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Chapter zero: prologue

*Time: exactly five years after the Kyuubi attacks Konoha*

In Konohagakure, there was a single boy who was despised. He was Naruto Uzumaki as he knew it, but his true last name was a lot more important than anyone could have ever imagined.

At the moment, poor Naruto was doing his best to escape the mob of people running after him. It was his birthday and he wanted to go to his favorite Ramen stand but he was ambushed on his way there.

Naruto was only turning five years old today but he already knew pain better than any adult ever did. He might have not known the pain of losing someone you loved like most of the Adults who attacked him claimed to do, but he knew far worse pain. He knew the pain of being alone and not having anyone to love in the first place. He knew the pain of never having any friends or people who even remotely loved him.

There were only a few people who Naruto liked in the village. The first two were the owners of his favorite ramen stand, Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku. There also was the hokage who Naruto liked as if the man was his own grandfather. Finally, there was Mikoto Uchiha. Naruto didn't know why, but the woman seemed to really like him and treated him not only like a normal person but as a person which she loved. Naruto considered Mikoto the closest thing he ever had to a mother. However, that was not enough.

The Ichiraku family were civilians so they couldn't do anything to protect Naruto. The best they could do was give him food when he was hungry and hide him when he was chased. Mikoto did her best to heal Naruto when he was injured and protect him when she ran into people hurting him. However, she was the matriarch of the Uchiha clan, leaving her with taking care of her clan, not to mention she was an S-ranked Kunoichi, meaning she was assigned very long missions sometimes. Finally, Hiruzen was the Hokage so he was very busy. Hiruzen needed to do a lot of paperwork every day as well as attend council meetings and a lot more things. The best the aged man could do for Naruto was make sure he was actually healed whenever he made it to the hospital as well as give him some money and an apartment.

None of these people could help Naruto at the moment. Right now, he noticed that the mob which was chasing after him was getting closer to him. In a desperate attempt to get away from them, Naruto ran into an ally, hoping to lose them there. However, he soon regretted it as he saw that it was a dead end.

Naruto had his back pushed against the wall as he tried to get as far away from the people who were chasing after him. Naruto didn't remember much from that night. He remembered pain, a lot of it.

Naruto remembered the left side of his face being slashed open from his forehead, over his eye and down to the middle of his cheek, just above his mouth. He remembered having both of his arms covered in oil before being light on fire. Naruto remembered being stabbed a few times, the most painful ones being in his heart and in his lungs. And finally, Naruto remembered being impaled on a pitchfork, going all the way from his back through his stomach and out of his stomach.

After that, Naruto was unconscious for a whole week, which was a lot with his incredible healing ability.

Naruto once heard from the nurses around him that he was the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. They thought he was unconscious so they didn't mind talking about it.

After learning that, Naruto researched what a Jinchuriki was and after learning what it was, he understood why people were treating him the way they did. Naruto was sure of one thing though, those people were absolutely stupied because if you seal a Kunai into a scroll, the scroll doesn't become the Kunai. After he understood that, he understood that he was like the scroll and the Kyuubi was like the Kunai.

Naruto couldn't be more grateful for Kyuubi's help in healing him every time he was beaten because if it wasn't for its healing, Naruto would have been dead more times than he could count.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to find that he was staring up into a white ceiling. 'Great… I'm in A hospital… I wonder what happened…' he thought to himself before he remembered what happened and whimpered, feeling phantom pain in the places he was injured. Naruto remembered only one good thing.

He remembered that just before he was killed by decapitation, which with all due respect to Kyuubi's power, even it probably couldn't heal, he was saved by an ANBU. She had a cat mask, purple hair and brown eyes which upon seeing his condition were filled with sorrow and grief.

Naruto wanted to thank the women but he already made his decision. He couldn't take the pain anymore… he couldn't take everyone's hatred anymore… he just couldn't. Naruto at that moment, decided that he would go home, take whatever he still had there and leave a note to the people who cared about him before leaving the village, deciding that whatever life had in store for him would be better than what he had in the village of Konohagakure.

And so, Naruto quickly sat up, ignoring the pain he felt all over his torso, probably from unhealed wounds, and made his way towards the window. Naruto jumped out of the window and landed on the roof of the building under it, grunting in more pain as he did so. He started to slowly jump from roof-top to roof-top until he made it to his apartment.

Naruto picked up a backpack and threw in whatever he thought he would require. Naruto got a sleeping bag, all of his money and whatever Kunai, Shuriken and Senbon he was able to collect out of his body in the few times he was able to get away.

He closed the bag and placed it on the floor next to his bed. He took out a note along with a pen and started writing as much as he knew.

'To: Hiruzen-Ojiisan and Teuchi-Ojiisan and Ayame-neechan and Mikoto-Obachan

I am sorry but I can not take it anymore I am living the village to train myself away from the hateful people and I hope I will be okay so i could come back to show you just how strong I got

I hope to see you guys again someday

From: Naruto Uzumaki'

The letter was written in horrible handwriting and with the grammar of a five years old but that is what Naruto was. He never had anyone to teach him so he taught himself how to write and read, doing whatever he could to get good enough at it to be passable.

After placing the note on his bed, Naruto threw the bag onto his back and left the apartment, again going through the window as he didn't want to face a potential mob which could be waiting for him at his door.

He jumped from roof to roof, slipping through the Anbu at the main Gate and running as far away from Konoha as he could.

It was when Naruto got around A mile away from Konoha that he took a rest and stopped running, placing his hands on his knees as he panted and tried to catch his breath.

Suddenly, three people appeared around Naruto, all of which were wearing a black shirt, black ANBU pants and blank ANBU masks.

Naruto instantly straightened up and reached into his bag, drawing a Kunai out.

Before anything could happen, Naruto's hand dropped the Kunai before he fell forward, his vision turning back as he fell unconscious.

*Inside of Naruto's mind*

Naruto woke up inside of a sewer, Looking around him in hope he could detect where he was.

He sighed as he didn't remember this particular sewer, meaning it wasn't Konoha's as he was in all of them.

Naruto started to walk through the sewer, looking around for an exit. After a little while of walking, Naruto noticed a door and decided that he had nothing to lose, opening the door only to find a massive room on the other side.

