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"I think we're done here. Preventing another apocalypse." Dean said.

"Just another day in the week for us." Sam said.

The Elders, Buffy, Willow, Tara and their Slayer allies, Dean and Sam and Castiel, Angel and Spike and Cordelia and the Halliwell sisters and their entire family surrounded Neena, who was in chains as she turned to the sisters. "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have existed at all. After all they've put you through, the ways your families suffered, I could've made things right and let you choose your destinies."

"No, thanks. We were doing pretty well before you got here." Paige said.

Neena turned to Melinda Warren, the first progenitor of the Halliwell bloodline. "Melinda Warren, you were an aberration." Then she turned to Willow. "And so were you. Powerful witches born to two humans with no innate magic." She turned to Melinda Warren again. "Who would give birth to a line culminating in the most powerful trio of witches the world would ever know." Then she turned to Buffy, Angel, Spike and Cordelia. "And the champions of good and a Slayer. But none of you ever lived your own lives. You were all slaves to the Powers That Be, the Elders and the prophecy that was writ the moment Melinda was conceived. We all danced to the tunes of Higher Powers. I could've made things different for us." She said hurtfully with tears in her eyes. "No more Elders messing with our children's lives. No more prophecies. No more destiny."

"And that justifies any of your actions?" Buffy sneered with disgust.

"You brought back the Source and dozens of innocents died because of you." Prue spat.

"You took me away from my family." Piper glared.

"Nearly killed me and my friends and you threatened to kill our children too." Paige said.

"You're no different from Jasmine, who brainwashed the whole world to worship her and she ate them as dinner." Angel said.

"Indeed." One of the Elders said.

"We banished her into another dimension but she used…"

"…my ascension to possess me and then the same thing happened with me becoming the Seer." Cordelia said.

"You may have wanted to change things for everyone, but your vision was no different from the Elders' or Jasmine's or the Senior Partners." Buffy sneered.

"You are right."

They turned to see Angels of Destiny, the old man who had offered them to live human lives after vanquishing Cole as the Source, the black woman that had taken frozen Leo and Piper recognized the woman she had seen in the void she had been with Cole earlier.

"Could've used your help a while ago." Paige said dryly.

"Paige, you know it's not our place to interfere unless we have to." The black angel said.

"So you're telling me that merging of Heaven and Hell, the good and evil with Earth in the middle isn't the time to interfere?" Buffy said sarcastically.

"That wasn't the point Neena was trying to make." The other angel said.

"You were right. The fates have interfered for far too long and perhaps we should trust the humans to live their lives in peace." The elderly angel said as he looked at Neena in regret. "To allow your children to grow without being under the threat of a prophecy or the fear of the Cleaners or the manipulations of the Elders."

"Do you even know what the Elders tried on my children?" Piper demanded angrily.

"We've absolved your children of any potential calling. They will grow to use their magic for good, but without the constant threat to their lives." The black angel said.

"One day, if the Power of Three transfers to them… any of your children…" The elderly angel eyed the sisters. "It will happen naturally, not because external forces interceded."

"And what about me?" Prue asked.

"You have a different calling now. You said it yourself that your presence interfering with the Power of Three would be cataclysmic." The other angel explained.

"What calling?" Prue asked.

"One moment." They turned to Neena.

"Will you allow me to return to the Higher Realm?" Neena asked, no, begged.

"No. It's too late for that, Neena. You've made your bed long ago and it's time for you to answer for your crimes." The other angel said as she touched Neena's forehead and Neena vanished in a flash of light.

"You destroyed her?" Piper asked.

"Banished her. To the world of her own creation from where she will never escape." The other angel explained and they nodded. "We understand what drove her unthinkable actions and for that we shall make amends. For six months out of the year, her beloved will join her, but for the rest of the time he will remain with the All. It's the only compromise we can offer."


Neena was in the void Piper had been banished earlier, where Cole had helped her before she saw a man hiding in the shadows and her eyes got wet and she felt her heart being crushed as she rushed to her mate, finally reunited after ages.

The Upper Regions

Paige turned to see Kyle in his ghost form, who nodded and smiled at her before fading away as Paige smiled. While she did not agree with his fanatical methods, part of her would always care about him but now was time to return to Henry and her daughters.

"OK, how did you even get the wings?" Piper asked, turning to Leo.

"I ran to the armory and took the Empyreal Sword." Leo explained.

"It's meant for the Whitelighters to help fight against evil, but we didn't want the Whitelighters to be warriors, but guides but I suppose it's part of you now." Sandra explained. "Leo, we are thankful for your help and we'd like to—"

"No!" Piper cut her off immediately. "We know far too well what happens if we allow Leo to rejoin you." She took Leo's hand. "My husband stays where he belongs… with his family but you will restore his powers."

