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Author: Kain

Title: Time

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The character's of Buffy, Angel, and any other show that are unfortunate enough to be used for the purpose of amusing my own warped imaginings belong to other people.

Setting: Two years after the final episode of Buffy. Third episode of season seven of Stargate SG1. (Season seven of Stargate is suppose to be taking place during 2003, but for the purposes of this story 2005. Creative license.)

Summary: In a desperate gamble to avert the First Evil from ultimately winning the war Buffy and a small group decide to take drastic measure to insure this doesn't come to pass. Having discovered an ancient artifact located within Cheyenne Mountain they mount an offensive to take control of the Stargate.

Pairings: B/S, B/S, W/T, W/K, X/A, F/D, J/D, J/J

Rating: PG-13

Feedback: Is always appreciated. Just try to keep it constructive.

Email: Kain6639@yahoo.com

Archive: If you like it that much, sure. Just be sure to let me know where it's going, and give me the credit, good or bad, for my work.

Chapter One: Right Side of Wrong

"You figure after sleeping for a week I'd be a little more rested," Jack gripes mildly as he walks down the corridor sandwiched between Samantha and Daniel.

"So you're... I mean he's really going through with it?" Daniel inquires as he looks up from his notes.

Jack frowns slightly as he mumbles, "high school. Who would of thought I'd turn out to be such an egghead."

Sam looks at him curiously as she says, "you seem to be handling it better then I thought you would have. Considering..."

Jack turns his head towards her looking slightly hurt. "Hey, it's not like I've never had to deal with anything like this before. There was the crystal me and the robot me," he finishes as the three of them reach General Hammond's office.

"Of course son, take as much time as you need," the General says to a young Jack O'Neill.

"Thanks George," Jack replies. "Promise I won't be that long," he finishes. Turning around he spots the three members of SG1. "Jack."

"Jack," Jack replies.

"Sam, Daniel," he adds a little less stand offish. After a quick look he asks, "no Teal'C?"

"He's getting his shot," Col. O'Neill replies.

Jack nods slightly as he says, "I'll stop by the infirmary. See how he's doing," he says to himself. He looks back up at his older self and adds, "I won't be that long. Just gonna take a last look around."

Jack shrugs as he remarks, "hey. Take your time. Ain't got nothing else planned for today."

Willow kneels down between Buffy and Kennedy almost directly across from Faith. Her left arm was resting on her knee as she breathes deeply trying to gain her breath as Kennedy holds her right hand. Dawn squats down opposite Buffy, between the two darker brunettes. In the middle of the five girls, above one of the most heavily defended military bases in the world, was quite possibly the only undefended way into Cheyenne Mountain.

It wasn't so much that it was undefended. It was just that nobody was suppose to know it exists. One lone air shaft sitting on top of a mountain. Plus the mountain itself was crawling with soldiers, and the cross country hike would be more then enough to keep just about anybody else from even thinking about what they were planning. For three slayers, the key, and one of the most powerful witches in history. It wasn't even a bump in the road.

Buffy's eyes are hard as she stares out over the landscape. Hard enough to reduce stone to powder with nothing more then a glance, but then again her eyes have been like this for nearly a year now. It hasn't been a good year for the young woman. After her son's disappearance, her frantic search, scouring heaven and earth, only to reveal next to nothing. Not even Willow's magic had been able to find a single trace of the three month old baby.

The child was just gone, taken one night. Stolen from his crib right out from under her nose.

Life hadn't allowed her to mourn though. Always there was something... Some new crisis that called for her attention as war raged on. A war that was slowly, inexorably burying them under an avalanche of darkness. A war that wouldn't allow her to grieve over the loss of her child any more then it allowed her to mourn the death of his father. Let alone any of the others that had fallen over the years.

For a year now she has thrown herself into pushing the First back wherever it would crop up. Only it was like trying to fight a thousand different batles at once. Quell one hotspot and a dozen more crop up overnight. No matter how hard they fight, how many of them die, or how many demons they slay, it wasn't doing a damn thing to slow the First down.

"Are we really sure we want to be doing this?" Faith asks her companions.

Buffy looks at her, mildly surprised by the comment. "You really have changed," she murmurs quietly.

"I'm still a wanted felon remember," Faith replies in a dark voice. "Last thing I need on my record is treason."

Dawn shakes her head just before saying, "don't worry. They'll probably shoot us all long before they bother arresting us."

