Chapter Six

Standing alone in a room in her studio flat and sipping on a cup of warm coffee, was a young adult woman with medium-long dark brunette hair, wearing a light-brown long-sleeved top and a short tight leather skirt. A few faint knocks could be heard from outside her door, so she put down her coffee on the table nearby and went for the door itself. Unlocking and opening the door by the handle, the young woman soon found herself facing a rather familiar face with short dark-red hair.

"Oh, hey Alex", the young woman recognised immediately.

"Hey Becca", the slightly older woman greeted back. "How have you been?"

"Good", Becca nodded. "You?"

"Beyond good", Alex answered vaguely. "You mind inviting me in?"

"Not at all", Becca accepted nonchalantly, letting Alex enter her flat. As Alex walked in and stood about, Becca closed the door shut. "Want something to drink?"

"Oh do I wanna drink something, allright", Alex tutted, her throat cold, dry, and in need of some warm liquid.

"Okay, what would you like?" Becca asked.

Turning back at Becca, and with her new senses, Alex could hear the other girl's beating heart and see her blood pumping all across her body, that nimble and beautiful body.

"You", Alex pointed and beckoned.

"Me?" Becca questioned.

"Yes, I want you", Alex spoke before walking up to Becca. "I need you". She stroked a handful of Becca's smooth wavy hair. "I've always needed you".

Becca dared not object or question this, even if she knew that Alex has a few other partners as well. Feeling Alex's dominating touch on her sent up an arousing signal through her spine, and made her heart jump at a quickened pace. Her eyelids started to droop over her eyes while she gently bit on the corner of her own lower lip.

"I... I need you too", Becca shuddered before letting Alex take her over and press her lips into hers.

Becca's eyes soon closed altogether, followed by Alex's own as well, as their kisses moved in deeper. Alex cupped her cool hands around Becca's bare delicate neck before she pinned her up against a wall. Both girls shared a deep warmth together as one, but Becca herself was feeling something even deeper inside her, something stirred up by Alex's arousing presence, something tugging from within. Something that only Alex could awaken, and satisfy.

As their lips and tongues were already making some rather good acquaintance with each other, Alex's right hand moved down Becca's torso, tip-toeing along those curves before making it to the pelvis. Once she had unbuttoned and pulled down the zipper on the backside of Becca's skirt, Alex reached down and slipped deep into Becca's sex with absolute ease, causing Becca herself to yelp and jolt up a bit. Her head dropped back, exposing her neck before Alex, while her hips twitched and bucked in rhythm with those fingers.

"Come for me, baby", Alex said lowly, her fingers speeding up faster. "Come for me".

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yes!" Becca squirmed under Alex's relentless mercy. "Oh god, you make me so wet already". And in some way, there was truth. Just the mere memory of Alex and the few times they spend drinking and chatting together were at least enough to set off Becca. Some nights, she'd even touch herself, imagining Alex doing it for her. And now, that fantasy had become reality, so much and so soon a reality. The redhead made the brunette riding her fingers writhe up fierce, all ready for that sweet inevitable release from such rising tension.

Soon enough, Becca let out one last big gasp of loud air and came before Alex's triggering touch. But as soon as Becca did come, Alex's eyes turned into sky-blue irises against black sclera as she unveiled her sharp canines and sank deep into Becca's neck, tasting the warm sweet blood. Becca couldn't do much to push back with the state she was in, as her face and skin paled. But Alex left just enough to keep Becca barely living, just like what had happened with her.

Alex bit into her wrist and pressed the bleeding wound into Becca's mouth, almost exactly like the one who turned her. As the blood seeped into her systems, Becca gagged and convulsed, her body tensing and trembling, and tears of blackish-red ran from her squinting eyes. And before long, her turning was done, she could feel her own canine teeth sharpen from behind her lips, and her eyes opened to show magenta irises and black sclera.

"Now let's go and find the others", the vampiric Alex Danvers said to the now-vampirised Becca Carew-Johns. "We've only just begun..."

Within one of the many clubs of Gotham City, one particular patron leant firmly against the bar, halfway through her pint. A darkly complex woman of at least late twenties, with a frizzled afro hair, and wearing a leopard-skin-patterned strapless dress. She was bathed in the glow of turquoise-blue lights, looking down at her drink with a hint of solemness in her face. She waited, and waited, and waited, for that someone she knew, or anyone for that matter all, to come.