Naruto walked in and saw a massive cage with black vertical bars and between two bars hung a paper which had the kanji for seal on it.

Naruto walked closer to the bars only to find a woman there looking at him with a blank expression on her face. Even as a five years old child, Naruto had to admit that the woman was beautiful.

She had knee-length blood-red hair with red eyes that had a vertical black slit in them. She stood at the height of 5'8 and had fair skin. She looked to be no older than 17 years of age. Her face was heart-shaped and it was equipped with a small button nose and full lips. Her bust size was around an E-cup. Her wide and rather busty chest became thinner at the waist and then flared out into a massive ass. Down from her fat ass, her legs went down to thick thighs and long legs. All in all, she was perfect and had the perfect version of an hourglass figure. Other than her beautifully naked body, she had two fox ears on her head and nine fox tails waving around behind her.

The woman was stoically looking at him, watching him slowly coming towards her.

Once Naruto stood in front of the bars, the woman bowed at the waist, her tits jiggling as she did so.

"Greetings, Naruto-sama. I'm pleased that I was capable of bringing you here." she said as she straightened up and gave Naruto a small smile.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the woman. "Y-You are the K-Kyuubi, right?" he asked to which she nodded.

He pointed a shaking finger towards her. "Than… than why do you call me that?" he asked as he pointed his shaking thumb in his direction.

The woman smiled as her eyes closed, the woman seemed to be having some kind of memory going through her head.

She opened her eyes and looked at Naruto. "We have quite a bit to talk about, however, for now, I believe that you have people who came to attack you. I would like for you to remove that paper from the seal and allow me to come out of the seal so I could protect you. You will survive the extraction as your body isn't human. At the moment, All I can tell you is that I have been brought to this world from a different one when the former nine-tailed Kitsune Yukai died. I have been brought to this world by your parents who after a battle, knew they could never recover to the way they once were and were actually starting to slowly die to Time. because they knew that they didn't have much time left, they assigned me as the person who will protect you as well as serve you as your most powerful servant. I will explain everything later but for now, I ask that you free me in order for me to keep my promise to your parents and protect you from those men." she explained and Naruto simply stared at her in shock and confusion.

The women pointed towards the tag with the kanji for seal on it. "Please, there isn't much time. You need to release me right now." she pleaded.

Naruto snapped out of his shock and nodded, somehow the water of the sewer around him lifted him up to the seal tag before he removed it.

The bars swung open as the Kyuubi smiled at Naruto.

"Thank you, Naruto-sama. I promise to explain everything once we're outside so please, wait just a little longer. Oh and call me Kurama, having my master call me by my title is unfitting." she said before Naruto's vision turned white.

Naruto opened his eyes only to stare in shock as Kurama held three heads by their hair while the bodies were left on the ground.

"She turned around and smiled at him, taking one of the fake ANBU's clothes to cover her body, even though the clothes were very tight around her big breasts and ass. However, Kurama used those clothes only to hide her private areas from anyone who might be walking by and seeing them. After all, she was only her master's to do with as he wished.

Kurama walked over to one of the nearby trees and punched the tree trunk, making the tree fall over, allowing the two to sit on it.

Kurama sat on the tree but before Naruto sat on it, she lifted him off the ground and sat him in her lap, his face looking right into her breasts.

Naruto looked at her in fear only to relax when he saw her smiling. "It is unfitting for my master to sit somewhere he isn't comfortable." she explained before her hand traced over the scar on his face.

After the last time Naruto was tortured by the mob, he was actually hurt so badly that even Kurama couldn't fully heal him. He was left with a scar on his face from his forehead, over his eye and to the middle of his cheek, just above his mouth, He had a slash scar going from his right shoulder to his left hip, he had a stab wound over his heart, one over each of his lungs and two over each of his kidneys. Finally, Naruto had a scar in his lower stomach from the pitch fork he was impaled on. It was three rather big scars in a round shape. Other than the weapons scars, Naruto had both of his arms show burn scars from his palms all the way to his shoulders.

Kurama frowned as her hands went over Naruto's body, feeling the scars. Kurama leaned forward and kissed Naruto's forehead. "I'm deeply sorry, Naruto-sama. I left such nasty marks on you…" she said sadly.

Naruto shook his head as he did his best not to blush from her kiss.

"Don't apologise. You are not the one to blame for my treatment and certainly for not healing me. Without you, I'd be dead a hundred times over by now. You shouldn't be apologising to me, I should be thanking you for all you have done for me so far." Naruto said.

Kurama smiled happily. "Thank you for saying such kind things to me. However, I was simply doing my job. My whole reason for being here is to protect you." she said as she wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him into her bust.

Naruto hesitantly wrapped his own arms around her, enjoying an embrace like he had never felt. The only thing close to what he was feeling right now was when Mikoto would hug him but it was usually short and only as a greeting or a goodbye.

Kurama released Naruto's head after around five minutes only to see him looking at her with a few tears on his face.

She started to panic, thinking she did something wrong. "I'm sorry, Naruto-sama… did I do anything wrong?" she asked.

Naruto shook his head as he smiled and wiped his tears away. "No, you did nothing wrong. It's just that I've never had someone hold me in their arms for so long. It feels really good…" he sadly said.

Kurama nodded her head, sighing in relief as she smiled. She placed her hand on his head. "Well, if you ever want anyone to hold you, just tell me." she said, smiling.

Naruto happily nodded before he remembered what she said. He nervously scratched the back of his head. "Do you mind explaining what is going on? I'm really curious about it…" he asked, feeling bad for ruining the moment.

Kurama's eyes widened. "Yes! Of course! I totally forgot about that!" she said. "I'm so sorry for forgetting, Naruto-sama!" she said.

Naruto sweatdropped. "It's alright… you don't need to apologise so much… also, please drop the 'sama' crap, I don't care for honorifics." he asked.

"I'm sorry, Naruto-sama. But I can't do either one of those. I feel the need to apologise for what I'm responsible for. Also, you are my master so I need to show you proper respect." she explained with a serious face.