Faith shoots her a disgruntle look as she responds, "you're just a barrel full of sunshine?" She asks the question without a hint of malice or even a trace of anger as a ghost of a smile slips over her lips.

The thin golden brown hair girl rolls her shoulders as she replies saying, "I try." A mischievous smirk lighting her eyes.

The second oldest slayer gulps lightly but otherwise tries to ignore the hungry look in Dawn's eyes as she continues with what she had been saying. "Look this is a government installation we're talking about strolling into and taking over..."

"Not like we haven't done it before," Buffy remarks confidently.

"Speak for yourself," Kennedy mutters.

Buffy glances at Willow, ignoring the younger brunette, asking, "did you really have to bring her along?" Even after knowing her for more then two years now, with them working side by side, she still didn't like the raven hair brunette that much. As far as she was concerned Kennedy would never be good enough for Willow.

Kennedy glares at Buffy who just smiles tightly. "Are you two ever going to get along?" Willow demands in a huff getting irritated with the attitudes of both her girlfriend and her best friend.

Buffy shrugs as she answers saying, "probably not."

Faith growls slightly pulling everyone's attention back to her. After a couple of seconds she finally starts speaking again. "Look all I'm really asking is, is it worth it, is that artifact you keep going on about down there, and can it do what you claim?"

"That's three questions," Dawn informs Faith with another smirk, which earns her a stern scowl from the escape convict. She couldn't help but bait Faith when she makes it so easy for her.

"Yes. Yes. I don't know," Willow answers, "but from everything I've uncovered it was designed to work in conjuncture with the key somehow," she finishes.

"Its the only choice we have Faith," Buffy picks up. "Back in Sunnydale I thought we had won. That we somehow managed to cripple the First Evil, but as it turns out that was barely a skirmish. The First had us hamstrung before we ever knew we were under attack. It had been killing off potentials for close to two years before we knew. Ten girls a day, none of them ever knowing what they might become, leaving us with only a handful to make our army. If that artifact, that Stargate, or ring of the gods can do what Willow suspects we can turn the tide of battle before the war is truly on us."

"You do like to hear yourself talk don't you?" Kennedy asks as soon as its clear Buffy was done giving her mini speech.

"Would you like to carry Olaf's Hammer?" Buffy asks too sweetly reminding the young slayer of what had happened when she tried to pick up the troll hammer. So far only Buffy and Faith were strong enough to carry the heavy weapon and only Buffy could wield it properly. "Does everyone know what their doing?"

"Sure, Red pops all of us into the armory. She works her mojo on the computers while we grab a bunch of Zat things..."

"Remember one shot only," Willow reminds them. "Two shots will kill."

"Right," Faith says with a tight glare at being interrupted. "Then we all work our way to the gate room."

Buffy nods as she says, "no matter what. Willow and the scythe have to get back."

Faith grins lightly as she says, "and just think. If this doesn't work out we all get matching orange uniforms."

Faith staggers slightly as the armory coalesces around the five young women. Putting her hand on a nearby crate she manages to steady herself. "Sorry about that," Willow apologizes. "It takes a little getting use to."

The raven hair slayer straightens up pushing the wave of nausea back down. "And you couldn't mention that before hand?" She mumbles sarcastically.

"Kennedy, watch the door. Dawn, Faith find those Zats. Hurry up Wills. We don't know if their security is going to be able to pick us up, or how long it'll take them to respond," Buffy urges the group.

"Found them," Dawn calls out as she locates several crates full of Zats along with their specially modified holsters.

"Good going," Faith congratulates the young girl.

At the rooms sole computer console Willow's lean fingers seemingly melt into the keyboard allowing her mind to override the computer's core programming, rewriting key sections to serve her purposes. Almost two minutes later she withdraws saying, "there. It's done. In two minutes every single door in the base is going to lock, hopefully most of them will be closed with people inside of them. The computers are going to freeze up, I left the ones on in the infirmary," she adds with a shrug. "Comms will go down. If everything goes right we'll have a clear path from here to the control room. Until I access the computer there the base will be dead."

"Wish you wouldn't use the d-word Red," Faith complains. "Couldn't you have said dark instead."

"How are we suppose to get into the control room?" Kennedy inquires. "If the doors are all locked."

