Chapter Three

The mysterious and formally dressed woman would find her next victim, in a block of flats somewhere in the gothic-metropolitan city. She travelled her way up the stairs until she reached the right floor with the right door. Stepping forth, she gave a light knock on the door itself and waited. Within the room, was an Asian short-blacked-haired girl, Alysia Yeoh, wearing a bright-blue crop-top T-shirt, white sneakers, and black tight trousers with a few designed rips in it.

Hearing the knock, Alysia went to the door, expecting an old friend of hers like Barbara Gordon. However, when she answered and opened, it was anyone but a friend of hers. The mysterious pale-skinned woman smiled at her, already looking down at what this girl was wearing.

"Hello there," the seemingly older woman greeted. "Just come to see if this is the right place, and it seems to be so. And you must be Alysia Yeoh".

"...Okay, who are you?" Alysia asked, clearly sceptical of the stranger.

"Call me Lari, Lari Calm," the woman claimed herself to be before giving a slow cool stroke down Alysia's smooth cheek. "You look certainly gracious. You wouldn't mind inviting me in, would you?"

Normally, Alysia would've just shut the door right away, but being put under a state of near-entrancement, she didn't question anyway further.

"Not at all," Alysia spoke, offering Lari the way through.

Strutting to the lounge area, Lari lingered a finger at Alysia, beckoning her to come forth with her. Alysia closed the door and walked up to Lari with a subtle sense of arousal in her.

"Lay down upon that little sofa of yours," Lari suggested.

Alysia immediately did just as ordered, lying straight on her sofa with her back down, as if within a coffin. Preying on the mortal girl, Lari brought forth her crimson lips to touch Alysia's own, slowly running her prying hands all over that toned skin and along those slender curves. As she continued kissing Alysia, Lari moved her hands down then back up inside the girl's loose crop-trop, teasing and caressing the bra-clad bosoms.

Soon enough, her hands already went down to unbutton and unzip those tight black jeans before one hand slipped its way in, dipping into the wet and warm sex within. As Alysia moaned some more, her hips started bucking up and rolling against that sharp, arousing hand. She bit down on the corner of her bottom lip as her lids fluttered and eyes rolled up.

Hooking and thrusting her fingers, Lari shifted downward, glazing her tongue along that smooth torso. Her right hand still pumping hard and fast, her free left hand pulled down the black tights so that Alysia's quivering sex was in plain view. She purred at the sight before tipping her tongue right on top of the clit as her fingers continued tugging at the labia, sending Alysia even further into a orgasmic frenzy.

"Ah, ah! Oh fu-" Alysia grunted sensually. Any memory or recollection of her friends, including her fiancée Jo Munoz, had all been blurred and blocked out for the time-being.

As her moans grow more louder in volume and higher in pitch, Alysia arched up her neck and chest. Her teeth gritted and grounded in a futile effort and attempt to hold back any more sounds from her mouth, to barely any avail. She writhed under the mercy of Lari and her speedy tongue and fingers, as her climax kept getting closer to the surface. Soon enough, with one long yelp, Alysia had come, releasing a splatter of liquid pleasure onto Lari's pale face and deep-red lips.

Gradually slowing down, Lari licked her lips and eventually released her coated fingers from Alysia's slit to indulge upon, humming with approval at the taste. Glancing up at Alysia and the paralysed state she was in, Lari crawled up a bit to graze at the belly. She could sense the blood boiling beneath the soft delicate skin. Lari then bit down on Alysia's midriff, drawing warm sweet blood for her to lick and suck up. Alysia herself gasped and shrieked in reaction, her eyes bugged, and her paling body flinched and twitched from the piercing.

Once she had a good enough taste and consumption, Lari pulled back her teeth and face before going up to see the whoozy Alysia eye-to-eye, face-to-face. Slitting her own left wrist with a sharp fingertip, Lari Calm drew her own blood to offer before the lips of Alysia Yeoh. Upon tasting and consuming the substance, the victim tossed under the vampire's weight.

Rising up from her turning, Alysia's mouth opened wider to unveil fangs of her own as Lari went down once more to kiss her before getting back up and taking Alysia with her.

