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Edward had only been there for a few days. More than long enough for all three coven members to realize Edward had screwed up; he broke one of the most important laws known to vampires. The child had no remorse for what he had done, that much was clear to Zafrina. The boy was definitely a good actor, on the surface he appeared very much unhappy and distraught and several other adjectives that supposed mates felt without their other half.

But Edward left his mate willingly; something that shouldn't have been possible, especially with how new the couple was and that the other half was human. As far as Zafrina knew, a vampire could never leave their human mate alone. Ever. As far as Zafrina had ever heard, the vampire had eyes on their human at all times until they were turned for safety purposes.

Edward had insisted that his beloved, a girl named Bella, had decided that Edward and his family was far too dangerous for her to be around and no longer wanted anything to do with them. Supposedly, she had demanded the whole coven leave the town and have nothing to do with her anymore.

What Zafrina found odd, was that a coven of decades old vampires would abandon their home on the whim of a human child. How could a mere human make a coven of seven vampires leave their home that they still had a few years that they could live there? That didn't sit right with Zafrina or her sisters. They all believed there had to be something else going on for such a large coven to pick up and leave.

Then of course, there was the fact that they all left a fellow coven, regardless if she was human or not, behind. Once a vampire in a coven found their mate, that mate was automatically part of that coven. This Bella girl was a Cullen the moment Edward found her. Why would they leave one of their own behind?

As soon as Edward left them, apparently traveling the world on a hunt to find a red-headed vampire, the Amazon coven knew what they had to do. Edward hadn't gone into too much detail about why he was looking for the red head, but Zafrina assured him if he didn't move quickly, a vampire would be very easy to lose trace of. Edward gave them thanks for their company quickly after that and left on his hunt. He didn't have a clue of what all three of them were planning. Edward was much too young and had no control of his ability to be able to read all of the thoughts the three sisters had. It was incredibly easy to hide their intentions.

Knowing they would be able to hunt on their journey, the Amazon coven did something they never imagined they would do: they left their forest.

It would be the farthest they gone from their home since they were newly turned and wanted to explore the world outside of their tribe. But they would do it; they had to. Edward clearly had no desire to fix his mistakes and the laws were laws for good reasons. Contrary to what many believed, the Volturi did leave their home on occasion, and were in face friendly towards those they believed beneficial. With the age of the Amazon coven, and with Zafrina's gift, the Volturi were very much friends with them. They had a mutual respect for each other. As such, especially since the Amazon's knew the reasons the Volturi had their laws, they would do their best to keep them and since they knew Bella lived as a human with their secret, they would fix that problem.

And then they would go report the Cullen's to the Volturi.

Then hopefully they could go back to their forest and not have to leave again anytime soon. They were much too content in their forest to have to be continuously bothered with cleaning up children's messes. They were too old to play this game; they were not like the Volturi that actually enjoyed it.

It would take a few days to get to Carlisle's home. Edward was all too willing to give them that information. Carlisle was a fool with how much he trusted his first turned. For as much as Carlisle liked to condemn the Volturi for their supposed power hungry moves, Carlisle was much worse than the Volturi. Aro and his brothers hadn't changed nearly as many humans as Carlisle had.

Aro hadn't actually forced anyone to stay with them, yet Kachiri is fairly sure that the man is using his bond to keep at least Emmett and Rosalie with them. Kachiri had changed both Zafrina and Senna and as someone who created the makers' bond with others, she knew best when it came to how long it last and how strong it was. When they all first met in the forties, Kachiri had suspected Carlisle was abusing his makers' bond, but there was no real reason to step in when it seemed no one was suffering for it.

But now, after seeing Edward and hearing him talk, they were starting to rethink their previous ideas of Carlisle being harmless as a mistake. That was something they would let Aro read from them, he would want to know if there was a chance of someone attempting to create a large coven that may eventually try to usurp his rule.

They weren't sure what Carlisle was planning, or if it was just Edward trying to gain power as he seemed to always think highly of himself because of his ability, but they would pass along their concerns. They knew the Volturi, especially Athenodora and Caius, whom had never really liked any of the Cullen's, would really want to know. Athenodora was the strategic planner and the pair both really loved to dole out punishments whenever it was called for… even when it wasn't called for sometimes.

There was a lot of missing information about the Cullen's and what possible threat or non-threat they possessed. But one the thing the three were certain about: it all started with Bella. Either the Cullen's would be excused or hunted depending on what exactly Bella knew. But the bottom line was: Bella had to die. The amazons did not want another member for their coven, they were very much content with just the three best friends, they didn't need or want anyone else; but Bella could not live with her knowledge.

It had only been about a week since the Amazons had left their forest and they were already regretful of leaving. It was painfully obvious that they had long since been left out of the loop when it came to keeping up with the human culture. They were just thankful enough that they had kept up with their language skills; they could thank their food for that.

They entire trip was taking much longer than they would have liked because even at night when they would sparkle, they couldn't be spotted around humans because of their clothes. They could have easily broken in someplace to steal clothes, but they liked their clothes just fine and didn't see a reason to change just for humans. So, to keep hidden and not stand out, they kept to the shadows or when they couldn't, traveled at night. Humans were such a nuisance.

By the time they got to Seattle and then found the house they needed to be at, they were stuck once again. They had arrived in the day time and as much as they may have wanted to just go find the girl and deal with the problem, they couldn't. They were far too old to make any mistakes; at least, they were far too old to make any easily avoidable mistakes.

Edward had lamented about how much his Bella would torment him during classes; therefore, they knew she was still in school. They couldn't very well take her from the middle of class in their loincloths; they would surely stand out far too much to go unnoticed.

They also couldn't just wait until she got home to take her. They had to wait until they were sure either everyone but Bella was out of the house, or they were all asleep and take the girl away. Ideally, they would prefer Bella just wonder off into the woods and then they could just as easily kill her there and make it look like an animal attack. They have had more than enough practice in making poachers look like they were attacked by the very things they were hunting to do the same thing with this girl.

They just had to find her.

The bunkered down in the forest outside her house, more than far enough away from human eyes and waited. By early afternoon they heard what sounded like a dying animal of sort moving down the road. All three silently committed to killing the thing if given the chance just for how awful it sounded; it would be a mercy to everyone lived nearby.

The truck that was creating the noise was thankfully driven by the very thing they were waiting for; what wonderful timing. But it wasn't perfect, they needed to wait. They had plenty of time since they were there and essentially protecting their secret.

Within the hour, so a good thing they hadn't done anything, another car, a much nicer sounding car, drove to the house. A man they correctly assumed as her father went into the house, only sparing their hiding spot a quick glance. His instincts probably said there was something dangerous around, but he definitely couldn't see them.

They heard them get ready for dinner; they heard every incredibly awkward word they said. And they quickly found out their patience had paid off. After the girl had gone to her room, telling her father she was too tired to do anything even though she didn't have school the next day. The sisters could tell her father was very concerned about his daughter and wanted her to go out, to do something. They heard Bella talking to someone on the phone that she was planning on going on a hike and would then visit Jake later. Apparently it was a previous promise made to the boy's father from the girl's father. Apparently humans still do arranged marriages?

Instead of taking the girl in the night, they would wait until she went on her hike. It would be a perfect animal attack staging. The boy would go looking for Bella and instead would only find a corpse. No loose strings. Patience truly paid off.

They would get this girl when she was alone in the forest. It would be incredibly easy. Then by the end of the day tomorrow, they would be on their way to Italy and then within the week, they would be home and can forget about this whole thing and go back to their lives of seclusion in their forest.