Buffy smirks darkly as she pats the head of the hammer sticking up over her shoulder. "Don't worry. I've got the ultimate lock pick."

"Well this sucks," Jack gripes as he kicks the sealed door locking him, him, and the rest of SG1 inside the gate room. It had only been a few seconds since the high pressure, pneumatic steel doors slid shut for no reason.

"Tell me about it," young Jack agrees. "Isn't there something you can do to get that damn door open Carter? Either of them?"

Sam shrugs her shoulders as she says, "the computers have locked them down sir. Until the computers tell the doors to unlock we're stuck here."

"But why would the computers tell them they need to be locked in the first place?" Daniel questions as he moves back far enough to see into the control room.

"A glitch in the system," Sam replies.

"Would it not also be a useful ploy in taking control of the base?" Teal'C inquires.

Sam nods as she says, "sure. But in order for someone to do that they'd need access to our computers and unless somebody is able to turn invisible, flawlessly duplicate or impersonate base personal, or somehow teleport inside I don't see how anyone could..." Sam begins but falters under Teal'C's highly expressive arched eyebrow.

"Are not all of those examples of times when the base has been compromised?" The large warrior inquires diplomatically.

"Somebody wouldn't happen to have a radio on them? Maybe a can with a piece of string attached to it?" Jack asks the group in his too calm voice. "Cause you know with the comms being down either one of those two things would come in real handy right now," he adds sarcastically

Sam pales slightly as she quickly moves over to the intercom pressing a button. "Tried that," Jack informs her. She hits another one, "that one too," Jack continues.

"Sir," Sam growls lightly at her annoying superior officer. Jack raises his hands in surrender before backing off slightly. "This doesn't make any sense. Everything was fine this morning when the techs swept the system for viruses and bugs. It was clean. It shouldn't be possible for somebody to upload a virus into our systems, we have programs design..." She grumbles to herself as she begins work on the intercom panel.

"Possible or not," Daniel says pointing towards the window. "That looks like what someone has done."

Everyone one else looks upward to see the computer technicians frantically moving around the control booth. "Well this sucks," Jack repeats in a harsher tone. "Are you sure you can't get that door open?"

"I'm trying sir," she responds. Young Jack gazes at her with a hurt look in his eyes. Sam rolls her shoulders apologetically before she continues to work on the control panel.

"So much for a clear path," Faith mutters as she lays down a barrage of Zat fire at the contingent of soldiers that just came around the corner they need to traverse in order to get into the gate room. At the same time that she opens fire so does Buffy and Kennedy filling the corridor with blue lightening. Before the soldiers have a chance to react half a dozen are already down.

They had been travelling through empty hallways for almost three minutes and the path had been clear. Until now. "How many are left?" Buffy calls out above the echo of the shrill fire.

"At least a dozen," Kennedy answers.

Buffy purses her lips for a second before coming up with a plan. "Kennedy. Keep laying down a cover fire. Faith, you take right, I'll go left. Once we're engaged get your ass down there Kennedy," Buffy orders as she keeps up her fire.

Kennedy gives a slight jerk of her head.

Buffy smiles as she looks at Faith. "Ready?"

"As I've ever been," the cocky brunette answers.

With that the two oldest slayers break for the T section twenty yards ahead. At the same time the barrage of Zat fire seem to intensifies keeping the soldiers pinned down, despite there only being one person pulling the trigger. Little more then a second later the Zat fire stops as Faith skids along the floor, like a baseball player sliding into base, while Buffy jumps high, vaulting forward. Her feet hit the wall and without breaking stride she turns the corner.

Buffy tears into the seven soldiers with a cool, methodical precision she has spent the last year mastering. The adrenaline surging through her veins taking control. The soldiers, like the demons she normally kills, are nothing but an obstacle that needs to be removed from her path.

Faith slides into the intersection she presses her hands down into the concrete floor and pushes herself upwards to flip over the eight soldiers on the right hand side of the intersection. They all gaze upward in fascination as the girl twist in midair to land facing them. A bare fraction of a second is all the time they have before Faith tears into their ranks.

The soldiers put up a valiant struggle in the close quarter combat against their inhuman attackers. Only it was like trying to fight a force of nature, a whirlwind or a tidal wave. Either they weren't there when you struck out against them or they simply roll over you as if you were nothing more then a gnat to be negligently swatted away. Even when a solid punch or kick strikes true it has about as much effect as if it had been used on a tidal wave.

