Chapter Two

Darkness was falling away, and the sun was rising up once more from the Atlantic sea. The three bat-heroines stood side by side atop one of the taller buildings, as any superhero would do. Night or day, crime would almost always find its way in the streets in some form or shape. And if and whenever it could, at least one hero would be there to take action.

One of the three, middle in height and donned in nearly all black, crouched down and focused at an alleyway below. There, she spotted a particular and familiar foe; a white-skinned, ebony-haired woman in a skin-tight black suit sneaking about in the shadows and attempting the dodge the various streaks of sunlight. The middle one, Blackbat, or Orphan, signalled to the other two.

"What is it?" the shortest and youngest of the three, Spoiler, in a black and purple hood and cape, noticed and asked.

Orphan pointed down, as the other two turned their heads to that general direction, down below in the alleys.

"Is that Nocturna?" Spoiler questioned.

Looking closer, the other two soon caught sight of their target, recognising the supervillain.

"Likely so indeed," the tallest and eldest of the three, Batgirl, confirmed. "Let's see what she's up to this time".

With that, the three dark knightesses leapt together downward, swinging across various rails and stairs before eventually softening their landings with a synchronised firing of their grappling hooks, and enabling them to step into Nocturna's way. The lesser-known supervillainess ceased in her otherwise swift tracks as she spotted and recognised the trio.

"You know, you haven't got much shadows to hide in, right?" Spoiler halted with a firm and confident finger pointed forth.

"So you lot can chain me up somewhere in that Asylum from prying eyes and have your ways with me?" Nocturna grinned as her dark twisted fantastical imagination started running. "Not that I would object even half a bit".

"Don't even think you can play us with your dirty tricks," Batgirl immediately saw through.

"Unlike your fling with the Poison Ivy?" Nocturna recalled.

As soon as she heard that, Barbara Gordon, the Batgirl herself, soon found herself frozen in place as near distant memories flashed back into her mind. Memories of another redhead girl, memories of another girl who once shared similar causes as her, memories of the supervillainess she would become under some incidental circumstances, memories of Pamela Isley. How deep down, had it not been for their diverted paths, she would've been able to tell her how she might've truly felt for her.

"Hey," a familiar voice echoed right next to Batgirl, forcing her to snap out of her state, realising it to be Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler.

"That's behind me right now," Batgirl retorted after lightly shaking her head a bit. "And you're right in front of me, in front of us. So if you value life as much as we do, I recommend you stand down".

"Try me then, Batgirls," Nocturna huffed before turning tail and dashing out to the other end of the alley, as the three caped crusaders quickly followed suit.

The vampire-like rogue soon turned around a corner on her left and managed to flee out of sight. As soon as the three Batgirls reached that very same corner and took a turn as well, the foe had seemingly gone vanished into the thinnest of air. However, glimpsing down, they spotted a manhole cover spinning and spiralling down before closing shut altogether. A faint feminine cackle could be heard echoing from somewhere far beneath the manhole. Nocturna escaped and fled into the deep dark shadows of the underground.

Cassandra Cain, the Orphan crouched down to closely observe the smoking manhole before huffing and pumping her fists with frustration. Standing back up next to Batgirl, Orphan signalled to her, "Should we head down here and continue hunting her down?"

"Hmm, let her go for now," Batgirl brushed off. "Knowing crooks like her, she's quite clever and would likely be too far and deep already in those maze-like sewers. Wait for her to peak out her head once more, and by then, we'll be ready".

"We still gotta look out for her, right?" Spoiler said to Batgirl.

"Obviously," Batgirl nodded in agreement. "And I don't think she'll be alone..."

With that, the trio continued onward into the city, unaware of what else will come very soon...

Later that day, the sun would sink away once more, giving way to the rising shadows of night. Accompanied by hazy lights and distant clatters, Alex Danvers ventured down the pavement in the mostly barren streets. Clear visible huffs of warm air escaped her mouth. Looking around, she could hardly see any other person in close sight and proximity.

"Aren't you quite lonely out this late at night?" a slithery female voice caught Alex off-guard.

Alex quickly turned to a see a peculiar figure. A taller, elegant, pale-skinned woman with crimson lips, long straight white hair, and icy blue eyes that gazed deeply into her. This women wore a red and black ombre dress, while sporting golden shoulder plates and high heels to match.

"Yeah, so?" Alex questioned.

"Surely some trustworthy company would help in giving you comfort and feeling of safety, miss Danvers," the stranger offered.

"Wait, how do you know my name?" Alex quickly noticed.

"I can see into people, my dear," the seemingly older woman vaguely spoke. "And my name is Carmilla".

"Now why does that name ring a bell or two?"

"I imagine you read about it," Carmilla said as she approached Alex.

Alex slightly gasped as Carmilla reached out to stroke her fingers through and down her dark short red hair. Alex herself wanted to turn away so badly, from looking into the other woman's hypnotic eyes, but she couldn't.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Alex rhetorically asked. "I've a girlfr-"

"She doesn't need to know of this..." Carmilla hushed. "...for now".

