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For anyone unsure of where this story is placed in Laura Kinney's aka X23's story, it is set during innocence lost, immediately after Laura's mom used Laura to save her niece from a paedophile.

Think of chapters one to three as Laura's final official missions for the facility that creature her, chapter four is going to be a different beast but let's just say there are two reasons why this story is called Ozymandias.

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Chapter 1

Nothing beside remains part 1

True redemption is...when guilt leads to good.

Khaled Hosseini


"They can't be serous" Sarah Kinney growled irritably her raven black eye brows squished together as her exposition, usually passive and aloof turned, as dark as an approaching thunder storm. Her green eyes shown with an inner light that had once being a faint ember but in recent years had blossomed into a well kept fire. She wore a dark brown knee length dress that clung to her womanly figure, practical heeled boots which clacked on the light grey tiled floor. She strode purposefully down the indiscrete facility hall way which was had all the stile sleek suffices of a state of the art hoplite or scientific institution and all the utility of a military base, her white lab coat flicked out behind her like the wake of a barge. Strands of her long inky hair had escaped her do up and flicked out like striking snakes.

Men and women in similar garb whom were going to and fro moved out of her way, concerned the irate doctor would bowl them over as soon as talk to them.

Kevin had to admit to himself he was both impressed by the steal he saw in Sarah's expression as their co-workers parted before her like the red sea but he was also concerned for her. She had being stating on thin ice since the stunt with using X23...her daughter to rescue her niece less than a two days ago and if she wasn't carful, Rice, Kimura or Martin would kick them both out on their ears. 'Well it's not like the ice sheet she's being on was ever that thick to begin with.' Kevin thought to himself as he fallowed in her wake like an albatross trailing after a fishing troller. "They are Sarah...the order comes right from the heads, complete liquation, no survivors, no witnesser's."

She whipped around and glared at one of perhaps three people ever employed by this whole depraved organisation that had any semblance of humanity or honour left in them. Sarah knew she couldn't be counted amongst their number, not any more she had crossed the final line and there was no coming back after that. She had used her own daughter like everyone else, if she had ever had any high ground that set her apart from everyone else here it had crumpled to dust the moment she and Kevin has snuck X23 out of the compound and used her like a blood hound. She had done it for the best of reasons, with the best of intentions, if not for her actions if not for her daughter's skills and abilities her niece Megan, would be dead or worse.

Even so a man had died because of her. She had used her daughter to kill and even if that man was scum of the earth and the world was better for having one less murderous paedophile in it and a bright happy, innocent girl was saved due to her actions what else could she do? What else was she capable of? She had pulled the trigger. She had used her own flesh and blood as a weapon. There was no forgiveness for that. If she had ever believed in such things as divine punishment she was sure she had earned an eternity in the deepest hell. She felt the chill of betrayal naw at her ever since that day.

She was supposed to be the one person in this who dammed place that her daughter could trust and relied on to never hurt or use her, she had broken that trust.

'Get a hold of, yourself. Now is not the time for self pity, I was dammed a long time ago'. She chastised herself as cleared her frantic thoughts smothering the ire that burn hot and heady in her breast. Kevin didn't deserve her ire. He was a good man, a rare thing in the falsity. She looked him up and down as they turned a coroner. He was a head taller than her even in heels. He had closely cropped black hair which was a shade lighter than her raven locks, deep blue eyes and had healthy sun kissed skin, which contrasted against her unhealthy pail completion. He wore a tight dark grey turtle neck sweater which showed off his impressive physic, dark utility geans and thick combat boots. He had sharp but kind futures and if her father hadn't being a depraved monster. Kevin might have being the kind of man she could imagine approaching at a bar or party or how ever normal people met and try to chat him up.

She was well aware he had something like a crush on her and if the mere thought, of sex didn't leave her feeling sick she might have reciprocated his feelings. 'Well I suppose that is progress from repugnant.' Sarah had to stop herself from gagging as she shoved the memory of her father throwing her up against a wall, when she was little older than ten and peeling away her night gown.

"That's insane and imposable even by her standards..." Sarah stated emphatically as she held up the manlier folder Kevin had brought to her. The scope of the carnage the heads wanted her daughter to unleased was mind boggling "Martin wouldn't go along with this...Rice or that crazy bitch Kimura maybe but they don't have final say."

"Keep your voice down..." Kevin looked around sheepishly his eyes widened with fear at the mere mention of the psychotic women.

"Kevin, Kimura is still on mission, remember? She's not due back for another few days" Sarah told him gently, resting her hand on the upper half of his left arm. "And she isn't blood merry she won't appear if you say her name three times." She stated slightly exasperated. Not that she could truly fault him for his fear Kimura was nearly as torturous with every other member of staff as she was with X23.

His eye brow quirked upwards, "Was that a joke, did Sarah Kinney just tell a joke?"

She shook her head, "That would be character braking wouldn't it?" Sarah sighed tiredly as she walked up to an elevator and pressed the down arrow. She brushed a stranded black hair out of her face and back into her do up. She cringed slightly when she notched flecks of grey interwoven with the raven black strands. Her disobedient eyes flicked to the reflective silver door of the elevator as she and Kevin waited. It wasn't an ideal mirror but she could see the worry lines carved into her brow, the slight sage in her cheeks from consent frowning, bags under her tried eyes. She looked, far older then she really was. This work was draining her, slowly but surely. Eroding her like a rock in between a river and the ocean, year after the year a little more of her was worn away.

She had once thought she would never be one of those women that cared over much for her appearance though her natural good looks had played a part in putting her work front and centre of many scientific magazines and with some amusement she reflected on a few presumptive photographers that told she made science sexy. She doubted any of them would say that now. Years of stress and watching in silent horror as the monsters she worked with everyday found new ways to try and strip her daughter of what little humanity she had left had taken their toll.

How much longer could she hold on, how much longer could she keep fighting for a child that showed little if any indication she could be saved? How much longer would that pig Zander wait to shove her under the bus? She knew all too well her usefulness was coming to an end, her daughter was getting older, she was almost fourteen, it wouldn't be long before she stopped growing and Rice and his lackeys could cut into her again and encase her whole skeleton in unbreakable adamantium, just as her 'father's' own skeleton had being all those years ago. She was under no illusion that one of the main reasons she hadn't being taken out back and shot yet was purely because that spiteful shit Zander enjoyed watching her squirm just as must as he enjoyed tormenting her daughter.

Sarah paused and dwelt a little analysing the stray turn of phrase, even if she had only said it mentally. 'When did I start thinking of her like that?' Sarah wondered. She had never wanted to be a mother. Her shithole of a father had taken any desire for family from her the first time he came into her room in the middle of the night. Yet somehow at some indistinguishable point, the thing she had intended to create. The near perfect weapon her pay masters had wanted had stopped being a thing stopped being a weapon at some point. The weapon had become a girl, a child, a daughter and not just any old child but hers, her own the very thing she thought she never wanted but know couldn't conceive of a life without. "Martin can't go through with this...he wouldn't, not even he is heartless enough to throw her into this big a meat grinder!"

