Todoroki slid down the crumbling streets on a road of ice, slipping and sliding to where midoriya was located. They knew the mission they were going on was dangerous but no one could have predicted this!

Todoroki nearly slipped and fell hundreds of feet down when jumping to one of the closest buildings, he knew he would be seen if he kept it up with his ramp. He climbed up the wall and leaped over the edge of the building and crawled across the roof. Soon he was met with the sight of Midoriya laying on the ground bleeding out.

He imeaditly launched himself down there without a second thought. he wasn't letting Midoriya die!

Todoroki launched himself towards the scene and after making eye contact with the villain for a second he put up an ice barrier. He held Midoriya in his arms and shook him softly.

"Hey...hey..! Come on please..!" Todoroki pleaded with the unconscious Midoriya before he felt something slash him from behind.

Next thing he knew he was on the floor.

Izuku woke up to a blindingly white room and somthing heavy laying on his chest, tight arms around his waist.

He opened his eyes slightly to see what it was only to see Todoroki there.

"Hey...?" Izuku's brain was just starting to realize what happened when he felt Todoroki move.

Todroki nudged at Izuku's chest, wrapping his arms tighter around him. In response, since izuku didn't really know what to do he brushed through Todoroki's hair with his fingers, just barely scratching his scalp with his fingernails.

Todoroki seemed delighted by this and hugged tighter causing izuku to stop.

Todoroki then lightened his grip and started rubbing his head against Izuku's chest again. Izuku was pretty confused at this point but just returned to messaging Todoroki's scalp, gently touching at the hair which was growing right where his neck met his head.

Todoroki seemed happy and simply laid there while Izuku pet him. But soon he seemed to grow bored of Izuku just letting him and started moving his hands down Izuku's back.

Soon he reached a spot where Izuku's back was exposed and slowly put one hand up is shirt.

"Er-" izuku was caught off guard by the sudden skin contact but continued to massage Todoroki's skalp.

Todoroki slowly ran his hand up his back, rubbing harder at certain places to feel Izuku's reaction.

"Ah-" Izuku breathed out while Todoroki started to knead at his neck.

He suddenly pushed himself up to Izuku's neck, stopping with his hands. He began to kiss at his neck delicately.

Izuku let out a small noise before Todoroki suddenly stopped and pushed himself back down. He wrapped his hands around Izuku's waist and rested his head on Izuku's chest.

Todoroki hugged tightly at Izuku while izuku brushed through his hair.

Izuku calmly stopped leaving his hand tangled in Todoroki's curls and closed his eyes drifting back to sleep

Todoroki woke up with warm arms around his head, holding him closely.

And it was warm in a good way, like the food his mother used to make him. It brought him such comfort and Euphoria. For some reason he could smell a strong scent of sweet vanilla.

It was so peaceful, he just wanted to stay here forever.

Then he looked up to see a face littered with freckles that looked almost like the stars, a soft smile on his face as he silently slept.

Todoroki pulled his head up to the pillow on what appeared to be a hospital bed. And he removed his hands from Izuku's back and brought them to where the green haired boy's was.

He put one hand on top of Izuku's at first and then took hold of both his hands in his own. Todoroki closed his eyes.

Confident in his position and content to stay there.