Something I'd been considering planning out after reading Buffyverse and Charmed comics. This is a crossover between Charmed, Buffyverse and Supernatural and Buffy and the Scooby Gang have met Dean and Sam before in my Buffyverse/Supernatural crossovers, so mainly Buffy, Dawn and Willow are close friends with Dean and Sam. This takes place post-Charmed, post-BTVS and post-Angel series finale and follows the events of Charmed comic books mainly, no specific time is given for Supernatural, as for BTVS, takes place after 'After the Fall' and Twilight arc in Season 8 but without the Buffy/Angel crap and let's just say that the death of magic was only temporary and Willow and Kennedy are broken up, since I don't need to go on about the latter. Honestly, even though Kennedy got better later in comics and more tolerable than Andrew or Robin and I softened around her, as if I have any intention of involving anyone of those or Riley.

Plus, more deceased characters from Charmed are going to return and if you have read or at least are familiar with the Charmed comic books, you can already guess who. *winks* And in the comics, Billie left so that she could continue college, thank God, besides, I have no intention of involving her either, asides from a minor role maybe, since the final season of Charmed got dragged down mainly because of that Mary Sue.

For now, I plan to involve only Buffy, Willow and Dawn from the Scoobies and Giles is dead, since in the comics Angel possessed by Twilight snapped his neck, in this story, it was only Twilight in a different form, since don't get me started on the Buffy/Angel BS in comics and honestly, I don't see how would Team Angel fit in here, but if I can find a way, I'll try to involve at least Angel, Spike and Faith, but I'm obviously not going to add more Bangel crap, unlike Whedon, if I can find a way to involve the members of Team Angel and Faith, no guarantees.

Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed, Buffyverse or Supernatural.

In a house in suburbs of San Francisco, a dark-haired woman was preparing a tub as before her appeared a dark-haired man in a suit.

"You do realize what you're doing?" The man asked.

"I'll take my chances. Besides, it isn't the first time we've broken the rules." The woman said as the woman put into the tub some herbs and opened some vials with potions, pouring them into the tub. "I've seen her destiny and it was never supposed to be this."

"What do you want me to do?" The man asked.

"Something we both know you can. I need you to reach out to the sisters, Cole." The woman said with a significant look and Cole stilled.

"You do realize they won't be happy to see me. Piper at least won't try to vanquish me." Cole said.

"Then you'll have to be very convincing." The woman said and Cole sighed before he faded away as the woman approached the tub and took a breath as she started to recite the incantation.

"Hear these words, hear my cry
Spirit from the other side.

Come to me, I summon thee
Cross now the great divide."

A glow of light emanated from the tub forming into a shape of a female human, when a few moments later, a naked woman emerged from the tub, coughing out water before she looked around, her mind confused before the woman held her by her shoulders to calm her down. "Easy… easy…"

"Where… where am I? What… what…"

"I know you're confused but I promise you you're safe. It's alright."

The woman wiped her eyes and blinked rapidly as her vision cleared before she looked at the dark-haired woman with green eyes in blue sweater and black pants.

"You're not in any danger. Your soul was trapped in the void between life and death but I sensed you and summoned your soul and reformed your body. What's the last thing you remember, Tara?"

Tara Maclay looked down, gathering her thoughts, trying to remember. "Uh… Willow… bedroom… her shirt…" Her eyes widened as she looked at her chest, only to notice that the wound was gone before she looked at the dark-haired woman. "What about Willow? Buffy? Anyone—"

"You will see them soon, if things will go down well. But right now, you need to rest and gather strength." The woman said as she knelt down, holding Tara by her shoulders. "I need your and your friends' help. And of my sisters."


A group of hooded figures, among which was a dark-haired woman in red dress were in one of the caverns of the Underworld as one of its leading priests approached a giant statue with a chalice full of blood, pouring into its mouth before citing an incantation. "Bound by the soul of the ancient burial ground, anointed by the blood of the innocent, arise! Arise and reawaken, the Source of All Evil!"