Kevin shook his head as he watched Sarah fight against the fretful worry that was eating away at her as she tried to smooth her expression back into passivity but the crakes showed all too often. "He's afraid...the way I heard it the other department heads have being suggesting he 'take a step' for a while know. He is also getting on in years" he reminded Sarah as the elevator doors opened and they stepped through the threshold. "And after our stunt with X23..." he trailed off.

Sarah sighed "Their pushing harder than ever and if...when Martin goes, Zander is pretty much guaranteed the position here and when that happens, things will get so much worse..." She concluded crewing on her lip.

"Maybe not" Kevin whispered as he indicated the small camera that state like a spider in the upper right corner of the elevator. The elevators didn't typically have microphones installed but there was every possibility one of the more paranoid high ups had installed a few in secret to keep an eye on their less trustworthy co-workers or to get a leg up on their competition. Kevin had long suspected that he was included in former category but that was defiantly true after the excursion with the kid and Sarah. "I've kept my ear to the ground for a while now and word on the grape vine is that Rice isn't that poplar a lad with the other department heads. They think Martins ruined him by not keeping him on a tighter leach and a few of them feel he is unhinged."

She snorted in derision "I think that might be the first time I've agreed with the heads on anything, not that I'm there favourite person either... How much longer do you think Martin has before the heads kick him to the curve, have you heard anything?" Sarah asked struggling to keep herself from braking out in manic laughter at the shear absurdity of the situation. "... Listen to me." She let out a bitter humourless laugh "I'm rooting for the old coot that's let Rice get away with murder and goodness knows what else for the last twenty odd years."

He ran a hand though his cropped hair "Better the devil you know" Kevin replied wryly tough he couldn't quite keep exhaustion from his own voice. He let a tired breath "Honestly I have no idea, if this mission goes off without a hitch maybe another year or two but Martin's an old man and not in the best of shape. You got to figure Rice has also being leaning on to give him the keys to the kingdom!"

She could have swore she felt the ground give way under her when Kevin gave voice to a inconvenient truth she had already come to the conclusion to sometime ago but couldn't voice. She swayed and feeling ill as she turned to the one man in this whole origination she could rely on. "You do realise if Martian dose leave and give Zander the go ahead he'll likely kill you for an assonating with me right?" Sarah stated with quite certainly. She turned to the closet thing she had to a friend in this hell hole, through truthful even know it made a part of her feel sick, she didn't even think of Kevin like that any more...her feelings towards him had changed. She had barely any friends through her troubled life and never even considering the possibility of anything beyond that had seemed imposable. However if the last decade and a half had taught her anything it had being that nothing was imposable. "I wouldn't blame you if you got out..." she told him her hand drifting up to touch his strong chest, he took her hand with in his and with a feather light touch, rubbed his thumb over her knuckles as his eyes locked with hers. For once in her life being touched by a man didn't make her want to vomit or recoil in disgust.

"I'm with you to the end of the line" Kevin told her with quite assurance.

The elevator dinged as it came to a stop, Sarah didn't waste a moment as she squeezed thought the hydraulic doors as they slowly hissed open Kevin fallowed her lead. Normally she would have carful schooled her expression as to not alert anyone to her less than objective. She had to pretend to be objective, detached from her daughter so as to not give either man an excuse to needlessly torture the young girl whom had being through so much in her short life. She had to conceal her own feelings so often she could no longer tell what parts of her outlook and expression were from her own already cold nature and which parts were a false hood. Apart of her wanted to do anything to make the night mare end but there, was no end there was no way out...not one she could expect in less she and daughter could both see it. Oh how she wanted to see this place burn.

She shook her head putting the idea from her mind before it could take root and refocused her mind as she walked down a corridor little different from then one she had left moments ago. She needed to think of some way to conceive the two men she despised and despised her in turn to not send her daughter on what was for all intensive proposes a suicide mission.

Not an easy task to say the least but not imposable.


She slowed her purposeful stride slightly as she spotted two armed guards standing sentinel either side of the heavy steel door that kept her from her daughter. She turned her head to find Kevin behind her, his surprise at the presence of the guards was written across his handsome features. 'So we are both on the outside looking in how?' she thought as she approached the pair of guards. They wore featherless armoured visors, armoured jackets and had pistols strapped to their right thighs. As she walked closer, her more casual parse allowing her to put on a collected air the guards held out their right and left arms respectable.

"Move aside" Sarah barked as she stared upward into the featureless protective face masks both guards wore, her face was reflected in the shiny visor. "I have to speak with director Sutter and ..." she swallowed. "Doctor Rice, right know..." she trailed off as she realised in her hast she hadn't thought of a logical reason why, either the guards should let her in why or Martin and Zander needed to postpone the mission or better yet scrape it out right but she knew to temper her expectations. She just needed to try; she would do nearly anything to make sure her daughter got back safely.

"Can't let you in there, Doctor Kinney there is a new protocol" The right one said somewhat sympathetically.

The left turned his helmeted visor to look at her "You can't see X23 before a mission; Director Sutter doesn't want the weapon being distracted."

Sarah glared at the left, before crassly waving him of "This is absurd. I've being involved directly in every mission, briefing and debriefings relating to X23 has since she was a baby and she has never once being distracted by my presence or influence." She stated only for the guard on the right hand side of the door to grape her arm and yanks her away from the door. She gritted her teeth as her arm was bent behind her back. "Let go of me at once!" Sarah barked.

Kevin rolled up his sleeves as he readied himself to pry his two fellow guards of Sarah before they hurt her. He had no illusion that if he interceded on her behalf he would be fired but he didn't care. However before he or anyone else could take this any feather they all were stopped short as what sounded like a muffed shoat and something crashing to the floor through the thick door.

"Kinney get in here now!" Martin's voice crackled over the inter comm. built into the door.

Kevin went to open the door for her only to be held back the guard to the doors left, whom shook his head.

Sarah saw he was ready to protest but she dissuaded him with a look 'wait' she mouthed and he held up his hands and backed away from the guard. "I'll be in momentarily director Sutter" she said cordially as the guard holding her let go and she steeped through the door and into her daughter's room, 'cell' Sarah corrected herself though both descriptions fell utterly short. Like the hallway outside, its walls were covered in featureless pearl white tiles. There was a slab of metal that served as a bed which protruded from the back wall, a small alcove with a single toilet. An opaque observation window took up much of the wall opposite to her daughter's bed and a large bulky camera hung from the top right of the rooms ceiling like a grotesque metal spider. 'I've seen isolation wards with more in them' she thought bitterly as her eyes drifted over to the three occupants of the room.

Sarah breathed a little easier when she saw her Daughter was unharmed, though she knew almost instantly there was something wrong. Her daughter stood ram road straight, the mussels in her arms and legs and lower torso tensed like coiled snakes and her brow was pinched in expression that almost looked like concern or worry, though her expression eased as soon as their eyes met.