Still they fight on. Even after it becomes obvious they are no match for the women attacking them. It is their charge, their duty, and if necessary, their right to die in defense of their country. Their world.

Moving faster then the human eye can follow the two slayers toss the trained soldiers around like they are nothing more then rag dolls barely worth their effort. Then Kennedy begins taking them down from behind. Within a matter of seconds fifteen elite Air Force soldiers have been laid low by the three slayers.

Willow catches the brief but meaningful look of concern, worry, and anxiety that passes between the formally psychotic, evil slayer and the young, almost nineteen year old girl- that prior to five years ago didn't exist- as her and Dawn race up to the T section. She quickly glances at the tiny slayer, but she was already focusing on the corridor ahead.

The petite witch hates keeping these things from her best friend, but neither Faith or Dawn want Buffy knowing about the change in their relationship. At least not until Buffy has recovered from her most recent loss. If she ever does recover from the loss of her son. Stolen in the dead of night and presumably murdered just about a year ago. It was the only way that would account for her not being able to find him. So for the past six months her, Kennedy, and everyone else that knew were keeping their mouths shut.

"General Hammond, Sir." A breathless voice calls as young soldier rushes into his office. Hammond looks up at the hard breathing, red face airman that just burst through his open door as he salutes. "The base has been infiltrated," he manages to say through gasps for oxygen.

"What?" He exclaims rising to his feet, "how come I'm just hearing about this now. Why the hell hasn't the alarm been sounded."

"None of it's working," he responds quickly handing the General a field communicator and a P-90. "The phones, all internal communications are out. We've been locked out of the computers, can't turn them off, can't do anything with them. Most of the doors, all the ones that were close, have been locked electronically. All but a few of the blast doors have been sealed. I've sent runners rounding up the base personal with orders to head to the armory, gather as much gear as they can, weapons and comms, and distribute them as they come across base personal."

Hammond nods as he puts the air peace in, "what's our situation as it stands now?"

"Reports have it a group of four or five young women, armed with Zats, and what's described as a large hammer and strange looking ax, heading for the gate room."

Hammond's scowl deepens hearing the news, "has anybody been able to engage them yet?"

"A few brief engagements. A contingent of over twenty, they managed not to kill anyone," he answers sounding relieved.

"Good then we can question them and find out just what the hell they were trying to accomplish here," he responds in a voice hard enough to crack boulders.

The airman shakes his head as he clarifies his previous statement, "no sir. The girls didn't kill anyone sir." General Hammond blanches, his complexion whitening while his face conveys his shock quite clearly for a moment. Then it hardens making a block of steel look soft in comparison. "The reports I've been receiving, sketchy as they are, claim at last three of them are superhuman."

"Goa'uld?" He demands his face hardening even more if that is possible.

The young airman shrugs as he replies, "I don't know. I don't think so, but... As far as I can tell they're going out of their way not to kill anyone."

"Not a trait the Goa'uld are known for," Hammond agrees with a slight nod of his head. "So we have an unknown alien presence heading for the Stargate."

"Yes, sir," he replies as Hammond heads towards his open office door.

"Well come along son. We have a hostile invasion to put a stop to," the General orders with an air of confidence he doesn't feel. He was glad that he had decided to keep the door open while he was doing routine paperwork. The thought that his base might be taken over while he was helplessly trapped out of the way rankles him almost as much as the thought of his base being invaded in the first place.

The steel door crumples, bursting inward under the force of the hammer swung by Buffy. She quickly jumps back just in case there was any gun fire from within.

With her hand stretched out in front of her Willow steps forward as several shots ring out. The bullets fall harmlessly to the floor as black light shoots out of Willow's hand immobilizing the two soldiers.

"Faith, Kennedy. Nothing gets down that corridor," Buffy commands as she steps into the room.

Kennedy stares at Buffy's, scrunching her up face she mouths Buffy's last orders. Her childish actions causing Faith to laugh softly.

"Buffy," Dawn whimpers in a tiny voice. Everyone turns to look at the young teenager, that until a few years ago didn't exist. Her complexion had become very pale as jade green electricity arcs between her fingers. She grimaces slightly as she says, "it hurts."

Buffy quickly grabs her little sister before she can fall to the floor. "It's going to be okay. Once we're on the other side we'll get you clear of the gate and you'll be fine," she promises soothing back her hair.

