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Chapter 16: In the Past

As the time travelers sped backwards down the thread of the fourth dimension, Hotaru's curiosity kept her looking at her surroundings. The walls that surrounded her flashed with images that looked like thousands of TV screens, each one depicting a point in history. Most of them were of no coincidence, nor of Japan's history. She watched as a battleship with Germany's flags sank under the water, only to rise again. 'A submarine!' She thought to herself. Next, a huge ship that was all too familiar to her hit an iceberg and the horror of hundreds of lives lost. 'The Titanic.' She reflected all the dreams that haunted her of people screaming in panic and pain as their hearts ceased to beat, and the white orbs that were their souls left for the afterlife.

She watched these events unfold in reverse order, proof that in fact that they were traveling backwards. As the guns in the images disappeared and were replaced with arrows and swords, she knew that they had to be close to their destination. "Trista! We're almost there, right?"

The senshi of time glanced behind her. "Yes, Hotaru, we are."

"Then why aren't we slowing down?" Amara asked. "I can tell we're going extremely fast; I'd like to get there alive and in one piece you know."

"Slow down?" Trista thought aloud. "I hadn't thought about that..."

"WHAT?" Michelle cried, as she clung to Amara. "We'll be flattened when we get there!"

"Just kidding!" Trista said. "We'll slow down a little."

"Okay that's better. As long as we're not falling to our deaths."

"...well...I don't know where we'll be after we cross over the barrier again..."

And with those fateful words, they passed through a shimmering blue light, and met the sky.

Miroku led the way as he and the majority of the village arrived at the sacred well. Word had gotten to them that an explosion had happened there. With an expression of worry, he looked into the rubble-filled crater that had once been the well. He barely noticed as Sango walked over to stand beside him.

"What does this mean, houshi-sama?"

The monk sighed. "Well, it seems that Kagome's only way back has been destroyed. So I guess that means she can never return." He hated to be that blunt, but he wanted to not dwell on the matter for longer than he could. He had lost a dear friend that day, and that pained him.

"Has anyone seen Inuyasha lately?"

Miroku shook his head. "Chances are he is still with lady Kagome too."

"So that means..." Sango began, as her voice began to crack.

"That he is gone too, yes." Miroku finished.

Sango held back a sob. Two of her closest friends were now gone. Without a goodbye, just gone. Subconsciously, she trembled, what would happen now?

"Maybe we could fix it." Miroku stated simply, as he bent down to pick up a piece of wood, anything to give the grieving villagers some hope. He knew they absolutely loved Kagome, and though no one ever admitted it out loud, they were grateful for Inuyasha's protection. Since the hanyou came to stay at the village, there had never been a demon attack, not counting Naraku, that is.

A bright light flashed overhead, knocking Miroku from his thoughts. He looked overhead in time to see five beams of light shooting towards the Earth in different directions. He ducked instinctively, pulling Sango down with him in time to avoid the greenish light, which crashed amongst the rubble of the destroyed well. At the same time, the other beams shot towards the ground. The violet light hit some bushes nearby, the yellow one landed in the tree over the bushes, the red landed in the field behind him; and the aqua one...


...hit him square in the gut, causing a sea of limbs and curses.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! Please excuse me!" The young woman said as she embarrassingly got off of the man, her long aqua hair pulled into a ponytail. "You're not hurt are you? Oh I'm so sorry, here." She looked around. "Hotaru! Amara! Trista!"

"Uh. Down here." Trista said from her precarious position in the hole where the well used to be. Her body was sprawled amongst the splintered boards and if it wasn't for pure luck she could have been impaled by any one of them. Taking Michelle's hand, she carefully pulled herself out of the pit.

A loud cry came from behind them, followed by a small line of curses. Looking up, they saw Amara sitting on a branch halfway up a huge oak tree. "Trista! I thought YOU said we would SLOW DOWN!"

"We did!" She called back. "If we didn't, we would have died when we hit the ground!"

"Oh that's nice!" Hotaru said, climbing out of the bushes underneath the tree. "I'd like to know at least twenty-four hours in advance before I plummet to my death please!" Blood trickled down the girl's arm as she held it carefully. "I've already broken my arm, thank you very much!"

Michelle frowned as Amara quickly jumped from branch to branch, getting closer to the ground. "Watch your mouth!"

"Sorry, Michelle. It's just pain irritates me a little bit."

"Miroku! Sango! Shippou!" Kagome cried as she rode on Inuyasha's back. Somehow when they fell, Inuyasha made sure he hit the ground first, cushioning her landing as much as he could. She still felt dizzy headed, but other than that she was fine.

"Kagome!" Sango shouted as she ran to meet her friend. Wary though she was of the newcomers, she was happy to see her friend, and curious as to how they had returned. Perhaps they returned early and no one noticed that was indeed the most probable answer. Once Kagome seen the condition the well was in, she was sure to be hysterical.

As soon as Inuyasha got near, Kagome jumped from his back and embraced her friend. "Oh Sango, I was so scared I would never see you guys again!" She practically sobbed.

"Wouldn't see us again? What do you mean Kagome?" Sango asked as she broke the hug. She looked at her best friend with curiosity.

"Haven't you seen?" Kagome pointed to the destroyed well. "It practically exploded in my time while we were fighting a demon with a jewel shard, so we came back to try and fix it."

"But if you couldn't use the well on your side, how could you...?" She asked, more confused than she had ever been.

Kagome motioned to the newcomers. "Let me introduce you guys to some friends of mine..."