Her daughter was dressed in the latest iteration of the uniform the fatality issued her, like the previous versions it hugged her figure, which was far more mature then a girl of equivalent age due to the carefully controlled diet and daily cocktail of drugs and growth hormones feed into her system on a regular basses.

The uniform her daughter wore was considerable thicker than the previous ideation though it was still practically skin tight, thankful the designers had enough common sense to leave her most private areas to the imagination. Due to a recent brake through the uniform's duality had increased tenfold though that wasn't the only benefit the latest suit added, some of the mote notable additions were that it damped her heat signature and provided far more in the way of thermal regulation. Through Sarah knew all too well these weren't added out of concern for her daughter's safety or comfit but rather to increase her viability as a weapon. There were a number of notable visual changers added to this version which had being absent in the previous uniform which had being a pain black skin suit.

One of which were a pair of dark musted coloured reinforced knee pads and a hem line, the same colour that ran up the middle of each leg before surveying abruptly to fallow the curve of her hips and then disappear under a thick black utility belt. It had a circle belt buckle was a that sat exactly in the middle of her waste, the other ring of which was a dull sliver, the inner ring was made of bronze coloured metal a Black X was stamped into the whole of the belt buckle. Several small mat black utility pounces have had being clipped onto the belt.

The musted coloured hem lines remerged about two inches on either side of the belt buckle and shoot straight upwards until they reached apex of each of her breasts and jutted sharply right and left to met up with the thick hem that encircled each shoulder. A single long zipper ran from a tall button up collar all the way down to her belt buckle.

The inside of the uniform between the two mustard hems on her torso was pitch black were as the rest of the material that made up the top half of her uniform was a dark grey. The reverse was true of her legs, the inside of the hems was a dark grey were the outside was black. There were three palm sized mustard coloured stripes, each about five or so centimetres above the last one, on the outside of her torso.

Her daughter's arms were bare, save for two thick wrist bands, a number of watchers and compass both apology and digital were built into the underside of both. She wore thick armoured combat boots. A small discreet hole was added to each so she didn't constantly destroy her boots every time she used claws in her feet. She had pail fair skin, raven black hair that came down to the top of her shoulders and vivid green eyes.

Sarah had always being aware of the intelligence her daughter possessed, she need only look into her eyes which were a near perfect mirror of her own to see a sharp mind flicker like a valiant pilot light though the blank expertness mask she wore. Though recently that had changed ever since she had used her daughter to save her niece Megan she had being able to tell something had changed within her daughter, her glaze no longer so distant. The flicker in her eyes had become so much more pronounced in recent days.

She hoped against hope this was a good sign and also Zander and Martin hadn't noticed, thankful neither of them considered her daughter a person so they didn't know the little sighs she had learned to recognise over the years. She dreaded the thought they might have noticed something had changed within about her but thankful their attention was else ware. 'Let's keep it like that and try and get them to drop this mission' she thought as she noted noticed how red her daughter's knuckles were. Small droplets of blood were starting to bead up from her pail white skin as the tips of her metal claws threaten to their way through the tissue of her hand. "Stand down" she ordered her daughter gently and somewhat unnecessary as it was clear that her presence was enough to relax her. Through neither Rice nor Sutter seemed aware of that at the moment.

"You think we didn't try that?" Martin sneered as he desperately tried to reassert his dominance. His wrinkled face contorted in rage as he whipped the sweat from his liver spotted forehead

Sarah rolled eyes at the pathetic and pitiful display everyone in the room knew without her or their pet psychopath Kimura present to restrain her daughter. The girl they had spent nearly a decade and half abusing could kill both him, Zander and everyone else at this location in a heartbeat and more over she had every reason to, they both did. It was the trap abusers like them fell into time and again, they thought their abuse instilled obedience and to degree it did, but it was only effective to a point and once the victim reached that point they had no reason to stay their hand any longer they would end the abuse one way or the other.

She silently observed the sweat bead on Martin's wreathed head, panic shone clearly in his eyes even as he bushed of the close call. She had to concede that Kevin had being right, Martins was losing it. When he had brought her in all those years ago, she had respected him or respected what he could do for her. Or rather his resources, his connections combined with the lack of ethical oversight seemed like a dream come true. Now though she had no respect for him it had withered like he had withered. His skin was yellowing with age, liver spots pocked his bold head like moon craters his small goatee was garnet grey. The skin on his face was pulled tight over his cheeks and scrape. His bright amber eyes were now glassy she could clearly see cataract's starting to form. He leaned heavily on a metal cane. The light blue business suit, grey tie, slacks and heavy colt he wore seemed to hang off his gaunt frame. He looked every inch of his seventy plus years, a sick old man desperately trying to hold on to what little power and authority he had left.

The realisation brought her no comfit as she noticed for the first time ever Zander staring at his adoptive father with the same contempt he showed her and her daughter. "I never thought otherwise but you shouldn't be surprised that the commotion outside elicit this reaction. We did train her to protract facility personnel." Sarah said diplomatically trying to desperately appeal to Martian's more reasonable sensibilities.

"So it's we know, is it?!" Rice hissed lightly clutching his right arm. He had scathed it on the scarp edge of the examination table he had brought with him to give X23, the necessary shots before its mission. "Last I checked you've, tried to road block us every step of the way." He sneered as his venomous glaze drifted from Martin to Kinney and back again. The latter was still shacking from the merriest hint that the animal, X23 might strike out against them. 'I can't believe I ever looked up to that old fraud, he was always weak this just proves his time is ending!' he thought the upper half of his lip turning into a snarl.

Sarah breathed out slowly, restraining the urge to pick up the syringes or knifes that lay on the stile medical trays and use it to slice Zander's throat open. "All I have ever done. Dr Rice is attempt, to insure that our chapter's contribution to the weapon plus project has not being a colossal waste of time, energy and resources." She said steadily. She turned slowly, careful keeping her face blank as possible as she studied him, he was dressed in a light grey swatter, and geans, and white lab colt. His handsome features turned ugly as sneered. She could see veins plus under the skin of his for head and neck. His baby blue eyes filled with hate. 'That's it lose your cool you piece of shit, show everyone how unstable you are.' She thought as she recalled the camera that hung from her daughters cells ceiling like a metal spider. "I needn't remind you that it's only because of my effects that this falsity hasn't being suit down let alone has a functional assist, an Assist that has never failed in any tasks we have set her and could be considered a superior to weapon X. Or has your need to torture her for the crimes of weapon X made you forgot your own complete and continued failure to graft weapon X healing factor and other abilities onto volunteer's or create a male clone?"

Zander's lib curled "You sanctimonious bitch you have the nerve. You could have ruined everything we have worked for with your stunt last two days ago!" He screamed as he took a step forward, has hand balling into a fist but despite every nerve in his body screaming at him to put this upstart women, whom alongside her pet barbie doll had being the bane of his existence with for nearly a decade and half in her place. It took everything he had not to strike her but he restrained himself as he couldn't help but notice the animal's eyes were glued. To his profound disgust Martin eyed him as well, shock and disquiet filling his mentors face, Martin was clearly unlevered by his outburst. 'Have to rein it in if I want the old coot to sigh everything over'. He put up his hands and took a breathed and smirked. "You'd probably like being hit anyway, wouldn't you daddy's girl?" his smirk became a true smile as Kinney's face twisted in anger and disgust.

