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Chapter 2: A Growing Oak Finds Home

The sound of a door slamming shut echoed throughout the dense forest. The Midoryia family wasted no time in leaving their former home and tormentors behind. Inko Midoriya was quick to give one final volley of anger towards Izuku's former school for not doing more to protect her son. After the final barb was placed on the failures in that school the family left Mustafu behind for their new home in the Forest of Beasts. It was a long drive but both mother and son were too excited to even notice. Once they both arrived at the old home it seemed strange to say the least.

Powerful roots, branches, greens, and foliage had overtaken much of the land. Though one path led straight to an old cottage like home in the middle of the forest that was built into what seemed to be one of the larger trees in the area. The green worked around the home instead of overtaking it, and if the Midroiya's weren't so excited they probably would have noted that as strange. Both Midoryia's felt a sense of calm as they walked closer to their new home. Izuku even more so than his mother as the smile that was plastered on his face was unlike any his mother had seen before. It made her all the more positive that she made the right decision. As Inko began to open the door Izuku clutched the amber necklace in his small hand in anticipation while he idly thought back to his last few moments in Mustafu.

Explosions rocked the playground as the young Bakugou lashed out at Izuku with a flurry of emotions. Izuku had made the thoughtful, or maybe masochistic, choice to inform his former best friend that he was leaving. It turned out that Katsuki in fact didn't take the news very well. Another explosion shook the small area as the child seemed about ready to burst in rage. "You bastard, you think you can just leave!? Like anywhere else would care about a worthless freak like you Deku!" The boy seethed out as even his small group had vacated the area in fear of their pseudo leader. "If you are running then I better give you a good parting gift.." The almost feral look sent shivers down the young Izuku's spine. "Lets see if I can't rip those stupid antlers out for good!" The boy launched himself at the greenette as Izuku could only clutch the necklace around his neck and wished for help from anyone around. He hadn't done this in years since no one would ever listen but something told him to at least try! His mother gave him the necklace earlier in the morning and told him to always keep it close and it will guide him to what he needs. As he wished for aid the stone became bright with a fiery anger.

Branches and vines shot out from the ground and grasped the exploding bullet of a child tightly before slamming him quickly into the ground. Izuku's eyes were closed so he didn't see the sight of what had happened. With an ancient groan and crackle of power all Katsuki could see and hear around him were thick gnarled roots coiling tightly and glowing orange eyes. The words that followed sounded of many but one above all shook like a violent storm overhead. "The heir shall not be harmed by such a lowly insect. Leave before we decide to return you to the earth!" As the command was given Bakugou was released from his bark made prison and at that point Izuku was eyeing the boy in shock. He saw a look on his old friend's face he had never seen… absolute terror. The small blonde child stood up and shakily ran away without even looking back. Izuku's eyes trailed down to the ground where he saw small roots returning to the earth. He idly noticed his tattoos had a faint, but stronger, glow to them while the small stone in his hand felt just as warm as normal.

Inko seemed to notice her son stopped behind her in thought. She knew what happened at the park as she received a frantic call from Mitsuki. The mother understood that her kind boy hated hurting others so scaring Katsuki was weighing heavily on him. She turned to him and placed a soft hand on his shoulder while smiling brightly. "Don't think in the past honey it won't solve anything. Think about all the new friends you'll make at your new school and all the fun you'll have here!" The words seemed to bring a slight smile to Izuku's face as he grabbed his mom's hand and both of them walked into the home to start their new life.

Their home was small but perfect for the mother and son. Izuku had a week before he started his new school in the area so he decided to explore the surrounding area. Inko had been worried at first, but it seemed no matter where each of them went in the forest they could always find their way back to their small home. As Izuku walked through the woods he noticed that it was very similar to the lush greenwood in his dream he had. Though the forest he was in now seemed a little dull compared to the one he had witnessed. It was like it was sleeping or waiting for something to occur. Anywhere the young boy walked he seemed to find new and increasingly interesting areas. Stone with markings and old trees with carvings decorated the area around their woodland home. During his expedition he came across one area in particular.

The young boy found a secluded grove that seemed to be in the center of the forest. The branches and green always seemed to allow him entrance to any area of the woodland. Always giving him a clear path to tread where others may have been stalled or have been forced to find another route. Inside the grove it was calm and weirdly silent. No birds or animals could be heard at all. The sun didn't even show through the thick branches of the overgrowth. The only light that could be seen was from what appeared to be bioluminescent mushrooms and moss. Small stones also seemed to glow with a similar blue hue. As Izuku walked in, flowers opened and more light was given to the darkened area. The boy saw images carved into the stone of what looked to be tall and lithe people with spears and bows dancing amongst the woodland and beasts. As he was a child Izuku could only truly imagine with the ability of a young mind. Only seeing the colorful images and giggling at the softly fluttering moths that would glide by. He didn't even notice the darker images that he passed by. Stones that spoke of a much more sinister past.

