It was a basic day in Nowhere. The spooky night had come and gone, and a new dawn was upon the farm. Courage sleepily came to in his cot and looked around, trying to adjust his eyes to the dawn light.

He heard a commotion outside, and looked out the attic window to see a family outside. There was a redheaded woman with a hideous piece of art, obviously made by herself. This thing frightened Courage until he realized it wasn't real. She seemed like the eccentric artist type.

The man, her husband obviously, had blond hair and looked sloppily dressed. His tie was crinkled, and his clothes had that slept in appearance.

The girl, their daughter had on a uniform. It was kind of like a school uniform in it's appearance. Her face was covered with makeup to make her skin appear pale, and she had on the typical Goth makeup. It was a stark contrast indeed. From what Courage heard from the talking outside, her name was Lydia.

(see where this is going, right folks?)

The girl seemed distracted, like she was talking to someone who wasn't there. Yet anyway. They approached the front door and knocked.

Courage reacted with a mixture of fear and confusion. Who were these people? He crept downstairs after Muriel had introduced herself and Eustace.

"We're the Deetz." The woman said. "I'm Delia. This is my husband, Charles. And this is our daughter Lydia." She said, as she pushed the shy Lydia forward to say a quick "hi."

"Well, it's nice to meet you. Feel free to stay here until everything is alright." Muriel said warmly.

"Freaks." Eustace mumbled from behind his paper.

"Don't mind him." Muriel said. She noticed Courage and signaled for him to come down and say hi to the new visitors. Courage seemed shy at first, and didn't really know how to react. So many visitors to his home, and they all bring something evil and bizarre.

But THIS time, bizarre is only a word for what the Deetz family has brought with them.

Lydia pat Courage on the head and seemed to smile the first time all day.

"I have a friend who would like you." She said winking at Courage. "You may meet him soon."

Courage was sort of taken aback by this. How could this friend come by so quickly unless they lived here?

Lydia ran upstairs to "find the bathroom" she claimed. In reality, she was going to call her friend.

Courage followed close behind, and saw her go into the attic. He crept upstairs, and peered around the door.

"This place is perfect! I heard a lot of strange things go on around here. Time to spice things up more!" Lydia said. Courage wondered what the candle she had was. She placed it on top of Courage's computer and began to say an incantation.

"Though I know I should be wary,
Though I venture someplace scary
Ghostly haunting I turn loose!"

Courage's screaming drowned out the rest of the incantation, as he was frightened by the strange glow coming from the candle.

The only thing he heard before fully downstairs, was a voice yelling something.


(Well I gone and done it. Hope your happy!)