The Exchange

"Well?" Harry asked, expectantly. "I didn't hear any screams of pain. I thought the vindictive Slytherin would surely partake on some form of revenge."

"Maybe your Gryffindor hoity-toity attitude rubbed a bit off on me. I let them off with a warning."

Harry simply scoffed, but smiled. He glanced at the box in Draco's hand. "What's that?"

"Just a little snack I took from Pansy."

"So what now?"

"Now we go somewhere to talk. Preferably somewhere warm."

"Why not stay with the oth-"

"I want you to myself, Potter. Don't you get that?"

The blush instantly crept up his cheeks. "You don't have to put it that way."

Draco shook his head in exasperation. "Which is exactly why we still need to talk…"

"What?" Harry looked confused. "I don't get it…"

"Potter, you are delightfully, yet painfully oblivious. Come on then." This time, Draco took the lead and headed towards the Meteorology classroom.

"What do we still need to talk about that they can't hear?" Harry wondered aloud.

"Trust me. There's plenty."

"Like what? What is it that I'm so 'painfully oblivious' to?" The Gryffindor exaggerated.

Draco merely sighed and hastened his pace.

"Come on, Draco. Tell me."

He arched an eyebrow, but still kept his pace. "Really?"

"Yes. Out with it."

And with that, Draco spun around, and with his free hand, caressed Harry's cheek. He pulled the other boy towards him and planted a kiss upon his lips, soft at first, but more aggressive the longer it lasted.

Harry was stunned. He forgot all motor functions as Draco kissed him in the middle of the corridor. Eyes that were wide with surprise fluttered to a close as the Gryffindor gave into the kiss.

After a few moments, Draco pulled away from the still Harry. The Slytherin looked down at the brunette, who seemed to be having trouble regaining a grip on reality.

"Ummm…" Harry managed to utter, words lost to him.

Draco shook his head and simply continued on his way to the empty classroom with Harry in tow. Once they were safely inside, Harry found his voice again. "Draco… what was that?"

The blonde snorted as he place the box upon the nearest desk. "Potter, don't you know what a kiss is?"

Harry blushed. "I know what a kiss is," he hissed. "But why did you kiss me?"

Draco shook his head in dismay. "You really are oblivious, aren't you?" At the frown he was receiving, the Slytherin continued. "Harry, I kissed you because I'm in love with you."

Harry studied the boy standing before him. 'Wait… did he just say…' He crossed his arms over his chest. "Oh, ha ha Malfoy. Very funny."

"I'm serious."

"You're in love with me?" Harry shook his head in disbelief. "But what about that mystery girl you're madly in love with?"

"Harry, will you listen to me? There is no mystery girl. However, there is a mystery boy. And that boy is you. I'm in love with you."

Again, Harry shook his head. "But that doesn't make sense…"

Draco took Harry's hands in his and rest his forehead upon the brunette's. He closed his eyes and sighed. "Harry Potter, I've been in love with you for a long time now. I don't know exactly when, or exactly how, but I know that no one makes me feel the way you do. You make me feel things no one ever has," he chuckled, "in good ways and bad. I love you, Harry. It was you. It was always you."

Harry was speechless. He let the words sink in, and the warmth of Draco's proximity envelope him. 'Draco is in love with me…' Harry's lips grew from a small smile into a grin of pure bliss.

But it quickly turned into a frown as Harry pushed Draco away and took a few steps away before turning to look at the boy. "If you were in love with me all this time, and you knew that I was Haley, then why didn't you say anything?"

Draco exhaled. He fumbled for the right words. "Well… it's just that… when you said it… when you, as Haley, said that you loved me, it was Haley saying it, not… Harry."

The Gryffindor tried to make sense of the words. "But we're the same person!"

"I know! It's just, in the moment, those words that I wanted to hear from Harry came out from this girl in his place. And in the moment, all I could think of was wanting to hear your voice and see the words come from your lips, not Haley's." Draco ran his hand through his hair. "And then, when I finally came to my senses, you were already pulling away from me. And I never got the chance to explain afterward."

"That's not true," Harry frowned. "When we were in detention together-"

"Again, you wouldn't let me explain."

"But you were saying that you couldn't love me because you were in love with someone else."

"I was saying that I couldn't love Haley because I was already in love with Harry."

Harry shook his head vigorously. "But we're the same!"

"But then you said yourself that you would rather be loved for the person you truly are, not for the person you were on the outside. So I wanted to show you that I loved Harry, not just Haley. But when you changed back, you avoided me and then told me that you were happy without me."

"That's not what I meant. I thought you wanted me to change back, but that's not what I wanted. I like being me, even if it meant not having you in my life. I mean, I love you Draco, but I couldn't give up who I was just to be with you."

Draco was quiet. He had a small smile on his lips.

Harry was confused. "What?"

"Say it again."

The Gryffindor cocked his head, still not understanding. "What?"

"That part where you said you love me."

