Chapter Fourteen

Maverick and Joey ran up. "What did you do?" They held their pistols at her.

"He was a traitor. He was a Cartel." She walked over to the sill. "They are coming."

She watched Cartel Cruisers pull up. Mav and Joey stood behind her. "Oh shit."

They ran down the stairs while she stood there. She took out a sniper rifle, and looked through the scope, pulling the trigger.

The door downstairs blew open. The Cartel ran inside. Somehow, there weren't as many.

Mav ducked behind the sill of the staircase. "What are we going to do about Vincent?"

Joey shot at the Cartel after switching weapons. "He's safe underneath the stairs, for right now."

Chateau walked down the stairs. "Move aside, boys." She brushed by them. She no longer carried the rifle. "There's a sniper rifle up top. One of you go up there and defend me."

Joey ran up the stairs. He would rather be up there than down where the action was.

"What are you doing?" Mav shouted. "Are you crazy?"

"You may call me." She walked down to the foot of the stairs. The Cartel had just pulled out Vincent, yet they were shot in the head from above. Blood squirted out.

She pulled out a rocket launcher. The Cartel realized that she was there, and started to shoot at her. The bullets flew by her. She was not afraid. She fired a missile, and it hit a group of Cartel, sending them flying through the air. Mav came running down, shooting with his Uzi.

The Cartel shot back. A bullet hit Mav in the shoulder, making him drop his Uzi. Chateau fired another missile, hitting the gang members who were closing in.

Helicopters were heard from a distance. The Vercetti gang came running in, defending the four. Bullets flew all over. Chateau ran down to Vincent, dragging him up the stairs.

Vercetti came walking in. He came towards the two. "It's good to see you two again."

"We have a bit of a problem here. Now's not a good time to talk." Mav said, pulling his hand away from his wound.

"The Columbian Cartel will not rule this city."