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I sat in my Mercedes staring at Campfire. It had been three long years since I'd given in to the urge to drive down this street. Hell, I went out of my way to avoid this side of town. The temptations, the allure was far too great to resist, and even now, the pull of that building was working havoc on my senses.

I'd promised myself to never come here again. One reckless night had shamed me before my community, and there had never been a way to save face.

They needed my help, however, and without my big fat checkbook, the club was in jeopardy of being closed due to back taxes. As detrimental as being here was for me, I couldn't stand the thought of my introduction into BDSM, Campfire, being closed down—not while I could save them. Perhaps this was my way of paying something back after what I'd done.

The previous owner had let the taxes on the place lapse, and without my contribution, Campfire would've been turned into a pile of rubble. I couldn't let that happen. At one point in time, this had been my second home. I'd even had my own private suite. That was a long time ago, however.

Of course, if I were smart I would've shrugged and turned away when Jasper called. As much of a genius as I could be at times, on occasion, on a very rare occasion, I fell victim to my own vulnerabilities.

Campfire has been the source of so much pleasure, how could I possibly ignore their financial crisis?

I could do this. I could purchase the damn club that ran through my veins and dictated my soul. The damn place was stronger than a dose of coke and I would know all about that too. Back in the day, before sobering up it had been my second weakness. Shaking the memories threatening to consume me, I focused on the double doors in front of me.

I could do this. I just had to drop the check off to Jasper and get the hell out of here. Obviously, I was lying to myself. If it was as simple as dropping the check off and getting the hell out of here, I would've just put the damn thing in the mail—which is what I should've done.

Hindsight and all that, wiping my sweaty palms on my designer jeans, I reached for the door.

I could do this.

I could do this.

A lump formed in my throat as soon as my loafer hit the pavement. Sweat coated my spine, and I was thankful for the cool breeze that blew, and with a deep breath, I let the car door shut behind me.

Fuck. I shouldn't be doing this. It had taken two years to clean myself of the addiction to cocaine and even longer to rid myself of the guilt of my actions while under the influence.

Who the fuck was I kidding? I had never relinquished the guilt completely. I threw a look around the parking lot. It was apparently a busy Friday night here at Campfire, judging by the cars littering the lot. After three years, I recognized no one's vehicle except Jasper's, which was kind of sad and a relief.

No one here would know what I had done. Some of the anxiety I was experiencing dissipated. Perhaps with the new clientele, I wouldn't be tempted to linger.

Who the hell was I kidding? I could live on the leather sofa of Campfire. A thrill shot down my neck as I grabbed hold of the brass handle. Taking a deep breath, I pulled the door open and stepped onto the marble floor.

"Hello, welcome to Campfire. Are you here for pleasure or observation?" A cute redhead bounced toward me with the brightest smile. She could probably light up the damn block with the flash of white teeth. "If you are here as a participant, I will have to ask for your …"

I shook my head, holding my hand up to stop her from going any further. "I'm not participating. I'm only here to talk to Jasper Hale. Is he close by?"

Her sweet bright smile never faltered. "Master Hale is in the dungeon. Let me see if he is accepting visitors at the moment."

When she flounced away, I couldn't help but spy the leather thong she wore beneath a pair of fishnet stockings. Following the path of her long, lean legs which were slightly too skinny for my liking, I listened intently to the click of her stilettos.

There was nothing sexier than those spiked heels she wore. Interest piqued, I followed her departure, shifting nervously as I felt my promise wavering.

Fuck, I hadn't been in the door a full five minutes and it was already happening. Determined to hold my resistance, I tore my gaze from her trim hips. Yep, way too skinny for me.

I shoved my hands into my pockets as my attention floated around the lobby. Ambling toward different spindles littered with merchandise, the neon rope drew me closer until I merely stood there staring at ties in an array of colors. My skin prickled with the yearning I thought was buried deep enough to handle being here.

"Shit," I mumbled, my hand swiping down my face in a long sweep. Closing my eyes, I silently counted to ten, then twenty before turning my head away. Slowly I wandered a few feet away as the memory of the rope tightening against soft skin filtered through my mind. Biting into my tongue, I forced my feet to keep moving until I stood before the impact toys.

"Holy fuck," I whispered fiercely. Why had I thought I was strong enough to withstand even the visual of the candy? I tried to turn away, really I did, yet here I stood wanting to feel the handle in my hand.

"Edward! Long time, no see," Jasper called in the otherwise silent lobby. "We are really grateful for your help."

