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.: One :.

I am drunk on energy.

My body is pulsing, thrumming to life under the hypnotic enchantment that descends upon a crowd. I am burning with joy, passion, excitement, and lust.

The more the crowd feels, the drunker I am until I'm in a daze, burning like a star under the strobe lights.

An arm wraps around my waist, lips soft as velvet pressing against the shell of my ear. "We should get air."

I turn to my best friend, capturing her lips with my own. She giggles against me but doesn't pull back from the kiss.

She's drunk on the energy too, and this isn't the first time kisses have been exchanged between us.

Catcalls break us apart, and strong hands grip my hips, dragging me from Tanya to grind against a foreign cock.

I don't want it and elbow him in the ribs until he lets me go.

"Come on." Tanya takes my hand and leads me out of the center of the dance floor.

"Tanya, I want to danceee," I whine as she leads me toward the yard beyond the warehouse. It's quieter outside, but not by much.

Tanya glances back at me. "You're flushed," she tells me. "You need air and water."

I pout.

She sets me against the wall of the warehouse, aware that I'm too drunk to stand on my own two feet, even though not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips. Thank goddess I wore my sneakers tonight instead of the heels Tanya wanted, or I'd be falling for sure.

"Stay here," she orders.

"Make me." I'm giggling as I say it, and Tanya grins, her devil red lips shining against her fair skin.

"God, you're impish tonight," she says, shaking her head. She leans in and presses a gentle kiss to my lips. It sparks my energy like lighting a powder keg, and I reach for her, wanting to pull her just a little bit closer.

She laughs as she breaks our kiss. "Keep that up and I'll think you want me in your bed tonight," she teases.

"Let's do it," I tell her, a grin spreading across my lips.

Her eyes widen slightly. We've been best friends forever, and there has always been something there between us. At first, I thought it was just friendship—deep and devotional, the sort you only ever seem to find in books.

But lately… lately it's grown into something more, something urgent and desperate. I love Tanya. She is my soulmate in more than one way. Would it really be so bad to take that next step with her?

Before I can convince her I'm serious, golden wings flutter around us as Rose, Tanya's cousin, joins us outside. "It's mad in there," she says, shaking out her flaxen hair. She looks flawless as ever; the perfect yang to Tanya's yin. They have even dressed as a devil and angel tonight, subconsciously mirroring their relationship.

"We need water," Tanya agrees, stepping back from me. "Rose?" Rose nods and turns to head back inside. Tanya looks at me. "I'm going to help her," she murmurs. "Stay here, please?"

I sigh, my head rolling back toward the wall, and nod. "I promise."

She smiles at me and it makes my heart squeeze, and then she's gone, into the crowd again.

I'm too hot.

It's freezing out, being Halloween in Brooklyn, but my skin is crackling and burning from the energy of the party.

I reach up to tug off the tiny cape I'm wearing. Underneath is a deceptively innocent Little Red Riding Hood costume. I reach up, running my hands down my body, trying to smooth out my costume, but really, feeling myself up.

I'm drunk enough to be horny and not care who sees me in such a state.

"What do we have here?"

I look up at the man coming over to me. He looks like he's in his mid-twenties, with long brown hair and a wolfish smile. "What's a little thing like you doing all by your lonesome?"

I glare at him. "Fuck off."

"Now, now, don't be like that." He growls and steps toward me, and I realize too late that I shouldn't be so flippant with him. Fuck.

"My boyfriend is about to be back," I tell him, panic setting in a moment too late.

"From the looks of it, your boyfriend is a woman." He smirks. "Maybe the three of us can have a good time tonight."

He's caged me against the wall, and I shift my body, ready to knee him, when a hand wraps around my arm. I'm yanked from against the man and pulled into a chest I don't recognize.

The moment the stranger touches me, I take a deep breath. His energy is strange—electric but steady—wrapping me in moss but setting me ablaze. He smells of pine, blackberries, and fresh spring water.

He speaks to the man hassling me, but I can't hear him because I'm being consumed by his presence.

His hands land on my shoulders, pulling me away from his chest, and he looks down at me.

"You saved me," I slur, my voice heavy with the intoxication from his energy. "Thank you."

His smile is wicked, and it's the only thing I can see as I grow dizzier and dizzier in his presence.

"A debt owed," he murmurs. I am hypnotized by his lips. "You smell of power, Little One. What do they call you?"

My head is heavy on my neck as I force myself to focus on his words. My eyes slide up to his, and I'm caught in his liquid silver gaze. "I don't tell strangers my name," I mumble.

He grins, and it's a little too toothy, a little too bright.

"Wise," he agrees. "Come with me, Little One."

I frown. "I'm waiting for my Tanya."

His head tilts to the side. "Your Tanya," he muses. His face bends toward mine, and he draws so close that for a very sharp moment, I think he's going to kiss me. Instead, he inhales, hovering above my lips. "Magic, undoubtedly, but not your power." He hums, and I feel the vibration through my whole body. I have no idea what he's talking about. "No, Little One, you'll have to do. Come."

I don't have it in me to fight him as he leads me from the party.

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