Martin pinched the bridge of his noise "Children, two of the best minds money can buy and both of you are children!" he said under his breath as he felt a headache coming on. "Zander that is quite enough" he told him chastising him with a glare. "Doctor Kinney no one is debating your accomplishments or achievements and despite his poor attitude Dr Rice is correct. Your recent reckless action put us all at risk and could have very well exposed us all to Shield, the mutant's, our competitors or any of the so called super heroes whom would all have a vested interest in shutting us down." He told her pointing weathered finger at the doctor. "It is only because of your nearly spotless record and dictation to the project that you were not shot when we learned what you did when you absconded with X23 last two days ago." He stated reading her the riot act though he couldn't do so without raising his voice as he often did when he had to chastise his biologic son's Henry, misbehaver. "Not only, that but... X23, has shown severe behavioural issues since you ill advised personal mission"

She speared a glance at her daughters impassive and stoic features the brief flash of humanity, of concern that had being there a moment ago gutted out like a candle in a strong wind. "I admit there may be some lasting effects." Sarah admitted inclining her head genitally, a slight nod or bow in the movement to give the impression of deference, regret. Her being what other's may call a soul screamed or rather whatever was left of it chaffed under the false hoods and airs she had to put on to smooth over the bruised and fragile ego of her superior. In truth the only thing she regrated that in saving her niece, Megan was that she had used her daughter as everyone else had, to kill. "The situation was not ideally handed" she admitted truthful. "However I believe" she had to swallow the bile she felt rise in her throat at even considering giving voice the words she knew in her heart of hearts she would have to say if she had any hope of persuading Martin into calling off the suicide mission. "My ill advised personal mission... 'I haven't felt this sick since I had morning sickness' has opened up new possibilities for missions."

"Oh don't even try to spin you using X23..." Zander trailed off as Martin raised a hand, the old fraud wore a claim even considering expression, but there was something else hidden under the appearance of consideration. 'What are you planning old man?' Zander wondered as he stewed in his on resentment.

"Now, Now Zander if Doctor Kinney has an idea that can earn our falsity more money and influence than she would be given the chance to speak her mind." Martin said hoping his prodigy was paying addition.

Sarah couldn't quite keep the surprise from her face but she quickly schooled her expression back into her usually aloof manner. "Well it is quite simple. I believe we are limiting our options where she is concerned. For nearly fourteen years we have trained and educated her, sunken millions of dollars in to her conditioning and time and again she has exceeded our wildest expectations. But what have we used her only to kill, occasionally retrieve information or raw materials to benefit this falsity but such missions are few and far between..."

"X23 is a weapon doctor Kinney or have you forgotten that?" Martian said interrupting the arrogant bitch's monolog while keeping his expression placid. "Weapons kill, that is their prepose"

"But they can be also used to protect, retrieve, secure and pacify" Sarah stated "What might a influential senator or other government official pay to have the protection of a nigh immortal body guard that can literally take a bullet for them and have that guard take them to safety by that or better yet. She could track down whoever wishes them harm the client and remove the threat. She could also rescue VIP's!" she took a breath as she thought through every skill set her daughter had and what they could be used for rather than murder. "What about corporate trading, infiltration and sabotage, she is quite intelligent and skilled. She could easily retrieve valuable data from any number of competing corporations and even our on rivals without leaving a trace of her passing...the possibilities"

Martin held up his hand "All very interesting, but these options have already being considered and discounted. The weapon plus program has other agents and assets that can perform all these tasks and more. More over it is clear that your unauthorised mission has effected X23's indoctrination negatively. We cannot risk feather degradation by exposing X23 to stimuli outside of her usually mission profiles." A wicked and sly smile pulled at his weathered lips.

"Of all the short sighted" Sarah trailed of fuming silently

Martin's smile spread from ear to ear "It may interest you to know that it was your little excursion with X23 that convinced not only me but the other department heads that any veering from our current path were X23 is concerned would be an active detriment to the program. More over it was that very incident that convinced them that her current mission is to be undertaken immediately, a mission might I add I had being protesting as too risky, or hadn't you gotten to that little fact yet in that document you have? Hum?" Martin indicated the Manila Folder, Doctor Kinney held under her arm pit. His smile turned shark like "Page 112"

Sarah fidgeted 'how could he know, Kevin wouldn't have betrayed me...' her eyes widened as a realisation slowly dawned on her "This was a trap...How...How"

Martin smile turned into a sneer as he tapped his liver spotted chin. "I am the detector of this sight, Doctor Kinney, do you think there is a single thing that happens with in these walls goes unseen by me?" he matched up to her and he pulled a old weathered book from his coat, along its thread bear spine was the name printed in faded gold letters. Collected classic children tales.

Sarah's eyes practically bugged out of her skull. That was her book the one read to x23 whenever she had the chance, the same one she had being reading to her daughter since she was a in the womb. She had left it in her apartment this morning, simply forgot it. How could Martin have known? 'No' she corrected herself mentally 'how long has he known?' wondered as the blood drained from her face. "Please Martin don't do this"

"You should have thought about that before you went off half cocked" Zander piped in, he really wished he had popcorn on hand as he watched the old coot lay into Kinney.

"Quite" Martin said as he opened the book "Now let's see, which one is her favourite...its Pinocchio right...kind of cliché don't you think Zander?" Martin asked as he flipped through the pagers to the chapter with that story in it.

"Very" Zander agreed smiling ear to ear, 'maybe the old man has a few things left to teach me after all.' "Also setting the animal up for disappointment if you ask me, I mean, it's being a while since I read it. I always more a fan of the big bad wolf, but as I recall Pinocchio's creator loved him right, even when he was just wood?"

"That he did" Martin confirmed as he ripped the pagers of the story from the book and littered the floor with them. "Pity X23's, creator can't say the same, I mean want kind of parent lets their child kill and be abused for their entire life?"

"Not one I'd want to have that's for sure" Zander added snidely as he watched Martin slowly walk up to Kinney, ripping pagers from the book as he got closer and closer.

Martin now face to face with Kinney leaned in and whispered into her ear. "What kind of parent can't even say they love their child, go on say it...I know how you feel about that thing" he pointed to X23 who stared down at the sheets of paper, a pained expression on her face "Zander, knows, your boy toy of a guard knows but dose it know...? I wonder...You know what I think I was wrong. You don't love her do you? I mean you couldn't could you? She's just a project to you isn't she, no different than the mould grown in a petite dish...say it admit it"

Sarah's eyes blazed "I won't"

Martin raised his finger "Say it, right now or you, your guard boy friend, your slut of a sister and her brat daughter are all dead, and I'll make X23 do it. Now...tell her the truth, you are no parent." He gritted his teeth "SAY IT NOW!" he screamed, flecks of spittle escaped from his mouth.