Just then, another visitor stepped up to the bar right next to the other patron, another fellow woman, one somewhat older in age, of pale skin and long white hair, and wearing a long dress of red, black, and gold. The dark-skinned woman noticed and checked out the other woman, the way she crossed her legs upon the tall barstool and rested her elbows on the bar itself. She had only just saw her for the first time, and already something was beguiling her.

"Hi there", the dark-skinned woman greeted.

"Oh hello, dear", the pale woman noticed, grinned, and spoke back.

"I'm Andi Ostergaard", the younger woman introduced herself immediately."You?"

"Maci", the white-haired woman greeted back. "Maci Rall".

"Maci, cool name", Andi nodded.

"Thanks, as is yours", Maci said while checking out Andi as well.

"So you here with anyone?" Andi questioned.

"Not at first", Maci hinted. "You?"

"I was, at first", Andi answered hesitantly. "But umm..." Her train of thought was already slipping and skidding free of the tracks, helped or not helped by Maci's aquamarine eyes seeping their way through her own eyes, transferring into her mind, and burning coldly into her conscious.

"But what?" Maci teased with her alluring gaze.

Andi's lips shuddered at the woman staring back into her, her confidence gave way into an attraction almost fatal. "Can we go somewhere quieter and more private?" Andi asked. No proper thought or reasoning went through her mind, only desire and submission. She didn't even consider how she had just met this woman, or rather this woman had just met her. And already, Andi had fallen under this hypnotic daze that took advantage of her and her loneliness.

"Sure, we can do that", Maci answered without a hassle.

As such, Maci and Andi took a gentle hold of each other's hand and made their way to the ladies' toilets. Once inside and with no one else around, Maci locked the door before going over to Andi, pinning her against a wall, and planting her own lips deep into hers. The enticed Andi made no objection to this, if anything, she reciprocated this. She pressed her body together with Maci's, while placing her own arms and hands against the wall behind her.

Their tongues touched and danced together in a circling rhythmic pattern. The rumbling bass outside could still hear by both women inside, but not even this deterred either. If anything, this only stirred them further. The domineering Maci stroked and praised Maci's bare arms, chest, shoulders, and neck. All feeling smooth and warm, but Maci wanted it warmer, hotter even, and she knew just how to make it so.

Maci moved down her left hand to sneak its way by Andi's dress and reach for the wet dripping core within. Just the mere sheer feeling of Maci's fingers and long nails stroking and rubbing her folds were enough to send Andi off writhing. Her body bucked and thrusted with desperation, begging to be penetrated by Maci's fingers, and so Maci and her lustful fingers would do just that.

Slipping their way in, three of Maci's red-tipped fingers sunk deep before moving back out by a few inches, then fully back in again. All Andi could in response, aside from letting her hips and pelvis continue riding those fingers, were emit breathless grunts from her shaking lips, bite down on said shaking lips, suck up as much air as possible through her teeth, and roll up her eyes before closing them shut.

Like a stroke of deep paint, Maci brushed her tongue across Andi's inflating and deflating chest, from one shoulder to the other shoulder where she left a few love marks, then finally all the way up her neck to her chin. She then moved her head over till her lips were up close to Andi's ear.

"You wanted this so bad, haven't you?" Maci chuckled, thrusting her finger slowly yet rhythmically. "I could tell, even when I saw you sitting alone at that bar".

"Mmmyesss", Andi wheezed, incidentally emphasising the 'S' like the hissing of a snake.

"You want to come so badly", Maci sped up her hooked fingers. "Say it, you know it, so say it".

"Yes, yes!" Andi exclaimed. "Yes I wanna come, baby. Oooo I wanna come so bad!"

"Then do it", Maci commanded. "Come for me, release for me".

And Andi herself knew it would be inevitable, with a pacing rate such as this, her body and system would have no other choice or option left. Her neck and body arched up and back even when it started to ache as sweat ran down her face and chest. Her knees and legs wobbled like pillars of jelly, her lungs squeezed themselves of any air left, and her heart pulsated at a hysterical pace.

"Ah, that's it, that's it! Right there, I'm getting close", Remotely coherent sounds that Andi barely managed to make. "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come! I'm gonn- ah, ah, ngh, ah!" Before her voice reduced to mere moans, shrieks, and huffs of bothersome breath. Her whole entire body trembling like crazy.

