Parte Tre: Morte A bordo Del Anotnia Graza

"A miracle!" The nurse stated. "This man should be dead, yet I see quick advances to his healing."

How clueless these people truly were. Sitting in the hospital, I wait, letting the nurse tend to my soon completely healed wounds. Several visitors came, wondering who and what the crew had rescued and how I had been the only survivor of the doomed Lorelei. How soon they would all find out. Voices rushed inside my head. "Don't fail me Ferriman,' it said, 'and don't forget your mission, or dare I send you back to where you were destined to be.'

The nurse grew furious and shooed away the curious shipmates, and I couldn't thank her anymore. I didn't want to get to know anyone personal until they were mine, but when I saw those luscious brown eyes and big pouty lips, I insisted the nurse let her in. There was something about this women that attracted me to her so.

"Ciao," she politely introduced herself. 'Do you speak Italia no?"

"A little," I replied, not sure if she spoke English.

"You may call me Francesca," her thick Italian accent spoke through her English words.

"Jack..." I began, but was cut off.

"Yes, yes. Mr. Jack Ferriman. The hero, the soul survivor of the Lorelei. The only one to escape death. Please tell me, how'd you do it?"

She raised her hand and I gently took a hold of it, kissing the upper part of her palm with my lips. Her sense had me on the brink of ecstasy. Her aroma was so mysterious and full of greed, I had to have her. "How did I do it?" I laugh. "I'll tell you soon enough."

She gave me a wicked smile, "When is this soon enough?"

Curious little one wasn't she. 'They'll find the gold sooner or later.'

'They're going to want it all to themselves.'

I could hear their thoughts, the worry they had over the great find. It was already starting to corrupt them. The cursed gold was taking its effect on the crewmembers. It was perfect and in no time, every six hundred of The Antonia Graza's passengers would be dead and their soul belonging to me.

"Mr. Ferriman?" Francesca spoke quickly, snapping me out of my trance.

"How about now?" I look at her, menacing eyes gazing into hers.

She quickly moves onto another subject. "I would have never imagined someone with your wounds and nearly escaping death, would leave one as calm as you."

"Maybe I'm in shock," I joke.

"Perhaps," her brown eyes gleamed. I could tell she didn't quite trust me. "So tell me Mr. Ferriman..."

I cut her off, "Call me Jack please."

"So Jack, tell me about the gold. How did it come to be on your ship?" The greed was starting to show through her. Like the others, Francesca too wanted a piece of the cursed item.

"It belonged to some shipmates."

"Yes, but how did they get the gold? It can't be legal now can it? Your hiding more than what you're telling me," her voice purred as she leaned in closer. "You can tell me, I won't tattle."

I couldn't tell her everything too soon into the game. "I only know what I've told everyone else, it was blood money. Gold owned by a gang who were so paranoid about the people on the ship, that they killed almost everyone onboard. I was attacked and left for dead."

Francesca curls her lips, "Interesting, very odd indeed. People work in mysterious ways, wouldn't you agree?"

I doubt what I just said to her made any sense. Something about the way she said those last words intrigued me. They were so devious and full of un trust, that I wanted her to say more. See what she had to say about me.

"I suppose I must be going then Mr. Ferriman."

'Please, call me Jack."

"Jack. I have to leave now. You need your rest and I need to rehearse for my performance tomorrow night."

So she was a performer. Perhaps Francesca would be of use for my plan. "Perhaps I could watch you practice before your big show?"

Her eyes lit up with fascination and she smiled, "I never let anyone watch me before and besides you're in too much pain to be out of the hospital."

My smile fades. She was playing the hard to get game with me. I was lusting for a piece of that body now, desiring to feel the inside of her, feel the warmth between her legs. I wanted to explorer the hidden parts of her soul, dig deeper within to search for the secrets she was hiding.

"Maybe now's a good time to let someone in on your secrets?"

She looked at me, her eyes wide with surprise, "What do you mean by that?"

"Couldn't you at least have one pre show, just for the survivor?" I smiled.

"Maybe, maybe just for you Jack."

Getting up on her heals, she turned to leave, but stopped and faced me once more. "Get well Jack Ferriman," Francesca spoke, her face filled with brightness. "You're an interesting person and I'd like to see more of you."

She blew a kiss and left, shutting the door behind her. Indeed, I too wanted to see her again, I needed her now. Not just for my plan, but I felt an attachment to this Italian women. A connection was established between us and her evil ways were lingering closer to me. Soon she'd be in my grasp. I had to have her. I had to touch, to see, to feel what Francesca was hiding.

Exhausted, but not tired, I realized I hadn't rested well in some time. The dead do not need sleep, but for some reason, I desired for a long sleep that I used to have when I was human. Once tended to again for the tenth time that night, I waited till the nurse left and vanished into the surrounding air, my speculation on the crew grew bigger, as I could hear them plotting against everyone.