One of the hooded figures leaned towards the other, his voice a faint whisper. "How many times has the Source been vanquished?"

"Honestly, I've lost count."

San Francisco

Piper was eying an abandoned warehouse with a blonde female real estate agent.

"It's a good venue." Piper noted.

"This dump? Honestly, Miss Halliwell, you could do better than this." The real estate agent said.

"Well, after I decided to sell P3, I thought a fresh start could be good and where better than an abandoned warehouse? It could be good for the restaurant, my husband is handy and I could work with this." Piper said.

"Too bad you won't get the chance." The real estate agent said, her voice different now as Piper turned to her in alarm as she noticed the real estate agent's eyes glowing yellow before she lunged at Piper.

Halliwell Manor

Paige and Henry were about to go out on a walk when suddenly, Henry's eyes glowed yellow and he froze.

"Henry?" Paige asked, worried, when suddenly, Henry grabbed her by her throat and pinned her to the wall as Paige choked, realizing he had been possessed. "Henry! Snap out of it!" She looked around before she reached out with her hand. "Lamp!"

A lamp orbed towards Henry, breaking upon impacting with his head, knocking him out.

"I'm sorry, honey." Paige said.

Few moments later, Piper and Phoebe burst in.

"Paige!" Piper exclaimed.

"Are you OK?" Phoebe demanded.

"Well, Henry just went crazy and tried to kill me." Paige explained.

"Yeah, the real estate agent that was helping me find a new venue for the restaurant too." Piper said.

"And half the employees at Bay Mirror came after me as well, I shook them off on my way here." Phoebe said.

"It's a spell. It has to be." Piper realized.

"But what kind of a spell can possess so many people at once?" Phoebe asked.


The girls looked alarmed as they looked outside to see a giant golem-like figure accompanied by dozens of people whose eyes glowed yellow and the girls could swear the golem's voice sounded familiar.

"Missed me, girls?" The golem asked mockingly.

"Do we know you?" Piper asked.

"I'm surprised you've forgotten your old friend so easily." The golem said as its face turned into a disfigured face that was very familiar as it hit the sisters, chills sent down their spines.

"You've got to be kidding me." Phoebe groaned.

"The Source. Haven't we vanquished you twice now? You've put on some weight." Paige quipped.

"And a lot of power." The Source said before it formed a fireball in its hand and threw it but the manor was protected by a magical barrier.

"That's not gonna hold for long!" Phoebe panicked.

"OK. We've vanquished him before, we can do it again." Paige said as they held each others' hands, protected by the glow of the chandelier above them as they started to recite the spell.

"Prudence, Penelope Patricia, Melinda…" Piper said.

"Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace…" Phoebe said.

"Halliwell Witches, stand strong beside us…" Paige said.

"Vanquish this evil from time and space!" The sisters said in unison.

"The Power of Three we now decree!
The Power of Three will set you free!
The Power of Three will destroy thee!"

The Source roared as lightning struck from above onto it, smashing it to bits as the pieces of the golem scattered before melting into nothing.

"Tell me no one saw it." Phoebe said before they looked out to see that the possessed people were on the ground, unconscious before coming to.

"If we're lucky, they'll chalk it up to gas leak." Piper said.

"Is it just me or was this too easy?" Paige asked. "I mean, it's the Source. Usually it wouldn't be so…"

"…bold?" Piper said and Paige nodded. "And it's not like it defended itself too much."

"You think it was just a part of someone else's plan?" Phoebe asked and the sisters nodded.

"The real question is, who has so much power that they could summon at least a small part of the Source's essence and bound it to a golem?" Piper wondered.

Suddenly, Phoebe clutched her head, groaning, visions flooding her before she fell to the floor.

"Phoebe? Phoebe!" Piper yelled, shaking her as she knelt down.

"Are you OK?" Paige asked before Phoebe came to as they helped her on her feet.

