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Warning for crossover with Final Destination, character death, dark humor, and mentions of blood. There also might be a slight bit out of character too. The word count is 2,035 words. I hope you all enjoy Chapter 2 Terry Catches the Bus (Or the Other Way Around).

It was a few days after Tod's funeral when Harry and Tod noticed that Death wasn't in the office with them one day. This was odd because Death was either taking someone or in the office and there had been a death since a few hours ago.

"Where do think he went?" Tod said, nodding over towards the desk that Death had taken as his own.

Harry glanced over towards Death's desk for the first time since he and Tod had stepped foot in the office. The usual morning coffee and newspaper were sitting on the desk but its owner was nowhere to be seen. He was pretty sure that Death had turned invisible. He still had Death's invisibility cloak securely in his keeping so he was pretty sure that Death wasn't invisible.

"I don't know," Harry said, cocking his head to the side and studying Death's desk. "He's never been known to wander off like this before."

"It feels weird not to question how you know this but I'm not questioning how you know this," Tod told him, getting up from behind his own desk and walking over to examine Death's. He sniffed at Death's coffee pulling a disgusted face before putting it back down.

"What?" Harry asked, concerned that maybe the coffee was bad and that was why Death was missing. Death had a stomach from drinking bad coffee. "Is it bad?"

"No," Tod said, shaking his head. "At least not if you like black coffee with nothing in it at all."

"Can't say I'm rather fond of it," Harry said, shaking his head. "But Death is a rather odd fellow and so it stands to say that his taste in such things would be rather odd too, don't you think?"

Tod thought about it for a minute before nodding as though this made sense. He then picked up the newspaper to read his own obituary. It was rather weird seeing his own picture in the newspaper. Especially in regards to his own death.

"Rather morbid, isn't it?" Harry asked, wandering over to join Tod at Death's desk. "Must really like reading about his own handiwork."


"What's that?" Harry asked, noticing the piece of regulation notebook paper from the Muggle world.

"It's a piece of paper," said Tod.

"I know it's a piece of paper, Tod. Was it there when you walked over and started to search over Death's things?"

Tod shook his head. It hadn't been there when he'd started his search of the belongings on Death's desk. It's almost like it magically appeared after he'd started looking through the items upon the desk.

"Are those words there?" Harry asked, picking up the strange piece of paper that seemed to be writing upon itself.


Harry and Tod,

Went to Mortal World to pick someon….something up. Will be back in a little bit. Hold down the fort.

Hugs and Kisses


"Did Death just give us hugs and kisses?" asked Tod, rereading the quickly jotted note over Harry's shoulder.

"Tod, did you not read the words pick someon….something up?" Harry asked, looking at the teen who was reading over his shoulder.


"I'm guessing that was no," Harry said, shaking his head.

"You don't suppose he's gone up to the Mortal World to pick off another survivor of Flight 180, do you?" Tod asked, making Harry turn and look at him in that way that said Tod had just confirmed Harry's worst fears.

"That was what I was thinking," Harry sighed, saying something to his wand which made it vibrate and take off towards the door. "Let's hope he hasn't done anything stupid to get himself noticed."

Meanwhile, in the Moral World, Death transformed himself into a man in a rather large hoodie which obscured his face. Potter still had his invisibility cloak and he wasn't sure he could keep the glamour over himself long enough for his plan to be enacted.

It had been almost two weeks since he'd taken Tod as part of the team. Two weeks without even the threat of tripping one of the survivors. And what was worse was that they were making more survivors. Tod himself had saved a farm kid from elaborate death that Death had come up with. These kids and that teacher woman had to be made aware that you didn't take what was originally Death's.

Thus it had been considered by Death a stroke of luck when he'd followed two of the survivors of Flight 180 to a nearby cafe. Clear Rivers, and the upstart of a boy Alex Browning.

"We have to be on the lookout for omens of Death," Alex was saying as slid a piece of paper with three familiar letters on it. Tod. It was enough to make Death jumping mad.

"I don't leave omens," Death mentally shouted at the boy, glaring daggers at him and the dark-haired girl who was with him. "You just so happened to get lucky the first time around. It won't happen again."

But then it happened. Something or someone was trying to warn Alex about what was coming. Death could see the reflection of the bus that he was going have hit one of them. He was pretty sure it would have been the girl. That would have hurt the boy much more. But now that his plan had been revealed he could very well push either of the duo in front of the bus.

Death snorted in laughter as another stroke of luck hit. He heard the screech of tires and a thud of someone hitting the pavement. Then the fast approach of a car. The person who had fallen must have gotten up because the approach was followed shortly by that of a bike.

"Carter, you dick," said Billy Hitchcock as he leaned his bike against the building.

