Chapter Seven

Continuing the hunt and pursuit for both the kidnappees and kidnappers, the Blackbat Orphan herself dashed around and about from one building to another, searching with eagle-like eyes at every inch and corner within the East Side of Gotham city. Visible yet silent puffs of breaths passed on into the wind before she leapt and climbed down one building, swinging from ladder to ladder, from staircase to staircase, until she landed neatly and perfectly back to the ground.

As she walked around through the seemingly empty street, Orphan caught some sudden and peculiar sounds, far and distance yet so clear and sharp, as if they were occurring right up close next to her ears. Sounds of deep moans, shuddered breaths, and high gasps, almost rhythmically yet certainly off. She traced the sounds to a nearby alley and walked over swiftly and carefully, and walked over swiftly and carefully towards it. The closer she got, the louder the sounds were, planting certain thoughts into Orphan's mind, thoughts that she wouldn't speak out loud about, even if she could.

Slowly sneaking and peaking out her head around the corner, Orphan soon got a view of what or who the strange sounds were coming from. A woman of dark skin and short white hair, wearing a dark-grey body-armoured suit with red pads and a white scarf, pinning a younger, shorter, and distressed woman of fair skin and black hair wearing a brown dress, and sinking her mouth into her neck. The victim's eyes, wide with shock at first, soon started to droop shut as the perpetrator relieved her fanged teeth, stained and dripping with blood.

Orphan's own eyes widened upon observing this as a low breath slipped through her lips. Hearing such a breath, the white-haired vampirised woman rapidly turned her head with scowling teeth and eyes of yellow and black. Instantly, Orphan moved back and hid behind the corner of the wall and out of potential sight. She stilled her breath for at least a moment or two and clenched her hands into tight fists. From the brief fraction of a second, Orphan recalled glimpsing a particular symbol, a mark, on the woman's face. From what she recognised, it seemed to resemble a red fleur-de-lis sigil.

Upon guessing who this person cold be, she dared to cast another look round the corner. But once she did, she found herself facing the corrupted white-haired woman right up close to her face, still scowling at Orphan's unwanted presence. The woman grabbed the vigilante by the torso and flung her into the alleyway and onto a few dustbins, tumbling and knocking them down and over upon impact. Orphan groaned as she struggled to get back up again, brushing herself a bit.

She looked over at the slumped woman laying opposite her and focused on the two deep and fresh bite-marks in her neck as well as a hint of dark liquid dripping from her lips and closed eyes. Lamenting this, Orphan looked at the white-haired vampire again, staring back with vendetta and intensity. She then bayed and threw a few kicks and fists at the vampire, speaking in the language that she knew best above others, the language of violence. For every miss either opponent made, the other made a good hit back.

Meanwhile, the victim's eyes darted open, now turned into red and black, dark veins spread across her skin, and her canine teeth sharpened into thin fangs. Dragging herself back up, the new vampirised victim howled and latched for Orphan, only for the young vigilante to notice her coming from behind, deliver an elbow to the face, and kick her back. Orphan looked on with a hint of morbid curiosity at how someone could just turn rather quickly and easily.

But she still managed to keep and maintain her cool and her concentration as she swung and fought back against the two vampires that surrounded her at opposite sides. Orphan uppercutted one threat then knocked down the other with both elbows before she dashed off with the two chasing after her. She then spotted several iron rail pillars up ahead, leapt onto one, and climbed upward to the railway tracks above.

A distant pair of bright lights appeared to her right, heading towards her with a metallic screech. Knowing immediately what it would be, Orphan stepped off the tracks and out of the train's way. As soon as the two vampiric pursuers climbed and went for Orphan, the public locomotive darted right in between and blocked them off as Orphan stood by, watching and waiting for the train to go by completely. But once it did, the two vampires had already vanished altogether without even a trace. Orphan looked around to see if they had fled to some other direction or at least hid somewhere, but no sign of any life nearby.

As the day and night continues rolling on by, the Vampire Princess of Darkness silently strutted her way through the shadows and lights of the city. Its alleys bathed under flooding backlights of saturated blue, while thick trails of smoke ascended deeply from manholes drain covers. The distant sounds of police sirens rang from somewhere far out of sight, almost like the sirens of old mythology. Something about this kind of atmosphere drew her into it, the mystery, the ambience, the ominousness of it.

"You're not exactly from around here as well, are you?" A female voice spoke from close behind.

Catching the voice, the tall pale woman turned round back to see who may it belong to. And there, right in front her eyes, standing a few feet away, was a rather dashing sight.

