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Chapter 1


I Lay in bed staring at the ceiling having another sleepless night. I looked over to my side and the emptiness I feel is overwhelming. Life doesn't always turn out how you think it's going to. My name is Bella Swan and this is my story of how I met him, loved him and lost him.

Nights are the worst for me. My mind just doesn't shut down, I get out of bed and sit outside on my terrace and look at the amazing view to relax me but all it does is make me feel lonely and miss him even more. I never believed in soulmates until I met him. Now everyday I sit and wonder how the hell things got so bad. How did we get here?

If you asked me a year ago if the man I considered to be the love of my life and my best friend would no longer be by my side I would tell you your a fucking crazy bitch. Yet here I sit, alone!

I sit here thinking about our moments together, I can't help it I'm a masochist. I know it's been 3 months since he walked out the door but it seems as if it was just yesterday. It forever changed my life. All I have now are the memories.

A breeze whips through my hair reminding me how chilly it is out here so I put on the sweater that he left behind. It's going to be another long night. I could easily take a sleeping pill and be off in my dreams but I would just wake up in tears missing him. I deserve this pain I'm feeling. This is my punishment for my sins through the years.

It's so hard to describe the love we shared it was like nothing I ever experienced. We loved hard and also fought hard but the make up sex was fucking amazing. The passion we had was never ending. It was painful being apart from him and not touching him.

I wonder does he miss me like I miss him? Does he think about me like I think about him?

No matter how much time passes my body aches for him and my soul still belongs to Edward Masen. Yes, you heard me correctly "The Edward Masen". The most feared man in the world. The Don to the Masen Cosa Nostra. Mafia! Yup folks you heard me Mafia but to me he was just Edward the love of my life. He didn't have to tell me who he was, the minute I bumped into him its like my body gravitated towards him.

I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. I decided to stop for some overly priced coffee at Starbucks and I walked right into him spilling hot coffee on his Gucci suit. I was so embarrassed I didn't even realize my hands were rubbing his cock with napkins. His response wasn't what I expected. "If I had known I would get such great service I would have started coming here earlier." O that smile was my kryptonite. We met up for coffee after that everyday and the rest as they say is history.

Was it my fault he's gone? Was I too stubborn? Why didn't he come back so we can talk, yell, scream, fuck anything as long as we did it together. He walked out and never came back.

Edward couldn't handle my job. It was a source of contention. Edward was used to getting what he wanted. He was stubborn, Possessive and temperamental but I still loved all of him.

Edward was furious when he finally found out what I did for a living 3 months into our relationship. It's not something you just blurt out during dinner. I was sacred to tell him but I didn't have to he found out who I really was when he hired The Rogue Swan to illiminate someone. You see yes my name is Bella Swan but what most people don't know is I am also called The Rogue Swan. I am a hired assassin.

My dad had starting training me when I was 10 years old. Charlie was an Assassin and was known to be ruthless. He was Iron hand Charlie. It was in our blood. Charlie taught me martial arts, guns, knives, interrogation techniques, profiling. He would always say I was going to be better than him one day.

Charlie died a year ago. He went on an assignment that was clean cut an easy job for him but something went wrong and he was killed. I don't understand how that's possible.

Charlie never made mistakes. The information I received didn't make sense when I was told by one of my contacts. It smelled bad and I vowed I would find the truth even if it took me years. I would find his killers and show them no mercy.

This is part of me Edward could't handle. He couldn't handle the woman he loved and wanted to marry putting herself in danger. He said it was effecting his work every time I went out to do a job. He would be so worried about me that he wasn't as sharp as he usually is and in his life being preoccupied gets people killed. We argued about it every time I had a job. Then he gave me the ultimatum, him or my job. I was shocked and my mind in turmoil. When I took to long to answer he just walked out and I never saw him again. How can he leave so easily.

I am brought out of my day dreaming when the door bell rings. I wasn't expecting anyone so when I opened the door I was shocked to see Alice on the other side. Alice is Edwards sister in law. She looked like shit. I asked her what she was doing here and what she said next made my blood turn cold.

"Bella we need your help. Its Edward he's been kidnapped and we can't find him."

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