With a big thrust of hips, Andi came. Her fluids oozed and squirted forth onto Maci's palm and a few even stained a bit on her dress. But Maci's hand managed to capture at least most of it, gradually slowing down enough. Once Andi had squirted enough, Maci's hand soon ceased and pulled free for her to lick and taste clean. As soon as she got her good taste, Maci returned her full focus to Andi, who was still in a state of bliss and daze for the moment.

Purring over Andi's smooth neck, Maci could sense the blood beneath, heated by the pleasuring she gave her. Maci then dug her sharp teeth into skin and guzzled out the warm tasty blood, much to Andi's wincing reaction yet barely any other form of resistance. She nearly slunk down the wall with arms hanging loosely and weakly, but Maci kept her up in place. With enough of that sweet blood to quench her eternal thirst, at least temporarily, Maci pulled free her fangs as well, letting Andi hang from her mortal coil. Andi herself could the see the world around spinning away into the void, into the darkness.

Maci bit into her own wrist, cutting open until dark blood oozed out, and planted it into Andi's mouth, for her to consume in turn. Having swallowed such tainted liquid, even unconsciously, Andi felt a shocking chill overwhelm her from within, almost as arousing as the sexual pleasure she just had. She choked and gagged while her heart thrashed even harder, and blackened tears drenched from her eyes. Any warmth in her body soon passed away into coldness.

Before long, her eyes opened to show her sclera turned black and irises turned a bright icy blue, while elongated fangs could be seen within her mouth. She had become one, one of them, one with Maci. The vampiric Countess herself smiled and gazed back eye-to-eye before leaving another soft kiss sealed into the undead Andi. Another victim claimed under her mercy and into her rule.

"Do you thirst for more pleasures?" Maci asked Andi. "Do you hunger for more blood?"

"Yes", Andi spoke dryly.

"Who do you thirst and hunger for?"

Within a moment, Andi looked into her own memories and remembered the one woman she had crushed on. "Mary..."

Deep underground within the Batcave, an all-too familiar figure with an inherently dominating presence sat quietly and patiently on the chair, leaning forth intently with elbow on knee and chin on knuckles. Still wearing his distinct Batsuit, he watched the few dozen monitors that make up the "Batwave" as each of the screens either showed surveillance footage or a sonar signal of sorts. His masked face bathed in a glow of bright turquoise-blue while a faint buzzing drone of computers melded into the overall ambience.

Behind him, a series of metrical footsteps reverberated while sightly increasing in volume and decreasing in distance, belonging to an equally familiar butler walking up next to the sitting man with a tray held in both hands. On said tray was a lone mug of warm dark coffee, freshly steaming. He then placed it down carefully on a small table next to the chair.

"Here's some coffee for you, Master Bruce", the butler spoke.

"Cheers, Alfred", Bruce said back, still keeping his eyes on the monitor screens.

"How's everything so far, sir?" Alfred questioned. "Especially with the disappearances. These 'lost ones' if you will".

"Everything's still a mystery for the moment, Alfred", Bruce replied before taking the mug of coffee and sipping it. "But I still have good enough faith in Barbara, Cassandra, and Stephanie".

"You think Commissioner Gordon and Detective Ellen Yin would also help out with this?" Alfred asked. "As well as Kate, Renee Montoya, Harper Row, and all the like".

"Of course they will, I know it so", Bruce answered sincerely. "We're gonna need all the help we can get as much as possible if we're gonna get to the bottom of who or what are behind these 'lost ones', how they're managing to get away with it so easily, and why..."

"Indubitably, sir", Alfred quickly agreed. "You think it might be a rogue we've faced before?"

"Even if it was, no word has been said from them", Bruce reasoned, sipping another bit of coffee. "No ransoms, no demands, no ultimatums, nothing. Not even any reports of corpses found yet so there's a 50/50 chance of potential murder. And with the increasing amount of missing people, these would have to be very clean and precise murders on a constant pace, which I think very few would be capable of. Almost as if whoever's behind this wants to keep these people alive and to themselves".

"You suppose there could be a pattern as to the certain individuals being taken?" Alfred guessed, his brow cocked and finger and thumb placed against his chin. "Like a certain common trait or two shared by these lost people, as well as the timeframes and locations they would've been taken?"

"Alex Danvers were visiting Gotham for while, as was Ava Sharpe", Bruce brought up as he pulled up a list containing the profiles of the currently missing people as followed. "Alysia Yeoh was last seen at her home residence. Anissa Pierce, Noelle Avril, Nora West-Allen, and Nyssa al Ghul were assisting in the investigation before they each went off the grid as well. And Barbara Ann Minerva was apparently trying to hide out in Gotham". Bruce concluded. "The selection of victims seems somewhat random, but the times they each get plucked off does seem to go at an almost continually regular pace".