Her eyes found her daughters again "...I don't love you...Your nothing to me...nothing...I'm not your mother" Sarah spluttered as her daughters green eyes locked with hers. She had to believe her daughter knew that what she said was a lie, this Martin's doing. He was making her say these things. Still like all lies there as a note of truth, she was no parent to X23, how could she be. She stood by and did nothing for her daughter's entire life as she suffered from horror after horror.

Martin took a step back, breathing hard, his doctors had told him to take it easy, his health wasn't the best and he had to take care of himself for his son Henry but he had to put Kinney in her place. He had let her get away with too much for too long. "No isn't that better, the truth will set us free isn't that what they say?" he asked as he straighten his over coat. He turned "Zander if you'll take X23 to the loading bay the drop ship should be nice and warmed up by now"

"Of course director Stutter" Zander said smiling as he wordlessly motioned to X23 whom dutifully fallowed him out of the room.

Sarah shared one last glance with her daughter as she past by her like a ghost, she hoped x23 knew that what she had said was a lie. She hoped she conveyed that she wanted to see her daughter again. She wanted her to be safe to return to her. Even if a part of her hoped she wouldn't, that this might be the end of it. She tried to smother that notion but it lingered in the air like wood smoke.

Martin Lingered behind for a moment or two staring waiting for Doctor Kinney to pick up the pages of the book but to her credit she remained stoic and disinterested in the mess he made. He sighed and started to slowly walk past her when he was nearly at the door he pressed a discreet button on his cane and the small blinking red light that indicated the camera was recording blinked off.

Sarah watched him go hobbling and wheezing as he went, her brow pinched in. Kevin walked in as she started to gather up the pagers of her book. She murmured quietly to herself.

"Doc what did you say?" Kevin ask not able to quite make out what she was saying through her clenched teeth and heavy breathing

She looked up at him, her eyes wet but tears unshed as she did her best to put the pagers back in their proper order but not a single one was whole. She sweat her hands wide, the book dropping from her hand and clattering to the floor with a thud as she gestured to everything around her. "Look upon my works ye mighty and despair" she trailed off, struggling not to break down

Kevin not sure what to say as he slowly walked up to her and picked up the dropped book with slow deliberate movements gently handed her back the book. "Nothing beside remains, around the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare. The lone and level sands stretch far away"

Sarah looked up into Kevin eyes, her eyes dry of tears, her posture straighten. "Nothing beside remains..." she murmured quietly.


Wind whistled through a pristine snowy mountain side, rustling the leaves of the ancient weathered pine trees that dominated the landscape as far as the eye could see. Below the thick canapé of ever green pine needles smaller trees and bushes grew through the thick carpet of snow had settled there after the most recent brush with winters icy kiss. Though most of the plants had lost their leaves and were bear to the wintery embrace of their mountain side home.

The landscape was eerily quiet, the few animals that made their home amongst the barren undergrowth and tall ever greens that had not left for greener pastures or hibernated, went about their business oblivious to the intruder in their midst.

A dark figure, quite as she was lethal moved about their snowy woodland home. She disturbed not a sing pine needle on a single branch as she, having chosen one of the tallest trees the landscape had to offer, effortlessly scaled up to the top most branch and once settled on her perch like a bird of prey.

X23 brought a small and compact pair of binoculars up to her green eyes as she observed the valley and spotted her target.

A man made edifice of not inconsiderable size emerged from the rocky terrain. It was not a sublet structure unlike the falsity which was well hidden in a similar environment. She estimated that the outer shell of the complex was easily three stories tall and was likely twice as large again inside the mountain it was built into. She had being told that it was likely that the inner structure had being expanded considerably. The blue prints the Falsity had access were out of date by not a small margin.

The complex had built early during the cold war, a collaboration between certain branches of the American and Canadian military over seen by a now dissolved secret service task force called Red watch.

The structure was to act as a forward base and fall back in the event of soviet invasion or infiltration. At one point there had being the plan to store a small stock pile of tactical nukes, which were to had being housed within three separate silo's which were hidden throughout the surrounding area. Through these silo's had being built the nukes never came as the cost of the complex rose with no sigh of a traditional war or even a large scale communist lead revolt emerging. The stream of recourses and man power sent to fill the complex slowed to a trickle. With the cold War stretching on year after year and the rise of proxy wars between the Communists and their capitalist enemies. The Complex was all by abandoned, only a skeleton force remained to keep noise locals and would be scavengers away from the site but as soon as all worth wile resources had being stripped from the structure even they had left.

It was quickly forgotten and became something of a local oddity, a vast abounded military base built into the foot hills and rocky bluffs of the Denali Mountains. For a time some of the more outgoing locals had being entrepreneur enough to organise tours and tern a steady profit for the latter half of the cold war but over time even they and their most loyal clients lost interest an complex was completely abandon for the better part of a decade. Nature slowly retook the sight.

Even know X23 could see the mark neglect had left on this place.

Many of the forward structures, what may have once being check points, mechanic shops and officers left over from the early construction and repurposed as the mountain was bored into. Were in places over grown by hardy grasses and small shrubs colonising the buildings of man, a few of the smaller structures had collapsed in on themselves, years of snow and rainfall and scavengers taking their toll. The once formable outer most barbed wire fence had being breached in many places.

Upon first glance the complex still looked abandoned by X23 was not one to rellie on first glances and simply panning her binoculars feather up what was once the main road into the base revealed that the complex was anything but abandoned. The latest occupants had simply not removed the encoring woodland from the front of the base as it served not only as natural camouflage any local that got to close would if they did not press past the thick brambles and sagging buildings would assume the rest of the base was overrun by nature.

X23 tilted her head slightly as she wondered why the new occupants hadn't positioned themselves and their relatively recent renovated holdings feather away from the over grown entrance. As a group of some three dozen men busied themselves unpacking three larger flat bed trucks no more than a hundred meters from the last of the over grown buildings. They must have assumed the few dozen meters of encoding wilderness was enough to hide their not insubstantial operation.

The new host had clearly being making use of the complex for some time, most if not all the buildings beyond the over grown entrance had being restored and new ones added. X23 estimated the outer defences/ loading area alone had increased by thirty present compared to the blue prints she had being shown.

She took a breath and increased the magnification of her binoculars twenty present focusing on the soldiers. From a distance they looked like any other modern military platoon though that illusion didn't hold up to closer scrutiny. For one thing they made little effort to blend into their environment. Most of the visible soldiers wore baggy light green uniforms, with bright yellow gloves, belts and boots. Though some of the uniforms were more modern or offered better protection in either inbuilt ballistic plates or were made from thicker materials to keep out the cold. Most of the men wore face concealing masks though a few of them had removed their head gear for comfits sake as they went about their tasks. While the design of these masks differed slightly, there was no mistaking the stylised skull like shape the front secretion of the mask took on even when removed from the face of the user.

Something all the uniforms she saw shared regardless of their position, age or rank was a single bright red arm band strapped to the upper bicep. The top of a black skull was emblazed on the band, its lower jaw removed and replaced by seething black tentacles.

