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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Hotaru looked out of her car window as Crossroads drifted farther and farther away. 'Good bye Serena, Amy, Mina, Lita, Raye, Rini. I hope to see you again.'

Amira looked at the girl from the rearview window. "Don't worry, our paths will cross again, Hotaru."

Michelle smiled at her from the front passenger side. "Yes, we'll meet again, please cheer up!"

"And just think of all the new freinds we'll meet in our new life in Tokyo." Trista said from beside her.

Hotaru nodded and tried to cheer up. But how could she? She was leaving behind the only life she ever knew. Starting over, it scared her. "But. Why did we have to move away?"

The three older senshi exchanged a look. "We didn't want to tell you this, Hotaru, but...."

"There have been some rouge monsters popping up around Tokyo lately," Amira said.

The other two nodded. "And we must deal with them before innocent people get killed." Trista said.

"Do the inners know?" Hotaru asked.

Michelle nodded. "Yes. They agreed it would be best if we stamped out these random attacks before they became more organized."

Hotaru nodded in understanding beyond her years. "And it would be wise to keep the princess out of this, right?"


Hotaru looked one last time at the place she called home for so many years. "Well, its off to Tokyo then." She said as she turned away from the window and opened a book. 'But something tells me, this is not going to be a pleasant stay.'



And the feudal era of Japan awoke to a certain dog-hanyou crashing into the ground.

Seeing her chance, a certain 15-year-old girl took off in a dead run to a dry abandoned well in the middle of the woods.

In a flash, a silver-haired teenager leapt off his previous spot from the ground and ran after her. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?" He yelled as he quickly caught up to the girl and stood in front of her, blocking her way to the well.

"Inuyasha! I haven't been home in over two weeks!" Kagome said to the demon in front of her. "I need to go and check in with my family! Not to mention, I need to get all the homework I missed, and catch up with my freinds!"

Inuyasha glared at her. "Well, what about the jewel?"

Kagome glared back. "It'll still be here when I get back!" She fingered the peice she wore around her neck. "And I still have this peice to let me come back through!"

A simple glare from the hanyou in front of her told her what he thought of that.


And a simple crash to the ground told him what she thought of that!

Running past the immobile one, Kagome sat on the well's lip. "I'll be back in a few days. And if you like, you can come and stay with us when you can move." And with that, she was gone.

"Grrrr......" And the ground learned some new words, cortesy of Inuyasha.

Ends chapter

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