In a basket, naked, wrapped in a blanket, peaceful and soundless with a small pink note and a white rose lying beside her, a newborn baby sleeps unaware that she lies on the doorstep of the local precinct. Her name is Arabella Viviana and she was about to change someone's life.

When Arabella was found, the rain had dampened her skin and the chill of the night had made her nose icy cold. Officer Swan picked up the basket and stared in shock. It was his first week back after his own daughter had been born, and here lay a child no older than her, abandoned on the step of the Forks police department. Officer Swan brought the small child inside, and looked at Officer Jacks, both men completely flabbergasted at the idea of the tiny child lying in the basket.


Officer Derek Jacks and his wife Gwen took the small girl in, seeing as Gwen could not have children herself. That little girl was showered in love and raised alongside Officer Charlie Swan's daughter Isabella. The girls became fast friends, and once they began school, also played with a reservation boy named Jacob. The three children were as thick as thieves always wandering the woods behind Isabella's house, playing in the tide pools of LaPush, and even playing hide and seek in the police station after school on Friday's when Gwen Jacks needed a babysitter while she worked a late shift at the diner and Renee Swan needed to go to the grocery.

Isabella was always so clumsy, tripping over her own feet, and Jake was always there trying to make sure she was okay. Little Arabella however was interested in the hiding, running, or spying she could do during their fun little games. She wasn't much of a klutz, but she did have her moments. When those moments happened were they drastic. Like falling from the tree she had climbed high into just to find out how high she could go. These three friends spent every waking moment they could laughing and playing, entire photo albums were made by Gwen Jacks and given to Isabella' and Jacob's mothers.

When Charlie and Renee divorced later, Isabella moved away, and Arabella only saw Jake on the days when Charlie, Derek, and Jake's dad Billy got together to watch the game. Jake however, did not hold the love for the little redhead Arabella as he did for the beautiful brunette Isabella.

In the years to come after Gwen Jacks was killed in a car accident, Jake and Arabella got close, bonding over the loss of both their mothers.

"I know it's hard." He said softly into her hair as she wept, her head laying against his shoulder. Her shoulders were shaking so hard he could barely hold onto her.

"She's gone." Her voice was ragged as she pulled away and began to wipe her face. "She's gone Jake and I'll never have her back."

"Ara... I..." Never had Jacob Black been at a loss for words.

"I know." She sniffled, leaning against him; they both sat on the wooden floor in Arabella's house. Through the archway into the dimly lit dining room around the table sat Billy Black, Charlie Swan, and Derek Jacks. They all wore varying shades of black suits, Derek holding a glass filled with scotch, Billy a beer, and Charlie the keys. Slowly Ara began to drift, playing with a loose thread in her black dress. When she woke again, she found that Charlie was covering her and Jake with a blanket.

"Sorry Ara... go back to sleep hon." He crouched down and sighed. "I'm gonna walk your dad up to his bed, and then I'm taking Billy home."

"What about Jake?" Ara asked, feeling his soft breath making his chest rise and fall.

"It looks like being here is what he needs most. His sisters are taking care of a couple things anyways." Charlie patted her shoulder and stood again, wheeling a drunk Billy from the room.

That was two years ago. Ever since that night, Arabella's life has not been the same.