Her eyes dilating and eyelids fluttering, Alex had found herself into and under the mercy and thrall of Carmilla. The vampiress smiled with glee as she pulled the younger woman into a kiss, hungry moans emit into each other's mouth as the vampire gently backed the mortal human against an alley wall. Pulling away from the kiss, Alex tipped her head back, baring her throat as she moaned.

Carmilla cooed as she helped take off Alex's jacket suit for her and flung it away, revealing a green V-neck top that already showed quite a bit of bare skin. The chilling air didn't sway the enthralled Alex one bit. Carmilla gently pushed Alex up against a nearby brick wall as the mortal woman roughly dug her hands into the near-ends of Carmilla's hair, eagerly tugging her back against her.

Easing Alex onto her back, Carmilla set about leaving a trail of lip prints down Alex's bare chest, tasting the tender skin and correctly sensing that Alex was too worked up for teasing. Pressing one hand against the younger woman's shoulder, holding her still, Carmilla inched back up to roughly suckle on the collar bone, grinning to herself as Alex arched up into the sensation, letting out a deep guttural groan of pleasure.

Pulling back with a wet pop, Carmilla grinned as she saw how red the mark was, showing the blood beneath. Alex bucking and arching up, tangling her hands into Carmilla's hair as she did, trying to hold on to her. Carmilla then moved up, curling her hand around the back of Alex's neck to pull her close into another hungry kiss, swallowing her gasps and pants and moans.

Eagerly exploring Alex's mouth, Carmilla reached down with her other hand, unbuckling the human's belt and trousers, then snaking her sharp-nailed fingers through until she reached the gap between Alex's legs. She cupped her mound before her fingers slipped, sliding through the wetness she found there as Alex rocked her hips up against her hand, moaning desperately into Carmilla's mouth as she rolled partway towards the immortal woman. She bucked her pelvis against the seductress's strong hand, breaking the kiss to pant hard for breath as she looped her arms around Carmilla's waist.

Flashing her a feral grin, Carmilla slid her index finger deep into Alex's slit, swirling it inside the folds as she leaned forwards and suckled at Alex's jawline and throat, marking her as Alex groaned and her muscles tensed up, spreading her legs wider, allowing Carmilla to ease two more fingers in her with ease. Grinning against the skin of her throat, Carmilla roughly pumped in and out of her, her thumb roughly rubbing at her clit. Lips gaping open in a barely audible gasp, Alex pulled her head back, eyes fluttering, rolling and tearing up.

Eyes squinting dark, Carmilla bared her fanged teeth again in another feral grin as she placed her free hand over Alex's head, lightly patting and stroking. Alex let out a soft whimper in response, gripping Carmilla's bare bicep tightly as she frantically thrusted back harder against Carmilla's hand, her eyes fluttering closed as Carmilla pressed her sharp thumb harder against her clit.

Choking for air, Alex's body stiffened, her legs trembling for a long moment, before suddenly going limp, slightly leaning forth mimsily against Carmilla. Still keeping her fastened pace, Carmilla rested Alex back to the wall, holding her close as she continued to gently work her hand in and out of her, working through the last few bits of her orgasm until the weakened Alex finally gave way and spilled her essence.

Slowing to a stop, Carmilla gently slipped her hand out of her, humming charmingly as she pressed soft kisses to Alex's sweat-drenched face and neck as the younger woman panted and shuddered under her complete ecstasy.

Pulling back slightly, Carmilla smiled down at her, lazily licking her fingers clean and grinning as Alex let out a soft groan. Seductively rolling her head to look at her, Carmilla sunk her fanged teeth deep in Alex's neck, piercing her skin to lick, suck and taste the sweet blood within. A slight gasp escaped Alex's lips as her face slowly turned pale.

Alex's hands and arms shook for a moment before limping in submission once more. The losing of blood was just enough that life hadn't all completely escaped her eyes yet, but she was on the brink of death nonetheless. Taking this and opportunity, Carmilla bit deep into her own right wrist so her blood would spill too and brought it close to Alex's lips.

"Come taste me," Carmilla ordered, still cradling her latest victim. "Taste my dark essence".

The barely living Alex did as ordered, and licked up the gaping wound, albeit rather sloppily. As the dark essence found its way down her throat, Alex soon convulsed, feeling her stomach churn like cold fire. A chilling force crawled up her trembling legs, underneath her paling skin. Her sight distorted with red, her canines slowly grew sharp. Alex felt her heartbeat cease entirely.

Alex had let out her last pure breath. Opening her eyes, Alex's irises had turned bright red and her sclera a complete black. She felt her blood freeze up almost like ice, as dark veins were made visible. She looked at her now pale-white hands as her sight sharpened and focused intensely. She has been turned.

"You are one of us now," Carmilla spoke. "Now spread my blood and power to your lovers as you may please..."

To be continued...