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Harry stared at the devastation that graced his eyes. All around him Earth was crumbling from within. Not once had he imagined he would bear witness to the destruction of his home planet. At the precipice of the final chapter of his life, he thought of the long lost past and everything that lead to this moment.

After he had defeated Voldemort at Hogwarts he had tried to return the Elder Wand to Dumbledore's grave. On the seventh day, he found the Elder Wand in his room at Grimmauld Place. Even the Resurrection Stone had magically appeared beside the Elder Wand. The presence of two Hallows made him concerned.

One day, he took all three Hallows and was about to bury them in Ignotus Peverell's grave but just before he could do so the Hallows dissolved into his body. The resulting magical backlash courtesy of the unexpected event knocked out the entire floo network of Magical Britain.

After that debacle, he found he could perform magic without his wand. Magic came to him as easy as breathing and he could feel no exhaustion or resistance from the magic coursing through his body. He kept what happened with the Hallows to himself. He didn't even mention this to Hermione and Ron. Instead, he conjured a piece of wood in the likeness of the Elder Wand and placed it inside Dumbledore's grave. With all the chaos that was going on in the Wizarding world, his decision to keep his new status as the Master of Death a secret was a wise move.

The Wizarding world of Britain was in shambles. The entire Ministry apparatus of Magical Britain had fallen to Voldemort and in the wake of his demise, everything fell apart. The victors of Hogwarts had the daunting task of rounding up all the Death Eaters. There was also the part where the Ministry had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Harry would have liked to leave all the rebuilding business to Kingsley Shackbolt but he was reminded of the past where the Death Eaters got free through bribes. So, he rolled up his sleeves and stepped to the forefront of dismantling the whole Blood Purist faction.

The first thing that he did was to storm Azkaban with the help of the Order and release all Muggleborn and Half-blood prisoners. Many of them readily joined his side to bring an end to all the Pureblood bullshit once and for all. After a few weeks of recuperation, they attacked the Ministry and put everyone there in prison. Many of them protested but Harry was having none of it especially after he saw and heard from the Muggleborns that were sentenced to Azkaban. Many of their families were killed or tortured. Most of the women were raped by these so-called Purebloods. He spoke personally with each victim and he was adamant to bring the full might of justice upon those responsible.

Every wizard and witch who worked in the ministry was questioned under Veritaserum. Those who were found guilty of colluding with the Death Eaters were transferred to Ministry holding cells pending further trial. The depth of their involvement and how they were recruited had to be ascertained. The Death Eaters that were being slowly weeded out were sentenced to Azkaban and their assets seized to reimburse their victims for the ordeal they went through. The Goblins tried to protest but one visit from Harry saw to it that the little buggers bow before his orders.

Turns out, showing up with the Sword of Gryffindor and the might of overwhelming magic power was all it took for the Goblins to grit their teeth and work with him. He even went as far as allowing the Goblins to take Goblin made artefacts from the vaults of the sentenced Death Eaters. That little trick earned him the reluctant cooperation of the Goblins.

While this was going on, many Pureblood families banded together to push their agenda to disrupt the remodelling of the Wizarding world. He put a stop to that by arresting every single one of them as he was ruthless against his enemies. Their family manors were put under siege by the new Auror force that Harry had built up. The Auror force was filled with muggleborns and half-bloods with a few purebloods in between.

With overwhelming force, he subjugated families like Nott, Carrows, Macnair, Bulstrode, Rockwood etc. He did not stop at merely arresting them. He had their entire family homes looted and forced the Goblins to turn over their overseas fortunes and investments to the Ministry. The extra flush of gold was a godsend and he used it to reform the ministry and to provide assistance to the victims of the war.

It took him two long years to bring a semblance of normalcy to Magical Britain. It was no easy task but he managed to reform the Wizengamote into a more balanced governing body. He received aid in that venture from a most unlikely group.

A group of Pureblood houses had banded together and stayed neutral throughout the war. They were led by Damien Greengrass and the good news was that the guy was willing to work with Harry in rehauling the Ministry but only for a price. The price being a marriage alliance. Damien wanted his eldest daughter Daphne Greengrass to become the wife of the new leader of Magical Britain.

Not to mention, the man wanted explicit influence in the way educational reforms ought to be implemented. According to Damien, the wizarding culture was under attack by the muggleborns who were piling up and their lack of integration into the world is causing fissures in their society. While Harry was sceptical of Damien's objectives they talked in detail about many of his concerns.

Harry personally disagreed with many of Damien's policies. Having said that, he felt the man offered him a fresh perspective on a segment of the Pureblood cause. Damien was not that much interested in blood purity. Rather, he was focused on preserving the culture and traditions of the British wizarding world. He was all too happy and insistent to have muggleborns and Half-bloods be part of the culture rather than being excluded from the society.

At least, this made Harry listen to the man and accommodated Damien's views while he shaped the wizarding Britain.

The last two years after the war of Harry's stay in the Wizarding World jaded him. He was no longer the naïve Gryffindor that jumped at the slightest provocation. He knew that he needed to secure peace and stability in Britain as fast as possible. He agreed to Damien's proposal and made Daphne his wife. While the marriage was on a political basis, both of them committed themselves to work out their relationship. Of course, many were not happy with what he did and chief among them were the Weasleys.

