My soul is slowly ebbing away, I can feel it leaving me. What will be left when it is gone? I know only darkness. The light of life has vanished from my eyes and I fear I shall never see it again. My memories have faded. Family, friends and enemies, forgotten and left behind. I am not here to continue relations with petty mortals, just to find the ring. I can hear in my mind a voice, it gets stronger with every waking moment and every moment I know is waking. Only men are weak enough to need sleep.

Wasn't I once a man? One of them? Did I not once know the feel of warm blood pumping through my veins? Why doesn't my mind work? Why will it not tell me what I want to know? I must not question things so. There is no point. I know my worth and my purpose, there is nothing else left to know.

The ring, I feel it, so close. So close yet I know there are miles between it and myself. Distance matters no more to me. Just the ring, only the ring, nothing but the ring. I cannot get away from it. It consumes me. Darkness consumes me. The only light I know is that of the ring.

I am being called. I must go. But I fear that when I do, I shall leave a part of me behind and I shall never get it back. The part of me that still remembers, remembers what exactly I do not know, but it remembers all the same. I must leave. Now. Before it is too late. 'Before what is too late?' I ask myself. No questions, there is no time. Curiosity is a waste of energy, a waste of time.

I must move and I must move now. And I do. I am lost to the blackness. I cannot be saved; I shall not be saved.

The ring, it must be found.