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Chapter 1: Down the Drain Along With Everything Else. . .

Washing dishes. A job that, since everyone else in the house was far too lazy to do, Evie was usually stuck with. Well, that both Rick and Jonathan were far too lazy to do. Alex, as far as Evie was concerned, was still too young to do them.

She had become quite accustomed to her job over the years. First, she runs the warm water. Second, she puts soap in the water. Third, she takes off her wedding ring so as not to get the soap in the large diamond sitting on top of it. Then, she washes and rinses the dishes. Then dries them. Finally, she drains the sink and puts her ring back on her finger.

But, on this blessed day of all days, Evie was interrupted from her task with only about two more steps left by a loud thump followed by the screaming of a 5 year old child, who could only be described as her son.

"Alex!" She yelled throwing her rag into the sink and running towards the noise.

She found him lying on the floor of his bedroom closet sobbing while rubbing his chin with one hand and clutching his knee with the other. "Alex, what happened? Are you all right?" She dropped down to the floor next to him and started to examine both his knee and his chin.

"I. . .was try. . .ing to. . .get my. . .plane." He said through sobs. "And I. . .fell!"

"Oh, darling. Next time come and get help okay?"

He looked at her and nodded, still crying.

"Come on. Let's get you cleaned up." She picked him up, careful not to hurt his knee, and walked to the bathroom for the first-aid kit.


Rick came home from the shooting range with Jonathan just a few minutes later. (*A/N*-Why shooting range? I don't know. . .what else does Rick do in his spare time? I can't think of anything. . .)

"Hello?" He called up the stairs. "Is anyone here?"

"Evie!" Jonathan called too, but they got not answer. "She might have taken Alex to the museum with her or something." Jonathan suggested.

"Yeah, I guess. That's kind of weird though. She might of left a note for us in the kitchen or something." So, he walked towards the kitchen in search of one.

He didn't see one anywhere, but did notice that the dishes were in the sink half way done. He walked over to the sink, for no reason in particular except to get a better look. What he saw that he hadn't seen before was a gold ring. It was Evie's wedding ring!

"Jonathan. . ." He started.

"Yeah, what?" He asked, coming through the kitchen door.

"Look at this." He held up the ring for Jonathan.

"Where'd that come from?" He asked, taking it from Rick's hand and looking at it.

"It was on the sink. And the dishes are only half done. Something's wrong here."

"She'd never leave it. Would she?"

"No." He took the ring back. "Jonathan, you go to the museum and see if they're there. I'll stay here and look for some kind of clue or something."

"Right." He turned and started towards the front door.

Rick walked to the back of the house in search of anything useful.


After she had cleaned Alex up, she went back downstairs to her previous job. But, when she got to the last step of her work, there was a bit of a problem. Her ring was. . .gone.

"Oh dear." She looked all over the entire kitchen before finally realizing, "Oh no, it couldn't have. Could it? It did! It fell down the drain. . .It- it must have gotten knocked into the water when I. . .I threw the rag into the sink when I went to go get Alex and must have hit it." She reached her hand as far as it could go into the hole in the sink and felt around. There was nothing. It was really gone.

"How am I ever going to explain this to Rick?" She thought frantically. That ring had cost a lot. She knew it because Jonathan, who had been told by Rick, had told her. Not only that, but it was just the principal of it all. If he knew she'd lost it, he probably wouldn't ever let her live it down. She didn't know that for sure, but she figured as much.

She leaned against the counter and thought for a moment. Finally, an idea came to her. She wouldn't tell Rick at all. She'd have to get the ring out of the pipes before he ever found out about it. But. . .how would she do that? She'd never before

Jonathan! She had to get Jonathan.

She went out into the living room and then to the front door. There was a window next to the door and she looked out through it to see if she spotted his car. But she didn't. Jonathan wasn't home yet.

Just then, Rick came walking out from the back of the house and spotted Evelyn.

"Evie!" He yelled, surprised.

"Rick!" She yelled back, just as surprised. Quickly, she put both of her hands behind her back.

"Where were you?" He asked, walking over to her.

"What do you mean?"

"I came home and couldn't find you."

"Oh. I was just upstairs."

"Don't scare me like that! I just sent Jonathan out to the museum to look for you there."

"Oh. No, no. I'm right here."

Rick noticed how strange she was acting, but brushed it aside and kissed her briefly.

"I'm glad." He said as he pulled away form her. Just then, he noticed how she had had her arms behind her back the whole time.

"Evie, are you hiding something from me?"

"Hiding something from you!" She forced a laugh. "Of course not, darling! What in the world would make you think something like that?"

"Oh, nothing really. You're just acting weird and hiding your hands behind your back. No reason for me to think that at all, huh?" He raised an eyebrow.

She put on a face of complete innocence. "Acting weird? What do you mean, acting weird?"

He looked at her hard for a moment. "Never mind."

"All right, well, I better go check on Alex." She smiled broadly, put her hands in front of her and then quickly walked upstairs.

"Right." He definitely knew something was wrong. He went to sit down on the couch and tried to piece everything together.

She was definitely acting weird, no matter how innocent she may have tried to be. The main thing, though, was that she was hiding her hands. Why would she have been hi-He knew right away. Her ring. She had lost her ring. Well, not really lost it. It was in his pocket. But, she thought she'd lost it.


Just a few minutes later, Jonathan walked in.

"Rick, she wasn't there! Now what? Do you think that rotten mummy has come back again? Maybe he kidnapped Evie! Or-"

"Jonathan, calm down!"

"What do you mean calm down? My baby sister is out there somewhere, most likely kidnapped by some maniacal mummy and you want me to calm down?"

"Jonathan, would you shut-up for a minute? Evie's fine! She was here the whole time. She just didn't hear us when we came in."

"Oh. That's a relief. I definitely didn't want to have to deal with those mummies again."

"You didn't deal with them in the first place."

"I did my share!"

"Whatever, Jonathan. Hey, I have a favor to ask you." By now, Rick had walked across the room and was now only about a foot form Jonathan.


"Evie thinks she's lost her wedding ring." He was talking very quietly.

"But, she hasn't. You have it." He was whispering too, out of pure instinct.

"Yeah, I know that. But she doesn't. She's trying to keep it from me. Just, don't tell her I have it, okay?"

"All right, O'Connell. I guess I can do that. But why?"

"You'll see."


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