So after many long-winded introductions, some name calling and hentai-smacking, the small group headed towards the village of Kaede. Hotaru was still carrying her arm carefully, because her lower arm was snapped in two and no one was "man enough" to help her outside the village. Finally, the pain overtook her, and she sank to the ground.

"Hotaru? Are you okay?" Michelle asked worriedly, dropping to the ground beside her.

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just forgot how bad a split bone is. I'll be aright." She clenched her teeth as sweat dripped down her forehead.

"Can you walk anymore?"

Hotaru shook her head. "I'm sorry. I can't." She looked at it. "If one of you could set it I could hold it in place till we get there..."

Miroku frowned, "I don't think that would be too wise, it might just cause you more pain..."

"I said. SET IT!" She growled a faint glow in her eyes; a slight change in her aura was detected by the monk, but he decided it better to adhere to the girl's request, lest he anger her...again. He shuddered as he remembered all too well what happened when he gave her his infamous greeting.

"Hello my dear girl. My name is Miroku. Would you do me the honor of bearing me a child?"

The girl's eyes widened in horror and surprise. "W...what?"

"I said would you..."

"I heard what you said you jerk! Just who do you think you are? God's gift to women? So help me when my arm is healed I'm going to let you meet him face to face and we'll just see what he says, how would you like that?"

"Uh..." Miroku felt a shudder in the young girl's aura, going from calm and peaceful to one of a more violent and unforgiving nature. He had no idea what could cause this change in the girl's persona, probably due to her injury. In any case, a broken bone meant she would have to wait a good while before she could do anything to him...with that arm...for a while, and hopefully she would have forgotten what she said after that happened.

The monk looked down at the kneeling girl, trying to place her expression; it was like she was thinking to herself, something of real importance to have such a solemn look on her face. He just shrugged it off to pain though, and rolled up the sleeves of his robes to help her.

Meanwhile, Hotaru was thinking hard to herself, 'Mikomi, what are you planning? I know I agreed to letting you take control for a while, but please tell me you are not going to do what I think you are...'

Mikomi smirked. 'Don't worry, Hotaru, I'm just going to let this pervert know just who he is dealing with. Believe me, back in my day, if anyone had dared even thinking what he just said...let's just say...they wouldn't have the tools needed to carry out the job once I got a hold to him.' Her eyes flickered towards the priest. 'Some priest indeed. Gullible too.'

'Please don't hurt him, Mikomi. I know he is a sicko, but he is Kagome's friend, so by transitive property, he's our friend too.'

'Transitive what?'

'Transitive property. Its a math term that means...never mind I don't really understand it that well anyway.'

'If you don't understand the term why are you using it?'

'I don't know let's just drop it okay?'

'Drop the priest? Gotcha.'


The spirit of Saturn chuckled mentally. 'Just kidding, kid. I'm just going to scare him a bit, that's all.'

The two watched from the same eyes as the monk attentively picked up their arm and carefully felt for the fracture. Using his fingers to find the two ends he readied himself. "Ready? On the count of three. One. Two..." He didn't get to three, as he abruptly snapped the two ends of the bone back in place.

A sharp intake of breath was all Hotaru uttered, as her eyes winched shut. "Thank...you...I think..." Quickly she grabbed her arm and immediately sent her powers through her palm. Miroku jumped back in surprise as a violet glow went up her arm. When it was all done, Hotaru flexed her fingers and moved her now-healed arm around. "Boy does that ever feel better!"

The gang was awestruck, excluding Kagome and Inuyasha who had seen this power before.

"How..." Sango started.

"Its another long story." Kagome told her.

Miroku went pale. "Uh..."

'I'm warning you, Mikomi!' Hotaru thought. 'I'm letting you do this, but if you get us in trouble...'

'I won't!' Was the reply. 'I'm taking over now, 'Ru, I'll give you back control once I've had my fun.'

Slowly, the black-haired girl stood. But to the others, she looked different, she seemed to have grown a few inches and her hair was a bit longer than usual. The scouts' eyes went wide as they realized what had happened. To the others, however this was a new development. "You remember what I told you a little while ago, don't you? Well, let me just say one thing, buddy. The senshi of destruction doesn't like it too much!"

"Saturn Millennium Power! Makeup!"

As the powers of death and destruction circled around and transformed her, the ones who were new to this gasped in awe. As the light died, the girl stood transformed, with a change of outfit and a glaive in her hand. To Miroku, who could sense her aura, he was down right scared.

"I am the creator of destruction. My successor is the bringer of life. She is in my charge until the end of time as am I in hers. You try to say or do anything to her...and it would be my greatest pleasure to bring swift and painful judgment to you." She was inches from the monk's face. "Have I made myself clear?"

"Crystal." He said, as he reached for his sutras.

"Good." She brought down the glaive upon his head, dull end first; much like a certain exterminator does with her favored weapon. This however, knocked him clear out, and he dropped to the ground.

The senshi looked down at him in shock. "I didn't think he couldn't take that!" She snapped the weapon behind her back, almost as if she were trying to hide the thing that was taller than her. "When he wakes up...tell him...it wasn't me!"

And she walked hurriedly towards the village, as per their destination with the others in her wake.

'Mikomi! What did I say?'

'Technically, you didn't SAY anything. And I didn't do anything wrong!'

'You knocked him out!'

'I could have done worse.'

'That's true...but that was bad enough!'

'Geez! He deserved it! He was going to try and attack me! Didn't you see?'


'Well, he WAS.'


'What did you say?'

'Technically, I didn't SAY anything.'

'You know what I meant!'

'No I didn't.'

'Ugh! Arguing with myself gets me nowhere!'

Ends chapter 16

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