hello everyone. I know It's been a while, but I can assure you all that I'm not dead quite yet. you have no idea how much I appreciate everyone that's still waiting and expecting a new chapter excitedly, It really means a lot and you guys are exactly what gives me the motivation to come back to writing.

on that note, I'd like to announce my return. my exams are going to end soon and I'll be able to come back to writing. you guys should expect a new chapter soon, June 24th at the very latest.

I believe what I owe you guys first is A chapter of 'The love of a fox' and I don't remember what comes next. you guys are welcome to tell me in the comments which one I should write after 'The love of a fox', and the story most commented will be the one I will continue with. other than that, I am considering opening an Instagram account for updates on the stories, maybe a bit of sharing my thoughts with you guys, maybe having you guys vote on things I am not sure about and help me and maybe I'll even release some sneak picks of the stories a few days before they are released. tell me what you think and thank you again for the support, I really appreciate it!