"You always were a lousy liar," Dawn murmurs softly. As she begins concentrating on one thing. Getting back to her mother. To see her again after all this time.

"I'm not lying," Buffy replies fiercely. "Willow," she calls out desperately over her shoulder.

"Almost there," she replies looking down at the Stargate, her hands once again melting into a computer keyboard, the same greenish lightening arcing over its circular surface.

"Ken can handle the corridor," Faith tells Buffy. "I've got her. You go take care of what you need taking care of," she says softly taking Dawn from the tiny blonde.

Buffy catches the soft, melancholic look in Faith's eyes as the younger girl takes her sister from her. She gives a short jerk of her head as she releases her sister and quickly steps away not having the time, or the inclination, to deal with what she thinks is going on between the two of them. If they manage to survive though she has a thing or two to say to them.

From below most of the members of SG1 see the first two sigils lock into place. Samantha continues working on the control pad trying desperately to get the sealed blast doors open with no success.

Young Jack and Daniel look up just in time to see a blond hair girl appear on the other side of the bulletproof window. She suddenly raises a large hammer and levels a mighty blow at the window. Until the window shatters outward, showering the concrete floor with fragmented glass, they had thought she was slightly insane.

"I guess that's one way of getting around a locked door," Daniel mutters as he uncovers his head.

The other members of the elite team were doing the same when the sound of glass crunching under someone's feet was heard by everyone. A third symbol locks into place. The sound of a Zat firing at a high rate of speed from the control room add to the sounds filling the gate room.

"I cannot allow you to pass," Teal'C declares barring Buffy's path.

Buffy's eyes seem to glint as a dangerous light fills them. She slips the hammer back into its makeshift holster on her back. "That's really too bad big guy, because me and my friends... We're going through that little circle thingy and there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop us."

"Indeed," he says and attacks without warning.

He was fast, Buffy had to gave him that. Nowhere near as fast as the vampires and other demons she deals with on a regular basis. Nowhere close to her own speed, but he was faster then the average, ordinary human.

She blocks his first punch, ducks under his second. Her back kicks sends a forty-five year old Jack O'Neill sailing into the concrete wall, where he bonelessly drops to the floor. She spins around Teal'C, her right leg coming up in rising crescent kick that clips Daniel in the chin flipping him over sideways in a hard but nearly flawless cart wheel. She slips a punch thrown by Sam. A short uppercut to the slightly taller blonde flips her over twice before her back hits the concrete floor. Continuing her spin, she comes around just in time to drive Teal'C's arm down. Grabbing hold of his thick forearm she flips him up and over slamming him into the ground with stunning force. Coming back up she stops the punch that was cruising towards the teenager's face before it makes contact.

Jack however has no such compunctions about stopping his punch. It smashes into the side of her face and his arm stops dead as she doesn't budge. "Ow!" He cries out pulling his hand back, shaking it fiercely, as if he had just punched a steel wall.

While Jack shakes his hand Buffy wonders just what a kid is doing inside one of the most heavily guarded secrets the U. S. Government has. A sixth symbol locks into place on the Stargate. Just then Faith drops silently to the ground cradling Dawn's light body in her arms.

"She ain't got that much time left B," Faith says solemnly.

"It'll be enough," Buffy replies as the final symbol locks.

The event horizon explodes outward and then like it allows does, flows back into itself. Only this time it wasn't the normal ocean blue that it usually is. Like the lightening crackling over it's surface the event horizon has taken on the same jade coloring. A moment later Willow floats silently to the floor. A second after that the sound of Zat fire stops and another quick second passes before Kennedy drops to the floor.

"This is it," he mutters in wonder. "Five girls have done what countless alien invasion forces haven't." Of course if the others could fight even half as well as the blonde, taking SG1 down in mere seconds, it wasn't that hard to see how they had managed it. Then Willow glances back at him, her glossy black eyes glinting sinisterly in the pale light causing him to reevaluate his opinion drastically.

"Everything's set to go," Willow tells Buffy.

Buffy nods as she says, "Kennedy, Will. You two go through first, secure the other side of the gate. Faith you get Dawn out of there as soon as you get through."

Kennedy pulls Willow into a tight embrace and the two lovers share a hard, passionate, and extremely fiery kiss. Breaking apart they share a brief smile before turning and stepping through the event horizon of the Stargate together.