I nodded, not currently trusting myself to speak. Finally, the claws of need began to lessen ever so slightly. Taking the hand Jasper offered to me, I gave it a firm shake. "I wouldn't be anywhere else."

Jasper gestured to the door behind him. "Are you sticking around for a few? There are a couple shows in progress and a couple starting in thirty minutes. Some hot flesh being strapped down."

I felt the trickle of sweat slide down my temple. All the hair I permitted to be on my body stood on end, and I felt the prickle of anticipation race across my skin. "I really should just drop off the check and kick rocks. Have a busy day …"

Jasper threw up his hands in surrender. "I won't force you to stay, but Edward it's been three years. No one on the other side of those doors knows anything about what happened. And I'm still not sure you were in the wrong. There is no harm in coming in to watch."

I wanted to turn around and walk out the front door. I actually turned in that direction with the intent of leaving Campfire and never looking back. Just as the sole of my shoe touched the marble, something stronger than myself seemed to take control of me.

My muscles froze and my head tipped in the opposite direction as I heard the crack of a whip. Every inch of my body heated to fever pitch, and suddenly I was turning in that direction. "Yeah, sure, I can hang out for a few minutes."

I went rigid as Jasper clasped my shoulder. I hadn't even allowed myself the pleasure of touch since that horrific night which I couldn't even remember. With a slight jolt, I dislodged his fingers. "No touching, Jas. I don't want anyone touching me."

Jasper's head dipped into a nod. "Fair enough. We have a few dark corners just for you, man. Nobody will fuck with you."

With Jasper's reassurance some of the apprehension melted from me, my bunched muscles began to relax. "All right. Point me to that corner."

The sight that greeted me as I stepped through those double doors rocked me to my core. Although I hadn't used a drug or any alcohol since that night, a haze enveloped me as we crossed the threshold.

The entirety of the room was hidden in black velvet except for the stages littering the floor. Several spectators stood watching as a woman was bound to a star, leaving her thoroughly vulnerable to her Dom. Her arms were strapped to each point as her feet were tied to the opposite end, her legs spread wide. Her only covering was the black blindfold she wore and the leather straps binding her.

Her Dom circled her with a cat of nine, every so often he'd flick the whip, smacking her pale white skin. Sensations too long denied came to life as the pretty pink marks bloomed across her legs and arms. A flame licked through me as I spied her nipples pouting, begging for attention.

As I would, the Dom stepped before her and clamped her nipples, dragging a hiss from her parted lips. My nostrils flared as the scent of arousal wafted all around me.

I took a moment to appreciate the sub's Dom. He was a beast of a man, equally naked and he wore a mask around his eyes. The thick cords of his muscles rippled as he stalked his prey, sweat glistening beneath the spotlight shining down on him. He took a moment to stroke himself before inching toward the woman.

"That's Wildflower and her Dom. I wouldn't get too close to her, he's extremely protective. I just about caught a bloody lip with that one." Jasper yelled over the thump of music pulsing from huge speakers. He pointed to a corner to my left. "Couches are lining that wall. You should be able to see all the stages from there."

My throat and mouth were as dry as sandpaper by the time I pulled my gaze away from the center show. "Where the hell's the ice water?"

Jasper looked around the room spotting a waitress several feet away. He caught her eye and motioned her in our direction. "Pepper will see to anything you need. I'm about to go play. Call me if you need anything, anything at all."


"Alice, this dress," I complained, pulling at the hem. "I don't think this strap of silk was meant to be worn in public. My snatch is about to be visible to everyone. I doubt anyone wants to see my thong." A quick glance around had my lips snapping shut when I spied the line waiting to get into Campfire. "Scratch that, I'm thinking everyone wants to see my snatch."

"It's your pussy, not your snatch. Quit giving your body parts stupid nicknames." Alice threw back at me as she pushed her driver's door open. "My boyfriend asked me to stop at this club for a drink. Don't be a prude."

"Alice, I'm not being a prude. Didn't you say this is a BDSM club? I don't want people thinking I am into this scene. We're here to pick up Jasper, right?" I pulled at the skirt for the thousandth time since putting the damn thing on. Then I saw the pinched expression from my best friend. Tipping my head in her direction with a glare, I lifted my freshly arched brows. "What?"

"I kinda lied just a smidge," Alice said with a smoldering glance. "Actually, we might be here a little longer than I said. Jasper and I are putting on a show. In like … shit … now."

"Alice, what the fuck are you getting me into?" I snapped when she grabbed my arm and pulled me behind her. I'd listened to numerous stories about Campfire and the exploits that happened behind these walls. It didn't sound like something I would be interested in at all.