"What happened?" Piper asked.

"The innocents… our innocents… they're dead." Phoebe said.

"Which ones?" Paige asked.

"All of them. Almost all of them." Phoebe said in horror. "Oh, God… they killed them."

The bunker of Men of Letters, Lebanon, Kansas

In the training section of the bunker, two people, one of them a blonde woman in a tank top and sports pants was exchanging blows with a man in his late 30s, wearing a shirt and sweatpants.

Dean and Buffy were going back and forth before Buffy slammed Dean to the floor, both of them panting out and wet with sweat.

"Guess I win this round." Buffy smirked.

"I don't think so!" Dean gloated.

Few moments later, Sam entered. "Guys. I think we've got a case."

"Four dead and two missing in two weeks. Maybe more." Sam said as he showed them the news article about mysterious deaths in San Francisco. "Cause of death seems to be a needle mark on the skin, but no drugs in the system and the cherry on top, exsanguinated."

"Drained of blood? So vampires?" Buffy asked.

"Not likely." Sam shook his head. "Definitely not the Hellmouth variety of a vampire, since the time of death, some of them were during the day and our vampires usually bite off a bigger chunk. And from what my contacts in San Francisco tell me, there's been a lot of demon activity. I'm not sure why but whatever it is, something big is about to happen. I think it's worth looking into. Also, since we are on our way there, we could go see the Charmed Ones."

"The who now?" Buffy, Dawn and Willow asked at once.

"Hang on a second, that sounds familiar…" Dean trailed off, rubbing his chin as if a memory was coming back to him before his eyes widened and he snapped his fingers. "The three sister witches…"

"Yeah." Sam said.

"Hang on, who are the Charmed Ones? Some girl band?" Dawn interrupted.

"After all this time you've spent here, you haven't read about them?" Sam asked with raised eyebrows. "Giles didn't mention them?"

"Wait, the Magic Box had a book that mentioned them." Willow said, remembering now. "They're a trio of sisters prophesized to protect the world of supernatural evil. They wield the Power of Three, a Wiccan power that is among the strongest magical forces that ever exist."

"We've heard some rumors about them, they're good witches, not the sorts we usually are after. Maybe we could reach out to them. The more, the better." Dean said. "So, who's up for a road trip to San Francisco?"

San Francisco

Piper, Phoebe and Paige were in another abandoned building with their husbands Leo, Coop and Henry, who were looking after the children Piper's sons Wyatt and Chris and their newborn daughter Melinda and Paige's and Henry's twin daughters Tamora and Kat and Phoebe's and Coop's daughter Prudence Johanna "PJ" Halliwell.

"So, this is the new P3?" Phoebe asked, looking around.

"Well, the restaurant will have a different name, but yeah, the owner snapped up my offer." Piper said.

"Can't imagine why." Paige said dryly.

"The place could use some major renovations, alongside a little love and blessing." An elderly woman said as she materialized herself in the middle of the room.

"Grams!" Wyatt said as he rushed to Grams, who fondled his head.

"And how's my little PJ doing?" Grams said, turning to PJ, who was on a baby chair, giggling.

"Grams, how many times have I told you not to call her that?" Phoebe asked, refraining herself from rolling her eyes.

"Has she come into her gifts yet?" Grams asked.

"Melinda's have gone active, but with PJ the jury is still out." Piper said.

"I'll let your mom and sister know. Any other exciting news?" Grams asked.

"The Source came back and tried to kill us but we vanquished him. Again." Piper said with a shrug.

"So, pretty much typical Tuesday, otherwise pretty boring life." Paige said.

"But something is happening and it's big." Leo said as he approached them. "I may not have my Whitelighter powers anymore but I still have a sense for the supernatural. And I think it's time I had a chat with the Elders."

"Yeah." Paige said as she held Leo's hand and orbed away with him.