She knew the symbol well, hydra. Throughout her life, such as it was the facility had deployed her both against and on the behalf of hydra multiple times, it could be said the falsity had being double dealing if they hadn't made it clear that they owed know one save their own bank account their allegiance.

Perhaps short sighted considering the number of times hydra and the other power mad originations her skills had being used to both benefit and hinder over the years, reported goal was nothing less than total global domination but for all their high ambitions. Where hydra was considered they had attempted that feat multiple times since the originations modern rebirth in the forties and had yet to succeed.

Still even after their overall defeat in the forty's after the fall of axis powers in the closing of world war two, hydra somehow managed to return again and again, no matter how completely their organisation was dismantled, their leadership killed or imprisoned and their plans foiled. They always returned their ranks filled to bursting with the children and often grandchildren of the original members or new converts, hydra was seemly never short on either new or old blood. The disgruntled, the ostracized or the bigoted were ever futile ground.

X23 was familiar with origination, its methods and ideology and not only form her deployments against them. One of her instructors when she had being seven or eight years old had once being a hydra agent whom had become disillusioned with the organisation or so he claimed. The Falsity had hired a great many people from unusual back grounds and it wasn't usually an issue as the money and protection they offered were more than enough to secure most people's loyalties. However the same could not be said of the former hydra agent as he had tried to kidnap with her and abscond with a great deal of the falsities secrets having apparently never truly revoked his former allegiance.

For a long time she knew the Falsity higher ups had considered the matter resolved, the sleeper agent had being dealt with the data he had stolen secured and the whole ordeal had being put up to a 'learning experience'. As director Sutter had said once.

That was not the case, the Falsity had recently learned that hydra or rather the cell that had taken over his abandoned cold war complex had somehow received a portion of the data her old teacher had stolen and was attempting to recreate the weapon plus programme that gave rise to both her and her progenitor weapon X. More worrying then news feed to them by the facility inside sources had indicated this cell had being a great deal progress of late having captured several mutant children they intended to weaponize. This cell longer a client, it was now a compactor.

Her attention was drawn to a small grouping of hydra soldiers that had were leaning on the hull of the tucks or the walls of nearby structures content to laze about as their fellows did the lion's share the work. A few of them chattered, a few passed cigarettes around. One was sitting on an old rusted oil can eating, a sandwich. A hydra officer, his uniform which was far thicker than any of others, the skull like face mask he wore more practical as was his body armour. He carried a riding crop under his right arm pit and unlike the others he was armed, with a small pistol which was strapped to his left leg. The shoulders of his uniform jacket had two long and one short yellow bar's sown into the otherwise dark green martial of his jacket.

She estimated him to be the hydra equivalent of a lieutenant. This particular cell used a slightly different symbol system then the one she was familiar with though it had some mild similarities with both American and Canadian systems, likely a form of camouflage. 'Or a possible sign of some kind of inflation or collaboration' X23 considered.

She watched, her bottom lib curled slightly as the officer started to berate the men laying about, he wacked the one eating a sandwich across the hand with his riding crop making the man drop it to the drop his meal. A memory unbidden flowed into her mind.


Kimura was sitting in her cell after a mission a cruel smug smile pulled at the tips of her lips her green eyes twinkled with that gleam they took on whenever she had something true awful planed for her. Kimura sat behind table overflowing with actual food rather than the tasteless mixture the Facility staff regularly fed her. The mission she just returned from while successful as her missions always were had taken a lot of her.

X23 knew better than to attempt to grab some food, Kimura would just cut it out of her belly and she didn't trust her healing factor drained form a hard fought battle as it was to recover from a wound that grave. A part of her told her the falsity wouldn't just let Kimura possible mortally wound her for the women's sick pleasure, she quickly silenced that little voice in her the memory of Doctor Rice leaving her to die at the hands of Aim a few years earlier was burned into her mind like a heated brand.

Still her eyes were drawn to the feast laid out before her and then flicked back to her smiling handler. She knew this was a trap but what kind reminded to be seen. Despite her hunger she ignored the feast and sat in the coroner her eyes locked on the only being she had ever fears.

Kimura's smile didn't futter over the next hour or the next. The food grew cold, the scent of cooked meat, fresh bread stated to fad. The ice in the fizz drinks melted, they went flat. Hive hours past and Kimura's smile slowly turned into a sneer.

"What's the matter X23, not hungry?" Kimura asked venom dripping form ever word

She didn't answered, she never answered. The facially wanted a quite compliant weapon and that is what they got. She didn't talk back, she didn't offer her suggestions. She had no voice, innless she was screaming or on mission and required to speak to gain some information or talk her way through to a target. Even though she said nothing they both knew the answerer but she refused to take the bait. Refused to give Kimura the reason the excuse to 'discipline her', true she hardly needed one. The times Kimura had hurt her on the flimsiest of excuses were only surpassed in volume in the times she hurt her for seemingly no reason other than she could.

Doctor Rice's hatred she could understand, when he cut her, burnt her, isolated and staved her. He wasn't really seeing her, she was nothing a poor copy the shadow of the man that had taken his biological father form him. It was more than a little pathetic but it made a degree of sense. He could never hope to challenge or hurt weapon X so he hurt the clone no one had wanted.

Kimura had no such motivation no connections no reason to hurt her. She just hurt her because for one thing she could and the second thing was because she would always heal and she could be hurt again and again and again. X23 was aware that Kimura was paid well for her job but she didn't hurt her because that was her job, she had that job to hurt her.

Kimura lib curled "If you want to be fed today or the next or any time in the next week at all you will try and take some of this food."

Still she remanned sitting, cross legged in the corner of the room. She knew she could not beat Kimura, well that wasn't true. She could beat her hander she was on a fundamental level still human. While Kimura was certainly skilled, X23 was under no illusions that her handler was one of the most skilled and lethal opponents she had ever encountered but the simple matter of the fact was. Kimura had being made to hurt. 'No' X23 corrected herself mentally she loved to hurt. 'I was made to kill'

There was only one thing beyond the woman's skills that made beating...killing her harder proposition than it should have being, Kimura's unbreakable skin but that did not mean it was imposable. There were several ways she had theorised that killing her handler might be done, poison either in a liquid or gas form possibly food, heat, depriving her of oxygen, perhaps a weapon capable of cutting or piercing on a monomolecular level, starvation. All these things could be done but none of them easily.

"Tell you want X23, if you manage to take one piece of food from this table and eat it before I can stop you. You won't see or hear from me for a week, wouldn't you want that?" she asked but X23 sat in her dark corner not moving. Kimura's expression soured feather. "Fine, starve" she motioned with her hand and some cleaning staff came into X23's cell and started cleaning out the table. Doctor Kinney came in with them. She had a chip board which she was making notes on.

"It would seem as if X23 has passed Doctor Rice's personal desire test with flying colours" Doctor Kinney said stoically.

Kimura balled her fists and her tanned skin turned ruddy as her pent up frustration reached a boiling point. She was ready to hit the patronising doctor. "It still goes hungry these for the next week" The tan women stated as she grabbed a chicken leg from the table and began biting into it.