For the next ten years, Harry ruled Britain with an iron fist.

He smashed the corrupt beast that was the previous administration and established a system of meritocracy to support the Ministry. In his one decade rule, he expanded the wards around Magical Britain as he had a feeling that something was brewing right around the corner.

Unfortunately, this bad feeling just remained a feeling throughout his tenure as Minister for Magic. After a decade of his life spent in the halls of power of Magical Britain, he retired to civilian life preferring the company of his wife and two daughters. He was the youngest wizard and the longest-serving wizard to hold that office. His father-in-law tried to persuade him to stay in the office but Daphne managed to talk her father out of that as she preferred to have Harry home now that they had children to raise. She had become enamoured with the Potter charm after a decade of married life. Now that he was voluntarily returning, she preferred to have Harry all for herself and her children.

With his retirement, he concentrated on completing his NEWTs which he had abandoned in his pursuit of rebuilding magical Britain. He didn't attend Hogwarts again but rather took the exam independently.

With that part of his education over, he was planning to write a book on Defense against the Dark Arts but he was offered a position in the Department of Mysteries. Daphne was the one that insisted that he join the department as he could further his magical knowledge. Seeing the idea had its merit, he accepted the offer. These were the best years of his life as he researched obscure magic in the DoM and returned to the warm embrace of his family.

Sadly, these good days were not to last.

Just as his instincts implied something really bad happened in the muggle world.

The muggles with the aid of advanced technology managed to find the hidden magical enclaves all across the world. The muggle governments at first tried to keep the news from leaking out into the public. But, this was a wasted effort.

By the year 2017, almost all muggle governments acknowledged the presence of magical enclaves in the world. There was quite a bit of fear and equal amounts of curiosity among the muggle population of the world.

The muggle governments of many great democracies had successfully implemented the separation of church from state. So no more which burnings and honour killings were favoured by any world governments. Owing to the rather benign reaction despite the exposure the ICW passed a resolution to make overtures to the muggle public.

This decision led to the Free Terra pact that guaranteed fundamental rights to muggles and magicals in either world. Slowly, the magical world began to open itself up to the muggles.

The ICW and the UN framed the basic laws and norms that framed the basis for coexistence. The magical lands were far minuscule compared to the vast lands controlled by muggles. Some more laws and frameworks had to be implemented for safe coexistence but Harry was pleasantly surprised the Western Civilization easily accepted the existence of a new species.

It was not to say there were elements of concern but the dilution of Greek influence in Christianity certainly helped matters. The Christianity of the Dark Ages was not the Christianity of the millennium. If anything, the discovery of a new species seems to have dissolved the hold of religion in the world in egalitarian societies.

Unfortunately, this was not a common phenomenon. Large tracks of Western Europe remained largely not bothered by the discovery of magical kind. But, religion and bigotry held much larger sway in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

The ICW came to the decision that that individual magical enclaves have the right to determine whether they chose to engage with their muggle counterparts. The magical communities of the Americas, Middle East Asia and Western Europe closed down their borders with harsh wards. Western Europe on the other hand increased collaboration between their different communities.

It was from these political differences Harry found himself unable to age like others. At first, it was not much of an issue as wizards and witches age far slowly compared to muggles. But, it came to a point where his body remained in a permanent state as if he was in his twenties.

Even as his wife and children aged he remained young and strong. He had to depend on some wide use of glamour charms to alleviate suspicion. He even had to fake his death after Daphne passed away.

After making sure his children and grandchildren remained safe after his 'demise' he went on a journey. He travelled the known world and already he could see muggles were destroying nature in their bid to dominate the planet. They bred like rats exhausting and polluting the resources of the planet. It came to a point where the world nations began to fight for basic resources like water.

It is not that water began to suddenly disappear from the planet altogether. It is just that, as the number of cities began to increase water began to disappear from the urban areas. It didn't help that the coastal areas were no longer safe to live as the sea level rose steadily over the years. Gigantic storms began decimating the cities and yet the muggles never learned.

The muggles refused to give up their polluting ways and began demanding the wizarding world fix the planet. It was a demand the wizarding world was quite adamant to ignore.

Then war broke out in Western Europe over resources and for the first time, the magical world decided to do away with the muggles. The war was first fought between Ukraine and Russia but it devolved into muggles vs wizards in the span of a few months. Harry personally partook in the war under a different identity.

It did not take too long for other nations to get involved. Within a year the world was at war spurred on by lack of resources, politics, racism and the need for a new world order.

With essential resources turning scarce the war only made the situation worse for the inhabitants of Terra. The world war destabilized the planet in ways that Harry never thought possible. The use of nuclear weapons triggered more disasters and consumed large parts of the planet in nuclear winter. Other natural disasters only accelerated the near-total annihilation of the planet.

Even magic began to disappear from the world altogether but Harry managed to sustain his magic. The years he had lived had only accelerated his power and healing abilities. The reason he had joined the war in the first place was so that he could die in the field of battle. He didn't have it in him to commit suicide but a warrior's death was preferable. Unfortunately, a bullet to his head or heart no longer ensured him the gift of death.