Lights off and most of the passengers asleep and tucked nice and safe in their cabins, I crept unseen, invisible across the dock and to the smell of greed. Following the trace of an unseen evil, I made my way into a storage deck where men of all European races talked.

The silhouettes of their figures were hard to see in the dark for any mortal, but I could see their very faces as a cat could see in the dark. "I'm telling you, the soul survivor of The Lorelei, he went through all four of those crates and made sure every bar of gold was still there," one voice spoke out.

"You know what kind of money we're talking here?"

A third voice pitched in, distant from the precious two. "Did you see him watching you?"

"No, I'm sure of it."

The first voice continued. "There's really only one way to do this. There's over six hundred passengers and crew on this ship. Six hundred witnesses."

"Extremely rich witnesses who treat us like garbage. Who'll be wearing everything they've go tomorrow night at the grand ball."

"We'll need half the crew to make this work."

"We've already run this by the assistant's skew ship. He's got five thousand gallons of rat poison that'd work in the first course."

"They'll never notice the difference until it's too late."

"And what about the captain and the first officers? They'll all be on the four decks with the VIPs and they hate Maine Curry's food."

"Got it covered with the ship's second engineer. He's rigged the foreword boom cable."

"In a way, we've got to be quick."

"Any survivors we finish in the pool."

"All right, are you in?"

A silent man's voice finally fills the air. "This is madness and it'll never work. No, I won't do it."

They begin to speak in Italian, so that the fifth man won't be able to understand their conversation. "That's what we thought," the first man finally speaks in English.

One of the men quickly takes out a gun and shoot the fifth man in the head, the bullet makes its way into his skull and leaves a bloody exit wound. His body falls, blood sprayed out among the walls and table where a map has been placed. I'm impressed. Never did I think that these men could work so fast in setting up a massacre, but then again, when money and corruption are at hand, things will work quick.

Striding back with pleasure among my face, I walk along the cabins where the innocent passengers sleep. Unaware to the tragedy that awaits them, I smell the greed of these sinners and cannot wait for them to become a part of me. But there's something unpleasantly wrong in one of the decks. Something so repulsive that it makes me feel as though I'm going to be sick. Can something so pure and clean leave this feeling to someone whose purpose is to collect sinned souls? Can a pure soul actually exist on a ship full of rich, greedy humans?

Shaking off that unwanted feeling, I follow the sense of that one brown-eyed Italian Francesca. Now that I know she exists, I can easily detect my way into her corridor. Dissipating into the air, I find myself in front of her bed, the sleeping beauty covered up, peacefully slumbering. Making my way over to her side, thoughts of what I can do with a sleeping mortal cross in my head. I could easily kill her now, but no, she's needed for a bigger purpose.

"Francesca," I whisper into her ear. The performer mumbles and churns in her sleep. I lean over, my face closing in on hers and place my lips patiently on hers, kissing quickly, my tongue slipping in and out of her mouth. Defenseless, this continues, my right hand caressing her shoulder, as it makes it's way down to her plump breasts. "You will help me," I speak to Francesca, my hand now making it's way down her stomach and onto her hips. I'd make sure she'd want to help, with or without her control, Francesca would be my Queen in this game of Chess.

The next morning, I woke to the sound of a busy nurse, even more confused to what was happening to me. "How, how is it possible? A mere man cannot heal over the night."

"I'm no mere man," I lazily respond, waking out of a useless sleep.

She looks at me stunned, but then breaks out in laughter. "Your wound wasn't as sincere as I thought it to be. Must be my old age getting to me."

Keep telling yourself that until you learn the real truth. I get up, legs stretched over the bed and stand upright, walking out the door. The nurse looks at me, about to give me a lecture on not to move, but I glare at her with such evil, that she dares not say a word and let's me leave. So pathetic, these humans. Afraid to what real evil is. Onto the ship's deck I walk, people glancing at me, wondering why I'm out and looking healed. That's when I spot a little girl. Full red hair, a blue dress and big pink lips.

Something about seeing this girl makes me feel sick and then I remember that feeling I had last night. The nauseous feeling of a pure soul. She looks happy, dancing in what seems to be a precious dress to her, as she stares at me and smiles. I cringe on the inside and turn away, unable to let her good inside. That's when I bump into the woman who I was looking for; Francesca.

"Jack!" She yells in excitement, "Just the man I wanted to see. Come, come!"

I'm forced in her grasp, as she drags me through numerous people and down into the ballroom. She let's go of my hand and paces into the stage, striking an elegant pose, looking stunning. "You look much better," she examines.

"I told you I'd be."

Placing her hands upon her hips, Francesca stares at me. "I had a dream about you Mr. Ferriman. A very good dream, but I'm curious about these dream images I had."

"What about?"

She smirks, "If I told you, they wouldn't come true now would they?"

I smile, knowing exactly what she had seen. "Why did you bring me down here?"

"You said you wanted to see me rehearse, am I correct?"


"Then I will show you."