"I didn…" Harry trailed off.

Draco was grinning. "You did." He took a step toward the brunette. "Say it again."

Harry just folded him arms over his chest again. "I don't know… the last time I said it, it didn't turn out so well."

Draco took another step forward. "I can almost guarantee that this time will be different."

The Gryffindor cocked an eyebrow. "Almost?"

He shrugged. "There's no accounting for a random freak accident that might occur." He smirked.

"Forget it then," Harry said, dismissing Draco with a wave of his hand.

At this, Draco closed the gap between them and held Harry in his arms once more. He pressed his forehead upon the other boy's, smiling. "Come on, Harry…"

Feeling Draco all around him left Harry with a heady feeling. He tried to process everything that had been said. 'He loves me. Draco loves me.' The fact brought warm and fuzzy feelings out onto the surface. Harry looked deeply into Draco's grey gaze, finding adoration there. With a smirk, he sighed in mock exasperation, slowly wrapping his arms around Draco's neck. "Fine… I almost love you, Draco." He teased.

"What?" The blonde frowned, pulling away just enough to look at Harry.

Harry smiled. "Well, there's no accounting for a random freak accident and blah blah blah." In response to Draco rolling his eyes, Harry continued. "There's also the matter of these rather rude letters I've received-"

Draco responded by emitting a little growl before pulling Harry back into his embrace. He nuzzled the crook of the boy's neck. "You're terrible to me…"

Again, Harry smiled. He let himself feel the comfort of Draco's embrace. He sighed in content. "So… you're in love with me… really?"

"Yes. I am in love with you, Harry Potter."

His heart raced. He never knew how much he could love the sound of his own name, especially followed after those words.

"And this is for real? Because if this is just some cruel trick-"

Draco frowned. "I would never. I love you, Harry," he repeated firmly, trying to make it stick. "My feelings for you are real. As real as you or I."

Harry still looked a little unsure. So Draco continued, a smile playing on his lips.

"I love you even when you're shoveling food into your mouth. I love you when you're hurtling insults in my face. I love you even when your hair is in most occasions ridiculously unruly."

Harry was aghast. He pulled back, a frown on his face. "You should've stopped while you were ahead, you jerk."

But Draco just smiled, resting his forehead atop the other's. "I love you when smile and laugh and I love you even more when you're smiling and laughing with me. I love you, not the girl you were transformed into, not the icon people have made you out to be. I love you, and everything about you. And although those letters may have been rude by your standards, I was merely pointing out more things about you that I love."

Harry scoffed. "You love that I have an ugly face, that I'm fatter than Millicent, and that I snore so loud that you can hear it through stone walls?"

"I may have embellished here and there."


"So do you believe me now?"

"Hmm… almost."

"Almost?" Draco frowned incredulously.

"Yes, almost. You're very nearly there," he teased. This time it was Harry with the playful smile. He tilted his head forward and brought their lips together again. This time it was brief and gentle, but it still managed to take both of their breaths away.

Even in the short contact, Harry could feel the truth in Draco's kiss. He could feel how much Draco cared, how much Draco loved. It warmed Harry all over. With a blissful sigh, he conceded. "All right. Now, I believe you."

Draco gave Harry another brief kiss, reigniting the feelings within. "Good."

The two were content to finally just be in each other's arms. After everything they had been through, the ups and the downs, the numerous misunderstandings, they were finally content just being with one another. They let warmth flood them, especially after their trek through the wintery grounds. Warmth emanated from their close proximity and from the content they felt in their hearts. Finally, nothing stood between them. Everything was clear. Harry knew that he loved Draco and knew that he was loved in return. Nothing could ruin this moment of peace between the two young lovebirds.

…Except the growling stomach of one Boy Who Lived.

Draco pulled back, looking amused.

"Don't say anything," Harry frowned. "I haven't eaten all day."

"Which is why it's a good thing that I snatched this from Pansy." Draco walked over to the box that had been momentarily forgotten.

Harry reached out for the box, making grabby motions with his hands.

"Ah, ah," Draco frowned, twisting so that the box was out of the Gryffindor's reach. He popped open the lid, dipping his finger into the mystery confection before bringing his finger to his lips rather suggestively.

Harry could only follow with his eyes, everything else- including breathing- seemingly unimportant. He watched as Draco slowly dragged his tongue over his lips, licking them clean.

"Mmm," Draco practically purred. "French silk." He smirked. "Unfortunately, this time we don't seem to have any utensils."

"Shame…" Harry breathed, rather than spoke. He again could only stare as Draco brought more of the filling to his lips, sucking lightly on the finger he was using to feed himself. He withdrew his finger with a resonating pop.

Dipping his finger in for some more, he held it out to Harry, a mischievous grin playing on his lips. "Want some?"

Harry mentally scoffed at Draco's blatant display. 'Okay. Two can play at this game.' He took a tiny step forward, taking Draco's offered hand in between his own. Slowly, he wrapped his lips around the digit, letting the smooth chocolate filling melt in his warm mouth. Tentatively, he licked the tip all around, letting a soft moan escape his lips.

