Street Racers

Chapter One

The cars raced along the street, forcing other cars to move out of their way. The street racers sped along high traffic, and the wrong way. It started at Sunshine Autos, and ended at the Hyman Memorial Stadium. The four cars split their tracks after they entered Downtown, trying to lose the police tailing them. A lone PCJ 600 waited at the stadium, waiting for the other three to catch up. He waited for several minutes, wondering what took them so long.

A half an hour had passed, and Police Mavericks had come to the stadium. Police vehicles had pulled up, pushing out three prisoners. They were his fellow street racers. They had been caught.

He rode up next to the crowd, watching them being led to the police helicopters. Tony spotted his fellow street racer in the crowd, and when the police were not looking at him, he threw a disc. The street racer caught it, and drove off.

He went to his apartment in Hyman Condo, and sat down on his couch. He examined it, wondering what it was. What was in that would make him fear the disc? He placed the disc in his desk. He went to stare out the window, seeing the Police Mavericks fly off to the Police Department in Washington Beach.

He lost his concentration when the phone rang. He reached into his coat pocket, pulling his cell phone out. He answered it, but did not say anything.

"Hello? Vince, are you there? Come on, man. Pick up."

Vincent leaned against the desk. "What is it, Justin?"

"I heard the guys just got arrested. Where were you?"

"At the Stadium, waiting for them. I wonder how they could have gotten caught."

Justin was silent on the other end. "I heard that they were set up. Did you see anything suspicious?"

"No." He continued to watch outside, seeing sirens go by. "I have a feeling we were set up. Meet me where we normally do. I'll tell you the plan there." He hung up the phone.


The next day, Vince met Justin outside of the boatyard. He drove up in his black Phoenix, and he saw Justin's black Banshee. He stopped his car, getting out.

"So, what's your plan?" Justin asked, leaning up against the Phoenix.

Vincent lit a cigarette. "Vercetti owns Sunshine Autos. He is the only one who knows about our little street racing. How could he? He was the one who turned us over. We shouldn't have sold it to him."

"Vercetti? Why? He wasn't even there the day we set it up. I doubt he set us up."

Vince puffed his cigarette, exhaling the smoke. "There is only one way to find out. We go raid his place, see how he reacts."

Justin sighed. "I wouldn't think of doing that yet." He turned, watching a couple of white Infernus --the car of the Vercetti gang-- pull into the boatyard. "They forced me to set you guys up. They threatened to ruin my life, to put me in the most wanted. I'm sorry, Vince."

Tommy got out of his car, standing in front of Vince. "Good to see you again, Vincent. I can get your friends out, if you do me a favor."

"Why did you do this? We became friends, after you bought our dealership. Why did you set us up?" He threw his cigarette, crushing it with his foot.

"You wouldn't have done any favors for me. It was the only way." He shifted his position. "I need you to do a favor. It has been a while since I've raced. Some new gang, the Silvae, is coming to Vice. They want to show off by challenging us to race. I do not trust them. You will race them, and I'll be there with some weapons, just incase if they lead us into a trap. And plus, you're the best street racer in the city."

"I don't want to get involved into these criminal things-"

"You are already a criminal. You street race. It is a crime. It is just a favor. If you do it, I'll get your friends out."

"I don't trust you." He opened the door, but Tommy stopped him. "I don't want to get killed, or at least by a weapon. Do you even know anything about these Silvae?"

"They come from Mutiny. They seemed to have taken over there, and want to expand their territory. Outcasts, that is what they call themselves. Will you do it or not?"

He glanced up at Tom. "Fine, I'll do it. But I want the guys to join in. They love street racing as much as I do."

"It shall be done." He patted Vince on the shoulder, and got in his Infernus. They drove off, leaving Vince and Justin alone.

"Yeah, thanks for setting me up for this. It was you? How could you? We're buddies. I would never do this to you." He got in his car, closing the door behind him.

He stopped him from closing the door. "I said I'm sorry. They would have ruined your life too if you didn't accept."

He looked up at his friend. "Fine. Apology accepted. But next time, tell us." He closed the door and drove off.