In his control room, Dr. Hinelar was pacing, while Yugande looked on. "You seem concerned, Doctor.", the latter noted.

"Of course I am.", Hinelar snapped. "This scheme of NeziSophia concerns me, purely for the risks involved. There is every chance that Mega Pink will catch onto this plan and warn the others."

"She didn't." Shibolena reappeared, accompanied by NeziSophia and the new NeziJealous. "As you can see, Mega Pink is now just as loyal and valuable a servant and Mega Yellow has become."

"Don't call us by those old names.", NeziJealous snarled. "That isn't who we are anymore. I'm NeziJealous and she's NeziSophia. Nezirejia's elite."

NeziSophia put her hand on her fellow mutant's shoulder. "Calm yourself. We were once friends, later allies in battle and now, we are sisters. As such, I don't care to see you get angry."

The other members of Nezirejia ignored this, instead discussing the progress of the Neziranger Project. "I trust your experiment was a success.", Yugande asked. "Judging by NeziJealous here, who I assume was once Miku Imamura."

"Of course.", Shibolena nodded. "But before we can move onto our next target, we need to help NeziJealous with her growth. Unlike NeziSophia, she is currently trapped within her monster form. I will need to install the same ability to resume her human form as her sister."

NeziJealous seemed to react with hostility to this idea. "You want me to give up this glorious body for my pathetic, ugly, previous one?", she snapped. "I won't do it! You can't force me!"

But once again, NeziSophia stopped her. "You won't have to abandon your new form, sister. You'll simply be gaining a useful ability in our battle with Earth's defences."

NeziJealous calmed down upon hearing this. "If it'll help us, then I'll do it for you, sister." She then stepped forward. "Take me to be processed."

Sometime later, NeziSophia, having reverted to Chisato, was relaxing in her quarters when a pink version of her NeziYellow suit entered. She wasn't surprised, knowing instantly who it was. "I assume your operation was a success, NeziPink.", she commented.

"Oh it was.", her sister said, as she clenched her fist. "Thanks to Dr. Hinelar, I can now blossom to my fullest potential. Planet Earth won't know what hit it." She then turned and saw the Petit-Rose Nezire standing in the room. "Who's this? A relative of mine?"

"You could say that, Jealous.", Sophia, as she had taken to referring to herself, said as she approached the human-plant hybrid, shaking some pollen out of it. "It was the mutagenic pollen that Rose Nezires like this one give off that allowed you to attain your body." She then took the pollen she had scraped off and presented it to her sister. "You'll need to be pollinated with it once more if you want to keep it though."

Jealous resumed her monster form and ingested the pollen. "Nectar!", she declared before returning to the form of Miku Imamura, only now she was wearing her hair down and her appearance was more disheveled. "I suppose we'll be using this to turn the other Megarangers into some brothers for our little family."

"Once I've figured out something more efficient.", Sophia informed her. "I got lucky creating you, but there were still some flaws with your new body. I'll need to refine the process before we move on."

It was then that Jealous came up with an idea. "I can generate the same kind of pollen. If we both dose one of them, then we can ensure instant transformation. All that would be left would be to give them the Nezi Suit."

"I'll talk with Yugande and Shibolena about making some modifications to it.", Sophia suggested. "Yes, then the 5 of us will be together once again to carry out our mission."

"To take control of the Earth.", Jealous nodded, "and to eradicate Nezirejia to ensure we rule unabated. Oh this is going to be good." Both of them then began to laugh, as they made preparations for the next phase of their plan.