"And you really think the girls can handle this?" Alfred questioned.

"Like I said, Barbara has been proving herself worthy of faith", Bruce stated, yet another short gulp of coffee. "She shares her father's sense of order and care for those who follow and cooperate with her, especially after the incident with Pamela Isley".

"I mean Cassandra and Stephanie in particular", Alfred specified. "They've been quite close to each other for some time now".

"I know, I figured they would be, ever since that triple date along with Dick and Barbara as well as me and Vicki", Bruce recalled. "But that can prove to be a benefactor in their shared persistence and determination, their willingness to stand by each other and help others in need together". He then turned back to face his old friend. "Alfred, contact Ellen Yin, see how she and James are in terms of update on the investigation on their end".

"Right on it, sir", Alfred nodded before heading off and leaving Bruce alone once more to continue watching the surveillances, drink down his coffee, and ponder. Who could be behind these ever-rising cases of missing people, including potentially close friends and allies, and what may all this be culminating into.

Later on, the vampiric Alex Danvers already found herself another individual to claim and pleasure. A young fair-skinned woman with dark auburn hair and blue eyes and wearing a bright-pink top and tight trousers within a black leathery biker-style jacket, Angelique Martin. With tongues literally tied and moaning breaths exchanged, Alex pressed Angelique's body with her own against a hard brick wall within an alley, grinding hard together like copulating animals. Her hands raised up and pressed against the wall itself.

Angelique had been a lonely one for quite some time now, having grown up in tandem childhoods with another wild girl. A girl she had feelings for, and still did, even with this stranger trapping her into some hard yet irresistible foreplay. It was almost as if this Alex woman knew about her loneliness and feelings, and took full opportunity, advantage, and exploitation. Not that Angelique even minded much, as long as she could feel like this.

Alex then unbuttoned and unzipped Angelique's trousers and shoved her right hand inward, dipping down and forth into the girl's delicate clit. Immediately, Angelique jolted up and buckled her knees, emitting heavier breaths from her throat. The slightly older redhead began the rhythmic movement of her fingers deep inside the auburnette, causing her to thrust her hips forth and back in rhythm with and against said fingers.

"You want this, don't cha?" Alex spoke. "You've always been wanting this bad".

"Yes, yes, I'm needing this!" Angelique exclaimed, her voice cracking from the sexual pressure. "So, so, so much!"

"You're wishing she was doing this to you", Alex teased, reminding Angelique of a certain girl. "You wish she could fuck you up right now".

Angelique herself could only nod to such a statement. She didn't even need to say anymore, Alex could tell it all quite clear from her body language.

"Good", Alex grinned. "'Cause after we're done, you're gonna get that chance with her".

With that, Alex's depraving fingers soon sped up their pace, hooking in and pressing into that spot. Angelique's hips, her whole body, could barely manage to catch up in rhythm. Her torso bent forth into an arch, pushing into Alex's own body while she kept on riding those fingers like a rodeo gone haywire, free and wild. The whole world around her was spinning back and forth fast like a waltzer, complete with what seemed like stars racing and chasing each other.

Then finally, as she let out a much of a yelp her tightened lungs and dry throat could allow, Angelique burst forth and came for Alex. Nearly all movement had ceased. Releasing her fingers, Alex licked her hand to be greeted by a sweet savoury taste. But that wouldn't be the only bodily fluid she was craving for.

Just as Angelique was drifting back down from her sexual high, Alex then instantly bit deep into her neck, cutting open the skin and slurping up the life essence. Angelique's eyes briefly opened up with shock emitting from them before squeezing shut again, her arms shaking and twitching before hanging down and slightly swinging. But Alex still wasn't done, for she slit her own left wrist and dripped its blood into Angelique's open lips. As soon as it did, Angelique cringed and choked. Her body began to pale, and a chilling sensation crawled up her legs and spine.

Darkened veins rose up along her body and face while blackened tears leaked from her eyes. And once those eyes finally opened again, they were no longer a sweet blue, but a piercing yellow against black sclera. Feeling her tongue along her teeth, she even noticed sharp ends from some of her front teeth. Angelique had realised what she had become, what Alex truly was and turned her into. But somehow, under this spreading control, she silently accepted it. She knew who to seek out next.

