"It's MINE!!!" Shouts Entreri, as he grabbed onto a leg. "You had it last night!"

"Maybe, but I got to it first." Jarlaxle replied, a smug grin on his face, his slender fingers wrapped protectively around the furry creature's waist.

"No fair!!!" Entreri growled and grabbed at the other foot. "Give it here!"

"NO." Jarlaxle shouted, as he pulled it towards his chest, trying to get the annoying assassin to let go.

A great tearing sound was heard and both were soon covered in the white fluffy stuffing of the held object.

"Look what you did?!" They both said at the same time, before letting go of the now ruined teddy bear and folding their arms angrily.

It took them a few seconds before they realised that now nobody would be sleeping with the bear. Before long, both of them began to cry.

If they thought they were angry at each other, one look at the teddy's face could see that the poor thing had it's heart torn in had a look of scrunched up agony on its face.