The Queen and the Rabbit

Under the city, there was a labyrinth. This labyrinth was special compared to others for from the very wall of the place, creatures known as monsters were born. In the age past, the world was torn asunder by them before the arrival of the Gods changed everything.

Today, many people from all races received a blessing from gods and joined their Familia. Some of these people would take up arms and took the fight to the very home of the monsters themselves. These people – called adventurers – were the bastion that prevented the dark age of the past from returning. Whether it was due to altruism or simple greed, nevertheless it was thanks to them that the world was able to recover.

As of this moment, one of such people was fighting a small group of monsters.


The young boy's name was Bell Cranel. Before becoming an adventurer, he was just a farm boy living with his grandfather. After the latter's death, Bell decided to move to Orario to chase after his dream, one that was born thanks to the tales that his late grandfather often tell him.

To pick up girls in the Dungeon.

He knew how silly it sounded. Even his goddess couldn't help but laugh at what she called a "perverted yet innocent" dream. In any case, it was his grandfather telling him of how the real men would try to make a harem that drive him to go to Labyrinth City and fulfill the dream.

However, in recent times, he has been wondering if he should abandon such desire.

"Take this!" The albino boy shouted as he slammed his knife into the back of the dungeon lizard.

While he did that, Bell allowed himself to be open to an attack from a monster; an opportunity that was taken by a goblin. It jumped and was about to hit him when it suddenly stopped moving and fell to the ground. The boy was surprised at first, but upon realizing that there was a crunching sound before the monster was dead, he turned his attention to look at the one behind him.

She was – without any doubt – someone that could only be described as "beautiful." There was an air of royalty around her, enhancing her ethereal beauty. While the hard, cold glare from her blue eyes often caused many to feel fear, there was something about it that made him couldn't help but look deeper into it.

"You're careless." The woman stated almost without any emotion.

"I…I know." Bell could only divert his eyes in embarrassment.

She said nothing in return, merely raising her massive black-and-blue pronged spear. The corpses of the monsters jittered for a while before the magic stones inside them were ripped off, causing them to turned into ashes. The stones then flew towards the woman, her free hand ready to collect them.

As this occurred, Bell took the pouch from his belt and opened it. They gathered stones were then stored in it. He shook the pouch for a moment to tidy up the content before looking into it.

"This should be enough for today." He stated.

"Very well." She spoke before turning around. "Let us return to the surface then, husband of mine."

With a small blush on his face, the albino boy immediately followed her. She was the reason that caused him to doubt his dream.

After all, how would you pick up girls and formed a harem when you're already married?

"Good news, Bell. The total worth of the stones that you've collected is 4,000 valis; much more compared to what you gained a few days ago."

"T-That's great, Miss Eina!"

Currently, he was in the Guild exchanging the magic stones that they have gathered for money. He was also meeting with his advisor, an elf named Eina Tulle. The glasses-wearing woman handed over the money to Bell which he then stored in his backpack.

"Say, Miss Eina," He suddenly spoke.

"Yes, Bell?" She titled her head a bit.

"Considering how long I have been in the Dungeon, do you think I…"

"Absolutely not!"

The boy was rather taken aback by the rejection. Not only that, the elf was giving him a hard glare. She fixed her glasses before elaborating her opinion.

"I know what you want to ask; is it now the time for you to head deeper? And my answer is that it is not a good idea." She explained. "I know that your profession is called adventurer, but adventurer must not go to an adventure, despite how oxymoron that sounds. It would take you months – years even – for you to acquire the necessary experience and skills."

"R-Right," Bell said, overwhelmed by his advisor.

"And most importantly, you're married, Bell. If anything happens to you, then your wife will have to take care of herself." Eina pointed out. "You don't want her to be widowed at such a young age, aren't you?"


He always tended to forget about that part. It was actually worse than what the Guild staff told her since if he died, she would die as well. Her entire existence in this world was entirely dependent on him being alive.

"You know, speaking of which, this is something that I have been wondering." The woman with glasses suddenly said. "Don't you think you're being a bit rash, Bell, marrying before making sure you have a stable income and others?"

