Moonlight Madness

By: Gingivere the Shadowreaver and Quicksilver the Archangel

Disclaimer: We do not own any of these characters. That should be very apparent.

Authors' Note: Although there are werewolves in Oriental mythology, we will be using more of a European outlook on them, aside from re-vamping the "wolf" into the more commonly seen "fox". While we DO use some mythology correctly, we are putting our own spin on things. Please accept that and do NOT tell us it is not correct. -_-;;

Dedication: This fanfiction is dedicated to our dear friend Aqua Drageen, the biggest Zhou Yu fan ever in the history of the world, and our Strawberry Field Kitsune Sistah.

"Zhou Yu, when is the food going to be done?!"

Zhou Yu, the handsome and daring strategist of Wu, only smiled at the question, adding a few more logs to the fire, "Soon, my lord Sun Ce. You must learn a little patience."

The pout he received was too cute for words, but Zhou Yu only deepened his smile as Sun Ce whined, "But I don't have to patient; that's YOUR job!"

It wasn't often that there was ever a time of peace for the people of China, especially the soldiers and generals. This was one of those moments where the three opposing kingdoms had decided to call off any and all political affairs, to celebrate the coming of the new year. And, of course, no one truly objected to such things.

This was no exception. It wasn't often that the two close friends, the sworn brothers Sun Ce and Zhou Yu got to spend time away from the planning and the fighting, and they were willing to drop their charges and abandon their duties, to do the oddest thing, something neither had them done in awhile.


It was a trip that Zhou Yu looked forward to perhaps even more so than Sun Ce. He relished each and every moment he could spend alone with the man who was not only his sworn brother, but also the object of some of his deepest affections.

Not that Sun Ce knew any of this. If he did, he had certainly shown no inkling of it. And, for now, Zhou Yu was content to let it remain that way. In time, perhaps, the feelings between them would mature and deepen into the relationship he so desperately desired.

He looked up to see his lord, bathed with silver moonlight and accentuated by the golden tone of their fire. It made his eyes and hair shine beautifully, and he could not help but stare, his breath taken away for a few moments.

"Is anything wrong, Zhou Yu? Why are you staring at me like that?"

Woke him indeed, and Zhou Yu run a hand over his tired eyes, smirking, "No, sir... just a bit of ashes in my eyes I suppose..."

Sun Ce, so dimwitted that it only made him more appealing, only nodded, kicking back and waiting for the food to be ready. He caught the fish with his bare hands, though he felt sort of bad for doing so as he was, well, bathing. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't known that his friend saw him as he gave his triumphant pose.

"Okay, if you say so... come on, I'm starved, I'm dying of starvation!"

A stick tapped his nose, as the beautiful man snickered, "I'LL eat the fish by myself if you keep complaining, my lord..."

Sun Ce only chuckled and winked, "Oh, you wouldn't want to make your lord get down on his hands and knees and beg, now would you?"

"Hmm... somehow, the thought is strangely tempting..."

"Now what on earth do you mean by that, hm?" The Lord of Wu laid down, propping himself up upon his elbow as he stared at his strategist, "Don't tell me that I have to be worried about my best strategist and sworn brother getting some ambition and actually trying to overcome me!"

It was an old game, and Zhou Yu only smirked, poking the fish, "You have nothing to fear from me, my lord, I assure you..."

With a rather slighted look, the lord rolled back over onto his back, gazing at the stars above. They seemed cheerful tonight, dreadfully cheerful, but not as bright as the moon. That moon was nothing less then a shining face, welcoming the chilly night ahead for the two.

What a chance this was, he thought, to actually TALK to him, alone, and not discuss business. Most of the time Zhou Yu spoke to him, it was about strategies and how to outwit that Zhuge Liang.

But not now... he grinned sheepishly. Now they could talk about other stuff, like fishing, sports, games... and stuff like that. But where to start?!

Well, any conversation would help to break the sudden silence between them, so he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind, "Isn't it a nice moon tonight?"

"Beautiful, sir..."

The easy, quick, and rather short response made Sun Ce uneasy, something he was not accustomed to. So, he tried again, "What are you thinking about, Zhou Yu?"