Faith waits a brief second before following them through as Buffy un-slings her hammer. With a glance over her shoulder at Jack she says, "since I doubt I'm ever going to see you again kiddo. Have a good life." With that she twirls around in a tight circle and heaves the hammer through the Stargate at an upwards angle and then jumps following it through.

Jack pounds his hand on his thigh as he bites into his lip. He didn't even think she knew what her actions were going to do. If Sam hadn't explained it to him then he wouldn't have known either. They had dialed in Earth, but the only way they could connect with Earth was if they were dialing the future or the past. One it wouldn't matter, the other would more then likely wipe out everything that comes after the point they enter. Meaning him, everyone he knows, wouldn't exist and he was powerless to stop it. "We'll see about that," he snarls rushing up the ramp.

"No!" Jack shouts as he sees his young clone jump through the event horizon.

"What is it?" Daniel asks groggily pushing himself back up to his feet.

Jack tosses his hands into the air as he grumbles, "Jack, me, him. He followed that tiny, blonde, Xena wanna be through the gate."

"Colonel," General Hammond calls down from the control room.

"Sir!" He shouts back.

"What the hell happened?"

"We just got our collective asses kicked sir!" O'Niell yells just before he spins around looking for something to take his anger out on. "By Barbie and her debutantes," he adds in a loud murmur.

"A group of young woman have dialed Earth General Hammond," Teal'C clarifies an edge of loathing lacing his still groggy voice. Intellectually he knows that even with his symbiote there was nothing that he could have done to stop her. Her movements were even more fluid, more graceful, more powerful then any Goa'uld system lord he has ever seen fight. There was no shame in losing to someone who was vastly superior. Still his cheek twitches slightly as his anger seethes.

Hammond looks around the gate room, "correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the assumption that the Stargate couldn't be used to dial the planet it was on."

"That's only partially accurate sir," Sam replies. "Remember when we got stuck in 1969?"

"Right," Daniel chimes in. "We dialed back to Earth using the power of a sunspot."

"I do not believe there are any sunspots large enough recently to facilitate such a journey," Teal'C comments earning a sharp look from Jack. The Colonel knew Teal'C well enough to know when something was bothering him, only right now wasn't the time to get into it.

Samantha nods her head as she says, "there aren't."

"Then what did they use as a power source?"

"The girl," Jack says as he remembers seeing a young girl being carried by another as he began to come to. "The same kind of electricity that's," he gestures to the Stargate and the greenish energy cascading all over it, "was doing the same thing to her."

"You mean to tell me you believe they're somewhere in the past?" Hammond demands. "How much damage could they possibly do?" He questions, the concern etching his voice prominent.

Samantha shrugs unsure of just how deep the repercussions could run. "I'm not sure," she begins with a small shake of her head. "If they just went back a couple of years maybe nothing would change, maybe everything. If they went back and helped the Nazis win World War Two or even further and helped the Goa'uld maintain their hold on Earth we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Sir," she adds belatedly.

Daniel shakes his head, "if they went into the past then we shouldn't even exist right now."

"Maybe," Sam replies. "The gate is still open so that could mean whatever created the link between the two gates is still maintaining it."

"Meaning you'd have a chance to stop whatever it is they're trying to accomplish."

"It could be a one way mission," Daniel remarks.

"And if the gate shuts down we may all just go swish," Jack responds angrily hating that his fate was once again in someone else's hands.

Hammond's face hardens as he says, "you know what you have to do. Stop them, and God willing come back home safe."

Somewhere, somewhen else.

An ear shattering, thunderous boom shakes the very fabric of reality to it's core. The ground swells, bubbles and gurgles as everything heaves. Buildings tilt, bending nearly in half as they sway like small trees in a whipping wind.

A young man, his long, unruly brown hair tied back with a piece of cord helps steady a slightly younger man, a teenager really, still two years from reaching adulthood. His hair matches the older man's in length though it is a light sun drenched brown.

The boy looks up at his elder, piercing green eyes that match electric blue in their intensity. The unspoken question of what's going on clear in his lean, arch cheeks. Cheeks that are nearly identical to his elder.

He raises a scarred eyebrow and rolls his lean shoulders in response since he didn't have an answer for the child he has raised as his own since he was first given him nearly sixteen years ago by those who call this bizarre dimension home. A boy he would have known for his own if this strange world had any reflective surfaces to gaze upon.