The Upper Regions

Leo and Paige looked around the palace of the Elders. "Well, it looks differently since the last time I was—"

"Kyle?" Paige asked in shock, meeting her old lover who had died and been resurrected as a Whitelighter, now in the robes of the Elders.

"Hi, Leo. Paige. It's been a while." Kyle Brody smiled.

"Not that long. Since when are you an Elder?" Paige demanded.

"It's one of the many changes here." Kyle said.

"Just like the Elders not telling me that due to how long I'd been a Whitelighter, my children might inherit my powers, whether I'm mortal or not?" Leo asked dryly, still angry at the secrets that they had been keeping from him.

"You don't seem so surprised we're here. What's going on?" Paige asked as Kyle looked at them darkly.

"I can restore your wings, Leo. Make you the guardian of the Charmed Ones. You can train your children to fulfill their destinies and continue the fight." Kyle said and Leo rubbed his temples, groaning.

"I'm already doing that as a teacher at Magic School." Leo said.

"That's not enough, Leo. Rennek is back." Kyle said.

"Rennek?" Paige asked and Leo's blood ran cold. "Who's that supposed to be?"

"A Darklighter. He killed more white magic practitioners than any of his kind. I fought him for decades." Leo said with gritted teeth, clenching his fists. "When I vanquished him, I was assigned to your sisters as a reward."

"That reward might have been premature. He's still alive and dozens of Whitelighters have died in the past few months thanks to him. We don't know what is he up to. But we know one thing, he's going to target the Slayer and the Winchester brothers." Kyle said.

Leo's eyes widened, while Paige looked confused. "Who?"

Earlier, Halliwell Manor

"Prudence, Penelope Patricia, Melinda…" Piper said.

"Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace…" Phoebe said.

"Halliwell Witches, stand strong beside us…" Paige said.

"Vanquish this evil from time and space!" The sisters said in unison.

"The Power of Three we now decree!
The Power of Three will set you free!
The Power of Three will destroy thee!"

The Source roared as lightning struck from above onto it, smashing it to bits as the pieces of the golem scattered before melting into nothing.

At the same time, Underworld

The dark-haired woman in red dress was at a cauldron as the essence of the Source flew into the cauldron.

"Ancient evil now destroyed,
others rise to fill the void.

To build our strength within this hour,
leave vanquished Source, but share its power."

"That spell was awful." The elderly warlock, who was in the presence of the woman, noted.

"What are you, a lit professor?" The woman snorted. "I'm not going for style points, I'm going for power. Pure power, to unite the demons and other creatures of the dark for a common goal… for a greater purpose… to serve my needs and further my plans."

"And where is my share?" The warlock asked as the woman laughed. "You promised to give me a share of your power, Neena."

"And I keep my word, Ethan." Neena said before she blasted Ethan Rayne to the wall.

"Neena! What are you—" Ethan gagged and choked as vines emerged from the wall, restraining him and wrapping themselves around his neck.

"Now you belong to me." Neena said, holding Ethan by his chest as Ethan gasped, going paler as black veins formed on his skin before he slumped his head with lifeless eyes as the flesh withered, leaving nothing left of Ethan but a pile of bones and dust before Neena smirked as a Darklighter orbed in. "Rennek, I have a job for you. I've sensed the Slayer and the Winchester brothers. Find them and kill them and the Charmed Ones."

Present, San Francisco

"So, what was the address of those sisters again?" Dean asked as he made a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge.

"1329 Prescott Street, it's in the suburbs, but I think we could use some lunch." Buffy said.

"I've been to San Francisco once, I think there's a good restaurant downtown that—" Willow stopped, when they looked up to see winged demons surrounding the area, tearing the bridge apart and attacking civilians while being fended off by a group of people in white robes.

"You guys are seeing this, right?" Sam said.

Paige's and Henry's apartment

"Look, Paige, are you sure that bringing another child into our lives is a good idea, considering that we already have to take care of the twins?" Henry asked, while Paige put a baby boy into the crib.

