Come on Kuri!" Reiko urged her sister as she ran with our drinks to the car.

Kuri ran forward and got in eagerly. She didn't want to miss the end.

Kuri hurried to the car with her popcorn. Kuri's sister Reiko was in the driver's seat. They tuned the radio and returned to the movie.

It was Twilight: Eclipse. Kuri's focus was on the pain inflicted on Jacob.

Kuri could feel her fists clench as Bella dealt blow after blow to his heart. She knew a thousand answers, a thousand ways she could stop this, but nothing, nothing would help him.

It hurt SO much. Kuri finally understood New Moon—that feeling of being punched through the chest. Of a hole inside you, and barely keeping it together.

Kuri'd spent an hour crying and screaming for his sake last night. Kuri's whole body would tense, her back would arch, her face would twist in an agonized silent scream, and then she would collapse, hyperventilating. Her Jacob pillow…well lets just say she was surprised it survived.

As Kuri watched Jacob receive the wedding invite, she couldn't stop a silent tear. If she was there…

A choked gasp escaped as Kuri was wrenched out of her world.


A broken howl split the air.

Jacob was furious and heartbroken. He flew through the forest on quick legs, feeling like he was on fire. So hot, the anger was too much.

He was so focused on his pain that he almost trampled the confused looking girl on the ground.

She had long black hair. Her forehead had a widow's peak, and her hair formed layers around her face, ending in two pieces of hair around her face that were layered. The rest of her hair was raven black. Her nationality was Japanese American. Her skin was olive, soft and slightly cool. Her eyes were a bright, intelligent, silvery blue. Her body was slightly chubby, pleasantly so, and her chest was completely flat. She was wearing a shirt with Kipling's quote "The strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack" with a white wolf illustration. Jacob wanted to laugh at the irony. There were tears on her cheeks. Her scent was that of sage.

Jake skidded to a stop quickly, distracted.

Who is this? He wondered. How did she get all the way out here?

The girl jumped back, but in her eyes was recognition. She walked fearlessly toward him.

"My name is Kuri." Kuri grinned at him and held out her hand. "Shake?"

Jake bark-laughed at her and nosed her hand.

Kuri grabbed his snout with both her hands and tilted his big head up toward her. "Please don't cry."

Jacob blinked up at the girl in shock.

"I heard you howl," Kuri explained. "Are you in pain?" She pet him absently. Her hands were soft and cool against his heat, but not cold. Her tone turned rough, angry. "Who hurt you?! I'll kill them! Just tell me, ok?" She was in his face, nose to nose.

This was dangerous for most people, but her overwhelming scent made him harmless to her.

It's not like you can hear me…Jacob thought, looking at her with expressive large brown eyes. Why do you care if I'm hurt or not?

"I can hear you Jacob." Kuri smirked at him and scratched his right ear, where he'd been itching all day. "I know you have an itch right here."

Jake's ear twitched, and he leaned into her touch. How can you possibly hear me?! You're not a wolf or a part of the pack? Or are you new? Did Sam send you to bring me back? Or… He growled. Are you one of those vicious, disgusting, bloodsucking leeches?! He felt bitterness and loss seep into his thoughts, but he didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. Why was he even talking to her?!

Kuri grabbed his massive head and lifted it so he had to look at her. The girl had moxie; he had to admit. "Hey. It's ok." She looked directly in his eyes. "You can trust me. I-I…" She started to lose control of her voice. Raw with emotion, cracking with uncrying sobs, she continued. Jake wondered how she could feel his pain so clearly. Was she like that leech, Jasper? She burst out with the next words: "I won't torment your heart like that…that HUSSY!"

Hussy? Jake was confused. Who's the hussy?

But somewhere in his heart, Jacob knew who she meant. And sure enough…

Kuri's arms were suddenly around his furry neck. "Bella." She whispered, feeling the flinch in his body. "I don't understand." She was crying! "Why would anyone refuse you?! I-I…"

Jacob blinked at her in shock and licked her. He didn't like to see her cry. He was hurting enough…no one else needed to suffer for his sake. H-hey now…don't cry…

Kuri sniffed. "I'm crying for you. Your howl, it…broke my heart…"

It…it did?

Kuri buried her face in his fur, a hollow laugh vibrating his fur. "So surprised…Have you truly never been loved before?" She suddenly gasped and hid her face in her fur to hide her embarrassment.

She was so cute! Oh no, why did he think that?! Bella was the only girl he saw, so why…

Finally he calmed enough to answer. No…I haven't…why do you ask?

Kuri let go of him and turned away, silent for a moment. When she spoke finally, it was in a chipper voice. "Are you still angry? You'd don't have to change back if you don't want to. But…I'd love to see your face…"

She was still turned away from him. Jake wanted to circle, to see her face, but he didn't want to push her. He did, however, want an answer. Oh well. Maybe later.

I'd rather stay like this…for a bit…

Kuri turned, and her expression made his heart ache. She was completely crushed, so disappointed! Jake whimpered a little.

"Oh…" Kuri pouted.

She looked at him again, that broken face about to cry. Jake whimpered again.

"Sorry." Kuri's voice cracked. "I'm going." She turned to leave.

Suddenly everything in Jake's body was screaming "NO!"

He bit her shirt to keep her from leaving. I said for a bit. Where are you going?!