It seemed that Draco had also forgotten how to breathe. His mouth had fallen slightly open, eyes half-lidded as he watched the tip of his finger disappear into Harry's mouth. Harry slowly withdrew the finger from his mouth, teeth grazing lightly against it. He gave the tip a tiny kiss before looking deeply into Draco's dazed eyes. Harry sighed in content, his breath falling against Draco's moist finger. "More please."

And as if those were the magic words, Draco snapped out of his daze, dropping the box in his hand in favor of capturing Harry's head to pull him into a kiss. Both boys were breathing hard at this point, lips rough against one another, passionate and desperate for more. And when Harry elicited yet another vulgar moan, Draco took the opportunity to insert his tongue into the other boy's mouth, encouraging him to do the same.

Draco moved them so that Harry was half leaning, half sitting on a nearby desk, moving his hands down to slender hips as Harry's own wove themselves into Draco's platinum locks. Harry pulled on them slightly, causing Draco to moan at the sensation. The sound was probably the best thing Harry had ever heard and he was now determined to hear it again.

Slim fingers had trailed from Harry's hips, up his sides, and back down to slip into the waistband of his jeans. Draco teased the skin there, rubbing small circles against Harry's hipbone, causing the brunette's head to lose all focus. Wanting to feel more, Harry untangled his hands from Draco's hair and moved them down to the boy's waist. He slipped them up the Slytherin's sweater, caressing the skin he found there. Draco was warm under his touch, muscles firm. Still wanting more, Harry tugged at the sweater. Draco, the clever boy that he is, understood the other boy's needs and quickly yanked his sweater off, taking the shirt he had underneath with it before returning his lips to Harry's. Satisfied, Harry let his hands roam over the freed skin.

Harry broke the kiss, needing air, making Draco turn his attentions to the Gryffindor's bared neck. He kissed the tender skin, nipped it, bit it, licked it. He sucked on it, making sure to leave a mark so that people would know that Harry was his.

"Mmm, Draco…"

The groan did crazy things to Draco's mind. He pulled Harry even closer, slipping his hands down even further into the boy's boxers to grab handfuls of Harry's firm backside. He pulled Harry to him so that their groins were together, rutting against him in slow, desperate motions.

Harry was losing himself. He could feel Draco's arousal through his trousers rubbing against Harry's own trapped in his jeans. Suddenly, Draco lifted Harry up off the desk before easing the both of them down onto the floor of the empty classroom. Wanting to even out the playing field, Draco stripped Harry of his sweater and undershirt, pressing his bare chest against the warmth of Harry's own. He returned his lips to Harry's, tongue instantly moving to stroke its tentative mate. He moved between Harry's legs, grabbing the boy's thigh so that his leg would wrap around him. Then, caressing his hip, his side, his arm, then his hand, Draco held Harry's hand in his own, squeezing it tight. He paused his grinding, feeling something there.

He turned unfocused eyes to their joined hands. Harry, feeling bold and unsatisfied with the loss of Draco's lips, moved to make his own claim on Draco's neck. The blonde was ready to just forget what had caught his attention with the way Harry's lips were moving over him, but he just couldn't let it go.

"Harry…" Draco tried. "What is-" His words were lost to a deep, guttural groan as Harry arched up to rub his groin against the blonde's. Trying to regain at least a little bit of sanity, the Head Boy flipped their hands over to look at Harry's hand tightly encased in his own. Harry was too busy licking the hollow of Draco's throat to pay attention to what he was doing. That is until he heard the boy chuckle.

Harry opened his eyes, pausing his ministrations to look at the boy above him. Draco was still looking at their joined hands. There was a smile on his face, soft chuckles slowly turning to full laughter. Harry was perplexed. "Draco? What?"

Mirthful grey eyes turned to curious green. He bent down to kiss Harry full on the lips. When he pulled away, he placed his forehead against the other boy's, a smile stretched across red lips. "Yes, Harry, I'll marry you."

Harry froze, eyes wide in surprise. "What?"

Draco chuckled again before sitting up, pulling Harry up with him through their joined hands. He kissed the ring that he found there, opening his eyes to stare directly into Harry's.

"You're wearing the ring," Draco stated matter-of-factly.


"I mean, actually wearing the ring. Not around your neck, but on your finger."

Harry glanced at their still joined hands as Draco caressed it against his cheek. "So?"

"So?" Draco's eyes lit with amusement. "Harry, this is my family ring. To wear it on your finger is a sign of engagement."

Again, Harry's eyes widen in surprise. "Wha-"

Draco took the opportunity to take Harry's face between his hands and kiss him again, long, full, and hard. When he pulled away, he sighed contently, moving his arms to wrap around Harry's naked torso. "I love you, Harry." He sighed into his ear, rubbing his head against the brunette's.