With the world on the brink of a cataclysmic disaster, he was no close to finding a solution to his death. It was at this point he decided to try the Veil of Death. All the research on the archway in the Department of Mysteries had let him learn the archway was a portal.

A portal to where remained a mystery. But, it was a portal unlike any other. The only thing he knew for sure is that anything that enters the archway never comes back.

With his world's destruction inevitable, he decided to take his chances on the Veil. On 1st September of the year 2075, Harry stepped into the Veil of Death disappearing from the world altogether.

Eddard Stark was tired. Oh so tired. He was tired of war.

He never imagined all that would happen in the last two years. It all started with that godforsaken Tourney of Harrenhall.

In the beginning, it was a tourney like any other. He was not so fond of tourneys but Robert was so fond of tourneys. Besides, Lord Arryn was going to the tourney and his father along with his siblings were also expected to be present. This he went to Harrenhall and at that time he never knew it'd be the last time he would interact with his family jovially.

Rhaegar Targaryen, the Crown Prince of the Targaryen dynasty won the tourney and crowned his little sister as his Queen of Love and Beauty over the Prince's own wife. It was a pivotal moment and the Prince later absconded with Lyanna.

Eddard's elder brother Brandon Stark and many of his friends rode into the Red Keep demanding Rhaegar's head for kidnapping Lyanna. The Mad King responded by throwing his brother into the Black Cells. The Mad King executed many of those who accompanied Brandon.

Eddard's father, Rickard Stark, travelled to King's Landing and appealed to the mercy of King Aerys Targaryen. His father's pleas fell on deaf ears prompting Lord Rickard to ask for a trial for Brandon.

For this reason, the Mad King had his father burned to death while Brandon choked himself to death trying to save his father. The Mad King then sent ravens to the Eyrie ordering Lord Jon Arryn to deliver Robert's and Eddard's heads. An order the honourable lord of House Arryn refused to comply.

Instead, Lord Arryn raised his banners in rebellion to unseat the tyrant who styles himself the master of Westeros. This, the banners of falcons, direwolfs, stags and trouts were raised in rebellion. Together they crowned Robert Baratheon the King of Westeros and the war began.

A war that lasted two years, the War of Usurper the Targaryen loyalists would call it.

Eddard preferred Robert's Rebellion or maybe he sometimes preferred it'd not have taken place at all. A war that was fought for nothing in the end it'd seem.

A sigh escaped him as he rode inside the walls of Riverrun with his sister's body in tow. The war was won and Robert stood victorious over Rheagar at the Trident. Roberta was even crowned king at the Great Sept of Baelor but Eddard felt no happiness. He only felt loss, for his sister had passed away at the Tower of Joy. He had to sacrifice many of his friends to even gain access to his sister at the Tower because a bunch of men remained stubborn.

He was tired of war, tired of death. He seemed the warm halls of Winterfell where he would bury his sister beside the remains of his father and brother.

Lord Hoster and his lady wife Catelyn approached him to greet him.

"Eddard, I'm glad you finished your journey safe and sound. Please accept my condolences for your dearly departed sister. We held seven days of prayers for her soul after we learned of her fate." said Lord Hoster holding Eddard's shoulder squeezing to comfort him.

"Thank you, my lord."

Eddard didn't know what else to say as he was either numb to the empty platitudes he has been receiving from the many lords of the realm.

My daughter has been waiting for you Eddard. And you have ample cause to be merry." said Lord Hoster as he gave way for his daughter to approach Eddard.

Eddard watched two servants accompany his lady wife with two bundles in their hands.

Catelyn Tully was a beauty, there was no doubt. A beautiful bride but one he felt he did not deserve. It was Brandon who should have married Catelyn. It was Brandon who would have become the Lord of Winterfell. Edward felt as if he was stealing his brother's position.

"My lord husband." Catelyn curtsied and looked at him with her blue eyes alight with happiness and pride. Her red silken mane drifted to the silent tune of the wind.

"My lady." he acknowledged her with a nod and pressed a caste kiss to her rosy cheek.

"My lord. Meet your sons..." said Catelyn, taking one of the bundles from the servants and presented the baby to his eyes.

Eddard couldn't help but smile as he greeted his first child. A child that had quite vivid red hair and blue eyes, looking eerily similar to his Tully wife.

"He is the eldest. I thought to name him only if my lord gives me the honour." said Catelyn

Eddard nodded as it was such a simple request.

"Then how about Robb as his name. Named after your friend-the King. Robb Stark, the heir of Winterfell."

Eddard smiled and nodded. "A good name, my lady."

Catelyn handed young Robb to a servant while taking the second child into her hands.

This time when Eddard looked at the child it was all Stark. With hair as black as night and eyes as grey as many of Eddard's ancestors.

"Would not think to say they are twins at first glance. Born a few seconds younger than Robb. What shall we name him, my lord?" asked Catelyn

Eddard guided his fingers through the black tuff of hair on his second son's head.

"Harrion. His name will be Harrion Stark."