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Chapter 45: Setting Sail, At Last

After Zelda had complained about still being her and not being able to go
back to being Tetra, a curious forest fairy luckily found them and told her
how to change back. "Come on! Let's go! I've had my fill of this place!"
Tetra said, grabbing Link's wrist. She pulled him through the forest,
following the fairy's advice. Soon, they could smell the scent of the
ocean. They stopped for a moment and Link heard something.

"Can you hear that?" he asked. "Hear what?" Tetra asked. "Those voice; it
sounds like someone yelling," Link said. "Does it sound like that fairy we
met? It might be more of them," she said. "No, it sounds like people," he
said. They exchanged glances and Tetra said, "I'll bet I know who they
are." "The pirates!" they said in unison.

They both walked in the direction of the voices and the calls became more
defined. "Miss Tetra! Link! Where are you?!" one of the pirates was
yelling. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" another said. "Niko,"
Link muttered under his breath.

The light at the end of the forest was getting brighter and when Link and
Tetra stepped out of the forest, they were nearly blinded by the amount of
sunlight. When they could see again, they saw a very worried-looking Gonzo
standing on the beach and Niko standing right next to him.

"Where do ya think they could've gotten to?" Gonzo asked Niko. "I dunno!
All we found was the boat. Maybe some monsters found 'em," Niko said.
"Why don't you actually find some evidence of our demise before you start
making out death certificates?" Tetra said, stepping into their view.

"MISS TETRA! Where have you two been? It's been days!" Gonzo said,
looking relieved. "We've been on this island, Gonzo. It's not like we can
fly, you know," Tetra said. "I know, but you were gone so long that all of
us started to worry about what might have happened," Gonzo replied. "We're
fine! Really! See?" Link said.

Gonzo nodded and said, "I'd better go round everyone else up and tell them
that you're back and you're all right, shouldn't I?" "Yes, please!" Tetra
said and he started running down the beach.

"I swear, they overreact too much," Tetra said, shaking her head. "You
can't really blame them. We were gone for nearly three days," Link said.
She grinned and said, "Can you imagine the looks on their faces if we told
them about what really happened to us?" "They'd freak and their eyes would
pop out of their heads!" Link said. "Hoy! Miss Tetra! Link! You're
back!" a chorus of voices said and Link and Tetra stopped talking to greet
the relieved pirates.

"Okay, okay, okay! Enough with the sentimental 'I'm glad you're alive'
stuff! Get back on the ship and start getting ready to set sail!" Tetra
said eventually. "Yes, ma'am!" her crew chorused and they all started for
the row boat.

"Now, we're never gonna get another private moment with them around," Tetra
said. "It could be worse," Link said sympathetically, putting a hand on
her shoulder. Tetra looked at him and kissed him on the cheek. "You're
really sweet sometimes," she said. Link had a hand on his cheek, but he
raised an eyebrow quizzically and said, "Is that it?" She laughed and
hugged him.

"You've gotten taller than me, you know that?" she said, putting her arms
around his neck. "It has been about three years since I met you," Link
said, encircling her waist with his arms. "I still clearly remember saving
your skin on Outset by grabbing your hand when you fell off the cliff,
trying to do something about that bird kidnapping your sister," she said,
smiling. "And, I remember having to save you from the monsters in the
Forest of Fairies before that happened," he countered.

"You are the only person who stands up to me and gets away with it, you
know that?" Tetra asked. "If I didn't, then how do I know what to say that
won't get you mad at me?" Link replied rhetorically.

She looked lost in thought for a moment, as if trying to recall something.
"Is something wrong?" Link asked. "When we were in the spell that the
witch cast on you, I remember seeing some of the memories she was trying to
use against you," she said. "I remember that. Why are you bringing it
up?" he asked.

She hesitated before saying, "Well.there was an image of me as Zelda
disappearing and I just wanted to know that if anything happened to me."
"Oh, that? Well, to tell you the truth that was actually a trick that
Ganondorf played on me when I came back to Hyrule with the Triforce of
Courage and the restored Master Sword. He sent these two monsters down to
fight me and I think I might have been a tad angry at the time," he said.

"Lemme guess; you beat them into a pulp," Tetra said. "Actually, it was
more of a puree, but you've got the general idea," Link said. "So, what
you meant was, if anything happened to me, you'd probably freak, right?"
she asked. "If you mean I'd totally wig out and worry myself into a fit
about you, then yes," he replied, smiling. "You're not being serious about
this," she scolded. "I meant what I said, even if my tone was playful," he

He was avoiding eye contact with her and Tetra noticed this. "What?
What's the matter? Why are you avoiding my eyes?" she asked. Link turned
slightly pink and said, "Well.when I look into your eyes, I start thinking
about how beautiful you are and." "So, you think I'm beautiful? Link, for
a sentimental silly like you, that's very sweet," she said.

