Something inspired by Marcus S. Lazarus's 'What Makes a Monster'.

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Cole Turner was on a road trip to Los Angeles due to his lawyer work but he was constantly on alert due to the demonic bounty hunters that the Source had sent after him. He was on his way back to San Francisco but he had decided to make a small stop in a town called Sunnydale to get some sleep before he would return to Phoebe and the sisters. Even though they and Leo were understandably cautious due to Cole's methods, he had fought by their side and earned their trust when he tried to protect them from the Source and other demons trying to kill them.

Cole had bought himself a cup of coffee and was about to enter his car, when he sensed the shifting in the air and turned to see three demons shimmer and surround him as Cole refrained himself from rolling his eyes and turning into Belthazor.

"The Source wants your head." One of the demons said.

"You don't give up, do you?" Belthazor said.

The demons threw fireballs but Belthazor dodged before he formed an energy ball and threw it as one of the demons burst into flames. Another demon threw a fireball but Belthazor used telekinesis to throw it back at him as the demon also burst in flames. The third demon was about pull out his athame but Belthazor disarmed him with his telekinesis and stabbed him in the chest as the demon was vanquished as well. Belthazor sighed in relief. He was about to turn back into Cole and shimmer back to San Francisco, when he felt shock surging through his entire body and he collapsed to the ground, stunned and paralyzed.

Belthazor turned his head to see men in military outfit armed with Tasers before they put a bag over his head as darkness claimed him.

"Ma'am, we've found a new kind of demon. We're bringing it in."

Riley Finn was in the office with Colonel McNamara and Director Maggie Walsh.

"A new kind of demon?" Walsh asked.

"I've never seen anything like this before. He looked more human but his skin was red-and-black and the other demons looked more human and they had magical powers. Fireballs, teleportation, energy balls." Riley explained.

"Interesting…" Walsh rubbed her chin in consideration. "The usual process. Chip him, then observe him, then study him. I'd like to find out more about what we're dealing with."

In the surgery room, Belthazor was with lying on his chest, with the surgeons using scalpel to cut into his neck and open it, when suddenly, Belthazor came to as the wound on his neck healed instantly.

"He's awake! Sedate him!" One of the doctors panicked.

"It's not working!"

Belthazor snarled in rage as he got up, throwing one of the doctors to the wall as one of the X-Ray tables crashed. Two stationed guards pulled out Taser as the prong on wires attached themselves to Belthazor's shoulder but aside from the tickling feeling, it only seemed to infuriate Belthazor, who formed fireballs in his hands and threw it, incinerating the guards into ashes. One of the doctors was pinned to the wall, frozen in fear as Belthazor turned his attention to her.

"Please… I have family…" The doctor begged in tears, when Belthazor formed an energy ball as the doctor screamed. "Nooooooo!"

An alarm blared throughout the whole facility.

The guards engaged Belthazor with their guns but Belthazor used telekinesis to stop the bullets midair and throw them back at them. They tried grenades but with the same results as the explosion sent them flying back, burning as some of them were lying on the floor, stirring and groaning in pain, covered in burns before Belthazor finished them off with a fireball.

Around the corner, Riley, Forrest, Graham and Evan opened fire but they had no effect before Belthazor threw Graham and Evan back with his telekinesis, impaling them on a piece of rebar. Forrest engaged Belthazor with a Taser but this time Belthazor was unfazed and unaffected due to anticipating it.

"It tickles." Belthazor smirked before he grabbed Forrest by his throat, lifting him in the air as Forrest choked before there was a 'crack' and Forrest went limp and Belthazor dropped his lifeless body on the floor.

Riley aimed his gun but Belthazor raised his hand, making him immobile with telekinesis before Belthazor forced Riley's hand to place the barrel of the gun to his own temple. Riley tried to struggle against the telekinesis but it was useless, the force of the power was too strong and the last thing Riley remembered was the sadistic smile on Belthazor's face before the fragments of his skull and blood and brain was spattered on the wall.

Walsh was frozen with panic as all Hell broke loose in the facility, while Belthazor released all demons that were not chipped, siccing them on the Initiative's personnel, with Colonel McNamara preparing his gun, when a figure in shadows kicked the door in. Walsh yelped as she faced a tall bald demon with red and black skin, while McNamara fired from his gun but Belthazor was unfazed before he threw an energy ball at him, sending McNamara crashing to the wall and killing him instantly.

"You're in charge of this place?" Belthazor demanded as he turned to Walsh.

"What do you want?" Walsh asked.

"Some things you should never tamper with with, especially with the ones you could never understand." Belthazor said and with a gesture of his hand, Walsh screamed in excruciating pain, writhing, engulfed in flames until they consumed her and all that was left was a scorched spot on the floor.

Satisfied with his revenge, Belthazor shimmered himself away, while the demons were wreaking havoc in the whole facility. Cole knew that this would make him no better than the Source or other demons and that the sisters might condemn him for what he had done, but the Initiative had brought it on itself by messing with things they had little understanding of, if any at all.

The reason Belthazor got knocked out at first was because they caught him off-guard and he didn't expect it, if it makes sense.

Riley gets little sympathies here but Walsh, McNamara, Forrest and rest of the Initiative NONE at all. Charmed demons in general are more powerful than Buffyverse ones, so it was a no-brainer that Belthazor would turn the place into ashes and rubble.

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