Naruto sighed as she cleared her throat. "Anyways, yes. Let's explain. Let's begin with what you are. You are from a species called devils as were your parents. There are five major species in the worlds. There are the Humans, Devils, Angels, fallen angels and Yukai. However, first we should go over the worlds which exist. There is this world, the world of the elemental nations and whatever is around it, something which no one ever discovered by the way as it is said that out there, in the seas around the elemental nations there lives a monster of unimaginable power though the only ones who ever tried to go into those seas were humans so I don't really know how dangerous it really is… anyways, this world is ruled by humans and is considered humans' territory.

Next there is the overworld which is also ruled by humans. However, devils usually arrive in a territory which was assigned to them by the leaders of devil kind, the satans. Those assigned territory is theirs to watch over and make sure that no trouble occurs there.

Next there is the underworld. It is the home of devils and is the place where most devil clan compounds are located.

Finally, there is heaven, which is where the angels live. That actually used to be where god also lived before he was killed but we will get onto that later." Kurama explained with a smile as she saw the way Naruto listened to her every word with what seemed to be interest.

"Now, let's get onto the species. First, the humans. There are two kinds of humans. Those who can use chakra, who usually are from the elemental nations but there are some rare cases of them appearing in the over world, and second, those without chakra. They are special as they normally have no power but in case a devil revives them as a half devil, they obtain something called a sacred gear. It's a special ability which is unique to the humans of the overworld and a few of the humans from the elemental nations. The special gear could be anything from creating swords out of nothingness and the ability to heal with nothing but the use of the user's Magical power to a situation like we had when I was sealed inside of you where a strong being is reincarnated into your body and you can use its power. The being could be anything from a Yukai like myself to a Dragon as long as said being is powerful enough to use it's magic in order to revive itself, using the human's body as a place where they could charge up their power after using so much of it to reincarnate. Humans usually reside in the elemental nations or the overworld, though some devils find amusement in keeping humans in the underworld as pets. just as a little sidenote, something you should know is that most humans do not know about the existence of magical beings or the other worlds. however, those who do, can train in order to unlock their magic and then either become magicians or witches.

Next, we have the angels. They have the power of light and are to be very pure, staying true to the teaching of the god of the bible, which as I said, is dead, more specifically, was killed during the last war by two devils and their peerage but we'll get onto those amazing people later. Even though God died in the last war, most angels do not know about his death and even those who do pray to him, having gotten used to doing so. the angels reside within Heaven as I have previously stated.

Let's move onto fallen angels. They are very similar to Angels only that they are impure. an angel becomes a fallen angel by giving in to their impure thoughts or getting too far away from the teaching of God and his bible. Even though they have fallen and have been kicked out of heaven, the fallen angels are still using light power to fight. After being kicked out of heaven, fallen angels have taken refuge in churches which are located in the overworld, making those into their bases though some of them simply live in normal apartments in the overworld.

Let's talk about Yukai before we speak about Devils. Yukai are basically animals infused with energy which most of the time is Magic combined with senjutsu chakra or natural chakra. There's nothing too special about us Yukai but we can use magic and each clan has a special use of magic which only they can use, for example, my clan, the Kitsune Yukai, are known to use the blue flames which are called fox-fire. Those flames are hotter than normal flames and can be controlled by the creator of the flames or any Kitsune Yukai stronger than said creator. we reside within special places in the Overworld, again for example, the Kitsune Yukai reside within a temple.

Finally, we have devils. Devils are different from all of the other species. They have clans within their society, the clans each having their unique magic type, for example the Gremory's destruction magic and the Phoenix's fire magic and fire control. Now, because the devils suffered great loss in the last war, they have created a way for them to revive people as half devils, using that to repopulate the devil kind. That method is called the evil pieces and they are built like a chess board. A devil can revive any being they might want into their peerage using one of the chess pieces, Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop or a queen. If the one which the devil is trying to revive is too powerful for the selected piece, the devil can use more than one piece as long as it is the same kind of piece. meaning you can revive someone as two Knights or even eight pawns but you can't revive someone as a Bishop and a Rook. Take me for example. I was brought to this world by your parents in order to become your queen but in order to make me your queen, you would need to get at least close to my own power level as those are the rules. You get your set of evil pieces when you turn eight years old so I hope that by then you will become powerful enough, but even if you won't, I will wait until you are ready as I was asked by your parents. though at the rate at which you can learn, as well as some tricks I can show you, you will probably be there in no time." Kurama explained, smiling lightly as she watched Naruto nodding to her every word, taking notes in his mind.

Naruto smiled at her as he hugged her again. "Thank you, Kurama-chan. I'm happy you told me all of this, now I can get started on using some devil powers as well. though one thing I'm curious about. you said that two people killed 'God', right? Isn't 'God' supposed to be Immortal?" he asked, tilting his head to the side as he looked at her.

Kurama smiled as Naruto confirmed that he was paying attention and with a good question too. Also, as she watched Naruto tilting his head like that, she wanted to yell that he is cute and hug him to death but she held herself back as her master asked her a question and she had to answer.

"well… the answer is yes and no… you see, all supernatural beings, be it God, Devils, Angels, fallen angels, Yukai, Dragons and so on, are Immortal. at least to age we are. No supernatural being will Die from old age. However, we can die from injuries. God, Much like the Phoenix clan was said to be Immortal because of his Incredible regeneration. however, out of the people who killed him, two of which were masters of sealing Magic, using it to seal away God's regeneration. It wasn't easy even after that… It took a suicide move from both high ranking devils's peerages to kill him even after his regeneration was sealed away and in his death, he took both high ranking devil's own regeneration, leaving them both mortal to ageing, meaining that their time was approachind that their power was weaker than ever. those two knew that they couldn't keep up with their reputation as the two who killed god with their peerages and decided to disappear, going to one of the humans' worlds to keep on low profile as they had a child." she explained.

Naruto's eyes widened. He looked at Kurama in shock. "Are you saying that my parents were the ones who killed 'God'?" he asked in shock.

Kurama snapped her fingers as she smiled. "Very good, Naruto-sama… you are quite sharp for someone your age. Yes, they were. My mother was actually in your mother's peerage and the same goes to my father and your father. That's why they asked me to be your queen and after getting such an offer from such powerful, kind and respectable people, I couldn't refuse, only hoping that you would end up being as great of a person as your parents were and also being just as powerful… I always wanted to be a part of a strong person's peerage and I hope you could get to your full potential so you could become the person I always dreamed of serving." she said with a smile.

