Summary: In this fanfiction, Naruto tries to commit suicide after being constantly denied from existence and being abused by every other person he met. But he is saved by the Nine Tailed Fox, and befriends him. This will cover the story of a boy who once tried to commit suicide to becoming the most powerful shinobi to ever walk earth.

"…" Normal dialogues.

'Abcd' Normal thoughts.

"ABCD" Dark voice (mostly used for Kurama)

"ABCD" Yelling/Loud Voice

English is not my first language, so expect a few errors.

Chapter 1 "A New Friend."

A blonde-haired kid was sitting on his bed and looked like he was thinking something. He had three whiskers on each cheek and had a perfect tan skin. He appeared to be around 5-year-old and was wearing a white shirt with a fire country symbol on it and a navy blue short. He was living in a single room flat of an old apartment.

But it was not like he lived there from birth, he just shifted there last year. Earlier he used to live in an orphanage but they kicked him out saying that he can live and eat on his own now. The third hokage then helped him and let him live in this apartment. He also came there to give him a monthly allowance so that he can live on his own. And today was the end of the month, that meant he was coming today.

Someone knocked the door breaking the boy out of his thoughts. The boy quickly opened the door and standing front of him was the third hokage. After seeing the old man, a big smile appeared on the face of Naruto, but the smile was not mutual. The old man looked somewhat annoyed. He was holding an envelope in his hand which he placed on the table.

"These are your monthly allowance, use them wisely." Was all the old man said before he started to leave.

"Who were my parents and why don't you tell me anything about them?" The boy asked in a loud and desperate voice.

The old man stopped before the door and looked at the boy from the corner of his eyes. "Why does it matter? It will not bring the dead back!" The old man said before leaving. The boy looked at him walking through the street.

This was not something new to the boy. He always got this type of treatment form almost everyone in the village even before he could remember. And the worst day for him was his birthday, because on his 5th birthday he almost got killed.

FLASHBACK- Last week

It was a cold night. The said boy was being chased by mob who had some kind of sharp objects in their hands.

"Why are they chasing me? What have I done to them?" The boy asked himself while running from the crowd of a dozen of people.

The little legs of the boy had started to give up and why wouldn't they, he had just turned 5 today. As he was running for his life, he stumbled upon a stone and fell on the ground. It looked like even god didn't want him to live. When he turned around, he found himself being surrounded by a dozen of people who he didn't even know. They had spading forks, daggers, kitchen knives and other sharped tools in their hands and were about the kill the boy. The boy had given up hope and had accepted his fate. He closed his eyes was ready to get impaled by them.

"We must finish the Yondaime's job!" One of them shouted as he attacked the boy with a spading fork, but in an instant his fork was cut in half. Standing between them and the boy was 6 feet tall man with gravity defying silver hair. He was holding a sword in his hand pointing at the mob. He had covered his face with a dog mask and was wearing a standard Konoha ANBU uniform.

"Leave before I murder you all in cold blood!" The man said.

"An ANBU, run!" One of them screamed before running away. The rest of them followed him and also ran away.

The boy then opened his eyes after hearing the noise and he saw that all the people who were trying to kill him had vanished in thin air and a masked man was standing in front of him. The boy saw that the left eye of the man was glowing red behind the mask.

"Did you save me from them?" the boy asked.

"Who else do you see here?" The man said.

"Well… thank you for that." The boy said.

"No need for that. You aren't hurt, are you?" the man asked.

"No, I think I am fine." The boy replied.


The boy then headed outside to take some fresh air and to lighten up his mood but he had no idea what was coming. As he was walking through the street, most people just ignored his existence. But a few couldn't help but glare at him as if they didn't want him to exist in the first place.

One of them couldn't control himself and said "Why don't you just die. No one wants you to be around us. Just die!"

On normal days, he would have ignored him but today after hearing those bitter words from the Hokage and being constantly denied from existence, he couldn't overlook the guy.

"Tell me, how should I die?" the boy asked.

"Just jump from a cliff or stab yourself with a knife, do anything but just die." The man said angrily before walking away.

