Love Hina: Change of Heart

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A/N: This is my very first fan fic EVER! I understand if there are some flames! Just don't be too harsh.anyways..The story takes place around the time when Keitaro tells Seta that Naru is in love with him! We all know that in the manga and cartoon Seta says that he loves everyone! But, what would happen if Seta had only loved Naru and as more than just a friend! Is that what Naru really wants? P.S. I am sooo sorry that this may not make any sense but for just this story lets pretend Seta didn't like Haruka...Sorry if I just ruined it for anybody! I'll stop now so you can read and REVIEW! P.P.S. [Any text in here is thoughts.] *Any text in here is A/N* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 1: A Surprising End!

"Naru has always loved you!" Naru nearly died! Her face was nearly on fire from blushing! Keitaro had just blurted out what she always couldn't. He had just admitted that she loved Seta and it was killing her inside. [Out of everyone in the world that knew, why did HE have to say it?!] She looked around her at everyone's shocked faces. Motoko and Shinobu felt horrible for Naru. They couldn't imagine how it must have felt for someone to confess for them to another person. Naru looked over at Su and Sarah who didn't seem to care about much of what just happened besides for entertainment value! Then Naru turned her eyes to Kitsune. She didn't understand why Kitsune looked so down, so empty. She would have thought that Kitsune would've enjoyed this type of thing. But, the truth is that Kitsune had some deep feelings for Seta and she felt a piece of her heart slipping away. Then Naru turned to look at Keitaro. He looked like he was drained. Like something very important had just been taken away from him. She wanted to go over there and comfort him, but before she could move a muscle, Seta grabbed her and turned her to face him.

"Is it true Naru?" Seta asked in a serious but gentle tone. Naru turned her head down and replied equally as serious and gentle.

"Yes." Seta looked down at her long light brown hair covering the top of her head. He put his hand on her chin and moved her head so he could see her face. It looked confused like she was longing for an answer in return.

"Naru, I love you too! I have always loved you, but I was too afraid to say it. That's why I left. But, we are back together again." Seta pulled Naru into a kiss, but Naru still had an unfulfilled look in her eyes, but nobody knew that since they were closed for the kiss she had dreamt about for so many years. After she pulled away from him she had a quick look around. She turned back at Seta with a concerned look on her face. He ignored that and realized what had caused this happy event.

"And we have my part timer to thank for it all." He had a gleeful tone, but Naru didn't. Her voice was full of worry.

"But where's Keitaro!?" She turned her head to notice that everyone was still there except for him. They all looked a little bit let down but no one knew why except for Kitsune. [This is all wrong! Poor Keitaro. I need some sake.] Kitsune turned and drearily started walking back to the Hinata House. *A/N: I know in the cartoon that they are trapped in a whole but in the manga they aren't. If I'm wrong then I apologize.* Every one of the hinata girls followed except for Naru. She was being held back by Seta.

"So what now my Naru?" He had such an affectionate tone that she couldn't help but to look up at him.

"Um. I don't really know." [Where is he?! I hope he's alright! Oh no Keitaro, what have you done!?!?!? Wait, why am I thinking this? I have Seta, isn't that all I need.]

"I'm feeling really exhausted Seta.I think I'll go home and I'll see you tomorrow." Seta couldn't understand why she had such a sad tone.

"Okay Naru. I will see you soon." He turned to walk back to his van when he said, "Oh! And thank my part-timer for me please!" He got in and left. Naru just stood there. She felt, well.torn.

"I wish I could thank him Seta," she said to herself, "but he just made the biggest mistake of his life." She slowly started to walk to Hinata House. She hoped he would be there. She had to tell him something very important.

End of Chapter 1! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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