Naruto clenched his fist as he held it in front of his face. "I won't let you down! I promise that I will become the strongest man to ever exist!" he said in determination.

Kurama giggled lightly as she pulled Naruto into her chest. "I know you will… please, do so." she said happily.

Just then, she sensed someone appearing inside of the nearby bushes. Apparently, Naruto sensed it too as he jumped out of her lap and hid behind her back.

Kurama quickly stood up and placed Naruto behind her defensively.

"Man… I haven't been in this world for a while…" a voice said as a man walked out of the bushes.

He was a man who seemed to be in his early 20's. He had shoulder length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes. The man wore a white robe which had green coloring to its sides. It was closed with a black string which was wrapped around his waist. He wore white pants and on his shoulders were what seemed to be armor.

Kurama couldn't help but smile slightly as she saw the man. "You know, It's weird how you always seem to appear whenever someone really needs you, Sirzechs…" she said, stepping out of her fighting stance.

the red haired man looked at her before his eyes widened. "Kurama-chan? what are you doing here?" he asked in confusion.

She stepped aside and revealed Naruto, causing Sirzechs's eyes to widen. "the same thing you do… I was assigned as Naruto-sama's protector and future Queen…" she said, making the man nod his head as he walked over and couched down in front of Naruto.

Naruto quickly ran behind Kurama's leg, hiding from the man. Naruto has grown to fear people he didn't know as those people usually hurt him.

Kurama crouched down next to Naruto as she smiled and patted his head.

"There is no need to fear Sirzechs, Naruto-sama… he won't hurt you and even if he wanted to, both he and I know he stands no chance of defeating me…" she said, smirking at Sirzechs.

The man's eye twitched. "You barely defeated me last time and that was the only time we fought…" he huffed and pouted.

Naruto giggled at the way Kurama dismissed the grown man. Both older beings smiled at seeing Naruto laugh, taking it as a good sign.

Kurama stepped aside lightly as she stood up and motioned for Sirzechs to go over to Naruto.

The man slowly walked towards Naruto and couched in front of him.

He traced his hand over the scar on Naruto's face, causing Naruto to wince, remembering the event.

Sirzechs glared up at Kurama. "Weren't you supposed to be protecting him? What could have possibly done this to him?" he asked angrily.

Kurama lightly punched him over the head, giving Naruto something new to focus on as he laughed lightly.

"If you must know… On the day Naruto-sama was born, I was placed under an Illusion, causing me to attack his village. I was able to release myself from the Illusion only after I was commanded to kill Naruto-sama himself. After I released myself, I was sealed into him by Kushina-sama and Minato-sama. That's also something you should know. Because I was sealed into Kushina-sama while she was pregnant with Naruto-sama, as well as the five years I spent sealed within him, It made Naruto-sama into 10% Kitsune Yukai, something that I'm sure will only make him stronger with the Phoenix clan's control over fire… because I was sealed into him without any way to make contact with him, I wasn't able to ask him to release me so I could keep him safe. I'm sorry to say that his village used Naruto-sama as someone to get their frustration out, thinking him to be me and wanting to take revenge on the being who killed their loved ones on the night I was controlled. The best I could do is send my energy to heal his body every time he was Injured. What caused this scar and the rest of them under his shirt is that the people who attacked him had stabbed his heart. I needed to focus all of my energy to heal that and so, I couldn't fully heal them in time so they wouldn't leave scars." Kurama explained, a sad tone to her voice.

Sirzechs nodded his head sadly as he looked at Naruto. "Do you think you could show me the rest of your scars?" he asked kindly.

Naruto looked up at Kurama for an answer. She nodded her head and Naruto lifted his shirt, allowing Sirzechs to see his scars and Malnourished body.

The red haired man sadly nodded his head. "Ok, I understand the situation. I Apologise for not arriving earlier, in fact, We just received word of Kushina-sensei and Minato-sama's deaths. As well as that they had a child, once we heard about you, I came as fast as I could but I couldn't make it in time… I'll take you both to the Gremory castle so you could first get to know my parents as well as my little sister and her friends who are the young devils your age. After that, I'll make sure you two can stay in our castle where Kurama-chan can train you as much as you want. If you do not feel comfortable revealing your scars to people, I can place an Illusion over you to allow you to make it seem like you don't have them though you would easily be able to remove the Illusion." he explained kindly.

Naruto nodded his head. "I would like it if you hide my scars. I would like to avoid talking about what I went through in Konoha but If people ask about my scars I would be forced to do so… I might show my scars if I feel safe enough with someone but not yet, not until I find someone who I trust completely." he said.

Sirzechs nodded his head. "Kurama-chan would remove the Illusion for you if you want her to until you learn to use magic and then she will teach you how to do it yourself, Okay?" he asked and Naruto nodded.

Sirzechs concentrated his Magic on Naruto and in a puff of smoke, Naruto appeared to be like new, his scars completely gone.

Naruto smiled as he tugged in Kurama's pants. She looked down at him. "Yes? What is it, Naruto-sama?" she asked.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "You said two people named Kushina and Minato sealed you into me so I assume they were my parents but are you referring to Konoha's yellow flash and red death? If so, I found where my ramen addiction came from…" he said sheepishly.

Kurama laughed as she crouched down and patted Naruto's head. "Yes, they were your parents and yes, your Ramen addiction came from your mother. She, as you know, held the record for eating the most ramen in one sitting in Ichiraku's ramen at fifty seven bowls." she said cheerfully.

Sirzechs sweatdropped. "I told Kushina-sensei that it wasn't healthy to eat so much ramen but she just ignored me… I guess she always did have a problem with her ramen eating…" he mumbled to himself, wondering if Naruto's addiction could be prevented or if his addiction was as bad as Kushina's.

Naruto tugged on Kurama's pants again. "Kurama-chan? Why is he calling Kaa-chan Kushina-sensei?" Naruto asked.