Who wanted someone paddling them?

Even as I asked myself the question an unexpected thrill shot down my spine. Perhaps with the right person, I considered. Before I had much time to process the thought, I was propelled through the front doors, completely bypassing the group standing outside.

"Everything will be fine," she told me over her shoulder. "Just find a seat on a sofa somewhere and chill for an hour."

"Hour?" I almost grabbed her by her damn pixie cut as she left me standing in a very dark fucking room. Wide-eyed I looked toward the fire blazing in the center of the room, folding my arms over my breasts.

The air was filled with the scent of cedar. And all the plants scattered in random locations gave the place a real forestry feel. With nothing left to do, I wandered over a few feet toward a couch sitting dead center in the room. Unfortunately, the plush leather seemed to be occupied. Noticing the woman's hand down the guy's pants, my brow lifted as I sought to look elsewhere.

A couple was in the throes of passion in the middle of the room. Holy shit, I didn't even know the human body could bend like that.

I wasn't naive to sex, let's get that right, but I'd never seen such a blatant act in public before. I had the overwhelming urge to cover my eyes. The spectators hovering close by stopped me, however. As hard as this was to watch, I wouldn't appear like some hair-brain ninny.

A few feet away, a man had a woman bent over, her naked ass sticking straight in the air for all to see. Cherry-colored welts bloomed across her skin, and I couldn't deny the shiver of interest coursing through my body. Hell, the measly thong covering my snatch—pussy—was getting damper by the minute.

When an unexpected ache pulsed between my legs, I pressed my thighs together to stifle the intense throb starting. Nervously, I looked around to find several sets of eyes pinning me to the spot where I stood.

Intrigued by the attention, I cocked my head, noticing a relatively attractive blonde standing inches away. His baby blue eyes boldly roamed my form, and an answering tingle raced to my core. The piercing light in his eyes gave me pause, however.

My chin tilted at a stubborn angle. He looked as if he expected me to bow to him or something. Not a chance, I thought, scanning the room for the promised sofa.

I was halfway across the room when Alice reappeared with Jasper trailing her. I tipped my head curiously when I noticed the collar and chain around my best friend's neck. Jasper held the leash in one hand with a riding crop in the other.

Every once in a while, he tapped her thigh with the leather snap. When Alice panted back at him, my jaw nearly hit the floor. As mortified as I was by the display, I couldn't tear my eyes away from them.

When my friend sat back on her haunches before him, my throat went dry as she fumbled with the snap on his jeans.

Oh, my God. She was going to suck his cock in front of all these people. She was going to suck his dick in front of me. Shit.

My cheeks heated and I stumbled to the side when a woman reached through the cage, her fingertips grazing my shoulder. I would've tripped in my effort to elude her grasp if it weren't for a set of muscular arms that wrapped around my waist.

Startled, I looked up to find the man with piercing light blue eyes. They resembled ice, I remembered thinking as a leering grin widened on his face. He looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. Pulling away from his hold on me, I lifted an arched brow. "Did I give you permission to touch me?"

"So, you do know how this game is played," he whispered with amusement dancing in his eyes. "I was wondering. You were looking a little lost."

"M-my friend is currently putting on a show. I'm just here until she is finished," I stated, easing a few feet away. "She's told me a few things about the club, and until I say, you can't touch me."

"A woman with sass. I like that," he leaned closer, his pepperminty breath ripe in my nose. I'm Kai. I'm in the market for a new sub. I have a special treat for sass."

I held up my hand to stop any further remarks, noticing the way his lashes dropped a fraction, giving him a dangerous air. "You might be in the market for a new Sub, but I'm not looking for a Dom. You are wasting your breath."

"Are you sure? You look a little curious. How about I give you a taste, you know, sort of like a sample." Boldly his hand came to rest on my lower back, and he leaned closer until his mouth was next to my ear. "I could take you in the back and bend you over. It'll be just you and me."

I couldn't deny that the whole situation made me a bit curious. I'd never experimented with this lifestyle before, and judging by the pleasure emanating from the occupants of this room, perhaps I wasn't giving it enough thought.

Was this the man I would want to introduce me to the intriguing world? There was certainly a smidge of excitement at the thought. He looked wicked, dangerous, and exuded power. It was right on the tip of my tongue to agree. After all, his light blue eyes were magnetic and I was finding it difficult to look away.

"Why don't you find someone else to charm?"

I snapped and froze to the spot beneath my feet. His bluish-green eyes connected with mine, and my tongue twisted into a knot.

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