Doctor Kinney's face darked for a moment "That will compromise her effectiveness in her next mission"

Kimura surged "It didn't fallow full fill the parameters of the task I set it, we can't reward deviant behaviour now can we fact I think a feather punishment is called for..." in a single movement she picked up a small knife that had yet to be cleaned away by the cleaning staff and throw it into X23's left shoulder, were it berried itself up to the hilt in her exposed shoulder."Next time don't waste my time X23, just take your lumps"


X23 shook the memory form her head unsure why she even recalled it in the first place it wasn't like her to let her mind wonder during a mission. She carefully moved up from her gaze up taking into the fount of the command prober, it was massive shape sided gray stone lattés built into the side of the mountain proper.

The main entrance into the strong hold was well defended, watch towers, guard stations, sniffer dogs and even two large dark green robots, dreadnought's stood between her and the main door. Which was a shaped not unlike the inner door of a bank vault, she estimated it was at least four meters thick. While it was not imposable to sneak through that entrance she had make mockery of such defences before in both subtle and unsubtle ways. It was merely a question of time and how many bodies she was required to leave behind. Today neither of these was on her side.

She had being tasked with three main objectives. Retrieve the mutants hydra was experimenting preferably alive or their genetic samples, whip the hydra computers and finally kill all hydra agents stationed on base. The first two were relatively simple tasks. The third while not beyond her capacity was going to be a Challenge to complete in the mission time she had being given. There were likely upward of three hundred hydra agents with in the complex at any given time and that was the lowest reasonable estimation.

She paned her gaze feather upwards, two the seconded and third levels. The former was not as heavily guarded she saw perhaps a four dozen troopers stationed on the seconded level while some stood around the stacks, fans and piping that fed air into the company but for every solider that was lazing about their were two that sat behind well hidden or enticed gun positions. Above that level, Hydra had expended the air strip built into the top most part of the compound by the original builders, by at least a hundred meters in both with and length, it stuck out of the compound like a fat grey tong. The size in cress was clearly a relatively recent addition as hydra work crews were still reinforcing and double checking the support sturts. Like the ground level entrance there was a massive door that spanned the cavernous landing strip, unlike the ground level its massive roller door was closed.

It presented the most direct entry into the compound and at first glance appeared to be relatively undefended. However that was also a problem. Hydra was likely aware of this venerability and had secured it with subtler means than posting visible guards. More over such venerability was likely a false hood if not an outright trap, the ground and seconded floor were intend to look as formidable as possible so the third looked so inviting that any would be assaulter, hero or in her case assassin might over look the obvious trap.

She crinkled her brow as she dismissed any notion of inflation through any of the entrances in the fount most of the base. It would simply be too risky or take up to much of her mission time to pass though the screen of defenders unseen.

A rustle of leaves drew her attention. She quickly and quietly placed the binoculars into one of the small satchels attached to her belt. She sniffed the air and her lip curled as she sent of cheep cologne and cheaper alcohol and the stink of two males, one older likely in his mid to late fortes one younger less hand half that age, the latter reeked of hormones and the awaking of sexual maturely. She tilted her head as she scented the air but didn't direct the scents she normal assonated hydra or military, though there was a slight with of gun powder.

X23 faded into the canapé a shadow amongst the other shadows as the rustling got closer.

"Come on dad, cant we just get pizza tonight? It's the middle of bloody winter, noting worth hunting is going to be awake." a young voice whined, the crack of puberty. He was dressed in a cheap dark blue flannel shirt, geans and heavy black boots. He was young and lean, his face a mess of pimps his hair dark brown and messy under a furry hat, his skin pail but with a Rosie hue thanks to the icily kiss of wind. He carried a twenty two carbine rifle pointed at the ground.

X23 noted from her hiding spot despite his vocal disapproval he handle the rife with expertise. She could not say the same of the man who was clearly the boy's father. He blundered through the sparse undergrowth like a truck that had lost one of its wheels. He was clearly intoxicated but there was something else as well. She sniffed the air focusing in on the man, his body was sweating far more than it should and the sweat smelt sick, stress pored off him. 'He is not well' she thought creeping forward, her mussels tensing like a hunting jaguar as she leaned on top of her long branch. Her form all but invisible amongst the gloom of the tree tops. She knew the boy and his sickly father could expose her, alert hydra and the fastest way to insure that didn't happen was to kill them but despite knowing this she remained still unmoving, not even her claws had popped from her hands and feet yet.

She had killed innocents before when she had being told to do it or if they posed some kind of threat but some part of her, some quite voice with in her told her to wait.

"Not with your belly aching scaring every animal away we won't" the older man slurred as he freed himself though a thorny bush. He was dressed similarity to his son, though he preferred dark browns rather than blues, he carried a three zero three rife. "Come on Jackson, you love hunting and with your mom moving the both of you into the city. We might not get to do this as often" The man said his voice heavy with longing and regret.

The boy Jackson sighed and bit his lip, "It's not the hunting I love dad, it's the time we spend together. And didn't Doc Holiday tell you to ease up on the drinking?" he said as he pointed to the hip flash his father had nearly drained dry.

"What..." The man stumbled as he freed himself from the last of the thorny braches of the skeletal bushes. "Wh...At" he swayed dropping his flask, sweat pouring from his face.

"Dad what's wrong?" Jackson rushed over dropping his gun to the snow covered ground. His father weakly pushed him away as he swayed like he was being buffered by a strong breeze.

"It's...nothing..." the man trailed off his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he dropped his own rife, which must have being loaded as when it catered onto the ground it fired of a single shot.

X23 grimaced slightly as she shot missed her branch by mere millimetres. She set up in a low crouch and her gaze back toward the Hydra base. Her binoculars were in her hands before she could take a breath. She looked down at the compound, the hydra officer she was berating his men moments before was now organising them, another man held out uniforms with the hydra symbol removed. 'That's how they're going unnoticed'. She watched as several redressed men hopped into a jeep. She could get out of the area before they arrived but the man and his son wouldn't be able to. Hydra would take them and get their hooks in, break them down and build them up again.

She knew their methods, knew what that entail. She looked down at the boy holding his father, worry filling his face. She recalled the puppy she had being given once. She had being told to kill it, one of the facilities tests. She hadn't though, she held it for hours pet it played with it, let it love her. Doctor Rice and Kimura came it took the puppy and began to torture it, they told her it was her fault it suffered. If she had just killed it quickly then it wouldn't be hurt, told her to either kill it or watch it suffer. She took the puppy back. Held it, killed it freed it from the pain. It was why she killed quickly. 'They wouldn't suffer.'

Her claws slid from her knuckles, she felt something healthy in her gut, pulling her down. She hadn't felt that weight in a long time. She looked down at the boy, he as crying calling for help.