Kurama looked at sirzechs for a while before grinning. "Well, your mom was supposed to be the next head of the Gremory clan, though she refused it and instead, Sirzechs parents took the job, his father becoming the official clan head and his mother becoming the matriarch. I think it was around fifteen years ago when sirzechs was only seven years old and Kushina-sama was eleven. She caught him peeping on the woman's hot springs so she kicked his ass. After she did, sirzechs asked her to teach him, something she refused. He kept asking her over and over again until when he was fifteen, she agreed, seeing as there was a war approaching and they needed everyone to be as strong as possible. She teached him a few things and then went out into the war, her and the man she was engaged with, Minato, going to defeat the leader of the fallen angels or as I have previously called him, God. by the way, Minato, your father, he was the original hair to the Phoenix clan but he too refused. His elder brother ended up taking the spot as clan head while he went out to do whatever he wanted. In fact, you might know them both as Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze but their true names were Kushina Gremory and Minato Phoenix, just like your name isn't Naruto Uzumaki, It's Naruto Gremory-Phoenix." she finished, her and Naruto laughing as they watched Sirzechs pout at having Naruto hear his embarrassing beginning.

Sirzechs clapped his hands. "Anyways, we should really get going… You have a few people I would like you to meet, my parents and your aunt and uncle, the leaders of the Phoenix clan included." he said.

Kurama grabbed Naruto's hand and stepped closer to Sirzechs just as a red circle with the symbol of the gremory clan appeared under them. The circle rose up and swallowed them into it, causing them to vanish.

The three appeared inside of a massive room. The room had a simple wooden desk in it. However, that wasn't what caught Naruto's attention. There were a lot of people in the room. Twelve to be exact.

At the sight of so many people which he didn't know, Naruto ran behind Kurama's legs and clutched tightly onto them. Kurama glared at Sirzechs. "You saw how he acted with just you didn't you? What were you thinking teleporting us into a room with twelve people who are total strangers to him?" she asked angrily.

Sirzechs scratched the back of his head. "I didn't think about that… sorry…" he said sheepishly. Kurama's eye twitched as she cocked her fist back and punched him in the face, sending him flying into a wall. "You never think you Idiot!" she shouted at him.

Kurama crouched as she turned around to comfort Naruto only to find him surrounded by everyone but two people.

She saw Naruto about to have a panic attack and quickly snached him from between them, holding him in her arms.

"Everyone out!" she shouted. "Naruto-sama is very shy and because of some things which happened in the past is not comfortable around a person he doesn't know, let alone ten of them! I will call you all in your turn because sirzechs isn't responsible enough, now out!" she shouted.

Everyone finally registered that Kurama was also in the room and then noticed that Naruto was shaking in her arms, clutching onto her hands very hard.

After understanding what Kurama said and seeing the proof, everyone left.

Sirzechs stood back up with a groan, holding his head in pain. "Ouch… Kurama-chan, that hurt…" he said as he slowly walked over to the child and his appointed servant.

"Yeah… well, you deserved it… look what you did to him" she said, gesturing to Naruto who she was still holding in her arms.

Sirzechs just looked down in shame as he saw Naruto's condition. "Just forget about it… go call your maid in here, I'll need her to get everyone back in here little by little, starting with your parents." she said and Sirzechs nodded. "Oh and by the way, she isn't just my maid, she's my queen and my wife." he said, puffing his chest out in pride. Kurama just waved him off. "Whatever, just do what I told you to…" she said, dismissing him very rudely.

Sirzechs pouted in depression as a rain cloud appeared above his head. He dragged himself slowly towards the door of the office. "You are so cold…" he cried as he walked closer to the door.

Kurama ignored him and continued to comfort Naruto, getting him to a point where he calmed down enough to stand by himself and be able to interact with people like usual in his shy ways.

He was only able to interact so well with Kurama because he knew that she already knew what he had been through and still respected him. He wasn't too comfortable around sirzechs but because he cared enough to hide his scars and because Kurama was there, he was at least alright around the man. However, interacting with people which he didn't know as well as that his first experience with them was rather overwhelming was going to be a lot harder.

Just then, the doors opened again and sirzechs walked back in with three people.

The first one was a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and silver eyes. She wore a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory.

The second person had the appearance of a middle-aged, handsome looking man with long crimson red hair that is tied in a loose ponytail with a black hairband. He has bright blue eyes and a short and red beard. He wore a white suit.

The third and final person was a woman who appeared to be around her early twenties, though with the devil blood in her her age didn't affect her appearance. She had short brown hair and violet eyes. She wore a white dress which reached all the way to her ankles.

All three members of the leading Gremory being the middle-aged man and the brown haired woman as well as sirzechs stepped forward while the silver haired woman remained next to the door.

Sirzechs crouched down next to Naruto, his hand on the child's head. "There is no reason to fear them. These are my parents and the leaders of the Gremory clan." he said, pointing towards the two adults.

Kurama placed her hand on sirzechs's face and pushed him away, picking Naruto up into her arms. "Let me introduce them to you. This is Zoeticus Gremory. He is Sirzechs's father and the clan head of the Gremory clan. This is Venelana Gremory. She is Sirzechs's mother and the matriarch of the Gremory clan. They both were great friends of Kushina-sama's even though they are quite a bit older than her." She introduced the people to Naruto.

Naruto slowly nodded his head. Venelana stepped forward and smiled at Naruto, though not close enough to make him uncomfortable.

"Hello Naruto-kun, It's very nice to meet you. Kushina-chan was a great woman and we all will do whatever we can to make sure you are just as good of a person and as strong of a fighter as she was, if not even better. When you start to feel more comfortable around us, you can come to me and I could teach you more about our worlds, powers, history or anything you might want to know." she said warmly.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, being reminded of some civilian in his past who offered to teach him and ended up knocking him out and torturing him.

Venelana was slightly taken aback. "Did I say something wrong? It seems like I made him upset…" she asked towards Kurama.

Kurama, having been inside of Naruto at the time of that event, shook her head and sighed. "It's not something you said… It's just that Naruto-sama was not very well treated back in his village and you just brought up some bad memories. He will need some time to get to know you all in order to really be able to trust you." she explained, feeling bad for Naruto.

Venelana nodded her head sadly. "Well, when that time comes, I'll be happy to teach you whatever you want to learn. Just tell me whenever you are ready." she said.

Zoeticus narrowed his eyes at Kurama. "Would you be so kind as to explain what you mean by 'Not treated well'?" he asked.

Kurama looked at Naruto. "Do you mind if I explain?" she asked.

Naruto looked up at her. "Do you trust them?" he asked, having no knowledge about what kind of people Zoeticus and Venelana were.

