War, war never changes…

In the history of every civilization, there are events of great importance which change the way we look at the world. Those events change everything and are marked in the collective memory, as a point of reference.

One such event was at the beginning of the twentieth century, when all the world powers collided in a violent clash. Millions of people died and empires of the past crumbled. Suffering people were finally granted the peace they demanded but it was brief and the world plunged into flames of war again, as it always did in the past. Another generation was forced to bleed, fight and suffer for a hollow victory: an era of peace guarded by nuclear fire and fear of total destruction.

Generation after generation learned to live with this fear and as they adapted, weapons of destruction became engines of prosperity. Nuclear energy pushed industries forward, creating further breakthroughs, new technologies were developed and spread among people creating a lifestyle of prosperity and comfort.

But that progress came with a price. Resources become scarce and one by one, countries held in check by the threat of destruction fell back to the old ways of conflict and aggression. As the world unraveled, there was still hope that, like before, a victory will come and with it - peace. Instead, a storm of nuclear attacks devastated the world.

The war ended, but the conflict remained. Those who survived had to fight for what was left of the old world. With only ashes surrounding them, some came together to form tribes, villages and eventually, new countries.

One of those countries was New California Republic, a powerful nation standing proudly on the west coast of what used to be America. And just like old nations before them, they too reach beyond their borders. Because even though the world has changed… war, war never changes.