"Very well then." Naruto said.


The boy was standing on a cliff. At the bottom, there was a dried river. He was holding a kunai in hand, in case he didn't die from falling, he would stab himself with it. (A/N: It is the same place from where Itachi tried to commit suicide.)

'What is the purpose of my life? There is no one that wants me to live. People either ignore me or abuse me, and I don't even know why they do all this.' The boy thought as he jumped from the cliff.

'Jiji told me that my parents are dead, so I will meet them and ask them why they left me all alone in a place where everybody treats me as if I don't exist. Why they did this to me? Why they didn't take me with them?" The boy said to himself as he had fallen half way down. He could feel the wind rushing against him.

But as he was falling down, he noticed that all the things around him had slowed down. His vision has become monochromatic.

"Stop it, Naruto!" The boy heard a deep and furious voice. He found himself inside a sewer. There was water all over the place.

'Am I dead already?' The boy thought.

"No, you are not dead. This is your mindscape." The boy now identified as Naruto again heard the same voice.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked as he followed the voice.

"My name is Kurama. I am the nine tailed fox, who is sealed inside you." The voice said. After walking for a few seconds, Naruto found himself inside a big hall. There was cage in front of him, which had long vertical bars with no end. There was paper in stick on the centre of the cage.

As Naruto was approaching the cage, he saw two big red eyes behind the bars. As Naruto locked eyes with the fox, he froze in his place out of fear.

"No need to be scared, kid." Kurama said.

"Why are you in a cage?" Naruto asked.

"There is no time for chit-chat, you better stop yourself from dying." Kurama said.

"Wait, I am falling all along?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but here, in your mindscape, there is no such thing as time. When you leave this place, you will find yourself in the same place you were before coming here." Kurama said.

"So, in other words, I can spend an eternity here and only a second would pass in real world." Naruto said.

"Yes, that is true." Kurama said.

"That's great, so now I can spend as much time as I want with my first and only friend." Naruto said excitedly.

"Are you calling me your friend?" Kurama asked.

"Yes of course, you were the only person who actually cared about me." Naruto said.

"Well… wait we can talk about that later. First save yourself!" Kurama said.

"But how can do that, I am falling down straight off a cliff." Naruto asked.

"Stab that kunai in your hand into the rock behind you to stop yourself." Kurama said.

"I don't have the strength to do that." Naruto replied.

"Oh, I forgot you are just a kid." Kurama said.

"Well then we don't have any option left." Kurama said.

"So, I am going to die?" Naruto asked.

"No, how can I let my only friend die?" Kurama said.

"So, what are you going to do?" Naruto asked.

"Do you trust me?" Kurama asked.

"Yes, I do." Naruto.

"Then rip off this seal, then I will be able to help you without harming you." Kurama said pointing at the seal in the centre.

Naruto without a thought, approached the seal the ripped it off.

"Good, now you will see my real power." Kurama said as he came outside the cage with his nine tails swinging in the air.

"Now stab the kunai." Kurama said as Naruto disappeared in thin air.

Real world

Naruto found himself in the same place with his monochrome vision.

Naruto then stabbed the kunai in the rock behind him and to his surprise, he has started to slow down. But he realised that two big yellow paws have grown from his shoulders and were impaled in the rock and even more, he noticed that four chains had grown out from his back as well doing the same thing.

"What are these?" Naruto asked.

"What are you asking about? The paws are my chakra cloak and the chains are called adamantine chains, those are your bloodline limit." Kurama explained.

"You mean I have a Kekkei Genkai too." Naruto asked.

"Yes, and not one but you possess two different Kekkei Genkai." Kurama said.

"Two?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, didn't you noticed your eyesight has changed?" Kurama said.

"Yes, but I thought that I have become color blind." Naruto said.

"Well, you are not color blind kid, the eyes you possess are called sharingan. But your sharingan seems a bit unusual." Kurama said looking at Naruto's two tomoe sharingan.

"Why?" Naruto asked as he swiftly landed on the ground.