Kurama looked at the two for a second before they nodded. "Yes, I do." she said.

Naruto nodded his head. "Alright, you trust them and I trust you. You can tell but please, don't go into detail, It's painful to remember all of it. Also, please, no one else, at least not today." he said, almost whimpering in phantom pain which started to appear all over his body as he remembered some of the things he had been through.

Kurama nodded as she pushed Naruto's face into her chest, rubbing his back.

"Well… let's start with the night he was born… as he asked, I won't go into too much detail but I'll say just enough for you to understand the general picture. You come here too, Grayfia, as Naruto-sama asked, I will not repeat myself again today so you should listen too…" she said before she walked over and sat on the wooden desk.

The silver haired woman, Grayfia as Kurama called her, approached and stood next to Venelana.

"In the night Naruto-sama was born, I was sealed in Kushina-sama to support the life energy Naruto-sama was taking from her as he developed. As you all know, both Kushina-sama and Minato-sama were dying quickly and so, in order for Kushina-sama to be able to live long enough to give birth, I was sealed into her so she could borrow my power." she explained, and the rest of the adults in the room nodded.

"As Naruto-sama was being born, Kushina-sama was attacked. I was extracted from her and the lack of my own energy instantly caused her death. However, that wasn't enough for the man who attacked. He placed an Illusion on me and caused me to attack Konohagakure, which is where Minato-sama and Kushina-sama lived after they came to the elemental nations. I was only able to release the Illusion partially after I leveled half of the village and what caused me to be able to fight it was an order to kill Naruto-sama himself. The time I bought while fighting the control was enough for Minato-sama to summon the shinigami and sell his soul to him in exchange that he would seal me into Naruto-sama.

After I was sealed, Minato-sama obviously died and Naruto-sama was left all alone. Because during my attack many people died, the people who liked those people who died were out for revange. Seeing as Naruto-sama was the closest thing to me they had, they took their anger out on him. As I was asked, I will not go into detail about his attacks but I will show you the results." she said as she picked Naruto's head from her chest only to see him silently crying.

She leaned down and kissed his forehead, remembering from before that he liked it.

"Don't worry, Naruto-sama. It'll be alright, I promise you. This is just for them to understand what you have been through. I promise you that they will do nothing but help you with your problem." she said to him as she turned him around in her arms and pulled his shirt off. With a single snap of her fingers, Naruto's Illusion dispelled and they could all see just how bad he was hurt.

As Naruto felt everyone's gaze on his damaged body, he jumped out of Kurama's arms and hid behind her legs.

Kurama handed him his shirt back and he quickly placed it on. He couldn't handle it, not right now.

However, the few seconds the three could see his scars, they understood just why he was so sensitive and fearful.

Those scars were not something most experienced fighters would have, let alone a five years old child who had no combat experience.

As Kurama placed the Illusion back over Naruto, the three walked towards the door, understanding that Naruto would need some time before he would be comfortable to talk about his past with them.

Just as they left, Venelana spoke up. "Naruto-kun, I would like you to know that you are always welcome to come and speak to me if you want to talk about your past, even if you just feel lonely, you are always welcome." she said, smiling back at him.

"If you need anything, you can come to me, I'll make sure you get whatever you want." Grayfia said, as the head maid, that was her job.

Zoeticus also looked back at the small child. "I apologise for not being able to save you sooner… someone like you should have never suffered the way you did…" he said.

Naruto didn't even look at the three. He leaned his back into Kurama's leg as he sobbed.

Kurama looked at the leaving trio. "Please tell Lord and Lady phoenix to wait a few minutes before entering and keep Naruto's past to yourselves." she said, before she sat down on the floor next to Naruto, wrapping him up in her arms to try and comfort him.

After ten minutes, there was a knock at the door.

Just after the knock, the door opened and Grayfia poked her head into the room. "Is Naruto-sama feeling better? Can I call Lord and Lady phoenix in?" she asked.

Kurama took a glance at Naruto. "Let's get this over with as soon as possible." he whispered to Kurama who nodded. "Bring them in." she said.

Grayfia nodded her head as she left for a few seconds before the doors were fully opened and two people walked in.

The first man was very similar to Zoeticus in built. However, he had blond hair and blue eyes. His hair was spiky like Minato's but his body was more similar to Zoeticus with more of a bulky build. He also wore a red suit unlike Zoeticus's white one.

The second person was a woman who looked to be in her mid twenties with blue eyes and blond hair which was done up very high with ornate hair decorations. She wore a red dress with a 'V' cut which revealed her cleavage.

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Kurama rubbed Naruto's hand as he sat in her lap. "Naruto-sama, these are lord phoenix and Lady phoenix. They are the clan head and Matriarch of the phoenix clan and also, Lord phoenix was Minato-sama's brother which makes him your uncle and with that, Lady phoenix is your aunt. " she explained and Naruto slowly nodded.

Lord Phoenix waved her off. "There is no need to call us that… you are our nephew. My name is Kazuki Phoenix and my wife's name is Hitomi phoenix. Please feel free to call us by our names." he said with a smile.

Sirzechs face faulted. "That's no fair… you two never even told me your names, why can they call you by your names? I kept asking for your names but you kept refusing my… I understand Naruto-kun as he is your family but why Kurama-chan?" he whined, pouting like a child.

Kurama laughed at him and even Naruto cracked a smile. "Well, that's exactly why… because you act like a child. You will get to call me by my name when you grow up." Kazuki said, crossing his arms as he did so.

Hitomi giggled at the two. "There is no need to be like that, love." she said before turning back to Naruto.

"If Sirzechs ever annoys you too much, you are welcome to come over to the Phoenix castle. You are always welcome there…" she said, smiling.

Naruto stoically looked at her as he considered her offer. After a little while, he nodded very slowly, accepting it just in case the members of the Gremory clan would ever turn on him like what happened to him every time.

Hitomi sent him a thumb's up as she and her husband turned around. Hitomi suddenly stopped and turned around. "I would like to apologise in advance for our son, Riser's behaviour. He can be a little harsh and sometimes he could even sound like a bully… though my eldest son, Ruval, should keep him in line so I can only hope he will behave well… if you feel the need for it, feel free to punish him if he does anything offending to Naruto-kun on purpose… I would only ask that you be gentle, he might need to learn a lesson but please do not punish him too hard, Kurama-chan, I know how you tend to act…" she said, scratching the back of her head sheepishly.