"Well, it's not likely the…marriage is entirely within my will." He couldn't help but blush and looked away.

"Not entirely…" Her eyes widened. "Are you saying that you're forced to marry Morgan because you and her…!"

"It's nothing like that!" The boy exclaimed immediately. "It's…"

Just as sudden as his shout was, he became silent midway through. Eina observed her protégé, noticing how uncomfortable he was. She merely sighed and fixed her glasses.

"Alright. If you want to keep it to yourself, I don't mind." She stated. "Nevertheless, remember that you have people who love you and want you to return, so don't. Risk. Your. Self."

"O-Of course, Miss Eina!" Bell said as he gave her a bow.

When he exited the Guild, Bell saw that Morgan was waiting for him…in exactly the same location where he left her and in exactly the same pose. He admitted that was a part of her that he found rather unnerving.

"Are you done, husband?" She greeted him first.

"Y-Yeah." He replied. "We could go back home now."

"Very well then."

As they walked towards their home, the boy was reminded why he entered the building alone and not with her. He remembered it, how they together went into the Guild to register themselves. After that, however, Morgan requested that unless necessary, she would leave the Guild-related business to him.

He was – at first – confused by the request. Upon seeing how she reacted to certain kinds of people though, Bell had a feeling that he managed to figure out the reason.

"Miss Eina is a kind woman, you know?" He suddenly said, causing her to glance at him. "I mean, she can be strict and a bit of terrifying when mad, but she's looking after me, and…well, I can't say that I completely disagree with her advice."

"I know. I have seen her myself." Morgan replied. "Nevertheless, I prefer spending as little time with her kind as possible."

"B-But why?" The boy became confused. "You said yourself that Eina is not a bad person."

"Irrationality due to past experience." She stated. "It seems that even I am not above such a thing."

He didn't know exactly what she meant by that. However, he also knew that he was approaching an uncomfortable topic, thus deciding to not continue the conversation.

Upon arriving at their home, the pair were soon greeted by her.

"Bell, Morgan, you're back!"

"We're back, Goddess!"

Despite her appearance of a small girl with hair braided into a pair of ponytails, the person in front of them was none other than the goddess of their Familia, Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth.

Speaking of their Familia, it was – to be blunt – a destitute one. Both Bell and Morgan were literally the very first children of Hestia, meaning that they had to start from the very bottom. Not only that, they didn't have much wealth, to begin with, having to live in a ruined church owned by the goddess' friend.

At least there was clean water.

"You guys come back early." The black-haired woman said. "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing of sort, Goddess." The boy replied. "We simply managed to reach our target faster."

"I see. Glad to hear that." She stated before walking towards the table in the room. "Come on, I already prepare the dinner."

"Thank you so much, Goddess!"

Fortunately, when it came to food, their condition was much better. At first, they could only eat old and dry bread along with some jagamarukun that Hestia brought from her workplace. Such was the condition that Morgan commented on how fortunate she was that she didn't need to eat.

As stated before, it didn't take long for the situation to improve. Now, it was not hard getting some bread fresh from the oven and countryside products straight from the farm of Demeter Familia. Those were the kind of food that they consumed for dinner.

Of course, there were still jagamarukun. It was basically free and the taste wasn't so bad.

"Alright!" Hestia announced after the dinner was over. "Let's update both of your statuses."

"Of course, Goddess!" Bell was just as excited while Morgan simply nodded.

Bell Cranel
Level 1
Strength: I40 - I72
Defense: I11 - I13
Dexterity: I50 - I66
Agility: I92 - H101
Magic: I10 - I19

The boy blinked upon seeing his status, making sure that there was nothing wrong with his eyes. He managed to get an "H," but according to Eina's advice, it would take him months to be able to do that. Either she was lying – which was impossible – or there was something about him that caused this "bigger growth than normal."

"Now that's done," The Goddess turned her attention to her other child. "Come on, Morgan. Your turn."