"And you are not going to mess with the lives of our family ever again." Melinda said as the Elders realized who she was.

Sandra glared at the insult but deep down she knew that it was for the best. "Very well." She turned to Leo. "You may keep the Empyreal Sword. It'll be useful for you."

Leo nodded. "Thank you."

"There is still a matter of you." Sandra said, turning to Prue as it hit them.

"The Power of Three." Paige said.

"You're gonna leave us again…" Piper realized as the sisters felt tears form in their eyes and everyone else just felt sympathies for the sisters.

"I have to. I'm sorry." Prue said. "The Charmed Ones can exist only with the Power of Three and I'm not part of it anymore. I can't be."

"But Prue—" Paige started.

"My life ended but I couldn't let go. I should've allowed myself to move on, so I'm asking you to let me go." Prue said.

"No! You can't do this to us! Not again…" Phoebe begged.

"I helped you get back together and stop Neena. I have fulfilled my destiny. Your destiny is to be the Charmed Ones. I'm not one anymore." Prue said.

"We can just take away your powers like with Neena, you can start over—"

"I don't have anything to come back to outside of my family. Besides, someone has to also be the main link to the All, if Neena is gone." Prue said.

The emotions Phoebe and Piper felt when they had lost Prue the first time started to resurface.

"It's just not fair…" Phoebe sobbed.

"It isn't… but it has to be this way." Prue said as she turned astral so that she could touch the sisters, more or less as they felt their eyes get wet and even Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Dean and Sam were on verge of tears, while Angel and Spike felt nothing but sympathies towards them.

"We're gonna miss you again…" Piper said.

"Me too…" Prue said.

"And I have to go too."

They turned to Melinda, who could feel herself fade away. "You did it." She said. "You changed the future."

"Melinda…" Leo whispered as he and Piper hugged her.

"We love you…" Piper whispered, her voice breaking.

"I love you too… so much… just promise me you'll always be there for us. All of us." Melinda begged.

"We will. We will." Piper nodded, crying before Melinda disappeared and she and Leo almost fell to the ground, on verge of tears.

"We are sorry we didn't realize you were one of our agents." Sandra said.

"Although you didn't give us a reason to—" Odin started.

"Save me the apologies, I just hope you know now that you were wrong." Cordelia sneered and Angel, Buffy and Willow chuckled. Same old Cordelia.

Odin sneered but he had the decency to at least look abashed.

"I better hope it was worth it, what you put us through." Angel said.

"We all do." Willow said as she, Buffy and Dawn stepped up, with Angel, Spike and Cordelia surrounding them.

"There will always be a fight you have to face and more apocalyptic battles but this is not a fight you have to fight alone anymore." Sandra said.

"So you're gonna make one of us human?" Spike said enthusiastically as everyone shot him short glares. "Hey, I helped as much as you all did."

"Both vampires with souls helped in the apocalypse but the prophecy was always meant for one of you." Odin said. "After a fruitful work a fruitful reward is given."

Angel suddenly gasped as glow pulsed through him as he fell on his knees, panting out but… he had no breath… or at least was not supposed to… and then he felt his heartbeat and remembered when his blood mixed with Mohra demon as he touched himself on his chest. "I'm… I'm alive!"

"Wait, so you mean…" Buffy trailed off and Angel turned to Buffy, remembering his happy day with her but deciding to keep it to himself, considering how she had reacted before the day was reset. Angel just looked at her fondly as Buffy and Willow felt happy for him, while part of Spike was too (even though he would never admit it), he looked at Angel in envy before realizing that the only reason he desired to be the vampire in the prophecy was to beat Angel.

"Well… good for you." Spike said reluctantly.

"And as for you, Spike, you are as much our champion as Angel was and you may continue the fight against the evil. You may not be the one the Shanshu has chosen but that doesn't make you any less of a champion as Angel and the Slayers are." Sandra said.

Spike looked taken aback but took it as a compliment. "Well… I'll take that." He turned to Buffy as they smiled at each other, holding hands. They were not going to leave each other, ever again.

"And as for Cordelia, forgive us for our mistakes and Jasmine's misdeeds." Odin said.

"It's gonna take more than that to earn my forgiveness." Cordelia sneered.

"In due time, Cordelia. In due time." Sandra said.

"It's been an honor to fight beside the Charmed Ones." Castiel said as he shook his hand with Phoebe.

"Thank you." Phoebe said.

"If there's anything we can help with, we're one call away." Paige said.

"Same here, if you need the Slayers or hunters, we're ready to help." Dean said.

"I think we make a good team." Buffy said.

"And I think it's time for everyone to go home." Prue said.

"Before you leave, there is one thing, Castiel." Sandra said and Castiel's eyes glowed as shadows of feathered wings appeared behind him.

"My grace…" Castiel whispered as he smiled.

"You can teleport again." Sam realized.