Kurama nodded her head. "I can promise that he would be punished if he were to offend Naruto-sama in any way. However, I can't promise that I will be gentle…" she said as the two left the room.

Once they were gone, Naruto looked up at Kurama. "Do you think I will be Okay?" he asked weakly.

Kurama nodded her head. "Don't worry. I will do anything in my power to make sure you will stay comfortable and safe." she said, her arms squeezing him tightly into her.

Just then, the door opened and three people walked in.

The first was a teen around fourteen years old. He, like the three other people, had blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a white noble suit with a red tie.

The second was a young child, around nine years old. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a white buttoned shirt with the top button undone, he wore a red overshirt and red pants.

The last person was a pretty young girl who looked to be around the age of four with dark blue eyes. She has long blonde hair tied into twintails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair has several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. She wore a long pink dress with a ribbon over her chest.

The three walked into the room, the eldest blond teen and the little girl looked to be rather ecstatic to meet Naruto while the middle child, Riser as Hitomi introduced him, was looking rather bored and like he would rather be anywhere else.

Kurama stood up and gently placed Naruto onto his feet, standing a little in front of him to help him calm down a little bit.

Kurama looked at the three children for a few seconds. "Go on, Introduce yourselves." she encouraged.

The oldest stepped forward. "Hello, Kurama-san, Naruto-san, It's a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Ruval Phoenix and I am the heir of the Phoenix clan. I would like to introduce my little brother, Riser and my little sister, Ravel." he said.

Riser grunted, looking at Kurama's rather developed assets instead of Naruto. However, Riser was totally ignored by everyone.

Ravel, with the enthusiasm of a four-years-old child, ran over to Naruto and grabbed his hand. She shook his hand with both of hers very enthusiastically. "It's nice to meet you, Onii-chan! I hope we can have lots of fun together!" she said happily.

Kurama went to get her off Naruto, assuming that Naruto would feel scared with his current position but much to her shock, Naruto smiled and patted her head with his other hand.

She hoped that Naruto would have an easier time connecting with children as he didn't have many negative encounters with children but she never expected him to become friendly with one just like that.

'I would like that… I mostly never get to have fun, let alone with someone my age…' Naruto thought to himself. "I would like to play with you sometime…" Naruto said very quietly.

Kurama smiled happily as she saw Naruto socialising with a person other than her. Sirzechs couldn't believe his eyes as he smiled as well. He never saw Naruto smile, not like that and to think all it took was a child around his age… Sirzechs only hoped that Naruto would get along well with Rias too.

Ruval smiled happily as he walked towards the two. Naruto's smile quickly disappeared as he ran behind Kurama, Ruval's size and older age having scared him.

Ruval was taken aback by such an action. He wondered if he did anything wrong. "It's not your fault, Ruval. Naruto-sama is simply intimidated by your larger size. He has got some pretty severe trauma from anything other than children. That is why he was comfortable around Ravel and not you." Kurama explained and Ruval nodded in understanding, stepping back as he smiled at Naruto.

"I understand. I'll be here for you if you ever want to get over your trauma." He said kindly.

Riser started to laugh as he pointed at Naruto. "You are so pathetic! You dare call yourself a member of the Phoenix clan yet you act with such cowards? You should be ashamed…" Riser didn't get to finish his sentence as Kurama appeared in front of him, Naruto's bag open and one of the Kunai he had there in her hand pointed at his throat.

"You should pick your next words carefully, one wrong word and you will be in the hospital for a very long time…" she said coldly as she appeared in front of him.

She would have simply killed him but he was Ravel's brother and she became Naruto's first devil friend so she didn't want to upset the girl.

Riser smirked up at her. "You can try to kill me but it wouldn't work… the members of the phoenix clan are Immortal!" He said arrogantly.

Kurama smirked down at him as her Kunai light ablaze with blue flames. "I have not one, but two ways to kill you right now… first and the easiest way is to simply stab you right now with my fire. Since your regeneration spell is based on fire, I can take over it with my own. As I'm sure you must know, the fox-fire is the strongest flame in existence apart from the flames of Amaterasu herself. I can use my fox-fire to simply take over your regeneration and kill you that way. Or, I could seal away your magic, making you very much mortal so again, I suggest you choose your next words carefully. If you dare insult Naruto-sama's consciousness, you will not live long." She finished, her glare scaring the child shitless.

Ruval and Ravel watched in amazement as their stubborn brother, the one who didn't even fear their parents, was genuinely afraid for his life, nodding his head silently and stepping back.

Kurama turned back and walked back to Naruto, the small child not responding as she picked him up into her arms and rubbed his back.

She looked back at the three children. "Ravel, I appreciate that you befriended Naruto-sama and I will make sure he comes to see you later. For now, I would like the three of you to leave, Naruto-sama requires a break," she explained.

Ravel and Ruval accepted her words and left their room, dragging their scared brother out of the room.

Kurama looked at Naruto's face, he was having flashes of the times he was abused and called pathetic, told that he should be ashamed of being a monster as he was abused and the worse of all, being told that he was a monster so he shouldn't dare to call himself one of them all the while he was tortured, beaten and betrayed.

Kurama rubbed his back soothingly. "Naruto-sama, have you had enough for the day? Would you like to start your training and continue when you feel capable of it?" she asked and Naruto slowly nodded his head.

"sure… anything but more people. I can't take anymore today… I keep remembering those people back home… acting all nice to get me to lower my guard before attacking… that was painful, both physically and mentally… I would like to clear my head with some training…" he said, his voice almost robotic and emotionless.

Kurama nodded her head as she felt bad for her master.

"you can also go rest if you want, I can come with you if you don't want to be alone… If you feel too tired to go train, you are very welcome to rest, you had a long night last night, running away from your village all night long…" she said but Naruto shook his head.

"I can't sleep right now. they will haunt my dreams… I need to distract myself with something else…" he said.

Kurama nodded her head. "Alright then, let's go." she said walking with Naruto in her hands towards the training grounds of the Gremory castle.