Later that day at the Wayne Manor, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown took a well-deserved rest after a while, at least most of them seemed to. Barbara sat down and browsed on the internet, Stephanie read a few comic books, and Cassandra practiced on a few push-ups. While Stephanie laid back with a lot of leisure and little care in the world and Cassandra didn't let any unnecessary thoughts get in the way to distract her, Barbara still had Nocturna in mind. Not only how she got away, but also how she mentioned Pamela.

How did she even know? How would she know? Did Poison Ivy at some point tell Nocturna of her long-past time with Barbara? What else would she know about? These questions and more kept weighing in on the Batgirl's mind.

But soon enough, something else would catch Barbara's attention as a lone silhouette peered in through a big window, then another. Getting up from her chair, Barbara looked closer to see what or what it actually was. Walking towards the wide window, she soon recognised it was; two feminine figures levitating in the air with flowing red capes: Kara Zor-El, aka Linda Lee Danvers, the Supergirl, and her twin sister Kiri Zor-El, aka Karen Starr, the Power Girl.

Amused by such an unexpected visit from a few close friends of hers, Barbara opened the vast window to let in the two Kryptonian twins. Floating in, Supergirl hugged the redhead tightly before Power Girl joined in as well. Barbara herself patted the two back in return just before the two let her go again.

"So how's it going anyway?" Barbara asked.

"Things seem to be going fine over at Metropolis on the other side of the States," Power Girl answered.

"At least mostly," Supergirl slightly dropped a bit.

"So, what's going on?" Barbara asked again, more curiously.

"You see, that's kinda why we turned up here," Supergirl soon explained. "Our adoptive sister, Alex, has somehow disappeared. The last time we contacted her, she was heading over here to Gotham".

And speaking of contacting, a ringing started in Barbara's pocket, instantly snatching her attention away. Signalling Supergirl and Power Girl to wait for a moment or two, Barbara pulled out her mobile phone before swiping to answer.

"Hello?" Barbara spoke.

"Hello, Barbara?" A somewhat familiar voice called from the other end.

"Oh hey, Jo, what's up?" Barbara recognised the voice on the other end as Jo Munoz.

"Have you seen Alysia lately?" Jo asked.

"Don't think so, why?" Barbara shrugged.

"I haven't seen her either," Jo explained. "I tried calling and messaging her, but I had no reply at all".

"That's strange," Barbara scratched her head. "Some friends of mine here have just told me that their sister has gone missing too".

"You think there might be something to this?" Jo asked.

"Maybe, we'll see," Barbara pondered. "We call back to you once we find some clues behind this".

"Okay then, catch ya next time, bye," Jo bid a good luck and a farewell for now.

And with that, Barbara hung up and slipped the phone back into her pocket before looking back at the Super/Power twins. "So that's two lost ones we gotta find in this city," Barbara stated the obvious.

"Any suspicions?" Supergirl asked.

"Funny enough, Cass, Steph, and I encountered Nocturna not too long ago before she got away," Barbara recalled. "She could be a suspect, even if it does sound obvious and even coincidental, but at least it's a start. You managed to inform anyone of this?"

"We reached out to Superman and Black Lightning among a few others," Power Girl addressed. "Thunder seems to be on the case as well. Hopefully, she can help us in finding out what's going on here".

"Right," Barbara nodded before she took a step in heading off. "I'll get Cass and Steph back into gear again to help look further into these disappearances".

"You do that, if we find anything, we'll let you know," Supergirl said before she and Power Girl left back through the window and took off again, leaving Barbara to find her fellow Bat family members.

Even so, now from what she had learnt and found out from her other close friends, more questions piled on top of Barbara's ever-curious mind: What was the connection here? Could there indeed be a link between Alex and Alysia vanishing? Could they have been kidnapped by the same individual, or even same group? Why them in particular? Who else could be next?

The answers to at least most of such questions, and more, may come sooner than she or anyone else may've anticipated. Barbara Gordon may not exactly be the world's greatest detective, but she could come close enough.

