Chapter 1: Prologue

Many, many years ago, a beautiful land once existed. This land was known as Hyrule. It was watched over by the three goddesses; Din, Farore, and Nayru. It was by their power that the land had been created. Din represented power, Farore represented courage, and Nayru represented wisdom. Together, they formed a golden power known only as the Triforce. There were three pieces to this power, each one symbolic of each of the goddesses. The Triforce rested peacefully in Hyrule, never having to choose a bearer.

The goddesses created a small forest for themselves, which acted as a link between their world and the natural one. They created a place where the departed souls of the pure of heart would go. They set up a special gateway, with three special keys. After a time, one was removed for safe- keeping and taken to where it would be safe. All seemed well in the peaceful land the goddesses had so carefully created.

However, one day, a man of great evil came to Hyrule and took the Triforce of Power for himself. With this in his possession, he set out to conquer Hyrule. But, there were obstacles in his way. He did not possess the other two Triforce pieces and they had yet to choose their bearers. Also, two children stood in his way. One was the crown princess of Hyrule, Princess Zelda. The other was an orphaned boy who had grown up amongst the Kokiri tribe in the Kokiri Forest. His name was Link.

This seemingly non-threatening boy set out to stop the man of evil, Ganondorf, and save Hyrule from him. He was given a special flute by Princess Zelda, which aided him greatly. It was called the Ocarina of Time. Link braved all of the monsters and tests that Ganondorf tried to stop him with, and was also aided by a Sheikah named Sheik.

Eventually, after Link had gained the Triforce of Courage and the one blade that could strike Ganondorf down, the Master Sword, Sheik removed her disguise to reveal that Sheik was actually Zelda! Ganondorf kidnapped the princess not long after this and Link pursued him to his tower. With Zelda's aid, Link defeated the evil Ganondorf and sealed him away in the Evil Realm.

After this, Link was sent back to the Kokiri Forest, but soon after, he ventured out again, this time to aid a land called Termina. The land was being terrorized by a mask of great power, known as Majora's Mask. Link destroyed the evil mask with the help of another mask, the Fierce Deity Mask.

Some say that Link later returned to Hyrule and lived there in peace. Others believe that he settled in Termina and decided to stay. No one knows what became of him.

Years after Link had left Hyrule, an evil presence appeared in the goddesses' sacred forest. Strangely, all eight of the chosen sages had vanished and without them, the people were powerless to stop it. The goddesses, in their attempt to protect the forest and the special gateway within it, chose two new sages; a sage of Wind and a sage of Earth. When their power was in place, the evil presence, which had started to threaten Hyrule itself, was sealed deep within its own fortress, but not before the creature swore that the king of darkness would soon return and seek his revenge.

The people thought nothing of this warning, and disregarded it, thinking that the seal forced upon him would always keep him away. But, exactly fifteen years after his defeat at Link's hands, Ganondorf returned in a wild wrath. He immediately set out to destroy Hyrule and its citizens. The people believed that Link would come again to save them, but he never came. Just as their moment of greatest need was at hand, they could only leave their fate in the hands of the goddesses.

Though it was an agonizing choice, the goddesses sent heavy rains to cover Hyrule beneath water, so that it would not fall to Ganondorf's hands. The eight sages who commanded the power of the eight temples had vanished without a trace, so to relieve this and to seal Ganondorf away, at least momentarily, the goddesses chose two people to become the sages of the Earth and Wind temples.

Those who survived Hyrule's flooding settled on the mountaintops of the land, which became islands. Nearly all memory of Hyrule vanished with it beneath the water. Except for one island, that is. The story of the legendary hero still existed on one small island. It became a custom there to dress young boys in green when they came of age.

But, what became of the Hero of Time? And of the sacred forest of the goddesses? None remain who know..Or do they?