Seeing Zhou Yu's thoughtful chocolate brown eyes sparkle slightly, he could tell that he was holding something back. So, Zhou Yu lied, and as good as he was, he knew it wasn't going to fool him. "Thinking about how great it is that we've all decided to give our petty fights a break, sir..."

"Yeah, me too..." Said Sun Ce in a bit of a gruff, going back to looking at the sky.

"Did I say anything to upset you?" Concerned, Zhou Yu turned his attention away from the fish, turning to look at his friend.

Shrugging, he was waved off and Sun Ce shook his head. "Nah, and don't worry about calling me lord or sir here, Zhou Yu... we're buddies, remember, and we're AWAY from all that."

"Yes si... I mean, of course."

"Sun Ce! SUN CE! It's not that hard to say, Zhou Yu!" The other man chided, placing his hands on his hips. "Now repeat after me. SUN... CE..."

Zhou Yu blinked, but played along, "Sun Ce..."

"Good boy. Now, if I hear you call me "lord" or "sir" for the remainder of this trip, I am going to take my tonfas and beat some sense into that thick strategist head of yours!" Sun Ce gripped the weapons teasingly to show his seriousness, and then he sighed, "Sorry man, but you're just always so high strung around me! I don't know why, but you have GOT to learn to relax!"

Not hearing any form of response rise from his friend, Sun Ce felt his eye begin to twitch, "Zhou Yu... are you even LISTENING to me?!"

What was the poor strategist to do? He could hardly confess the feelings he felt for his superior, or the thoughts running through his mind, so he only nodded, "Yes, Sun Ce, I am listening with rapt attention. I am catching every word..."

Blinking, Sun Ce didn't really know what his friend truly meant by that statement, but it was a start. "Are you a poet..."

'I don't think he even cares...' Zhou Yu frowned for perhaps a second, almost cursing his friend's thick head. Well, he knew it was almost too good to be true, and that was when he realized the fish was burning. "Oh, goodness!"

The chaos of putting the fish out ensued, and it came to the point that Sun Ce grabbed it with his bare hands, the fool, and dropped it to the ground, stomping the ever living hell out of it. "Sun Ce, why the hell did you do that?! You ruined the fish!"

"But YOU caught it on fire! I was putting it out!"

"You had me distracted..."

Sun Ce scowled, "You should have been able to hold a conversation and STILL watch a fish..."

"Are you calling me an idiot?"

"Well... if the shoe fits..."

Zhou Yu growled playfully, leaping to his feet, "Oh, that is IT! You had better take that back, Sun Ce..."

"Or you'll do what?" Sun Ce challenged, poking out his tongue. "You wouldn't DARE lay a hand on me!"

"Or would I... don't put words in my mouth! Besides, it would be too childish to strike you. How am I to know that the minute I hit you that you won't have be beheaded?"

That made Sun Ce snicker, fake punching his friend in the arm and not realizing his own strength. "Nahhhhhhh, come on! You worry WAY too much! And I won't have you beheaded.... just brought to my chambers to do nothing but clean until your hands fall off, that's all!"

"You're so childish... and without my expert advice, where would YOU be in battle?"

The serious response actually surprised him, "Well, probably DEAD and decaying more likely than not." The seriousness did not last long though, as Sun Ce knocked him down, sitting on his stomach and laughing, "Come on Zhou Yu! It's good to be childish sometimes! When was the last time we had a good old-fashioned wrestling match?"

'There is a REASON we don't have wrestling matches anymore...' Zhou Yu thought, praying that his friend could not hear his heartbeat, which picked up speed and pounded in his ears.

"Is something wrong, old buddy? You're turning as red as a beet!"

Being pinned was what was wrong, but he smiled it off. "Nothing, absolutely nothing... though you are cutting off my air..."

The moment Sun Ce rose to his feet Zhou Yu turned the tables on him, knocking his lord to the ground and gripping his shoulders, "Ah, much better..."

"H-Hey! You think YOU can beat me?!" Sun Ce fought back, as Zhou Yu knew he would, quickly counting his kicks and punches. This irked Sun Ce, to be beaten by his best friend, and he only fought more. "I'm undefeatable, Zhou Yu!"

"So you'd like to believe!"

Now it was all out war; two friends rolled over one another, each one trying to gain the easy advantage over the other. If anyone would watch, they'd probably laugh and leave them be and not say a single word. Friends were friends, though, unknowingly, they sought for something a tad bit deeper.