"We'd signed up to become foster parents, a Darklighter killed the little guy's mother. Besides, we can handle little Henry, right?" Paige asked with puppy eyes.

"Paige, come on..." Henry gave her an annoyed look.

"We have to call him something." Paige pointed out.

"Look, we can barely afford to take care of Tamora and Kat and Magic School recruiter doesn't really pay well and we don't have time to bring another child in." Henry noted.

"When is?" Paige argued.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about. What if this Darklighter targets you next? Or the girls?" Henry pointed out.

"Look, Henry, I understand that you're worried but I'm sure that part-Whitelighters are low on their lists and besides, Kat and Tam haven't even come into their powers yet. What do you think, that someone is going to email the demons a work schedule to attack us between feedings?" Paige quipped.

Henry sighed, looking annoyed but smiling eventually. "Why do you always joke at such times?"

"It's how I cope with everything. The deaths, the battles…" Paige crossed her arms, looking outside the window. "I can't take it too seriously because it all is serious, so I joke, I deflect and I deal." She gestured around as Henry looked amused before she held his hand and looked at him with a significant look. "And it kills me that there are some innocents I can't protect, no matter how hard I try, like that little guy's parents, but I can protect him and make sure no other parents or children will ever suffer the same fate ever again."

"I get it. But honestly, I'm scared, Paige." Henry said.

"Of what?" Paige asked.

"Everything." Henry said as he smiled at her. "Don't get me wrong, Paige, I love you, our girls and your sisters and you did prepare me for what life with magic would look like…"

"…but there's no way to prepare for what it's really like, day in and day out and then add magical kids into the mix." Paige realized.

"How can I send them to their room when they can orb into China? I feel powerless in every sense of the word. And now we're taking in this little guy, a mortal child." Henry said, looking at the little boy in the crib.

"It's only until they find his family." Paige said as Henry snorted.

"I think we both know the odds of that happening."

"I found mine."

"And look at what your life's been since then."

"Absolutely wonderful and at times terrifying."

"Look, I'm with you every step of the way, Paige, it's just that all of this is out of the sudden and I know what I signed up for, but getting myself into this is a different matter altogether. It's just… out of the sudden and I guess I'm barely able to let it sink in." Henry said tiredly.

"Well, things tend to happen fast in this family. We don't have to decide anything today." Paige said, when her phone rang as she answered the call. "Hey, Piper, now really isn't a good—"

"Turn on the news, now." Piper said.

Paige noticed the serious tone in her sister's tone as she picked a remote and turned on the TV and switched to the news channel.

"…we'd hoped to bring you video from the scene but our chopper is surrounded by the fog."

"Fog? What…" Paige looked outside the window, when she noticed the fog in the whole San Francisco.

"The police have closed the Golden Gate Bridge until they can determine the cause of falling debris."

"Mysterious fog and falling debris?" Paige narrowed her eyes.

"We need to orb to the bridge, Leo is gonna meet us there." Piper said.

"On my way." Paige said as she hung up and then turned to her husband. "I'm so sorry. I promise we'll continue this later." She gave him a smile and held him by his cheek. "I can't let the place where you proposed get destroyed."

Henry smiled as they kissed. "Be careful, honey."

Golden Gate Bridge

"Move! Everyone move!" Buffy ordered, helping some people run away from the bridge, while winged red-skinned and grey-skinned demons were tearing the supports apart. Willow was throwing magical balls, while Dean and Sam cut down the demons with their angel blades and Buffy used the Scythe to kill them and protect the civilians.

"These are different demons from the ones we usually face!" Sam said.

"Well, can't argue there!" Buffy yelled, while she had seen similar demons, these ones were more powerful as they also had to dodge the energy balls the demons were throwing at them, while Willow deflected them with her magic.

On the top of one of the pairs of supporting columns, Kyle and two other Elders were throwing lightning at the demons led by Neena and Rennek before the sisters orbed in to see the fight.

