Another day I couldn't wait until morning. So Good Midnight, Little Ones!

Thank you to Mel, Jill, and Dani!

.: Epilogue :.

We had been lost to each other for so long.

Time meant nothing to us until one day, it found, bound, and defined us. We became slaves to it, and in that process, we forgot our names.

Our names are power, and they have been for longer than time has been counted. We existed once beyond such limited restrictions, beyond the inconsequential measures. We were once eternities, unbound and unchecked.

His name is carved on my soul, part of every breath I take; an oath that is deeper than loyalty, deeper than magic. We are one.

I searched for so long that I began to forget: him and myself. I forgot the power that we once whispered between our lips, forgot the songs that were sung in our glory as our bodies came together.

He was lost, but he has been found, and even as he disappears again from before me, I know this will not be the end of us.

Our story is beginning again. We are to be thrice reborn, and even if it takes me all the lifetimes I'm afforded, I will search until the sun is snatched from the sky above to find him once more.

So, yes there is a sequel. I'm in the midst of writing it completely now. My goal is to have it done by the end of 2021 so that it can begin posting promptly in January.

Even better news, I'm writing a novella between now and January that will be Edward's POV from Fórn, so make sure you're following to get that update. That novella will be about 9 chapters and will help fill in a few gaps.

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Thank you so much to Jill and Dani who literally had to sit through me ranting and talking myself through some pretty complicated plot points. Huge thank you to Mel for doing an incredible job beta-reading for me. Finally, thank you to everyone who took this journey with me. I'm so honored by how many people were interested in my fantasy writing. It is a genre I'm usually drawn to writing, but haven't explored in Fic before, and I was so excited to see how many people were on board with it.

I will see you loves soon!

This fic is dedicated to Jill and Dani.