The words warmed his insides as Harry wrapped his arms around Draco as well. "I love you too, Draco."

"You love me enough to marry me?" Draco teased.

"I didn't know that's what it meant," Harry frowned. He cared for Draco dearly, but marriage after everything they just went through was very sudden.

"Didn't you realize it when you put the ring on your ring finger?"

"Well it was the only finger it fit on!"

"It's supposed to only fit there," Draco smirked, taking Harry's hand between his again and kissing the ring. "So, Harry," the blonde smiled playfully, easing Harry back down to the floor again. He kissed him softly on his collarbone, before crawling back up to kiss him swiftly on the lips. "When's our wedding?"

Harry frowned. Marrying Draco? Marrying Draco? Marrying him certainly wasn't his intention when he slipped the ring on his finger. He just didn't want people to connect him with Haley should they see the ring around his neck. Quite frankly, he felt he was too young to get married. There was still so much for him to do and experience before even thinking about marriage. And now, he was unwittingly engaged to Draco?

'But… it's not like I would never want to,' Harry thought, his mind still a bit fuzzy with the way Draco was suckling on his neck. 'I want to be with him for as long as he'll have me. I want to stay by Draco's side.'

"I don't know," Harry finally murmured, a faint blush creeping up on his cheeks. "I guess we should wait for school to be over…"

Draco paused nipping at Harry's neck to look down at the boy. "What?"

Harry blushed even more, looking away in embarrassment. "I mean, we'll be busy with school, so once we're done, I guess… I guess would be a… a good… time."

Draco lit up, a bright smile donning his face. "Harry, I was teasing you."

Green eyes darted to grey. Harry could only gape.

"I mean, it is what the ring symbolizes, but it's not like putting it on instantly means we have to get married." He wrapped his arms around Harry's neck, holding him tightly. "So you really do want to marry me?"

"No! I mean- yes- I mean… but not-"

Draco chuckled, pulling back a bit to look at the boy he loved. "You sure are having a hard time speaking…"

"That's cause you're doing things… and I can't even… and your hands…"

The blonde smiled as Harry hid his face behind his hands. "You love me enough to marry me right out of school?"

Harry didn't respond, but the face behind the hands blushed even harder. "I- I didn't know that that's what it meant…" he reiterated. "Should I… take it off then?" He asked tentatively, still hiding.

Draco grabbed Harry's wrists and pinned them down to look the boy squarely in the eye. "Never. I never want you to take it off, Harry. You're mine."

The brunette could only nod, caught up in the intensity of Draco's claim.

"I do want to marry you some day, Harry," Draco continued, sitting up and rubbing his hands up and down Harry's chest. "It doesn't have to be right out of school. We're still young. But I will marry you. Because I'm never going to let you go."

Harry looked up at him through half-lidded eyes, heart pounding in his chest. "…Promise?"

Draco simply sealed the deal with a kiss.

Harry's hands returned to grasp at platinum locks as Draco started grinding against him once more. The Slytherin's hands travelled up and down the expanse of lightly tanned skin before creeping down to the front of Harry's jeans. He undid the button and slowly dragged down the zipper, not once removing his lips from the boy underneath him.

Things were getting hotter, heavier. Harry felt hands push down his jeans and boxers some, just a little below the hipbone to massage the skin there and tease the skin just above his pubic hair. Harry groaned at the touch.

It slightly registered through Harry's lust-filled mind where things were likely to progress. And on the surface, he might've panicked a bit at how fast things had moved. Not more than an hour ago was he running from the very boy lying on top of him. But Harry wanted this. He hadn't felt this way for anyone. He had fallen for Draco, hard. And he could only imagine how the Slytherin felt in return.

"Harry…" Draco groaned. "I want you… Do… do you…?" The normally confident boy suddenly sounded afraid, not wanting to push his love farther than he was willing to go. He had longed to be with Harry for years now, but he had no intentions of screwing this up by thinking with his dick instead of his head.

Harry tried to calm his breathing, but with the way Draco still moved against him, it was no easy task. He wanted more of him. He wanted to feel everything Draco was willing to give. So Harry nodded. "I… I want you too, Draco…"

The Slytherin paused, looking deep into Harry's eyes, trying to figure out if he had really said it or if it was his mind playing a cruel trick. "Are you sure?"

Again, Harry slowly nodded. "I want you too," he reaffirmed.

This was all the permission Draco needed to strip Harry of the rest of his clothes. He yanked off the boy's shoes and socks before tugging at his jeans, taking his boxers down with them. He took a brief second to kiss Harry's bent knee and he moved to sit between the boy's thighs. Draco ran his hands up and down Harry's hips, before pausing and taking a moment to sit back and stare lovingly at the boy below him.

Harry shifted under Draco's intense gaze. He felt incredibly shy and exposed with the way his erection strained in its aroused state. It was as if the Slytherin was studying him, memorizing every curve, every dip, everything. He couldn't take it anymore. Harry covered his face with his arms, making a little whining noise while wondering how he could possibly be so hard when he felt all his blood was flooding to his cheeks.