"Dad! dad! Please get up...There is that military base nearly by they can help" Jackson told his father. "You just got to get up I can't left you"

She title her head 'they could also be useful' The claws slid back into her hands and she dropped soundless from the tree, she pouched herself at the boy, her hand covering his mouth before he could even turn around to react. "Do not yell" she said stiffly, her voice monotone. "I will help"

Jackson nodded as the strange black haired girl whom had appeared from no ware slowly lifted her hand away from his mouth and approached his father. "Please...I think he's had a heart attack! There is a base nearby and they must have a doctor. Help me him there" He pleaded fear for his father's heath over riding his fear of the strange girl. He took a moment to look at her, she must have being fourteen or fifteen judging by her body which had curves in all the right places but she was dressed very strangely, His eyes widened "Are you a hero?" Jackson asked as the girl opened his father's jacket and pressed her ear to his hairy chest.

"Not a heart attack" X23 stated as she pealed back one of the older man's eye lids and shone a light into it. "Stoke"

"Isn't that the same thing?" Jackson asked his eyes darting from the girl who looked more like she had just come right out of splitter cell or something. She didn't answer as she reached it to her one of her pouches and pulled out a long needle. Jackson's eyes widened "Hold on you can't just jab him with random drug, you haven't even asked if he is allergic to anything"

X23 paused she could hear the jeep full of hydra soldiers getting nearer, 'they got here faster than I thought' her window of escape was closing fast. She looked at the boy. If she ran he and his father would likely be captured and turned to their course, true that outcome could take years. She tilted her head weighing up her option, she could use the boy and his father as cover, hydra would take them in and that could gain her access to the compound but if they had a means of detecting mutants or the boy couldn't lie constantly she would be uncovered. She could use them as a distraction, as hydra took them in she could slip in else ware but that also could alert hydra, surely they were already tightening their security. "Is he?"

Jackson took a step back from the girl, the more he studied her more unsettling she became. The way she moved it was almost mechanical, he speech was still and seemed to lack any kind of emotional investment. Her eyes which at first he though her petty, were cold, calculating she looked past and through him like she was evaluating his usefulness. "Peanuts, he's allergic to peanuts." She titled her head and jabbed his father with her needle.

"It will stabilise him for now" X23 stated as she stood. "Stand" she said in a commanding authoritative voice.

Jackson swallowed as did as he was told and the girl looked him up and down like she was measuring him, her gaze unblinking. While at school he would have loved to be the attention of girl that looked like this one, the manner of her attention put any such thoughts from his mind. As the strange girl curled him like a prowling wolf he noticed something he hadn't before, while she looked fourteen or fifteen she was quite short for her age. "Is..." he swallowed "Is my dad going to be ok?"

"His condition will not worsen until the drug leaves his system. However he requires greater care than I can provide" She tilted. "You have spare cloths" X23 stated manner of fact, pointing at the boys back pack "Give them to me"

Jackson blinked dumbly as he handed over his back pack and change of clothes. "Dose my dad need to stay..." he trailed of as the girl nonchalantly began unclipping the pouches and bag from her belt and then undid her belt and began to pull at the long zipper at the front of her strange black and grey outfit. "The fuck" he turned around as she went past her breasts. He wasn't about to perve of the girl whom may have just saved his dads life.

She tilted her head slightly wondering at his reaction, many with in the felicity had seen her nude or in this case practically nude before and they had never, adverted their eyes. "You will tell them we are related." X23 stated as she stepped out of her boots and peeled off the rest of her uniform and being dressing in the boy's spare cloths. They were big on her but there was little she could do about that.

"Tell who?" Jackson asked taking a moment to look over his should. He let out a breath of relief as he noted she was fully dressed in his change of clothes. They hung of her lithe frame like clown pants. She was stuffing her cloths and gear, into his the bag.

"The men approaching, allow them to treat you father, do not allow them to separate you. They are not what they appear to be" X23 stated as she kneeled at his father's side. "Call out for help, act desperately"

Jackson blinked unsure of what to make of the strange girls request. "What do you..." he trailed off as she shot him a dangerous glare. "Oh god dad, we need to get dad help...sis" he shouted, digging into the feelings he had bottled up when she had jumped him not ten minutes ago.

"I think I heard someone calling, from over here boss" a deep voice sounded from nearby.

As soon as those words came drifting through the underbrush, Jackson was taken aback by the wailing cry the girl let out as she held his father like he was the most impotent thing in the world to her.

"Please over here, we need your help, daddy's sick!" X23 called out, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Two men dressed in generic army fatigues walked through the brush a moment latter. X23 stood up quickly. "Please you have to help us, our father collapsed" She pointed to the man on the ground and the boy inturn

The man on the right looked to the man on the left, a sly smile pulled at his lips "Sure we can help you darling"


Blood dripped from her claws as the soldiers from the woods slumped over. She had disembowelled one with her foot claw. His guts pooling in a sloppy mess, ropes of intestine hung like sausages in a slaughter house, she had ended him quickly smashing his head into the rough concrete. She had killed the second man with a lot less mess , shed simply had thorn his throat opened in single swift motion, the wound yawned opened like a seconded mouth.

X23 flicked a small latch on her wrist bands and checked her mission timer. She was a head of time. Her ploy had worked out far better than she imagined. Hydra had being quick to take the boy, Jackson and his father whom she learned was called Paul to the medical ward. She had being separated from the father and son quickly by the soldiers that had 'rescued them'. The two apparently having called 'dips' on her. While she wasn't entirely sure what dips meant she could tell they were sexual attracted to her. Sexual attraction was something she had being trained to exploit. She had leaned into their clumsy advances. She indicated she would do anything to make sure her 'daddy' got the best care possible.

The two dead men had being quick to assure her if she came with them willingly that her daddy would be well taken care off.

One storage room and a few botting latter had being enough to distract the pair long enough for her to slay them. X23 cocked her head as looked down a reflection of herself in the pool of blood that was filling the store room. She grabbed some towels from a nearby shelf and placed them near the door as she button up her borrowed shirt. She searched the bodies for anything of use. Both had pistols and a few clips of ammo, one had a commutation device of some kind. She found a set of keys and data cards. She noted the chemicals inside the storage locker. Some could prove useful but it would be impractical to carry around a few barrows of flammable cleaning liquid or acid. There was a large map of the complex sticky taped to the wall. She mentally took in every detail with the precision of a camera.

The commendation device crackled and man's voice came through. "Hay Gorge, are you and Chad done with that girl yet? Some of the boys want a go!"

X23 pressed the button that said 'talk' written on it and proceeded to make moaning and grunting noises.

Laughter crackled through the device. "Ok take your time just leave some for the rest of us" with that the comm. was cut from the other side.

She knew it wouldn't be long before the other hydra agents got suspicious of where their fellows were but she had bought some time. X23 slowly opened the storage locker and waited for the camera that over looked the hall way to look the other way before dashing of, but not before leaving the towels under the storage lockers door to sook up as much blood as possible. Her first destination would be the medical wing. She had to retrieve her tools and uniform form Jackson. She would leave him with the guns, she had no illusion that he and his father would die if she armed them but their fates were sealed the moment they alerted hydra. The most she could do for them is give them time and perhaps use them as yet another distraction.

She felt the heavy weight again, the pull downwards. She didn't like the feeling.


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