I hated it. I didn't want to be different, fractured, hurt, and scared for my life. My body may be healed but my soul was covered in scars. How was I supposed to heal from that trauma?

I didn't want to exist. I wanted to live but I had no clue where to begin. I hung my head. What was I supposed to do now?

'What is it?' Edward asked searching my face. He looked and felt pained like he'd gotten some bad news or something. Alice sighed, and they had a conversation with their eyes. Wrenching my hand out of her icy grip, I launched away. I ran up the stairs and hid in the attic. Tucking myself in a corner, I opened the journal and sighed. Tears welled up and unlike all the other times I held myself back, I let the tears fall free.


If I had known Bella's dad was not only a cop but the Chief of Police, I'd have run the second I had met them. As it was, the kind man was sitting across the coffee table, ignoring his hot drink, as he scribbled on his notepad while I clutched my glass of juice with my hands as I stared at my feet. This was not how I had pictured my morning, but then the Cullen's couldn't take me in without informing someone about me.

I'd barely been able to give a vivid description of them without falling back into the memories. Jasper stood by the door, but apart from Esme and Carlisle, the living room was empty. Emmett and Edward had gone on a hike somewhere, and Rosalie, Alice and Bella had taken the kid out on a day trip. I would have given them all the money I had to go with them.

'Do you need a break?' Esme asked softly, leaning closer to me as I bit my lip.

'No, I'm okay,' I whispered. Shaky voice or not, I wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible.

'I'll contact Social Services, while we do the investigation.' He said to Carlisle who nodded.

'I'm not going with them.' I said flatly.

Carlisle only looked at me. Jasper made a sound in the back of his throat that could have been a growl, whatever it was, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. 'They already failed her once, and you want to send her back? Who knows where she'll end up? Look at her, she's terrified.'

Whoa, mr-I-look-like-i'm-in-pain was actually standing up for me now. I'd been so embarrassed by hugging him, I'd hardly spoken to him but now all I was filled with was gratitude.

'They probably won't. I don't know of any foster homes this far out and we'll need your help to catch these people. They've probably moved on but I'm going to do my best.'

'I'm not the first kid they've taken. Maisie Blye was the girl before me. She was eleven, from New Jersey.'

'Are you sure?'

I nodded, producing the tattered baby pink coloured diary, the size of my palm, that I'd found in one of the boxes those people made me unpack. 'I hid it from them. I handed it over and watched him look it over.

'The last entry was two months before you were taken.' He said looking at me as tears welled up in my eyes.

'I think they killed her. They never really spoke about it but the woman was very traumatized by something after they took me. She was very scared of him.' I started to shake as I imagined the same thing happening to me. Before I had discovered my super power, I had been as powerless as that girl. Unable to hold back the tears, I buried my head in my hands too overcome with my own trauma to realise someone had just pulled me into a shrug.

'Do you have enough?' Esme asked.

'I'll call or come around if I need any more information. Social Services will be in contact.' Shuddering, I bit my lip.

'I'm not leaving. Don't make me leave.'

'Shh, Loony, no one's making you leave.' Jasper whispered. Again, I don't know how I found myself in his arms, but once they were locked around his neck, they wouldn't budge for anything. I stayed in his arms until my ribs ached, and my mind started to fade. Welcoming the darkness, I slipped into a dreamless sleep.