Draco frowned, immediately moving to push aside Harry's arms. He pinned them down again, looking directly into the Gryffindor's eyes. "Don't ever hide from me Harry," Draco said softly, but firmly. "You're perfect." Harry gave a little scoff, but Draco ignored it. "I love everything about you." He moved one hand to brush aside Harry's bangs, removing the boy's frames as well and setting them aside gently. Draco bent down and tenderly kissed the infamous scar, sending shivers down the brunette's spine.

Draco pulled back, sitting up again while running his hands up and down Harry's bare thighs. "There's just one thing missing," Draco said, matter-of-factly, a smirk on his face.

Registering what he had said through the cloudiness of his muddled brain, Harry looked at Draco curiously. "What?" he breathed.

The Slytherin's smirk deepened before he reached into his pocket, holding out a ruby pendant dangling from a recently mended gold chain.

"My necklace!" Harry exclaimed, sitting up. "It's fixed," he said with a smile.

Draco nodded. "I've been carrying it with me for some time now. Holding it in my hand made me feel a little bit better sometimes. Like maybe not all hope was lost." He caressed Harry's cheek before kissing it softly. "So Harry," Draco said, unclipping the clasp and wrapping the chain around Harry's neck to refasten it. "You still promise to cherish me always?"

Harry warmed at the words. He took Draco's hand in his, finding the ring he had purchased for him long ago and kissed the emerald over and over again. He wrapped his arms around Draco, pulling him into a tight embrace, resting his ear over Draco's rapidly beating heart.

"Always," Harry promised, feeling Draco melt against him just hearing that one word. "Will you protect me always?"

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry once more, kissing him on the top of the head. "Always," he chuckled. "Though I doubt you need much help in that department."

Harry just smiled, nuzzling the Slytherin's warm skin. He sighed. "I'll always need you, Draco."


Harry looked up at Draco, pulling his face down for another kiss. His hands travelled downward to the top of Draco's trousers, feeling bold enough to undo the button and zipper. He heard Draco's breathing quicken, excitement taking over. Draco pushed up so that he was on his knees, giving Harry the ability to pull the trousers down lean hips. Once they were down his thighs, Harry tentatively touched the hem of Draco's briefs.

Draco chuckled at Harry's shyness, leaning forward so that his straining erection grazed against Harry's timid hands. He groaned at the soft contact, desperately wanting more. "Harry…"

Hearing the need in his voice, Harry took a deep breath before pulling down the briefs and exposing the hardened member resting there. It was swollen, the head already a deep pink and leaking pre-cum.

"Christ, Harry…" Draco moaned. "See what you do to me? You haven't even touched me and I already feel like I'm going to explode." Draco shimmied out of his trousers, kicking off his shoes and socks in the process. He smirked, returning to his position between Harry's legs. "I see I have the same effect on you as well."

And with that, Harry was seeing stars as Draco wrapped his hand around Harry's erection. He couldn't restrain the loud moan that escaped his lips from the contact. And when Draco started stroking him, well, Harry just about went insane.

"Harry, you should hear yourself," Draco breathed into his ear. "You're so vulgar." He licked the shell of Harry's ear, taking a little nip at it. "Should anyone happen to walk by, they'd know exactly what you were doing…"

Harry couldn't come up with any smart comebacks. Quite frankly, he couldn't even figure out how Draco managed to form actual words, let alone coherent sentences. Harry made it his mission to do something about that.

Forget stars. Draco was seeing whole galaxies as Harry had bent over and gave an experimental swipe of his tongue over the tip of Draco's erection. If it hadn't been for the firm grip Harry had on the base of his cock, Draco surely would have came right then and there. He arched into Harry, wanting to feel his lips wrapped around him in all the right places.

Harry complied, taking Draco into his mouth, just the head at first. The Gryffindor briefly worried that he wasn't doing this right, considering his complete lack of experience, but he was quickly reassured in hearing the little moans of pleasure coming from the boy before him. He gently sucked on it, moving his tongue against the slit, the taste of Draco overloading his taste buds. Harry dared to venture further, moving forward to pull more of Draco into his mouth. And if Harry thought he liked what Draco sounded like when he tugged at his hair, well then he was downright obsessed with the sounds coming from him now. But Draco was large, much larger than Harry could fit, so he did his best and used both hands to stroke the rest of the length.

Draco had long since released his hold on Harry's cock, instead moving his hands to weave through raven locks. He was rutting now, staccato thrusts of his hips into Harry's warm and wet mouth. Harry did his best to keep up with him, flinching a bit when Draco went in a little too deep. Needing to restore oxygen to his lungs, Harry released Draco from his lips, and after hearing a groan of discontent, resumed licking the underside of the blonde's length much to the latter's satisfaction.