She looked back at sirzechs. "sorry. I would like for Naruto-sama to feel good when he meets the Devils his age. It's best to have a delayed meeting between them rather than have a bad meeting where Naruto-sama would simply be scared…" she said and Sirzechs nodded.

"I understand. I'll tell Rias and her friends that they'll have to wait until Naruto's up to the task. do your best in training, Naruto-kun!" he replied, leaving the room through the door as the two jumped out of the window.

Naruto and Kurama quickly made their way towards the training grounds. Kurama placed Naruto down on the ground gently and noticed that he was feeling a lot better.

Kurama smiled as she cleared her throat. "Alright, Naruto-sama. The first thing we would want you to learn will be Magic as by the time you turn eight years old, when you get your evil piece set, your magic would be strong enough to turn me into your queen. However, for you to reach that level in time, you are going to need a different training method as the gap is too big for any normal method. Luckily, you have your chakra matured enough for it to unlock it quickly so you will be able to use the training method your parents developed when they learned of this trick. Because of your devil blood, your chakra reserves are big since your physical and spiritual energies are both stronger, meaning you will be able to use this training method effectively. It'll only work for you because your chakra is already very close to awakening, meaning you can start soon." Kurama explained and Naruto was already extatic to start training. He never knew why but learning always made him feel better, no matter how he felt before.

Kurama made a cross fingered hand seal and a perfect clone of hers appeared next to her in a puff of smoke.

Kurama pointed at her clone as she poked her clone's shoulder. "As you can see, this clone is solid meaning it is effective in combat but more importantly, the clone transfers It's memories back to you once it is dispelled. You can use that to learn how to use magic, spells, to train your magic or chakra up to the level you would require and so on. Now you see, I can only use my senjutsu chakra and I can use very little of it. however, you have plenty of chakra, meaning you can summon at least two hundred clones at once… I hope you get where I'm going with this…" she said.

Naruto forgot all of his previous problems and nodded his head enthusiastically, a grin plastered onto his face.

Kurama smiled at seeing Naruto so enthusiastic about something. "Good, now let's start working on your chakra, I think that if you work hard enough, you would be able to master it within a week and get your magic up to the level of a normal devil your age within two!" she said, hyping Naruto up.

*time skip: A week later*

Naruto just finished learning how to walk on water using his chakra. it turned out that he was a genius at it.

Naruto made the cross fingered hand seal. "Shadow clone jutsu!" he said. a large puff of smoke appeared around him and out of it came a hundred clones.

Kurama made ten of her own clones and had each of her clones take one Naruto clone. After the clones were gone, let to train either their magic or their chakra, Naruto was left with the original Kurama.

"Alright, Naruto-sama, you probably know it already but I'll say it anyway. Physical training is just as important as training your chakra or magic if not more. That's why while your clone works on Magic and Chakra, you will be training your Physical body. You should know that a better built body which has more muscle to it as well as a healthy one, meaning someone who eats good things, is the body time which will attract more attention from the girls…" she said.

Naruto's interest was picked. he, as a little child who was never exposed to a romantic relationship, was very innocent so he, as a person who always wanted more attention as long as it was from far enough so that his personal space wasn't invaded, took that As Kurama saying he would get more friends.

"I'll do it! Let's get started!" he said excitedly.

Kurama was amazed by just how much different Naruto's personality was when he was training with her and when he was around other people, even someone like Sirzechs. he was still just as shy around other people but when he was alone with her, Naruto was just fine expressing his emotions, showing her just how great of a person he was when he was around someone which he trusted.

*time skip: Another week later*

Naruto just finished his training, his clones being able to control magic enough to unlock his wings. they were actually something special. At first, he sprouted the normal bat wings of the Gremory clan but when the flames lit on fire, blue fire, Naruto and Kurama were thrown for a loop.

Kurama theorised that it was a reaction of Naruto's Phoenix genes and his Kitsune Yukai genes, causing what was supposed to be normal firing wings to become the fire of the fox-fire.

Naruto smiled in excitement as he remembered the event.

He was walking towards his room after finishing his shower. Suddenly, he ran into Rias.

He had been avoiding Rias and her friends for the past two weeks, not wanting to get closer to anyone, fearing that what happened with Riser would happen again.

as he was about to walk in a different direction, Rias ran up to him and stood in front of him. she looked down and looked to be rather embarrassed as she spoke. "N-Naruto-san, would you… like to come watch some Anime with me? I-I understand if you don't want to… I mean, I know it could be weird, at least that's what Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki called it when I wanted them to watch with me…" she was cut off when Naruto grabbed her hands.

she had never seen Naruto acting in such a way, not even when she and her friends watched him train with Kurama. Naruto had stars in his eyes. "You like anime too?" he asked in shock, making Rias smile happily as she nodded her head. "yeah! I do, I love 'My Hero Academia'! I think it's the best!" she said.

Naruto grinned at her as he started dragging her towards his room. "I promise you that if you like 'My Hero Academia', you will love 'Black clover' even more. Let's go watch it in my room!" he said enthusiastically.

Rias raised an eyebrow. "'Black clover'? What is that?" she asked curiously.

Naruto opened the door of his room as he looked back at her. "you'll see…" he said.

Rias shrugged as she walked into Naruto's room. "Alright… I was going to let you pick anyways." she said.

It was around five hours later that Kurama came back from training Naruto's clones when she found the two.

Both Naruto and Rias were asleep, both sitting on Naruto's bed with an episode of black clover playing on the television.

Rias had her head on Naruto's shoulder as her arms were wrapped around Naruto, a single arm of his wrapped around her shoulders.

"Only his Anime can overpower his fears…" Kurama mumbled to herself, a big smile creeping onto her face as she ran out of the room and called Sirzechs over, the two smiling happily as they watched Naruto and Rias hugging each other in their sleep.

After Sirzechs was gone, Kurama shut the door and turned the television off. She removed her clothes as she usually did when going to sleep with Naruto before laying him and Rias together on the bed and getting in with the two, hugging Naruto from behind.

Author's notes: Done! This is the longest chapter I've ever written… normally, I would have divided this chapter into two separate chapters but I wanted to get to the point where Naruto and Rias get close, as well as show the great effect 'Black clover' is going to have on this series… anyways, see you guys sometime soon, I really enjoyed writing this so you guys can expect a new chapter real soon.