Hello everyone, it's Abyss here with some info about this story. I came up with this idea after reading "Werefox of Bael" by Bratja Rasa, which I highly recommend, along with a few others, and wanted to do my own. So here is some basic info for you. But, before that, I would like to remind all of you that there is no need to read this story, so, please do not hate me for making this and sorry for the delay, I have been working the 2nd shift at Wal*Mart and it is pretty exhausting. First, it will be a slight multi-crossover with other elements from other anime. 2nd, the harems/pairings.


Koneko/Shirone Tenjou

Asia Argento

Xenovia Quarte

Irina Shido


Sona Sitri


3 characters from other anime


Le Fey Pendragon




Rias Gremory

Akeno Himejime

Ravel Phoenix



Ingvild Leviathan

Bennia Orcus

3rd, Naruto's Peerage.

Uzumaki Peerage:

King: Naruto Uzumaki

Queen: Secret

1st Bishop: Rosswiesse, 2nd Bishop: Secret

1st Rook: Secret, 2nd Rook: Secret

1st Knight: Xenovia (Mutant piece), 2nd Knight: Secret

1st Pawn: Mittelt (1 piece), 7x Pawn: Unknown

Well, that's it for the spoilers, sorry if it isn't to your liking. Till next time.