Standing outside a club, and leaning casually against a wall, Mary Hamilton looked around. Waiting, waiting, and waiting, for someone, for anyone. She could still hear the rave music from inside the building, albeit muffled and drained of many frequencies.

"Hey there, Mary", a familiar voice called closely to her, forcing her to turn her head to see the person standing right next to her out of nowhere. A person just as familiar as her voice.

"Andi?" Mary instantly recognised. "What are you doing here?"

"Just been looking for you", Andi Ostergaard replied, pressing a hand on the wall behind Mary. "You waiting for someone?"

"I guess I was doing that", Mary stammered, slowly losing herself in Andi's eyes. She couldn't even notice the strange pair of fresh bite marks in Andi's neck.

Their faces moved closely to each other, then their lips made contact. Exhaling through their nostrils, Andi's and Mary's eyes eventually closed as the former pressed against and surrounded the latter with arms all around. Their bodies dance and grounded deeply yet gracefully, developing a slow friction between the two. Andi ran her tongue all around the interior of Mary's mouth before exploring along the warm smooth skin of her face, her chin, and even her neck.

Andi then loosened Mary's black leather tights and let her right hand move in for the kill. The moment Andi's fingers inserted their way into her, Mary tensed up her shoulders and let out a hushed gasp. Grinning at this, Andi rubbed deeply and slowly, teasing the squirming Mary. Her fingers hooked and tugged deep inside the hot dripping sex as the walls reacted by tightening round such fingers like a python choking its prey. Mary's thighs shook and her knees wiggled like fragile poles close to giving way and collapsing, but Andi managed to keep her up in place.

"You know you love this, Mary", Andi said to Mary. "You know you love me".

And deep down, Mary certainly couldn't deny it outright. Ever since the first time they met at the Hold Up club, Mary could never seem to help herself but find Andi quite attractive, but used to regard it as merely out of an admiration and nothing more, even when Andi admitted to having a crush on her. But over time, Mary began to reconsider her own thoughts and feelings, maybe even the possibility of reciprocating such back to Andi. While she was unsure and hesitant the first time, this time round however, she had much more confidence in herself and in Andi.

Just then, her waning thoughts were disrupted by Andi's fingers increasing their speed, causing Mary's body to tremble up just as hard and almost as fast as well. Mary's lungs could barely let in or out any breaths of air, only moan as hard and loud as humanly possible. Not helped by Andi's lips kissing and suckling on the skins of her sweating face and arching neck.

"Ah, ah, hah, oh god", Mary huffed weakly and wearily. "You're gonna make me come, Andi! you're gonna make me come!"

Her whole body was already bending forth as her muscles ached and contracted, not that it bothered her in any remote way possible, as long as Andi kept on pleasuring her in an endless wave after wave. Her cries of overwhelming rapture echoed off into the air before disseminating and vanish from any potential hearing. In many ways, Mary kept going higher and higher still, she had to reach that inevitable peak.

As soon as the pleasuring pressure grew all too much, Mary's core finally came forth and free, squirting for Andi, much to her absolute glee and bliss. Andi looked on with a wicked smile on her face as she collected as much juice as possible with her hand. Once Mary could give up as much as she had left, Andi eased down her fingers before pulling back out with the juices held in hand.

While Mary remained lost in her state of post-orgasmic daze, Andi took her right arm, brushing her lips across the skin and sensing all that warm blood within. And as her eyes turned to sky-blue and black, Andi sank her vampiric fangs into the arm itself, guzzling on the blood and causing Mary to let out yet another squirm. She dared not to pull away with the blissful state she was stuck in, nor could she dare put up a good enough fight to resist. Once Andi had drank up enough of Mary's delicate blood, she bit into her own wrist as well and offered it up to Mary in a fair yet twisted trade.

As she consumed the blood in turn, Mary found herself struck with a cold sharp shock deep within her. Like a poison breaking down her defences, but not with intent of killing her, but rather with intent of changing her. Dark-purplish veins spread along her arms and up her neck and face, while her eyes brought forth tears of reddish-black. Her senses prickled and even ceased for but a brief lapse.

Before long, the turning was done. Mary opened up her eyes, now a bright-blue against black, as her lips twitched and showed some of her front teeth sharpened significantly. could be seen within her mouth. Whatever Andi Ostergaard had become, so had Mary Hamilton. The two lovers stared deeply into each others' eyes, almost sharing a hint of a smile from both, before they kissed once more.

"I'm so hungry for more", Andi spoke.

"Me too", Mary agreed.

To be continued...