"Usually, when someone awakens a sharingan, they start with one tomoe and the sharingan matures to get three tomoe in each eye. But you directly got two tomoe in the beginning." Kurama said.

"Are these eyes special?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, they are very special." Kurama replied.

"So, what are the powers of these eyes?" Naruto asked.

"Well, as I already said these eyes are called sharingan. A person awakens it when they suffer extreme emotional trauma or when they are in a life-or-death situation. And you awakened your sharingan through the second way." Kurama said.

"When someone awakens a sharingan, they start with one tomoe in each eye as time passes the sharingan matures and get three tomoe in each eye. There are two more levels, the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. For now, just know that these are very powerful eyes, but they come at a very big price." Kurama completed.

"Wait, you said that when someone awakens a sharingan, they get one tomoe in each eye, so why do I have two tomoe?" Naruto asked.

"Let that be a mystery for now, because even I don't know why you have two tomoe." Kurama said.

Naruto's 'Home'

"Hey Kid, why do you want to become the Hokage?" Kurama asked.

"What? How do you know about that?" Naruto asked.

"Because, I can hear whatever you think." Kurama replied.

"You mean I just have to think to talk with you." Naruto asked.

"Yes, you can just think. You don't have to talk in real time, or people will think that you have gone crazy." Kurama chuckled.

"Hey, I didn't know about that?" Naruto pouted.

"As for your question, I believe that you already know the answer too." Naruto said.

"Yes I know, but I want to hear from you." Kurama said.

"Because everyone respects the Hokage and he is the most powerful ninja of the village." Naruto said.

"So, basically you want two things, one, to be respected and acknowledged by people, and two, to become the most powerful ninja of the village." Kurama asked.

"Well, you can say that." Naruto said.

"I can help you with the second goal and I promise that you will be the most powerful shinobi to ever walk earth. But I will advice you to let go of the first goal, just do your best and before you will realize, people will start respecting and admiring you. But if you get fixated on the first goal, you will just make yourself look miserable and foolish." Kurama said.

"Okay, I will do as you say, as I believe you are older than me." Naruto said.

"Older than you? I am more than a thousand-year-old." Kurama said.

"Whoa, you are ancient." Naruto asked in amusement.

"Indeed, I am." Kurama said.

"I also want to clear one more thing." Kurama said.

"What?" Naruto asked

"You do realize that a shinobi has to kill people and your life will always be in danger." Kurama said.

"Though, you don't have to worry about the second part, as I am always here." Kurama added.

"I am prepared to become a shinobi, even if I have to kill others." Naruto said with determination in his eyes.

"Very well then, I will start training you tomorrow." Kurama said.

"What, from tomorrow?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but don't worry, I know a better technique that the Academy teachers." Kurama assured Naruto.

Author's Note

First, about the Hiruzen's behavior. Many people will say that he never treated Naruto like that, but it actually happened in a episode [Ep 257] though that was a filler one.

Second, Naruto's Sharingan. I just gave him the sharingan because I couldn't think of any other way for Naruto to train all by himself. And I don't want Kyuubi/Kurama to train him in his mind, as there is no fun in that. And about the two tomoe thing, I actually made up that whole thing as I thought that if I am already giving him a sharingan, so why not do something special.

Third, his Kekkei Genkai. I have already revealed his two Kekkei Genkai, but there I one more which I will reveal later (much later). Also if you think that he is already overpowered, well, he has just awakened the powers, he has not mastered them, so he is still at academy level, without Kurama(with him, well just think of the pain arc).

Fourth, Kurama/Kyuubi. If you are wondering why Kurama saved Naruto instead of letting him die, so than he could be free. I changed his personality and he witnessed the suffering and Hardship of Naruto, because of him being a jinchuriki and decided to help him. There is one more reason but that will be a spoiler.

Also, about the pairings. For now, I will just say that Naruto will not end up with Hinata. If your are wondering about the title, I just randomly picked it while I was staring at the clock. That's all, hope you liked the first chapter. If I don't die, then I will continue this story, though I am not sure how frequently I will post new chapters.