Harry had to chuckle, the vibration of it doing wonders to Draco. Harry paused, looking up into Draco's hooded eyes. "Now who's the vulgar one?"

The simple statement, mixed with the lust-filled rasp of Harry's voice and the warm breath brushing against his spit-slicked dick was enough to push Draco over the edge. He came, hard, shooting streams of cum onto Harry's swollen lips. Harry quickly returned his mouth over the head of Draco's arousal, swallowing down every bit the boy had to offer. The taste wasn't as bad Harry might've anticipated had he actually thought he'd be in a situation like this. It was a bit salty, creamy as it slid down his throat.

Draco had to shove Harry back a bit, quickly extracting his sensitive cock out of the warm mouth once all the sensations came to be too much. He was breathing hard, leaning his weight against Harry's shoulders.

Harry wiped his lips on the back of his hand. "Was… was that okay?"

Draco groaned. "Okay?" He ran one hand through Harry's hair, massaging his scalp every now and again. Once he felt a bit more control of himself, he sat back, pulling Harry to him. "That was amazing. God, Harry, your tongue…"

Harry couldn't stop the blush from overtaking his face. Draco brought his lips to Harry's red ones, tasting himself as his tongue swept across the other's. He returned his hand to Harry's neglected erection, stroking him firmly. The sensations forced Harry to break the kiss, dropping his head to Draco's chest as he panted hard.

More sinful mewls ripped out of Harry's throat the closer he came towards his own orgasm, reinvigorating Draco's formally spent erection.

"Just hearing you makes me hard," Draco commented, voice thick with lust.

Harry could only groan in response.

Draco eased Harry back down against the classroom floor. He moved lower, still keeping one hand on Harry's hardness, as the other explored the expanse of Harry's chest. Fingers grazed across a pert nipple, causing Harry to gasp a little. Draco did it again, this time circling the nub with his thumb before giving it a little pinch. Wanting more, he bent down, trapping the nipple in his mouth, brushing his tongue against it then giving it a little nip. He gave the other one some attention with his free hand as he licked little swirls over its companion. He switched off, giving the other the same treatment. Draco licked his way down Harry's now heaving chest, across well-defined abs to the boy's belly button. He kissed it before dipping his tongue in, eliciting a moan from Harry. He continued downward, nipping along Harry's happy trail until he reached his goal. Wasting no time, Draco took as much of Harry's length into his mouth as he could, sucking hard. He bobbed up and down, savoring the taste of Harry, feeling him in the back of his throat. He hummed, vibrations only adding to the stimulation.

Overwhelmed by Draco, Harry came. He arched up, forcing Draco to restrain him by his hips as Harry shot his load in the other boy's mouth. Draco sucked it down, savoring Harry's essence. Harry tugged at Draco's hair, wanting the boy to ease off his over-sensitized penis. Draco complied, deciding to travel even lower.

If he hadn't been trapped in an after-orgasm daze, Harry might've asked Draco what he was doing, but it wasn't exactly hard to figure out once Draco hiked Harry's legs up, parting them so he could reach what he was looking for. Draco spread Harry's cheeks, finding the pink, puckered hole. Draco didn't hold back. He pushed forward, tongue brushing against Harry's ass.

"Oh God! Draco!" Harry yelled at the foreign sensation, his arousal reawakening with vigor.

Draco wasn't deterred. He pressed on, licking his way around the hole. He pushed in and out, fucking Harry with the tip of his tongue, all the while enjoying the incoherent exclamations coming from Harry's lips. He pulled back some, rubbing the wet hole with his finger, pressing firmly against it. He brought his finger into his mouth to get it good and slick. Then he pressed again, this time watching as it slid into the warm body before him.

"Christ, Harry…" Draco practically purred. "It's like you're sucking me in."

Harry made a garbled noise, before he found words to string together. "How can you… think… at a time… like this?" He panted as the finger slowly moved in and out of him.

"Mmm… I'm just giving you the commentary," Draco supplied, matter-of-factly. "Your hole, Harry. It's so pink. And it's so tight. I can feel it clenching around my finger." He gave a little kiss to Harry's balls before continuing. "You're so hot inside, Harry. I can't wait to feel you myself. I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm going to be so deep inside you, Harry, that you'll be screaming my name. Do you want that?"

"Y-yes, Draco," Harry murmured.

"I can't hear you," Draco teased, giving Harry's erection a tight squeeze.

"Yes, Draco!" he cried.

Draco simply chuckled, withdrawing his finger only to insert two this time. He stretched Harry out, scissoring his fingers inside the boy.

Harry shifted, a bit uncomfortable with this new feeling. It hurt a bit, but with the way Draco was massaging the tense area, Harry was slowly finding it tolerable. Draco withdrew again, this time returning with a third finger. Harry flinched, the extra digit proving to be more painful than the last.

