AN: Hi! This is a little one shot of Percy's diary, a what-if, that I made earlier. I thought I'd share it with you until you get the next chapter of Changing Destiny. I hope you like it.

Listen! It wasn't my fault! Hear me out, okay? So, remember that one time that Rachel said that she'd blame me if she sprouted a prophecy in math class. Guess what? That actually happened!

Well you'd know too if you were IM'd in the middle of class! My battle instincts just naturally had to turn out, and I splashed water on her, and water all drenched over a poor kid, but I removed it just as quickly.

So then, since the mist was there, it reimagined it as me pushing him, and running back to my seat. Gods above, sometimes it's like Hecate hates me. Dam, she probably does hate me.

Anyways, that's not the point, the point is that I got in trouble because of something Hecate imagined, and Rachel indirectly started. Or at least I think it's indirectly... Anyways, after school ended, I IM'd her and she told me what was for, basically she told me what had happened, that I shortened for you at the beginning, and then she apologized. It's a funny story, though, so I think it deserves to be retold in full. So, what happened is that her teacher reminded them that they had homework, and asked if anyone had started it, and if they had any questions, and she recited:

All shall go on a quest for answers,

But don't wish to ask Mr. Lancer,

So they don't get it done,

And shall all fail except one.

That wasn't as morbid or bad as usual, right? Funny. I thought that maybe Apollo made it happen because he was bored or something. Wait, that prophecy suggests that they aren't already failing. What! No, Annabeth of course I'm not failing Calculus! Yes, I do want to go to college with you, and because I know you probably saw through my lie, here's my defence, the teacher does nothing but sit there, and give tests later! OH NO! Of course I don't want to fail on purpose!


-recording stops-

*recording started again*

Ok, I'm back, and I'm fine. The only thing you missed was a huge fight between me and wise girl, which ended as a draw, as usual, and somehow turned from that to a heated kiss, god knows how. But of course, that's nothing new, it happens every time we spar. Yeah, the camp didn't bat an eye either. I wonder why I always have some story to tell...

Oh, well, that's why I started this, so I can pass my stories, the correct ones, not rumors, to our children that we'll probably have.

What? You know it's correct. Oh, and about that, me and Annabeth are getting engaged in a month. I think that's it for now.

What I hope is that I manage to continue this, but I probably won't remember, I have too much going on, too many stories. I promise to try and come back to record another story sometime later. Anyways, I need to go to the Capture The Flag meeting. It's Friday afternoon, and the hunters have come over, so we'll actually need a plan this time, unlike usual. Oh, well. Bye! See you later!