"We have to help Kyle and the other Elders!" Paige said.

"I'm open to suggestions." Piper said.

"Let's start with the gal doing the bad Wicked Witch impression." Phoebe said, noticing the dark-haired witch.

"Look out!" Paige ordered as they ducked before one of the winged demons could kill them.

Neena grabbed Kyle by his robe before turning him to Rennek, who aimed his crossbow and shot Kyle in the heart as Kyle grunted before falling down, dead.

"Kyle!" Paige exclaimed.

"Oh, hello… and goodbye!" Neena said as a fireball formed in her hand.


Neena and the sisters turned to see four more people, two men in late 30s in brown leather jackets and blue jeans and a young blonde woman in black jacket and pants and red-haired woman in red sweater and black pants.

"Get away from them, now." Buffy said as Dean and Sam aimed their guns.

"The Slayer and the hunters…" Neena sneered as they paled.

"She knows who we are…" Dean whispered.

Neena threw the fireball on the supports of the bridge, causing for the platform on which they had been standing to collapse. Paige tried to orb everyone to safety, but a portal formed that Piper fell through before it closed.

"Piper!" Paige exclaimed as Willow did a levitation spell, helping her, Buffy, Dean and Sam land safely as Paige and Phoebe looked at the unexpected newcomers.

"Who are you?" Phoebe asked.

"We've come to help." Buffy said.

"You're the Charmed Ones, right?" Dean asked.

"You know about us?" Paige asked.

"I'm Buffy. The Vampire Slayer. My friend Willow is a Wicca and Dean and Sam are hunters. We've come here to help you." Buffy introduced herself quickly.

"Look, we can explain everything once we're safe but first things first, where did your sister go?" Sam asked, looking around.

"I don't know, I can't orb her back." Paige said.

"We gotta look around, see if she's somewhere here." Dean said.


They turned to see Leo show up as Buffy readied the Scythe and Dean and Sam reached for their guns.

"No! He's our brother-in-law." Phoebe intervened as they lowered their weapons.

"I got here as fast as I could, the police blocked the bridge off. Where's Piper?" Leo asked.

"She disappeared. Some portal sucked her in." Paige said.

"Some crazy bitch blew us all off the tower." Dean said before pointing. "And she's right behind you!"

Leo turned around and paled, as if he had seen a ghost as he saw Neena. "No… that's not possible…" He turned to them. "We need to leave. Now!"

"But Piper—" Phoebe started.

"We'll find her later, Paige, get us out of here!" Leo ordered.

"OK, everyone take my hand!" Paige ordered as Buffy, Willow, Dean and Sam did as ordered, while Paige held Leo and Phoebe each by their shoulders and orbed away.

It wouldn't be Cole if he didn't have a hidden agenda but nothing evil, I promise, it's similar to when he and Drake conspired together to help Phoebe and have Piper poisoned by thorn demons and you'll find out soon enough who is he working with, if you haven't read the comics or at least don't suspect. Don't worry about Tara, the woman who has brought her back is a good one and I think you can already guess who it is.

And as for the Source, he was briefly resurrected in comics but what I hated was how they nerfed him again, just like when he returned in Season 8 and was so dumbly beaten, so in this, the villains that will be revealed later, only summoned back some of its essence and who absorbed the rest of it will be revealed later, to those who haven't read the Charmed comics.

In the comic books, Paige and Henry had twin daughters Tamora and Kat and later adopted a son, Henry Jr. and Phoebe had three daughters, Prudence Johanna (PJ), Parker and Peyton, but I'm not going to put much focus on their children, if any at all, but more on Piper's children.

And good riddance on Ethan, right? And boy, even though Kyle got a little better in comics, the Elders are jackasses and it's no surprise he's one too and no sympathies for him here.

Neena would be played by Aya Sumika and Rennek would be played by Keanu Reeves.

So, what do you guys think? Is it good? Is it bad? Should I continue?

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