Noticing this, Draco took hold of Harry's now semi-flaccid penis and began to lightly stroke it, trying to distract him from the pain with pleasure. His full arousal was reawakened in no time. Harry leaned into Draco's touch, wanting the blonde to grip him firmly like before.

"Not this time, Harry," Draco chastised. "I want to be in you the next time you come."

Harry couldn't explain how he did it, but Draco's voice just turned into pure sex. Hearing him say things like that was doing all sorts of things to Harry's hazy mind. He was breathing hard again, getting used to the third digit stretching him out. "Aren't-aren't you done?" He whimpered.

Draco chuckled, bending down to trail kisses along the inside of Harry's thigh. "Petulant child," he chastised playfully. "I'm much bigger than this."

And with that, Draco added a fourth finger, trying to stretch Harry as much as possible. Harry winced again in pain, wanting to pull away from the fingers inside him. This time Draco distracted him by dipping his mouth over the head of Harry's cock, swirling his tongue over the slit repeatedly.

Harry cried out at the sensation, a mix of pain and pleasure washing over him.

"Harry," Draco breathed, once he felt the boy was stretched enough. "I don't have any lube… I need you to suck me. Get me slick for you."

Although words seemed to fail him once more, Harry understood, sitting up and grabbing Draco's hips to brace him. He licked his lips before wrapping them once more around the hard cock. He licked it all over, trying to get it as wet as possible. But he was getting caught up in the task, enjoying the feel of Draco back in his mouth. He bobbed up and down, his arousal taking over.

"Mmm, Harry slow down," Draco said, and with much restraint, pulled back. "I want to come inside you."

And there was the voice of sex again, forcing Harry's heart into his throat. The Gryffindor could only nod in agreement, the idea of Draco being inside him equally terrifying and exhilarating. He laid back down as Draco pushed his legs further apart, spreading him as wide as he could without hurting the boy he loved. He rubbed his cock against Harry's hole, using his pre-cum as more lubricant. Slowly, he pushed forward.

"Ah!" Harry grimaced, trying to shuffle away. Draco kept a firm hold on him.

"Harry, relax," he bent down, trying to distract his love with kisses.

Harry took deep breaths, willing himself to stay calm. He wanted this. He wanted to feel Draco inside him.

Draco tried again, pushing against the tight hole. Once the head was in, Draco grabbed Harry's cock, giving it a firm stroke. He eased his way forward, giving Harry's erection a tight squeeze every now and again to distract from the pain.

"You're doing great, Harry," Draco cooed. "I'm already half-way in."

Harry gave a whine of desperation. "Half?" He felt full already, on the brink of exploding.

Draco gave another stroke before pushing on. Soon, Draco let out a breath. "God, Harry. Do you feel that? I'm all the way in, now."

And of course Harry felt it. It was uncomfortable. He was being stretched to the fullest capacity, leaving him to wonder how anyone could find this enjoyable. It was painful, and despite the care Draco took to stretch him out, Harry still felt that nothing could have prepared him for the full weight of Draco's cock inside him.

Draco kept from moving, allowing the warm body beneath him to adjust to his size, but feeling Harry's ass wiggling against the base of his crotch, knowing that he was completely sheathed inside Harry was a testament to Draco's will. He refused to hurt the boy he loved. He wanted him to feel good.

The pain was finally beginning to dull as Harry adjusted to Draco's size. Once Harry's breathing had calmed down some, Draco began to move. He pulled out slowly before shoving back in a little quicker.

"Ah!" Harry exclaimed, the sound a mix of ache and satisfaction. While it still hurt, he could feel the pleasure in it building, finally finding the part to enjoy. He opened his eyes to look at the body above him.

Draco's eyes were closed as if deep in concentration. There was a light sheen of sweat covering the boy's flushed skin. Draco was lean, hard muscles contracting with each small thrust he gave. His hair was a mess what with all the tugging Harry had done to it, but somehow Harry thought it still managed to look good. Everything about Draco like this looked good.

Then Harry's mind completely went blank, eyes rolling to the back of his head as he cried out in pure bliss.

He heard Draco chuckle. "There it is."

Draco withdrew again, pushing in faster to hit the same spot. Harry grabbed onto Draco's wrists, needing something to ground him. Whatever it was Draco was doing, he was doing it right. Harry's breathing hitched as Draco picked up the pace. The pain he had once felt quickly subsided. All he felt was pure elation.

Harry moved to take his dick in his hands, but Draco smacked it away. "No, that's mine now," Draco said with growl. "You will not touch it. I want you to come only from me." Harry moaned in frustration, but with the way Draco kept hitting that sweet spot over and over again, the brunette was sure that coming on Draco's thrusts alone was entirely possible.

He moved faster now, hips snapping hard, pounding into Harry's welcoming heat. Draco's words still echoing in his mind, mixed with the sensations he felt all over, was getting to Harry, making him keen out his ecstasy in each breath. He moved to cover his face with his arms again, trying to stifle the moans that were too loud in his ears.

