Hello everyone!

I do not know how to respond to those guest and anonymous reviews, so i just did this instead. I just wanted to thank you so much for informing me a lot of things. Anonymous reader thank you for the knowledge you shared to me, don't worry I hope i can post this story of mine their as well, do look forward to it. (wink) I am lacking in a lot of stuff, knowledge and information. This are all vital for further growth, that is why I am so very grateful for sharing what you know. Please do not stop sharing, I really appreciate it.

As for the when the next chapter would be posting. I would post it soon, I promise... like very very soon, I am just actually waiting for the cover I asked from my friend. I hope everyone would like the second part too, and not curse me after. (smile)

Most of all, thank you so much for the reviews and the time you all give for actually reading my work. I do not know how to thank you, but I extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who is reading this. So with no further delay... Stay healthy, safe, and peace out!

Ayumeki (smiley)