A slightly younger woman of dark complexion and a stern posture and expression, with short hair tied into a spiralling bun, wearing gold spherical earrings, black high-heels, and a black shirt with a white collar within a blazer and jeans in matching shades of rose, ruby, and crimson red. Hanging over her shoulders like a cape was a larger overcoat illustrated with intricate designs of flowers. Tangled in her right hand was a lone single rose, and accompanying her was two hounds composed of green leaves and plantlife.

"You can say I'm just a visitor", the white-haired woman smiled at such a mortal sight.

"Who might you be?" The dark-skinned woman asked.

"Alli Marc", the pale woman introduced herself. "And you must be the Gardener that they speak of?"

"Please, call me Bella, Bella Garten, in front of company", the other woman replied.

"Bella, such a beautiful name", Alli flattered as she glanced down and up at Bella. "A beautiful name for an equally beautiful woman".

"I'd appreciate that kind of compliment", Bella said as she crossed her arms and leant back against a wall. "So what are you here for?"

"I heard about you and your reputation", Alli explained, taking a few struts towards Bella. "Your enthusiasm and passion for plants, your experiments in creating a new breed of plantlife, one that could defend itself and all of nature against potential threats".

"Something like that", Bella slightly admitted, doubtful of how this strange woman already knew about her. "What do you really want?"

"I mostly want you", Alli answered bluntly yet vaguely. "All of you to be exact". She stepped even closer to Bella.

The moment she heard that answer, Bella cocked a brow and parted open her pouting lips. She immediately exactly what this woman was thinking, and in some strange way, she found this rather tempting. She briefly yet fondly remembered a time when she was fellow students with a particular red-haired girl who was into plants like her, how they even made love to one another for a night or two. But nowadays, that redhead was more into some harlequin girl, leaving her alone with nothing but a fractured heart, withered like a flower with no water or sunlight.

With a cold sharp stare, and a dark-red smile, Alli gently stroked the smooth skin of Bella's face, along the cheeks and jaws, down to her chin. The warmth softly clashing with her chilled fingertips. Bella could've and would've dared to look away from those deep bright icy-blue eyes, but somehow she couldn't. She unfolded and let down her arms, letting the rose slip free from her fingers and fall to the ground. Even the otherwise domineering Gardener was drifting down into the brink of submission. Alli knew full-well the futility of resistance, as well as the chips in this woman's broken heart.

"Yes, I could sense our bodies speaking to each other..." Alli hissed, her hands spread around Bella's neck. "...Telling us to act". Their lips were barely at least a few inches apart and still slowly closing in. "So let's do what our bodies are saying, let our bodies become one, let us act..."

And so then, they would act. Eyes closed and lips touched. The exhaled airs from their lips and nostrils passed on into the mild air. Alli pressed her own body forth and jostled Bella and her body between herself and the wall behind. Sandwiched between a soft rock and a hard place, not even worrying about her overcoat or hair-bun possibly getting grubbed and roughed up from the wall behind her, Bella spread her arms and hands flat up to that wall. Her pet plant-hounds stood close by enough and kept a watchful eye or two out for any unsuspecting witnesses.

Alli could sense that warm achy feeling deep within Bella, already taken root but wishing to rise and grow, so she unzipped Bella's jeans all the way down to make way for her hand to reach into those sweet wet petals, causing the young woman to jolt up and shudder.

"Ah, I sense your petals are in season", Alli grinned and cooed. "You've already been blossoming, haven't you, my dear?" Bella make a slight shaking nod. "Good, then let's see if we can make you bloom some more, much more..."

The pale white-haired temptress began slowly rubbing her fingers deeply inside the tightening walls, causing the noirette to jerk her hips and pelvis back and forth with and against such slim, strong, and slender fingers. Alli continued suckling down on Bella's neck and face with ease, even nibbling a bit on her bottom lip. With each and every thrust of her body, heavy gasps discharged from Alli's shuddered lips, along with a trail of deep-pitched moans.

Alli's fingers soon went in and out, in and out, in and out, more and more faster, making Bella writhe up even further. Her head and neck arched upward, her chest inflating and deflating at frantic and irregular rates, and her legs and feet slightly wobbled about, weighing down on her thin high-heels. Bella's fingernails clawed at the bricks of the wall and her cracking moans echoed off and faded into the ambience. She was ready, ready to release.

Finally, under the shear weight of bliss, Bella finally came forth and pollinated her sensual nectars, like a flower providing to a bee. Alli could feel the traces of liquid spit out and splatter on her palm and wrist, even smelling the fragrance from deep within. Once she had slowed down and pulled free her coated fingers, she helped herself and guzzled in all the precious fluids trinkling down her hand before focusing back to Bella herself.