Kuri's shirt ripped a little and she came unglued. "No No NO! Let go! Let go right now!"

Jake quickly complied, releasing her, bewildered. What's wrong?

Kuri clutched her chest, hand finding her scars, her mastectomy scars. She was sobbing, crying in front of him, and that just humiliated her and made her cry harder.

"Why?!" Kuri cried, pain in her voice. "Why would you?! Bad dog!"

Jacob quickly shifted back, trying to appease her, to make it better somehow. He didn't understand. "Who the hell are you calling a bad dog?! I'm not your pet!"

Jacob's eyes finally found hers, and his body floated away.


A woman with green eyes knelt in a shrine, and drank a dark liquid offered her by an older woman. Both faces resembled Kuri's but older, more worn by time.

"Do your duty priestess…"

She drank, and a shadow colored her lower stomach.



Kuri stood outside the shrine. She was wearing a red and white kimono, and standing with two girls, sisters.

She bowed and said words he didn't catch, and a blue crescent blossomed on her face.

Kuri turned, and her eyes found his in a jolt.



A ripping, tearing sound as the ground exploded. Kuri lay next to it, a stranger. Her hair was long and wild, her eyes dark, sparkling blue, and her crescent mark a black asterisk. Her expression was exuberant.

A sword lay beside her, bloody.

He felt a word rip from his body—"KURIIIII!"



Kuri stood in a circle with others, all holding candles, the pack protecting them.

Jake was surprised to find himself in his wolf form.

There was a giant black-winged angel—no, demon!—in front of him, and all around him, horrible shadowy horse-like creatures.

Jacob moved as if in a dream, and his body was suddenly filled with horrible pain. His body was breaking to pieces.

His vision shuddered, and was filled with her.

"I…kept my promise…" Jake wiped tears from her cheeks. "I protected you."

Kuri's pained smile answered him, and her forehead touched his. "Thank you…"



A picture of them together, beaming and making funny gestures, in wedding clothes.

A picture on the mantle. A photo of him with his head on an impossibly pregnant Kuri's stomach. Jake's heart lurched.

Another of them grinning so big their faces must hurt, squeezing twins. Twins! A boy and a girl. The boy looked like him, but the girl looked like her mama, with—pink hair! Jake whistled inside his head. Must be the magic.

A last picture of a large group, he and Kuri wizened with age, and holding close the twins. They both had an arm around a spouse, and each had three kids. One of the girls on each side was holding a baby. Whoa. Great-grandchildren.

Jacob looked at his hands. Wow, he'd gotten old.

He walked into the living room, where old Kuri—still beautiful!—was sitting in the living room across from a little girl. One of the babies in the photo, grown older.

"And then we defeated the evil dark god, and imprisoned him beneath the earth!" Kuri waved her hands dramatically and grinned at him. "Go one, Jakems, you like to tell this part."

"Yep." He felt the words spilling out. "And then the goddess showed up."

"What was Hekate like?" Chirped the little tyke.

Jake tapped his chin. He had a beard? "Kind. Beautiful. Loving. Forgiving. She looked down at Kuri and asked her if she could forgive Helios for everything he had done."

"What did Grams say?"

Jake tapped her head. "She said…"

"He caused me great pain." Kuri quoted. "But I believe in forgiveness, and love, always love."

"And then, the great dark god died. His spirit flew from him like a great white pegasus, and his face was peaceful, free of anger and hate. He kissed Hekate, and they faded away, but first—"

"She said 'blessed be.'" Kuri grinned.

"Woooow!" The girl exclaimed.

"Shall we, little gem?" Jake offered her an arm.

Kuri took it, grinning and they left the big house of their legacy.

The girl followed them, smirked, and twitched her eyes. The door shut as the headed towards tomorrow.



Jake knew that this girl wasn't the same Kuri. She was here, in La Push.

Kuri here hadn't suffered from cancer, she had her body, she could bear children. She suffered, but just like his Kuri, she was resilient.

Jake smiled, complete.

He would fight for that life. For that future.

Longing filled him, so strong, so fierce.

He whispered her name as he was whisked away again.



Colors swirled and he stood in front of a tall, beautiful woman, whom he instantly knew to be Hekate. She was Quiluete, with russet skin and ebony hair, and tattoos down her arms and forehead of leaves and flowers. She looked on Jacob with the most loving, accepting expression.

"A blessing or curse

I rend in my verse

your imprint will become

your saving grace

or your pack will it raze."

She kissed Jake's pack tattoo, and it changed, the pattern of a thousand crescent moons woven into it. "Be wary of lies. And blessed be, my beloved wolf."


And so Jake returned, his breath starting back in a rush. No time had passed.

Jacob suddenly realized, all in a rush, like a wave breaking agains him. Kuri was reacting like Emily, when someone made a heartless comment, and she touched her scars protectively.

Just as he had known in the dream, he knew now.

Oh…she was…But why?! That made her so strong…so brave…a pink warrior…

A grin twisted his face, as Jacob tried not to cry.

"You…changed back." Kuri's face was exuberant. "For me? Really?"

Before he could answer, before he could explain his discovery, before he could comfort her…her form rippled strangely, like a bad tv set.

"W-What's happening?! W-Where are you going! Don't! NO! I won't let you!"