Even at sixteen the boy was nearly a hand taller then he was and broader through the chest and shoulders, but still just as lean in waist. It wasn't long before they would be going back to their true world. Two more years and their training for the upcoming war would be complete.

Again the world shakes to its very foundation. Only this time a towering spire disintegrates soundlessly into a thousand fragments. Instead of crashing to the ground below they fall upwards into the sky.

"It is time," a harsh sounding voice informs them as a third being manifest itself in the courtyard.

"It isn't time yet," the elder shouts back. "Another two bloody years is how long you said 'for the training was over with."

"It is time," it says again.

"We're not ready you sodding whelp," he shouts at the entity. "How do you expect to win your bloody war if you send your warriors off half trained."

"It does not matter. You have no more time here. Events unseen transpire, unfold beyond our sight. Now all stands in peril as time unravels. If you do not leave all shall have been for naught. Now leave," it finishes with a grand wave of it's arm.

A shimmering wave washes outward stretching towards them, with agonizing slowness, that they can't move in. It crashes over them, enveloping them. With that they vanish.


Time - Hootie and the Blowfish

Time, why you punish me?

Like a wave bashing into the shore

You wash away my dreams.

Time, why you walk away?

Like a friend with somewhere to go

You left me crying

Can you teach me about tommorrow

And all the pain and sorrow

Running free?

Cause tomorrow's just another day

And I don't believe in time

Time, I don't understand

Children killing in the street

Dying for the color of red

Time, hey there red and blue

Wash them in the ocean, make them clean,

Maybe their mothers won't cry tonight

Can you teach me about tomorrow

All the pain and sorrow

Running free?

But tomorrow's just another day

And I don't believe in...

Time is wasting

Time is walking

You ain't no friend of mine

I don't know where i'm goin'

I think I'm out of my mind

Thinking about time

And if I die tomorrow, yeah

Just lay me down in sleep

Time, you left me standing there

Like a tree growing all alone

The wind just stripped me bare, stripped me bare

Time, the past has come and gone

The future's far away

Now only lasts for one second, one second

Can you teach me about tomorrow

And all the pain and sorrow

Running free?

'Cause tomorrow's just another day

And I don't believe in time

Time is wasting

Time is walking

You ain't no friend of mine

I don't know where i'm goin'

I think I'm out of my mind

Thinking about time

Time is wasting

Time is walking

You ain't no friend of mine

I don't know where i'm goin'

I think I'm out of my mind

Thinking about time

And if I die tomorrow, yeah

Just lay me down in sleep

Time, why you punish me?


Right Side of Wrong - Bon Jovi

A friend of a friend needs a favor
No questions asked, there's not much more to say

Me and the wife, we need the money
We've got four kids all hungry, one on the way
Slip these sweat socks in your shirt and pray they think your packin'
Be sure to keep your head down, don't look 'em in the eye
And don't get fancy, Ricky, we ain't Jimmy Cagney
Look at me, let's do the job and let's get home tonight

I got a half tank of gas and if we run all the lights
We'll slip across the border on the wrong side of right
And just like Butch and Sundance we'll ride until the dawn
Sipping whiskey, singing cowboy songs
On the Right Side of Wrong

We picked a helluva of a night, from the shore I see the skyline
In a couple of hours from now Rick, we're gonna get out of this life
We'll stop for smokes, I brought a six pack, we'll stop at lookers on the way back
Hell, we'll laugh this off, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tonight

I got a half tank of gas and if we run all the lights
We'll slip across the border on the wrong side of right
And just like Butch and Sundance we'll ride until the dawn
Sipping whiskey, singing cowboy songs
On the Right Side of Wrong

We'll make the grade, they'll know our names, I need a friend to drive here
Wear my necklace of St. Christopher and talk to him while I go inside
I'll take that suitcase, get the cash and we'll be gone before you know
Wait until we tell the girls we're moving down to the Gulf of Mexico...

A friend of a friend needed a favor
Life was just what happened while we were busy making plans
We never saw nothing, there was a run-in
.9 millimeter steel was coming for the windshield of that Oldsmobile
As the cop said, "Show your hands!"

I got a half tank of gas and if we run all the lights
We'll slip across the border on the wrong side of right
And just like Butch and Sundance we'll ride until the dawn
Sipping whiskey, singing cowboy songs
On the Right Side of Wrong