"No, Harry," Draco rebuked again. "I want to hear you. Don't censor yourself." Harry blushed convinced that with the noise he was making, everyone could hear him. But soon, that no longer mattered. Draco grabbed Harry's wandering hand in his to keep it from touching himself or covering his mouth. He held it tightly, feeling the ring once more. He placed his other hand over Harry's chest where the necklace rested over his beating heart. He drank in the sight of his lover spread out before him, all wanton, an endless stream of moans pouring from his mouth mixed with the occasional 'Draco' and 'yes'. Draco loved it. He wanted to remember Harry like this forever.

With his free hand, Harry grasped for Draco, stroking his hand up and down his side before curling around his back. He clung to him, nails leaving trails in their wake. He began thrusting in time with Draco, bodies meeting with a loud smack each time. Both were having a hard time breathing, both coming deliciously close to the edge.

Draco's thrusts were becoming more and more erratic, grunting every time he pushed back in. "Harry…" he panted. "Harry, I'm close."

Harry whimpered. "M-me too." He pulled Draco down for a kiss, tongues instantly finding each other again. Harry was caught up in the feeling of Draco all around him. Feeling Draco's tongue rub against his own, his hand squeezing tightly around his, his palm flat against his chest occasionally stroking a pert nipple, and his entire length thrusting in and out of him sent Harry over the edge.

"Draco!" Harry cried, a strangled moan tearing through him. He shot his load between them, covering them both in his essence. His orgasm forced him to clench down, squeezing Draco hard.

After a few more thrusts, the sensation of Harry tightening around him was the final push Draco needed to reach his own climax. "Ah! Harry!" Draco moaned. He exploded within Harry, riding wave after wave of euphoria. He collapsed on top of the other boy, feeling utterly spent.

Their lips met again, labored breaths intermingling. Draco moved to kiss Harry's cheeks, his nose, his eyes. He kissed the scar again before returning to waiting lips.

"God, Harry," Draco breathed. He closed his eyes and nuzzled the crook of Harry's neck. "You don't know how long I've wanted this. Just this. Just being with you in my arms."

The words made Harry's heart aflutter, doing happy little flips. He smiled, arms wrapping around the blonde's neck as a pair of arms snaked around his waist, pulling him in close. They stayed like that, Draco's softening dick still inside Harry, waiting for their hearts to and their breathing to return to normal. Eventually, Draco slid off of Harry so that most of his weight wasn't pressed against the boy, thus causing him to finally slip out. In his overly sensitized state, just the feeling of Draco pulling out was enough to send little aftershocks down Harry's spine. He felt the evidence of Draco's orgasm begin to leak down his legs, but he was too drained to care.

Draco sighed in content, nuzzling the side of Harry's face once more. Harry looked over to him. His eyes were closed, heavy pants easing into light breaths. He felt Draco's hands trail up and down his skin, not exactly trying to arouse him, but just needing the feel of it. He was peaceful.

'Draco…' Harry moved, turning to lie on his side. He brought his hand up so that he could trace the angles of the boy's face. Fingers danced along cheekbones and eyebrows. He traced the bridge of Draco's nose and jawline. And when he finally moved to trace red, swollen lips, Draco's eyes fluttered open. He kissed the finger pressed against him before staring lovingly at Harry through hooded eyes. He smiled. This is how Harry wanted to remember Draco forever. He wanted to remember him just like this, in this moment of bliss, calm in the afterglow, smiling at him with love in his eyes.

Harry smiled in return, wrapping his arms around the other boy and burying his face in his neck. He kissed the skin in front of him and with a soft sigh, he affirmed, "I love you, Draco."

And without a moment's hesitation, Draco whispered, "I love you too, Harry."

They fell asleep that way, naked, limbs wrapped around each other, the evidence of their lovemaking drying on their skin, their clothes strewn carelessly about them, and a forgotten pie sitting on the floor nearby.

Draco would eventually get another wish fulfilled that day. He would finally able to wake up before Harry, giving him a chance to study the sleeping boy in his arms. And when he would finally awake, he'd complain of the cold and the dried stains on his skin. They'd slip back into their clothes, Draco insisting on keeping a blushing Harry's boxers, Harry being too shy to ask for Draco's briefs. They'd try to fix themselves as best they could and chuckle about the pie on the floor. They'd leave the classroom, hand in hand, while the blonde teased the brunette about being commando. Draco would sneak Harry through the Slytherin common room and into his room where they would share a bath. They'd touch each other again, exploring every inch of skin with their lips and hands before getting any actual cleaning done. While getting dressed this time, Harry would insist on borrowing a smirking Draco's briefs, the blonde knowing his boy would have no intention of returning them. They'd slip away into the kitchens, finding out how hungry they actually were after their busy day. And finally, after all of that, they would find their friends and talk about everything and nothing, their hands joined the entire time.

But for now, caught in a bubble of pure love, they slept.

The End.

Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to Draco Malfoy.