Death smirked his choice of victims was getting larger. As now Carter, Billy, and Carter's girlfriend Terry were all there too. The only person who was missing was….

"What are you all doing here?" Miss. Valerie Lewton asked, stepping out of the cafe with her freshly brewed coffee.

Death had to say he admired her taste in coffee. Black, no cream or sugar. The exact same way that he took his. If he didn't have the job to have to take her life he would have asked her out on a date.

Then Death got the feeling that someone was watching him. Not one someone but two someones. He turned and saw that Tod and Harry were standing behind him shaking their heads and saying something. Something he could hear over the sounds of Alex and Carter arguing. He knew there was a reason that those were going to be his favorites.

The bus that he knew Harry had shown to Alex in the glass, because why not make things much harder for Death, was quickly approaching on its way to a conference which was another one of Death's own traps.

"Don't do it," Harry said, shaking his head and looking at the group of survivors in front of them. He couldn't tell which one was the focus of Death. "You can take another one later on. Once more time has elapsed since Tod's death."

Was Harry right? Should he wait to collect his next victim? I mean would be as fun to pick one of them off now or wait and have an elaborate plan. Tod's death had been a rather interesting well thought out plan. But this one would be much easier. Sort of like a pallet cleanser. Plus he was pretty sure that if he killed one of them using the bus, that would stop the bus and keep more people from being collected. That's when Terry made the mistake of saying the one thing that would make Death want to go through with his unintentional plan. Also, making her the victim of the said unintentional plan too.

"They died," Terry shouted, moving to get between Carter and Alex before the two could come to blows with each other, "we lived. Get over it!"

"Unfortunate phrasing, my dear," Death chuckled in his own mind as he walked closely behind Terry to the curb near the crosswalk.

The bus was down the street now but coming closer and closer as it gained speed. She wouldn't feel a thing after the initial shock of being hit set in. He was pretty sure of it.

"Dude," Tod said, shaking his head at Death.

"I'm only doing my job," Death said, gently giving Terry a nudge off the curb after taking the invisibility cloak from Harry. He had to make it look like Terry had taken the step down by herself and wasn't pushed in front of the bus.

Turning away from the scene of the crash he'd caused, he looked at Valerie Lewton. She was pretty even covered in blood like she was. Then the hysterical screaming started and he wasn't sure which was worse. The screams of the woman staring in shock at the crushed girl or the screams of the blonde looking down at herself hyperventilating.

"Terry," Tod said, taking the blonde girl by the shoulders and turning her away from the ruins of her former self, "look at me."

"Tod," she whimpered, looking into his eyes, and then the screaming started over again.

"I don't think she was expecting this today," Harry pointed out, stepping forward as Tod back away from Terry. "Hello, Terry. I'm Harry Potter, Master of Death." He pointed towards Tod. "You already know Tod here." He then pointed over at Death who was still looking at Valerie Lewton like he was fixated on the woman. "That is Death. I know you probably weren't expecting to die today. But It does get easier I promise. You can ask Tod if you don't believe me. He's been with for a week or so now."

Tod nodded.

"With us?" Terry asked, looking from Tod to Harry to Death and then back to Tod and Harry. "What does that mean?"

"It means we're going to have to buy another desk for the office," Harry said, patting Terry on the shoulder. "Welcome to the team, Terry, and I'm sorry for the way that you had to join it."

"Is this some sort of work program?" Terry asked as Harry and Tod lead her off. "I'm horrible at holding down a job. You should know that if that is what this is."

Death, however, only had eyes for one person and one person only. He could hear the girl, Claire or Clear or whatever her name was, speaking to someone. He could hear the jock Carter begging Terry to stay with them. Death knew that Terry wasn't there. He'd heard the conversation that Harry and Tod had had with Terry and knew that she was with them. They were more than likely back at headquarters getting Terry used to being part of the unseen world.

Death drew closer to Valerie Lewton and smiled. He would have her join him in the world of the unseen. Death, after all, was as in need of a person to care for as any other being was. "I will see you soon, Valerie," he said, reaching out a hand and touching her arm.

He could see the shiver go through her at the contact of his skin upon her own. That would change and soon. All he had to do was make up the plan. Something that wouldn't cause a lot of pain. Something that would make her passing easy on her. Perhaps this was a job that Death himself should be doing but there was no one else capable of the job. Not even Harry who was the master of, well, Him. Maybe he'd need a little liquid courage for this next one. He took one final look at the teacher her dark chocolaty eyes brimming with tears and then he walked off to join the rest of his team. After all, they had a new member to train up on what it was that they did for the world at large. And he had a plan to come up with.

I hope you all enjoyed Chapter 2 Terry Catches the Bus (Or the Other Way Around) as much as I enjoyed writing it.