The woman walked towards the bed and sat on it, unlike her husband who lied on his chest. Because her back was exposed, only the top part of her outfit needed to be removed. Hestia then lowered her dress so that she had complete access to her Falna.

Bell tried not to stare too much at Morgan whose "certain areas" of the body were slightly exposed. He wanted to divert his eyes, but last time he did that, she took offense to it, stating how a husband shouldn't be embarrassed to see his wife's body.

Level 1
Strength: I3 - I5
Defense: I2
Dexterity: I5 - I8
Agility: I9 - I11
Magic: I77 - I85

Lordless Camelot:
Bombardment and curse spell which also empowered one's allies, symbolizing the hatred towards Men and Fairies.

Fate's a cruel thing, isn't it?
Such is the dream of destruction that I always saw.
There is no retribution, there is no salvation.
Despite being at the Farthest Ends, the birds will sing of tomorrow.
Please ── Lordless Camelot!

Rhongomyniad: Divine Construct weaved from of the inner sea of the World.

I will not tolerate you.
I will not save you.
Merely Obey.
Bow Your Head.
There is no fear, nor there is hope.
Simply, die like a sinner.
Split the heavens and tether the earth.
None shall pass – Rhongomyniad!

Territory Creation:
Creation of a Workshop to draw in Magic Power is available.
Item Construction:
Allowing the creation of magic items of the highest quality.
Magic Resistance:
Untouchable by all but the strongest of Magic.
Fairy Eyes:
See all the lies and true intentions of people.

While her basic skills were admittedly not that impressive, the same could not be said for her Magic and Skills. Furthermore, there was also her repertoire of spells that were not listed in her status. Bell knew about it; he had seen it first hand, after all.

To call Morgan a high-class mage was an understatement. It might even be considered an insult.

"You know, this Fairy Eyes Skill," Hestia commented. "It never ceases to interest me. You're basically possessing the same ability as us gods of not being able to be lied to."

"Did no one ever possess that kind of skill, Goddess?" The albino boy wondered.

"I can't say for sure. This is something any god would try to hide." She stated before looking at him. "You haven't told anyone about this, aren't you, Bell?"

"As naïve and childish as he is," Morgan was the one who answered. "My husband is at least not hopeless when it comes to intrigue."

"Come on now!" He blushed. "That's completely unnecessary to be said!"

She didn't respond to the statement. The woman merely fixed her dress before walking towards the bookcase. There weren't many books in it, but those were not what interested her; rather, it was the golden cup displayed on one of the shelves.

"Not much has changed." She stated after staring at the cup for a while. "It's still mostly empty."

"Is there something wrong with it?" Bell asked.

"Perhaps. There's something…strange with the magic in Orario." Morgan stated. "Perhaps it has something to do with all the gods walking around."

"Maybe it has something to do with the Dungeon?" Hestia suggested.

"A possibility." She admitted. "A research will be necessary."

"Well, better do it tomorrow then." The goddess said as she looked at the clock. "It's already late – ah, that's right!"

The sudden change in her tone caused her children to looked at her.

"If you two want to do it, there should still be an inn…"

"G-GODDESS!" Bell exclaimed loudly with his face becoming bright red.

In the middle of the night, a Familia of three was sleeping soundly in their home. Two of them were lying on a bed while the last one was using a mattress instead.

When the Familia was created, there was only one bed in their home. After gaining enough money, they used it to buy a mattress. It was intended for the married couple at first, but Hestia insisted on having it, saying that they deserve the bed more for doing the dangerous task of exploring the Dungeon.

Bell was slowly getting used to the sleeping arrangement. Doing that while a beautiful girl was sleeping beside him was not an easy thing. There were times when he was tempted to try and kiss Morgan on the lips, feeling as if his grandfather was encouraging him.

However, he had a feeling that he would regret such an action. While they were "married," he didn't have enough bravery to push his luck.

As he slowly entered into the dream world, the boy's mind went towards the incident that changed his journey forever.

"I expect you to work as my retainer. Or perhaps do you want me to treat you as my husband?"


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