Slowly, she began to walk down the stairs from whence she stepped up on. Moving seductively, I watch, enjoying that she's finally given into my ways. Francesca approaches me, her breath now on my cheeks. I know what she's going to do, but playing with her head, I act confused. "It's a bit early isn't it?"

"Do you want to know my dream. I dreamt you and me were one. A part of each other and indestructible to whatever came in our way," she nibbled on my lower lip, like a beast unable to contain her lust.

"I lied to you," I bluntly speak out.

"How so?" She responded, her fingers upon my shirt, slowly unlatching the buttons.

"It wasn't a gang."

"I had a feeling," she smiled and placed her tongue gently across my exposed chest.

"I stole the gold from the people onboard the Lorelei. I killed to make sure it was never in their grasp again, but the ship hit something and people fled, only I, I knew that someone would come, someone like you. I need your help Francesca. The men on this ship want the gold. They're going to kill me and anyone else who wants it. But me and you, we can get away. Just the two of us. Will you help me?"

"You need not say another word Jack. I'll help you with whatever you need."

It was the perfect plan. Francesca fell into the trap, so desperate to be loved and rich, that she'd do anything to gain it. After we made love and I gathered her deeper secrets, I left her to practice for the greatest performance ever and prepared myself. Walking into some unexpected couple's room, I threw the young man against a wall, his body smashing against the steel plank. The grinding sound his bones made as it impacted against metal made me smile as the women whimpered, about to scream. I grabbed her before she was able to make a sound and quickly broke her jaw.

Alive, but injured, she crawled on the floor, watching as I crouched down and marked my first victim. As the burning of my mark was implanted into the body, I felt his soul escape and his will becoming one with mine. It was almost orgasmic the way his flesh had began to mend with me. Moaning, I quickly turned to look at the girl who make her way to the door, a pile of blood following. "Sorry, but not in this life," I spoke and stepped on her back, the backbone breaking.

No sound emerged from her voice, as she lay motionless. Now knowing what I was put back on Earth for, I marked my second victim. No longer a rookie, I was fully aware of what my duties were. Management was very pleased this time. Walking over the dresser, I found a suit that seemed just about my size, the perfect costume. Fitting myself into the dead man's clothing, I made my way to where the final party would be for the night. I grew sick of the stares yet again, but kept my cool for soon they'd all be dying or dead. I imagined the horrible ways of how they'd soon die. Six hundred people lying in a puddle of intestines and blood. I couldn't be more happier.

Up on the main deck I appeared. Everyone was there, including the ones speaking the previous night. Indeed, the massacre was going to happen soon, and Francesca was the start point. Soon enough, there she was, smiling and looking gorgeous in her red dress. A dress that she'd wear for eternity.

"Senza Finé," she sang, the crewmembers setting up the trap to those clueless. I watched as that same redheaded girl was dancing with the captain, she seemed so happy, not scared, and not worried about her everlasting stay. Then Francesca smiled and I knew it was my time to leave, for soon body parts would be on the dance floor. I smiled back and walked out slowly, waiting for the sound of wire slicing through flesh. Already down below, the crew was doing their job; attacking, murdering and destroying human life. What a job it was going to be for me to mark them, but it was my job, my profession.

It had been done. The cable wire was set off and confused as they were, the mere humans stood in confusion as they began to full apart. I could see what was going on without having to actually watch the chaotic scene. Blood poured, body parts were detaching and the insides of many spewed onto the floor. But the horror wasn't over yet, for they were still alive even when they hit the floor. Suffering. That's the best way to go. A scream was heard and I watched as that brat ran away from the scene, looking for help. Francesca was already gone and ready to finish off the ringleader, but I stay and wait for my turn.

The pure soul ran past me, almost stopping and asking for help, but thought otherwise as I gave her a glare of pure hatred. I would have killed that bitch if I could, but just the thought of touching her made me die over again. No need, the others would kill her soon, then perhaps I could claim her. I heard and felt the dying pleas of many as I marked the souls one by one. Few were left alive, but they'd be finished off in the pool, and I knew that soon it would just be Francesca and me.

Vanishing into the air, I followed to where Francesca had walked and watched her unseen, as the men opened the crates of gold and cheered, they'd won. But they too were betrayed as their ringleader shot every one of them down, leaving just him and my beloved Francesca. Too bad for him, he was betrayed just like his men. She killed him in cold blood, a smirk upon her face. Francesca had done it, she'd finished them off and now we could get away together.

I appeared, letting myself be seen, as see looked over to me, proud of what she'd done and ready to be fucked again. But I had other plans for her, she wanted to be with me forever, she would. Kissing her, I pulled away as if disgusted and let the anchor do the killing for me. The look in her eyes, told me that I had done my job. She knew I was playing her for a fool, she knew she too was betrayed just like everyone else. I watch as she swings back and forth, her neck now a piece of the anchor, and wait for her to die. I have no sympathy for her, I do not mourn, I wait as she slowly passes onto the next level of death and mark her.

They're all dead, my job is only half done. Now comes the fun part. I turn around and disappear into the darkness, ready to claim my collection.