Willow, Tara and Castiel teleported everyone away, save for Piper, Phoebe and Paige, who all turned to Prue.

"I'm never too far away. Take care." Prue said as the sisters felt their eyes get wet. "I love you."

"We love you, too." Piper said before the sisters orbed away and Prue vanished in a glow of light.


"Hope Buffy isn't gonna need help with some supernatural mess too soon." Dean said as he started to drive away in his Impala.

"Well, I think—" Sam stopped, when his phone rang and he answered the call from Castiel. "What is it, Cass? Got it. On our way."

"Another case?" Dean asked as Sam hung up.

"Another case. A djinn in Ohio." Sam nodded.

Dean smirked as he turned on the radio and started singing, while Sam chuckled, shaking his head.

"Carry on, my wayward son! There'll be peace when you are done! Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more!"

Dean hit the gas as the Impala drove down the highway faster than before.

San Francisco

Tara and Willow had bought themselves a house as they held a garden dinner party.

"So you decided to join the police?" Buffy asked.

"Considering how much supernatural mess this place has, someone has to help if the sisters are down." Faith said. "Though I gotta tell you, their friend Darryl has to chill out."

"You can't blame him, sometimes the sisters abused their partnership with him." Willow said as she and Tara seemed to be disappointed by the sisters.

Buffy went inside to see Spike sitting on the couch and contemplating before she handed him a glass of blood. "You OK?"

"As well as I can be. I'm… Don't tell Angel but I'm happy he has Cordelia back. Honestly. We've both been through some bollocks and I still have you, while he…" Spike trailed off and Buffy nodded.

"Anything can drive us apart but what matters is that we face it together. And I just don't want anything to get in the way of that." Buffy said.

"You and Angel and Cordelia are going to die of old age, so don't blame me for being glum. But one thing I promise, I'm not going to leave you again, Buffy. I'm my best around you. All of you…" Spike gestured at the Scooby Gang and Team Angel outside. "And nothing is ever going to change that."

"That goes both ways, William Pratt." Buffy said with a smile as they both got up and hugged each other.

"I didn't think we'd be here again." Angel said as he and Cordelia were in the room privately talking.

"What, you thought I was gone forever?" Cordelia asked. "I'm always gonna find a way to come back, dummy."

They kissed as Angel smiled at her. "Whatever we go through, we'll face it together."

"Together. Because we're family." Angel said as Connor went upstairs.

"Hey, the sun's down, so if you want Spike to join…" Connor said.

"We're on our way." Angel said as he and Cordelia held hands, going downstairs and outside to see Buffy, Spike, Xander, Willow, Tara, Dawn, Faith, Kennedy, Gunn, Fred and the rest of their friends have a garden party, with Xander grilling as they all decided to have some fun with the people they loved.

Halliwell Manor

Piper had tucked her daughter Melinda to sleep, when Leo entered. "Took me a while but Wyatt and Chris are finally sleeping. And Melinda?"

"She's down too." Piper said.

"Once again, fate brings more obstacles our way, does it?" Leo asked.

"But we always pull through." Piper said as they kissed.

Phoebe was sleeping as her mind was drifting away.

Phoebe was in the garden outside of the manor, where she faced Cole.

"Hello, Phoebe." Cole said.

"Cole? What are you doing here?" Phoebe demanded as she looked around. "Is this a dream? Or another one of your tricks?"

"I didn't do this but I have to get this out right now, since this might be the only opportunity." Cole pleaded.

"Whatever you want—"

"Phoebe. Please." Cole raised his hands. "I'm just asking you to hear me out, I've been wanting to get this out for years, if I ever got this chance. If I don't, I might never get another." Phoebe glared but decided to give him a chance, reluctantly. "I apologized a lot when we were together, most of the time I even meant it. But I kept slipping into my old ways and I used my demon half as an excuse too many times. Evil influence was always my crutch. My go-to reason for not being a better man.

I've had a lot of time to think about who I am. Who I want to be. Clearly, I'm past becoming a better person in life. But I'll never get past wishing you'd think better of me."

Phoebe looked down in shame briefly, knowing he had a point. While she had valid reasons to mistrust him after he had been vanquished as the Source and returned, especially after the Siren incident, she treated him badly one too many times, even if it was undeserved. "I know that now… and for what it's worth… I'm sorry for everything. But we both know now that it was never meant to be." She said as she held his hand. "Our relationship was far from perfect, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't make my share of mistakes. Part of me will always love you… but it's time we let each other go."

Cole nodded as he smiled. "I want you to know how sorry I am for everything I did to you and your sisters, more importantly, for all that I didn't do. I love you, Phoebe. I always have and I always will… but I finally understand that I never was the right one for you."