Zhou Yu pinned Sun Ce again, and his brown hair dangled down as he taunted, "So? Do you STILL think you are undefeatable?"

"Oh, you're going to pay!" Sun Ce howled, struggling beneath his hands. "Just WAIT until I get up!"

The two were so busy goofing off that neither one of them noticed that the fish was missing. Granted, they rolled over it a few times, but after awhile, when Sun Ce finally won, Zhou Yu made the discovery, though it was useless against his friend's gloating. "The fish!"

"If you think THAT old trick is going to work, you are dead wrong!"

"But the fish! It's- get your hand out of my face, Sun Ce! I'm serious, the fish is gone!"

Sun Ce sneered, "No it isn't! It's right over there!" He pointed to the right to prove his point, only to see the ground and he blinked, "Or... it was..."

The fun and games was over, as he was thrown off. "Don't tell me you covered it with mud... NOW what do we do for food, sir?!"

"Gee... I dunno. Maybe I'll eat you!" Sun Ce laughed, but quickly saw that his friend was in no mood, so he sobered himself. "Look... it's not buried beneath the mud. It really isn't there..."

And, what would have been the worst thing that could have possibly happen? There was a small gush of wind, and with it, the flames died. Now was the time to get really serious.

"Okay, one of has to relight that fire, or we aren't going to be able to see ANYTHING!"

There was another gush of wind, but this time, Zhou Yu caught a small glimpse of its source, grabbing his sword in a heart beat. "We're not alone here..."

"What are you talking about?"

"There's someone... something... else here... be on your guard!"

Sun Ce cursed, "I can't even see my hand, much less find my tonfas!"

He was silenced by his friend's hiss, as the man stood in front of him, as if to protect him. That was when he heard it, running around from bush to bush, snarling, growling. This was no human, and he began his search, despite how useless it was. "No, stay close... grab a stick, or something, but I'll protect you..."

"Then who's going to protect you?"

"I can defend myself..." Zhou Yu was far more concerned in defending his lord and friend, as the creature made another movement. He could almost see the sparkle of its thirsting eyes... it was right in front of him!

The beast gave a snarl, and it was the only warning they received before it attacked. "Zhou Yu, look out!" Sun Ce gave the warning a few seconds too late, and as Zhou Yu went to shield himself, he was thrown aside, his back striking the dead wood of the camp fire. Now, whatever that thing was, lunged itself at Sun Ce, fangs bearing and a demonic howl leaving its throat.

Sun Ce prepared himself for the strike, but it never came, though he heard his friend scream in pain. "ZHOU YU!"

When his eyes adjusted, he could see his friend on his back, the creature, the beast, closing its teeth around his sleeved arm. Zhou Yu tried to fight him off, unable to move his sword to lay a menacing blow, but Sun Ce grabbed the closest thing next to him and hurled it at the beast, catching it right in the face with a rock.

The animal gave a yelp of pain, and it quickly ran away. Sun Ce ran to his friend, "Zhou Yu, are you alright?!"

"I think so..." Zhou Yu was unable to bring himself to stand, collapsing and holding his wounded arm to his chest. He was exhausted, and out of breath, and in pain, and Sun Ce quickly helped him sit up. "I'll live... I just need a doctor to look at it..."

"You're not okay! Look! You're BLEEDING!"

And bleeding he was... the blood soaked his arm and ran along his chest, but still, he felt better knowing that it was only a bite, not a casualty. "What was that thing... did you get a good look at it?"

"It looked... kind of like a fox..."

"No... a fox simply could not be that big..." Wincing, Zhou Yu's voice got considerably weaker. "Well, I think we're safe... for the moment..."

"I'm going to take care of you, Zhou Yu," Sun Ce promised, beginning to bandage the arm.

As good as that sounded, Zhou Yu refused, "No, no... I think I should have someone look at it. Neither of us know what the blasted thing was, and it could get infected... I think we should go back to Jian Ye..."

"C-can you walk?"

Nodding, Zhou Yu rested his head against his friend's shoulder, trying to fight down the dizzy spell. "Yes... give me a minute..."

He was surprised to feel Sun Ce's arms wrap around him in a comforting, but strong embrace, "Take all the time you need..."