With teeth sharp and clear, Alli pricked into Bella's neck like the thorns of a rose, and indulged in a much more precious fluid. Still under such heavy bliss, Bella herself couldn't do anymore but squirm and cringe from the sharp penetrating pain embedded in her neck. With a few gulps of blood, Alli had her appetite filled for now. As she then stared down at the hanging head of Bella, barely living within an inch of life left, Alli offered her hand to the plant-hounds to literally bite the hand that feeds.

With that, the hound's bite was enough to leave a bleeding wound as well, and so Alli offered up to Bella's hanging lips. Alli's darkened blood dripped into Bella's mouth, and with it came a very prickling sensation. Bella then jounced up and juddered as the icy-cold substance took a hold of her from within, clutching her and dragging her in. Her eyes flashed open to reveal irises of red and sclera of black as as dark tears oozed from them.

Watching the turning with usual and pure delight, Alli licked up the tears and passed yet another kiss to the churning Bella. Any and all thoughts, feelings, and memories that Bella may've had once hadn't exactly been gone, only pressed down and buried under one desire and one need, to feed on warm blood of mortals.

Meanwhile, on the West Side of Gotham City, the Spoiler herself ventured across the Dixon Docks, where a few several tankers and cargo ships rested by the harbour and where shipping containers were stacked together and on top of one another like building blocks. Her purple hood and cape rustled with the air behind her, while a hint of her blonde hair peered from under the hood.

As she looked out at the horizon and the rest of the nation far on the other side across the vast river, Spoiler took a deep and clear inhaled breath before exhaling calmly and peacefully. Then she caught a faint cluttering sound close by, echoing off from behind one of the columns of containers. Spoiler walked over and stood flat and straight against one of the containers, slowly sneaking along it while keeping a sharp look from left to right and back.

The closer she crept, the more audible the uncanny sounds became, sounds of moaning and slurping. As soon as Spoiler took the nerve to peak round the corner of the container, what she saw nearly made her heart jump back. Two fairly-dressed yet blood-stained women crouching down on another girl slumped against the steel wall and burying their faces deep in the victim's neck and chest. Her eyes were already rolled up and her head hung to the side. Surrounding this bizarre display were a few other people, at least about two or three, laid out and scattered across the ground with very similar fleshly bleeding marks in their necks and arms.

With her body shaken stiff, eyes widened, and irises shrinking, Spoiler accidentally let her booted feet cause a quick scrape on the ground, instantly alarming the two vampiric women as they quickly pulled themselves from their latest victim and turned to the source of the sound. Spoiler looked down at her feet, realising what she did to tip them off, then back up at the two vampires staring into her with howling fanged teeth, tensed veins of darkish-purple, and scowling eyes of sky-blue and pitch-black. Closely observing them, Spoiler gradually recognised one of the two, one who had worked with the likes of Batwoman for some time, Mary Hamilton?

"Oh bugger", the only thing Spoiler could say right now.

Immediately, the vampirised Andi Ostergaard and Mary Hamilton shrieked and charged at the young heroine with utter fury, practically ready to tear and rip her a new one. But Spoiler managed to snap free from her fear-induced state and back out of the offensive attack before pumping her fists. Andi ran first, then Spoiler dodged a few claw attacks and delivered a few punches back. Mary ran second before Spoiler sent a roundhouse kick her way, nearly forcing her down to the ground.

As this happened, the victims between the shipping containers all jerked back to life, or rather unlife, as they each soon rose up with a stagger or two. Looking behind while still fighting the two foes in front of her, Spoiler noticed the undead increasing and seemingly lurching her way. Before they could surround her completely, Spoiler whipped out her own batgun, aimed at the corner of one of the containers stacked on top above, and fired a grappling hook.

Once the hook had latched onto said corner, good and tight enough, Spoiler lifted herself up and away then swung around and about, kicking aside the vampires closing in with legs straightened and in front. She then further closed in the grapple gun and reached up to the top of the stacking column of containers. Looking back down, she figured the coast wouldn't be in the clear just yet as the vampires dug their claws into the bottom containers below and gradually climbed up to hunt down their prey.

But Spoiler wouldn't let that happen to her so easily, no way she would be any old vampire's easy snack, or perhaps worse. So she made a break and ran across the containers, leaping from one to another barely keeping her balance together without missing, slipping, or falling back. Close enough behind, the pursuing vampires leapt almost as much as well, but apparently not enough to catch up to Spoiler.

Before long, the young vigilante girl in black and purple took one giant leap of faith off the last row of containers and hopefully out of heightened sight. Once she had vanished, the vampires gathered and looked about, continuing on their hunt before they would scatter outward. Peaking out from the corner of one of the large sheds, Spoiler could glimpse at least some of the vampires dispersing before they too fled away from sight. Eventually, Spoiler walked back out into view, sighing with relief while brushing the front of her hair back under her hood.