Phoebe's eyes were getting wet. She had been so consumed over her guilt and grief and hate over Cole that only now she could see he had changed, even though she now saw it too late. "So do I. I'm sorry for everything, Cole. But we both know it was never meant to be."

Cole nodded before he started to see blinding light, more beautiful than anything he had ever seen. "Do you see it?"

"See what?" Phoebe asked, not seeing anything.

"The light. It's beautiful… it's calling me…" Cole whispered as he reached above as it hit Phoebe but before she could say anything else, Cole closed his eyes and embraced the light, when he suddenly vanished in a flash.

Phoebe came to, gasping and looking around to see sleeping Coop next to her in bed before she looked outside and looked up into the sky and felt like if a heavy burden had been lifted off her shoulders. It appeared that Cole had finally found his peace and was allowed to move on.

"Goodbye, Cole." Phoebe whispered, wiping her tears off her eyes.

Paige and Henry were playing with their daughters Tamora and Kat and their adopted son, Henry Jr. in the nursery room, while Piper went to the corridor to see their family photos.

"I don't know if you can hear me, Prue… maybe I'll never know… but that's OK. I'll never stop reaching for you. I just want you to know that we're alright. Your sisters are alright and we all have our husbands and babies to be our anchor if we struggle." Piper assured. "Know that… when we think of you, we think of nothing but all the beautiful times that we've had together and I hope you'll come see us if you can and want to. I understand if you don't want to tonight… but I hope that we can be family again one day soon."

"Piper?" Paige asked.

"We heard talking." Phoebe said as they approached her.

"Yeah… I was… just talking to Prue. I'm not sure how… but I can sense her." Piper said as she tapped her heart. "Here."

Phoebe and Paige nodded, since they couldn't exactly shake the feeling themselves either.

"Do you think she can hear you? That she could come here, if she wanted to?" Paige asked.

"I understand if she doesn't want to tonight… but I hope we'll see her soon again." Piper said as they looked outside, hoping to see their eldest sister soon someday.

Prue in her spiritual form was outside the manor, smiling at her sisters in pride, while someone else held her hand.

"Why don't you show yourself to them? They'd love the chance to say goodbye."

Prue turned to the man next to her as she smiled at him, while wiping her wet eyes. "It's never goodbye. And I'm sure I'll see them soon, if they need me. But right now, I'm happy to be with you, Andy."

The wind blew in as the window in the attic opened and the Book of Shadows opened, flipping through the pages, while Piper, Phoebe and Paige felt chills down their spines. They had no idea what that feeling was but for some reason, they could tell that Prue was watching over them… and if they really needed her, she would be there. Whatever happened, the Halliwell sisters would always be the Charmed Ones.

Jasmine was a rogue member of the Powers That Be and given that the Elders are a Charmed equivalent of Powers That Be, hope my explanation on it makes sense.

And Leo's status as Whitelighter is now restored and Castiel has his wings back. Honestly, I disliked how in Supernatural the angels weren't able to teleport anymore, which was a hindrance for Cass on more than one occasion.

Hope the Buffy/Spike and Angel/Cordelia scenes were OK.

Phoebe/Cole was honestly a mishandled forbidden romance, unlike Piper/Leo. Cole was better as a villain and he felt like a poor amalgamation of Angel and Spike and while it was his powers that ultimately drove him mad and the sisters had valid reasons to be wary, Phoebe was taking it too far more than once but the least they deserve from each other is a closure and I think that Cole redeemed himself a little in 7x16, when Piper was poisoned, even though he orchestrated it in the first place and later in the comics, when he helped the sisters again on some other occasions and I think the least he and Phoebe deserve is some closure, in the comics Cole sacrificed himself to save them but in this story he and Phoebe made amends and reconciled before Cole was allowed to move on and his soul to rest in peace.

And I think the end of everything is a good equivalent of the apocalypse that Angel would have to face and fulfill Shanshu, right? Now he can stay with Cordelia, living as mortal, while Buffy and Spike continue the good fight, the same with Dean, Sam and Castiel.

And Prue is now the guardian of the All and she is also reunited with Andy, as much as I liked her return in comics, Prue inevitably absorbed the All and went insane like Neena and she was forced to sacrifice herself and die again before she reunited with Andy in the afterlife, so I didn't want to ruin her like the comics did.

The ending with the Scooby Gang and Angel and Spike is inspired by the ending of Buffy comics, since in the end Buffy and Faith joined the police in San Francisco to fight against supernatural but in here, only Faith did. Also, short version, Fred was also resurrected after the death and rebirth of magic and merged with Illyria, being one but I didn't involve her or Gunn in the story, since that would make her OP'd and things too easy, so let's just say that Fred/Illyria and Gunn were busy with other supernatural mess.

Honestly, I'm not really proud of this story and I'm not sure if I did well with changing the lore and rules about supernatural here to fit the story but I hope it was OK.

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