"I'm sorry this ruined the camping trip... damn... I bet it stole the fish..."

"I'm not worried about the fish anymore; I'm worried about you!"

"I'm fine..."

Sun Ce's voice was fierce, "DON'T LIE TO ME!"

Hearing the rise in panic, Zhou Yu did his best, though he felt the sudden urge to just sleep. "I'm not, sir... I think we should be going now, before... that thing... finds us again..."

"Okay... but if you need to stop, tell me. I'll carry you back if I have to..."

It was too late. When he received no answer, he began to panic, but stopped when he heard the quiet snoring. He was still worried, as he lifted his friend into his arms, trying not to cause any further damage to that arm. "Gee... he's always getting hurt over MY expense..."

He carried Zhou Yu carefully, and he sighed, "You're always protecting me... well, now is my turn to protect you..."

Still, what that creature was still bore into his mind, but it didn't matter right now. The hike back home wasn't too bad, he thought, but still, he would have to keep his eyes cleanly peeled for that... thing... if it dared show up again.

The trip passed without incident, and he was glad to see the walls of Jian Ye, and even more so to see the man guarding those walls...

"Oh, what a lovely scene this is! I knew I'd live to see the day, where Sun Ce and Zhou Yu finally... hey..." Gan Ning's antics were rather annoying, and the pirate held the torch high, looking at the two as they entered the walls. He noticed the blood instantly, and he asked, "Hey, what happened to HIM?"

"We were attacked by a beast..."

Now that made the pirate laugh, "A beast? You mean a tiger, or a panda?"

Sun Ce growled, "NO! Now open this gate right now or I'll have your smirking head CUT OFF! He needs medical attention!"

"Calm down, geezzz... you heard the man, on the double!"

As soon as the entered the gates, and Zhou Yu was in the medical tent, Sun Ce apologized, "I'm sorry Gan Ning... I didn't mean to snap at you..."

The pirate had accompanied them to the tent, leaving his duties tot he subordinates. He didn't think Zhou Yu's wound was serious until he saw the doctor tear off the sleeves, and he grimaced, "Good grief! Did you kill that beast?!"

"No..." Sun Ce sighed, watching as the doctors began their task. "The damn thing escaped..."

"Tomorrow I'll help you hunt it down..."

Thankful, the Little Conqueror sighed, slunking tot he floor as if the sudden sleep spell came over him as well. "Thanks... have the security doubled for tonight... I don't want to risk that... thing... coming back, or I'll have to risk killing it in front of the children...

Gan Ning was actually serious, "Better than putting the children in danger..."

"I know... shit... just tighten the security, dammit!"

"Eh, keep your shirt on! Of course I will! Your boyfriend's going to be fine... you'll see..."

Oh, he probably shouldn't have said that, for now Sun Ce's piercing eyes were upon him. "What?!"

The pirate only laughed, jingling his bells, "Oh nothing.. nothing..."

"You're dismissed, go away before I make you an example to the beast!"

"Aye aye, sir..."


Hearing about what happened to Zhou Yu and Sun Ce was almost frightening as it was impossible to believe, and who else to question it besides Lu Xun? The young boy was the bookish type, never one to believe in too many myths or such, and he was a true realist. It did not surprise anyone that Lu Xun stated openly against the possibilities of what had attacked them two nights ago.

"We all know it could not have been a werefox."

Lu Xun was stuck to that belief, and nothing, absolutely nothing anyone could say could tear him away from that. Perhaps that was what people hated about him... and liked, as well. "They don't exist..."

"I KNOW that Lu Xun! But that's what it looked like!" Sun Ce insisted.

Zhou Yu was still resting, and if he were there, perhaps Sun Ce could have explained it better. Being around someone like Lu Xun alone made Sun Ce feel a bit uneasy. He didn't understand the guy; he was younger, far younger than him, but he was more of an adult than even that old grandpa Huang Gai. "The thing had fangs and ears, and a tail! I saw it with my own eyes!"

"That is completely ridiculous, my lord. You must have imagined it..."

Oh, how Sun Ce wanted to punch the kid's face. Instead, he held back, knowing that though Lu XUn had better wits, he had better strength. "Then, what do YOU suppose it was that attacked us? A psycho dressed in fur coats, looking for kicks?"

"It is possible, sir."

