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Summary: PLEASE READ! I don't know how well this summary will look on fanfic.net's pages. Okay, bear with me. 200 years into the future, a turned Buffy and Angelus are wreaking havoc on earth. But what happens when the new slayer finds out about a certain gypsy-curse? Will she use it against two of her fiercest enemies, or will she listen to the mysterious blonde-stranger that says the curse could destroy everything?

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Whistler stood in the corner, hiding behind shadows as he watched the Champion slowly gasping for air. He gripped the few coins in his pocket tightly and tried to stay back, reminding himself that he was nothing but a messenger. He just passed words from one demon to the next, or man or whatever.

He turned his head away at the sight of her blood, and at the moans that were beginning to fill the small crypt. She was enjoying this. She wanted this. The darker part of her craved this, had always craved this. The human side of her always knew that one day, sooner or later, this would be her fate. To end up like the creatures she despised yet envied; the creatures that held such a curiosity for her that it soon became an obsessions that she would never admit, but always lived with.

But it couldn't be just any blood-sucking creature. Turning around again he forced himself to stare at the ugly reality right in the face. Her own face was getting paler already, and he could hear the heartbeat slow down at an even faster pace as she began to drink the liquid that would lead her past death.

The source of that liquor had a smirk on his face that terrified many demons, Whistler included. Sure he had seen thousands of uglies, hundreds of dreadful apocalypses where his side didn't always win. He saw a millennia of pain and suffering, the likes of which this dimension had never even dreamed of. But soon it would.

The thing that made this demon so much worse than others was the fact that Whistler had seen him bathed in light. Whistler saw the good that could exist in those deep eyes, and when compared with the darkness that now inhabited those depths, he couldn't help but shudder again for the friend he had lost over and over.

The Champion's heart finally stopped beating. She was dead. Worse than dead. Angelus picked up the Slayer, and carried her out to the awaiting car, the smirk never leaving his face.

So many would think that this was the end. That after several years of fighting, loving, and dying, this was the final chapter. It was actually only the end to the first chapter of a very long book.

The human in the Champion may have given up, but the Slayer in the girl knew that this wasn't goodbye. She was coming back, sooner or later, and she would fulfill her destiny in anyway possible.

Whistler smiled a little and took a small measure of comfort in that fact, and he slowly backed away into the shadows, waiting with the rest of the world for the light at the end of the tunnel.


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