The Worst Thing

Like a whirlwind caught between four walls, a ceiling and the floor of his cavern room in Mithral Hall, Drizzt Do'Urden raced trying to find something very precious to him. In such a panic was he to find this one item that he had ripped apart his room that he now shared with Catti-brie.

To one side, holding the discarded covers from their bed, Catti-brie tried to calm down her panicking lover. "Have ye thought it might be in another room?" she asked, trying to keep calm, but the dwarven accent that she had been trying to get rid of was evidence enough that she was anything but calm.

"I took it off and left it on the bedside table before going to bed! It can't be in another room!" he shouted, his face flushed and dripping small beads of sweat. Catti-brie, in disdain, left the room, still clutching the blanket to her. She hadn't been able to dress before being barraged out of bed and had been quite scared of Drizzt in the mood he was in. She was still naked under the covers.

Drizzt couldn't calm down however. His item, his precious item, even more so to him than Guehnwyvar, though he would never admit that out loud, (especially when the cat was on this plane,) had disappeared without a trace. "Where is it? Where are you! Please don't leave me..." he whined, while finally getting to his hands and knees and looking in the one place he had not yet checked - under the bed.

There, lying quite harmlessly on the floor just at his feet was the thing he was looking for. "Thank you Mielikki!" he shouted out loud as he reached out one of his hands and grabbed at the string. Grasping it tightly and kissing it, Drizzt slipped the pendant Regis had made for him quite a while ago back around his neck and felt the comforting weight of the unicorn pressing against his naked chest. If he had lost his Goddess, even if it was just a pendant of her and not the God herself, he didn't know what he would do.