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The Hidden Ace

Chapter 1

As Eijun was boarding the train to go back to his hometown Nagano for their New Year break, he was suddenly pulled out of the train by an unknown female who was obviously catching her breath. "You are from Seido right, the south paw pitcher?" she asked in between her breath.

Eijun looked at her surprised and unsure how to answer , " Yes?" The unknown woman standing in front of him was obviously not in highschool, she was most likely taller than Ms. Rei, long black hair, brown eyes, model like figures quite noticeable despite her wearing jeans and a white shirt.

"I need your help, I need you to pitch for us like right now…"

The moment Eijun heard the word pitch, he smiled broadly "sure, but I kinda need to get home, so probably one or two innings would be ok." The unknown woman smiled and answered "I doubt it would be a single inning, however if you want to learn and go head to head with strong players then I suggest pitch the whole game."

"Hahahaha… I am not sure I can do that though, I was not aware I was already popular!" Eijun was laughing out loud as usual, thus they were already catching attention with some bystanders in the area. "I never said you were popular though" as the unknown woman wrinkled her forehead, then sigh "anyways we got to go, the game probably has started" she grab Eijun by the arm and dragged him in a parked car.

"Eh… wait!" Eijun loud voice could be heard as the vehicle backed out of the parking area, and sped out through the road. Wait Am I being kidnapped… Eijun mind was starting to panic when his supposed kidnapper spoke, "I really do apologize for this, I saw you walking by when I got a call from our team that our pitcher was a no show. You see… we are already a small team, so we don't really have that much of reserve players, plus it is the holidays so it is sort of late to call for another player." She explained while maneuvering her car through traffic.

Eijun look at the unknown woman more confused than ever, "look here, I am happy to pitch for you and help out your team, but don't you think kidnapping is kind of bad? Don't you think?" he answered as he was trying to sit properly and at the same time trying to figure out where he put his phone to call for help, "where are we going?"

The unknown woman suddenly hit her breaks, causing Eijun to hit the car dashboard due to not wearing the seatbelt. "Oh dear… I totally forgot to introduce myself," Eijun was rubbing his forehead when the car accelerated pushing him back on the chair, this time he immediately grabbed the seatbelt and looked at the woman beside him in a panic state. "I do apologize sincerely, my name is Doctor Yukime Harashi, and we are going to Tokyo Dome to answer a few of your questions."

"Tokyo Dome? Wait…. What?" Eijun was dumbfounded.

Yukime laughed lightly as she saw Eijun expression, "Yes… you see we are having a charity event for the New Year for some of the patients in one of our hospitals, however some of our players did not show up and since I watch your performance in the fall tournament, I figure you can help us out."

"I don't mind, but I was under the impression we were just going to a small game, like a park or something," as Eijun noticed they are already parked outside of a stadium. The heck, she drives really fast and scary…

"You really have no idea who I am do you?" Yukime looked at Eijun as she removed her seatbelt. "Huh… No… are you someone famous by any chance?" he answered as he started to move out of the car. Yukime smile as she watched Eijun stepped out of the vehicle. You really are interesting she thought as she also stepped out of her car. "We need to go now." She immediately locked her vehicle and moved towards the stadiums back entrance. Eijun had to chase after her as she was obviously in a rush. The moment they reached the dugout, he noticed the cheering and shouting of the people on the stands at the same time he saw a few players relaxing like they were not even serious on what is happening on the ground.

"What is the status? Inning?" Yukime asked as she moved to reached for a bag lying in the side of the dugout. "Second inning, we are starting our offense and we are down by five runs," answered one of the guys standing near the railings of the dugout. "I see… Eijun wear this for now, I think this should fit you, and start warming up, I want to put you in after our offense on this inning."

Eijun looked at Yukime obviously confused, he did not even noticed that she was already using his first name considering they just met a few moments ago. He took the shirt that was being handed to him, and at same time he could feel a group of eyes watching him, as he turned he saw a few of the dugout players looking at him closely, "Ahm… hello?" he greeted nervously.

"Who is the kid… Doc? Someone you picked up on the side of the road?" asked one of the players looking at him, Eijun also noticed another player who was way behind the dugout in a bit corner who he though was napping raised his cap to take a good look at him as well. "Technically it was the station not the road, and since you asked catch for him in the bullpen since Tohru is next to bat." Yukime then turned to looked at Eijun "Eijun, the guy catching for you is Maki, his not really a catcher so I apologize in advance, but his our first batter. Our regular catcher is on the field at the moment and we don't really have a reserve catcher, and I don't really have time to explain, but I need your shoulders warm and ready to go. I just need to guide these guys since the coach is also a no show."

The guy introduce as Maki was scratching his head while commenting "I don't know why you are invested in this doc. We are going to lose anyways and we are just entertainment for this people. Come here kid…" as he called Eijun moving towards the bullpen. Eijun was still confused, however he could notice a bit of tension in the team dugout so he hurriedly drop his Seido bag, took out his mitt, and put on the shirt, which strangely fits him perfectly as he moved towards the bullpen. He could clearly notice the loud cheers of the people in the stadium and for some reason it seems the stadium has reached its full capacity considering it was only a charity game.

"Surprised huh?" Asked Maki as he noticed Eijun was looking around, and then he threw the ball at him. "Ah… yes… I don't really know what is going on…" as he threw the ball back. Maki laughed for a bit "well yeah, the champions are playing … even though this is just a charity game, I don't know what strings the Doc pulled to make this guy's agree for the game, however they don't know the word holding back even though they are all just reserved, or I think they are the second string group" as he threw the ball back to Eijun.

"Champions? Huh?"

Maki looked at Eijun as he received the ball all confused, "you are a pitcher right? You play baseball, yet you have no idea who is the pro league champions?"

"Pro? Eh…" Eijun look totally confused, "I don't really keep track or watch TV, practice is already hard so I don't really have time to check on it." Maki looked dumbfounded, then smiled widely " The hell… you mean you just let the doc drag you out here and you have no idea who she is, or who we are?"

"Ahm, no? She did introduce herself and she did explained that this is a charity game." Eijun explained as they keep throwing the ball back and forth, I think my shoulders are good now… Eijun thought as he was watching Maki who was now smiling like a Cheshire cat "You are interesting kid!" he remarked. "Well I am glad you like him, we are on defense, don't give out to much run and you guys need to support him on the mound." Yukime answered as she was close to the bullpen. Maki looked at the scoreboard and noticed that at least they managed to pull a single run. The score was now 5-1, so he sighed "I doubt we can doc, but hey, we can see what the kid you grab from the station can do." Eijun looked at Maki as he was smiling evilly. "It can't be helped, I already inform Tohru so you guys just need to hold it in." Maki scratched his head "I trust you doc, I will see you in the mound kid" as he moved back to the mound where the other players were starting to gather.