"But who would so something as stupid as that?" Gan Ning argued, shrugging. "I mean... don't they know how much trouble they could get into?"

Lu Xun shrugged, "Perhaps they do not care..."

Lu Xun was more concerned with Zhou Yu's health for the moment then anything, as he stood at the door frame, leaning along the side and sighing. "What I worry about though is if the attacker was someone from our opposing kingdoms... now WOULD be the best time for them to attack us, sir..."

Sun Ce sighed, rubbing his temples, "But we have a TRUCE right now!"

"He does have a point, though... remember Jing Province..." Gan Ning fiddled with his bells, much to the other two's dismay. "And we can't be too sure about Wei, either..."

"We cannot break the truce without proof!"

Nodding, Lu Xun then asked, "Describe the creature again... perhaps it will give away it's identity..."

Sun Ce sighed, "I told you all I remember except that... well, I'm pretty sure it only had one eye..."

"One eye... that should give it away easily, but granted that you did not get a good look, your eyes could have been fooling you. You did, afterall, think that it was a werefox..."


That only made Lu Xun's doubt grow. "Unless I see it for myself, I don't think I can believe you, but if you wish, I can sent out a searching party... see if they can find ANY kind of evidence of your attacker..."

Sun Ce sneered, "Do whatever you feel is best. Whether this thing be real or not, we must find it... and kill it..."

"Of course... I will lead the party myself, and I shall bring its head to you then..." Lu Xun gave a bow. "Consider the 'beast' to be my full responsibility..."

"That's it; I don't need to take this. I'm going check on Zhou Yu..."

With nothing else said, Sun Ce left, leaving the nonchalant youth to merely shrug and turn to leave. Gan Ning looked at the two, then followed Lu Xun down the hallway, "You know, it's not wonder that you don't spend your free time with others... you always get smart on them and make us ALL feel dumb, you know..."

"It's not my fault..." Lu Xun replied with a sigh, but not once regretting his words. Why regret over something he knew he was right on? "Now, if you don't mind, I have a prankster to catch..."

"What? No goodbye kiss?"

That made Lu Xun stop, and the kid sneered, "Not here... I have business to tend to, as do you..."

Gan Ning pouted, "You are mean..."

"I am myself today... sorry if that disappoints you."

Gan Ning whirled the other man around, "Now what is THAT supposed to mean?"

They were lucky no one else was in the hallway, and Lu Xun could not look at him in the eyes at all. Something else was bothering him, just as it was bothering Gan Ning. The pirate sneered, "Well, fess up! Can't hide stuff from ME, I'm a pirate, remember! I know everything!"

"I-it's nothing..." Lu Xun, as intelligent as he was, was a horrible liar. "I must be on my way, now... it's near noon and I would guess that if he's still about the area he would be at the river..."

He would not get away that easily, and Gan Ning almost growled, "Tell me what's wrong..."

Now, to those who knew Lu Xun, though he was young and rather shy, he was not a force to be underestimated, and though he did not strike the pirate with his clenched fists, he struck with words. "If something was wrong, you, and Lord Sun Ce will be the first to know... I wish to find the attacker before anymore lives are endangered by his acts... surely YOU would understand that..."

The pirate's voice dropped, "Alright; I'll let that slide. If you decide to tell me the truth, you know where to find me... Happy hunting..."

"Don't worry yourself over me... I'll be fine."

"So you say..." Gan Ning finally released him, knowing that there was not a single argument that he could win against him, and it was useless to even try. What a stubborn kid, he thought, but with a shrug. "But, if it IS a werefox, you be careful..."

"You know I will..."

With a smile that only could be shown on his face, Lu Xun made his way down the hallways alone, leaving the pirate in a sense of slight fear and confusion. It was no question that the two were close, and though Lu Xun feared to show it, Gan Ning felt no hesitation. But, he sighed, defeated. "Nuts..."

Lu Xun sighed as well, though Gan Ning could not hear. It was just too much, too fast for him. That was why he always wore the 'all work, no play' gimmick. He was afraid of what others would think of it, lose support from the troops, or something worse. It was like living a lie not to tell Gan Ning all of his thoughts, in fear of someone hearing them...

And Lu Xun could not bear to live a lie. Still, this was not the time to break it... He had a 'werefox' to catch.