As Izuku walked closer to the center he began to hear soft chanting and even a small amount of humming. It was a song he knew well. It was the same song his mother would hum to him when he was scared or hurt. Strangely though he wasn't afraid. The stone around his neck kept him bathed in a warm amber glow. Izuku's eye's trailed the fluttering of a collection of moths as they flew and gathered around what appeared to be a large stone in the center. As the antlered boy peered at the monolith he couldn't help but think he knew what it was. On the stone, cut flat down the middle, there were many images carved but the three main ones seemed to be the center focus of the whole image. A tall broad man who could have easily given All Might a run for his money in the strength department was pictured with powerful looking horns and hooves. Izuku smiled softly because it was rare for him to feel a connection with another. The man held a large horn of some kind high while his other hand seemed to intertwine with another.

The other large image on the stone was that of what appeared to be a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and ethereal wings of some kind. She seemed to garner the attention of all figures on the stone, even that of the hulking man next to her. Instead of a weapon or horn in her other hand though it seemed to gesture between both figures. Sat between both pictured beings was a small boy with features similar to the man. The woodland appeared to coil around him while he held a large spear with care. What Izuku quickly noted was that around his neck was a necklace very similar to his own. Izuku had always been a child of few words. He never had many to speak to besides his mother. At this point though words did escape his mouth.

"Who are you?… what am I?" Two simple questions. These were the only words that the boy seemed able to release to the darkened area. As if responding to his questions the woods creaked and moaned in delight. To others it would have perhaps only been a few cracks made by the wind, but to Izuku it made complete sense as he listened to a soft whisper among the ancient oaks. "We are you.. Together we are strong.. The heir has returned and the woodland shall sing his name.." Izuku tried to make out the name but his head began to swim with pain as he clutched his forehead tightly. His hand pressed flat against the stone. In his pain the boy never noticed the monolith glowing brightly and the images shifted and merged around his hand. As the boy slipped into a deep sleep beneath the stone the artifact opened to reveal a chipped and root covered spear sitting alone in the crawl space that seemed to be made for it. The glowing moths surrounded the spear and in an instant it had disappeared from sight. On the small boy's right arm though appeared to be a near tattoo. Beautiful drawn moths ebbed and flowed around a masterfully built spear that looked to be of the same art style that was around the grove.

A poking sensation started to really irritate the young man. Izuku's brow creased as he felt something poking his cheek. As he finally had enough his eyes shot open as he prepared to find what was the cause of his rude awakening. Though his face became filled with nothing but confusion as sitting before him was a small little.. Tree? It looked like a crudely made doll about the size of an action figure and made out of bark and vine. It stood before him with a blank face that held no expression. The only thing that could be seen as distinctive on its face was a set of orange eyes. Both Izuku and the tiny thing blinked before the small thing waved at him in an attempt to seem nice. The boy acted like anyone else in his situation would. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" He screamed and slid back away from the plant, tree,... thing.

As Izuku slid back the little tree assumed it was a game and happily followed with awkward steps and a brightness to his eyes. It hadn't been around for too long but it was already enjoying itself it seemed. Izuku looked confused at the small creature before trying to rationalize the situation. "Um.. w..what.. Are y..you?" Again today seemed to be his day for simple questions. The tiny figure stopped and it's eyes seemed to crease in thought. After a few moments it turned towards a small stone and pointed. The hooved boy looked in the direction of the stone and saw painted on the rock were images of large beings made of trees and plants. The boy turned back and looked to be in thought for a moment. The tiny tree took that as an ok to approach and before Izuku knew it or could stop it the small tree was nestled in his lap looking up at him with child-like curiosity. "Ok so.. Maybe you have something to do with my quirk? Obviously it's growing at an exceptional rate. Maybe it has to do with all the weird drawings and carvings around the forest, and maybe even my tattoos! Also…" Thus began the small being's first taste of his new friend's very common mutterfests. The poor little sprout sat there for minutes until he lifted his arm carefully and booped the young boy on the nose.

Startled a bit, Izuku looked down at the twig creature while it blinked up at him. They sat there for a moment until Izuku let out a small bout of laughter at the situation. "Ok thanks for that… um… Rooty?" The twing creature made no response as he raised his arm again. "Ok Ok! Not Rooty! Um.. we can think about that later." The small tree's arm lowered as its head nodded carefully. Izuku might be the heir but that doesn't mean his ideas for names were gold. The little being climbed quickly up his arm and sat content on his large friend's shoulder. The young boy nodded happily with a large smile. He actually seemed to have a friend finally. After the meet and greet so to speak Izuku looked around the grove and noticed it looked the same as before he fell asleep. He didn't remember much before that. What he did notice is that the stone in the middle was opened. "I wonder what was in that big stone… huh.. This place just gets weirder and weirder.." As if on cue the wind blew through the branches of the grove and almost sounded like a taunting laugh. The youngest Midoriya just pouted and turned to head back towards home with his new friend.

What he didn't notice though is that as he left the grove the stone began to morph again. As it resealed itself the image changed to show a large being with horns and hooves just like before. Except this time instead of a family surrounded by others it was the single man with horn and spear in hand, surrounded by what appeared to be twelve figures. Eleven of the figures seemed to be shrouded by dust and vine. The only one that seemed to be visible was a woman who appeared to stand equal with the man himself but instead of weaponry like the center figure she seemed to be shrouded in the woodland itself and shown bright like a calming beacon among the group of figures. Though the largest figure overtop them all was a colossal figure that seemed to shelter them with it's arms. It's body seemed to be made of branches, green, and eyes of bright shining amber.