"Cor blimey, is this gonna be something to tell the others about", Spoiler huffed before heading off again.

Later, inside a mostly lifeless house, its seemingly and fairly normal interior was kept lit by a dim amount of lights. Sitting quietly and firmly on a sofa was a woman wearing a dull-pink jumper and faded-black tight jeans within matching light-brown overcoat and boots along with a grey-striped scarf. This woman, Berenice Yoon Milonas, skimmed through a particular book, silently reading each and every word within it.

Just as she had finished a chapter, she heard a faint knock upon her door, immediately setting aside the book and getting up to answer who it might be. Walking up to the door and opening it, Berenice found herself facing eye-to-eye with a tall, slender, smooth-pale-skinned woman with long white hair, dressed in red and black ochre with golden pads, cuffs, and high-heels.

"May I help you, ma'am?" Berenice hesitately asked.

"Just come to visit, if you don't mind offering an invitation", the pale woman answered, staring through Berenice with almost hypnotic half-lidded blue eyes.

Faintly stammering, Berenice stood aside with the open door to let in the strange yet mesmerising woman. The seemingly older mistress gently and carefully strutted her way into the living room, noticing that all the blinds and curtains were already closed so that the two women couldn't see who or what was outside and that no stranger could peak and spy in from the outside.

"Who are you exactly?" Berenice asked hesitantly.

"Laci Marl", Laci greeted properly. "And you're Berenice Milonas, I presume?"

"How do you know of me? And where I live?" Berenice questioned.

"I've heard of you", Laci casually spoke back. "You're that girl who could see spirits, and even communicate with them. I too have a fascination with the undead". She then stared deeply through this mortal woman and her naive brown eyes. "But I might be finding you more fascinating".

Patiently backing Berenice up against a flat wall, clear of any decoration, Laci ensnared her under a usual effortless spell. As their bodies attached like magnets, as did their lips, with Laci meeting the fruity taste of her victim's lips. Berenice's cloudy eyes soon grew weary and closed shut altogether as did Laci's own.

Laci ran a few fingers through and down Berenice's short black hair before stroking her cheeks, jaw, and neck. With little to no resistance from the entranced Berenice, Laci lifted the grey scarf off of her and left it aside, exposing that dark, smooth, and warm neck. With their tongues dancing in intimacy, the seductress used only one hand to unbutton and zip down Berenice's trousers before it snuck right under, much to the shudder of the young mortal woman.

Inserting two fingers right through the already wet folds, Laci managed to reach into the G-spot and most of the inner walls, arousing the submissive Berenice even further. Berenice already started sweating from the sudden foreplay she found herself in, but she couldn't find any way out of this, and in some strange way, she didn't feel a desire for such any longer. Her pelvis thrusted back and forth along those forceful fingers that dared to pump faster.

"You shall belong to me..." Laci spoke darkly, as breathless gasps and moans erupted from Berenice's mouth. "...and only me".

"Yes, I shall..." The entranced Berenice spoke back with barely any tone within her weak voice. "Shall belong... to you... and only you..."

Barely another word could be spoken by either women as Berenice spread her arms and hands flat against the wall behind her, riding those fast and strong fingers. Her aching slit already started to drip loose, making a dark and wet damp that spread through her jeans. Groaning even louder and gnawing for air, Berenice struggled some more as the encroaching climax rose up within her. With no way of controlling it at all, Berenice finally let herself loose and squirted upon Laci's lustful hand.

With half the job done, Laci gradually slowed down her fingers' pace while keeping her victim in this state of complete utter bliss, letting the liquid run its course until no more could be expelled. By then, she pulled back up her own fingers and tasted on the oozy nectar until her hand was completely clean of the essence.

Then with all defences down, Laci inched her head down and swiftly slipped her fangs into Berenice's neck, unsurprised by the weak and minimal amount of resistance Berenice would've given. Suckling just enough of the warm and sweet blood from the wound before she gently pulled back with a wicked grin that radiated with dark satisfaction, but it wouldn't be over just yet.

Cutting open a mark on her little left finger, Laci slipped it into Berenice's lips and she let it tasted whole. She then let the rest take good care of itself, as Berenice herself looked upward to the ceiling above her, her vision spinning and darkening. A viscously burning chill filled up her whole fragile body to the brim.

Dark veins grew and spread around Berenice's sweet face, her lips quivered open to unveil sharpened fangs, and where once were eyes of brown and white, were now of bright-blue and black before looking up at Laci as shadowy veins spread around her corrupted eyes that gleamed with a calm and subtle scowl, as if her deepest and darkest thoughts and desires that been lifted to the surface, as Laci grinned back at her once more.

To be continued...