And indeed, Anissa Pierce, aka Thunder, was on the case, venturing from alley to alley. The dark-skinned Outsider had long blonde dreadlocks and she wore a pair of goggles and a black bodysuit with thick yellow lightning-shaped trims. Having been informed by Supergirl of Alexandra Danvers vanishing under unknown and mysterious circumstances, Thunder traced through any place and location to little to no luck at all, even where Alex was apparently last seen.

Soon, she made her way to the Robinson Park with the rays of the full moonlight streaking through the trees. A few hints of fog and mist lingered in the distance, just under the city skyline. Thunder continued wandering through the slightly dense park, carrying on relentless for remote evidence or just about anything, or anyone. And she was about to get just anyone, or someone.

"Looking for something?" An eerie feminine voice caught off Thunder by surprise, forcing her to turn and see an imposing pale-skinned woman dressed in red, black, and gold.

"More rather searching for someone," Thunder emphasised the 'one' at the end. "And what might you be doing here? Whoever you may be".

"Waiting for someone as well," the strange woman replied. "And you can call me Laci, Laci Marl".

"Laci, huh? Interesting name," Thunder observed, her mind still drifting with suspicion while looking at the woman's dress. "And an interesting dress as well".

"Not as interesting as you," the woman claiming to be "Laci" spoke back, slowly approaching Thunder. "I like your suit too, it shows off your curves".

"Thanks?" Thunder slowly backed up until she was soon pinned softly between a nearby tree and Laci herself.

Laci and Thunder were facing each other so closely, literally eye-to-eye.

"Tell me that I'm beautiful, that I'm everything, that you would do anything and everything for me," Laci commanded.

"You're beautiful, you're everything, and I would do anything and everything for you," Thunder spoke with cloudy eyes, heavy eyelids, and an emotionless tone.

With dark-red lips smiling at yet another submission, Laci immediately inched close to capture those thunderous lips, both women humming together. The exhaling airs from their nostrils were made visible and smoke-like in the icy atmosphere. The two women parted each lips to let their warm tongues reach out and touch one another as well. Their breaths melding together inside their locked mouths.

Their bodies pressing together, Laci stroked a few of those luscious blonde locks with her thin, stirring fingers as Thunder in turn slowly ran both her own gloved hands down that long, straight, smooth white hair before placing them around Laci's slightly thick hips. Her heart skipped and fluttered like a swam of infinite moths battling over a single source of light. Whatever Thunder was supposed to do or whyever she was here in the first place had all been lost on her completely.

Laci's lustful left hand tiptoed its way down Thunder's torso until it reached and grasped the groin area within the clutch, as Thunder reacted with a low gasp. A small warm dampness was already felt between her clad thighs, as Laci's arousing fingers were bringing such closer to the surface. Slightly shaking from both the surrounding mild air and the overwhelming pleasure, Thunder breathed shorter and faster as her chest subtly inflated and deflated.

"They say that thunder always comes after lightning," Laci beamed darkly. "But with you, thunder shall come before the lightning".

Hearing such words etch their way into her very mind, Thunder tilted her head upward as the sensual volts filled up her heating body. Laci then parted Thunder's V-shaped collar so her lips could run along more the warm neck. Feeling both those lips and fingers in certain parts of her made Thunder tense up and moan even further, holding on even tighter and leaning back harder against the tree behind her.

As soon as Thunder finally came down, Laci slipped her fanged teeth into that dark neck, forcing another weak bleat out of Thunder's quivered lips. With blood just as hot and sweet as previous victims and more to come, Laci guzzled just as much she could before pulling out to see Thunder's head hanging rather loosely.

Laci then casually used one of her own fangs to make a noticeable gash on her own thumb before placing it carefully inside Thunder's mouth to have it licked with her tongue. Tasting the liquid, Thunder gulped and choked, feeling its influence changing her from within. Her heart beating fast like crazy before ceasing once more. With or without her yellow-tinted goggles, she was already starting to see nearly nothing but a bloody red.

Seeing that Anissa Pierce's canine teeth had sharpened and elongated, Laci Marl smiled a grim grin. She had recruited a "superhero" into her army of undead.

To be continued...