"I thought you hated it when I got sentimental," he said, reminding her of
when she was taking him to the Forsaken Fortress for the first time. "I
only hate it when it's unnecessary," she said, stealing a glance at his

'Gods, he's handsome! Why am I thinking like this? I already told him I
love him,' she thought. "What?" Link asked. Tetra was startled out of her
thoughts and she looked back at him again. "Do I really need to say? It's
obvious what I was thinking about, judging by the look on your face," she

She dropped her arms to encircle his torso and she hugged him. "Link, do
you even realize what was going through my mind when I realized that you
had taken that attack to save me?" she asked. "I imagine that you
panicked. I know I was when I saw you tied up," he replied.

"No, really. Link, when that happened, one of the things that hit me most
was the fact that I might never be able to tell you how special you are to
me," she said, looking straight into his eyes. He was looking at her with
such a loving expression, one that was so sweet and tender.

Throwing her better judgment to the wind, Tetra stood up on her toes and
kissed him. She felt her heart race when they connected, but now, when he
returned the kiss with the same amount of, if not more, love, it raced

About a half minute after the kiss began, a raucous laugh rose from the
deck of the pirate ship. Link and Tetra broke away to see the grinning
face of Niko looking at them from over the rail. "Hey, I didn't know you
liked her that much, Link!" he called down to them. Thoroughly
embarrassed, Link turned red. "Niko, say another word, and you're fish
bait!" Tetra threatened, annoyed that he had broken up the moment.

Unfortunately, the other pirates had heard and they were coming above decks
to see what was happening. "What's going on?" Senza asked, looking
curiously at Niko, who was gripping the railing in order to stand because
of his laughter. "Those two were. . . smooching on the beach!" Niko said,
lapsing into laughter again.

"This is not good," Link whispered to Tetra, pulling the edge of his cap
down more over his face. "I could threaten to make them do swabbie work
for a while if they say anything, but they'll still tease you," Tetra said
sympathetically. "Let's just get back to the ship; I think I'm embarrassed
enough as it is," Link said, "That was a personal moment and Niko just had
to mess it up!"

"I'll put a crab in his shorts if you like," Tetra offered. "Itching
powder would be more appropriate; it's worse," Link said. "We'll plan how
to get back at him later. Let's hurry before Niko has a chance to start
singing that really annoying song," Tetra said. "You mean the kissing in a
tree one?" Link said. "Don't say that! It's so annoying!" Tetra said.
"Sorry," Link apologized. "Let's just hurry," Tetra said.

They found the red lion boat and pushed it into the water. As they were
sailing back to the ship, they heard Niko's off-key voice singing, "Link
and Tetra, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" "I'm so going to kill him,"
Tetra promised. "This is one occasion where he really deserves it," Link
said to her.

When the pirates had hauled the boat back onto the ship, Tetra had a very
angry look on her face. "Um, ma'am?" Gonzo asked timidly. "Where is
Niko?" she asked, trying to keep her voice level. "He's hiding below
decks," Nudge said. "Someone go get him," Tetra ordered. Senza walked to
the door and went inside. He soon came back, carrying Niko by the seat of
his pants.

"I want all of you to hear this right now and if any of you doesn't listen,
the penalty is going to be harsh!" Tetra said loudly. All of the pirates
snapped to attention and paid attention.

"What Niko was saying is true, for you skeptics, but if any of you tease
Link about it, you may find yourself the victim of a nasty prank," she
said. "I love Link and he loves me back, so, like I've said before, don't
tease him whatever you do or else," Tetra announced, making Link blush
slightly when she said she loved him. "Now get to work! Our job here is
done!" she said, ending the discussion.

When all of the pirates had practically raced to their jobs, Link came up
beside Tetra on her left side and said, "Um, that was a bit informative,
don't you think?" "Well, they had to hear it from me for them to believe
any of it," Tetra said, shrugging. "Anyways, what I said was true: I love
you and I don't want anyone to make fun of you just because of that," she
said, taking his hand.

Link blushed again and she said, "You've really gotta stop that." "I'll
try, but I'm still a little embarrassed about being personal with you
around others," Link replied. "Get used to it, lover boy," Tetra said,
kissing him on the cheek. He grinned roguishly and said, "Thanks, but I'd
like that a little more to the left." "You are an imp," Tetra remarked,
but she kissed him again, on the lips.

As the ship set sail, Link and Tetra stood on the deck, just simply holding
each other and enjoying each other's company. They stayed that way for a
while, because, they were in love and, at heart, didn't care if the entire
world knew.

The Winds of Time had blown their ancestors apart, but for Link and Tetra,
those winds had blown them together. Why those winds had done that is only
a mystery. It is just the Way the Winds of Time Blow.


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