"Pepper, I don't wanna go!" Tony whined. He was ready to leave, but refused to get up off the couch.

"Stop acting like a child, Tony. It's only for a couple of days." Pepper rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, a couple of days with STEVE ROGERS! I won't survive, Pep, I won't."

"You spent 3 months in a cave with only the rats to keep you company. This should be easy."

Tony winced. He knew that the rats weren't the only thing with him. As much as he trusted Pepper, he never had the heart to tell her about Ho Yinsen. Tony couldn't even say the name without tearing up.

"Yeah, I guess," He mumbled. "But Steve is more attractive than the mice were."

Pepper sighed and yanked Tony off the couch. She was surprisingly strong.

"Tony, are you ready to go?" Steve called from the jet.

"Almost!" Tony shouted back. He put on his best pouting face and turned back to Pepper. "Please?"

"You can do this, Tony." Pepper grabbed his things and set them in the jet. "I'll make shawarma when you get back."

"Deal." Tony gave Pepper a tight hug before she went inside.

"Alright, let's go!" Steve smiled, but it quickly faltered when he saw Tony's expression. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Tony lied. "Let's go kick some ass."

-super cool time skip-

An awkward plane ride later, the heroes finally touched down in Nuuk, Greenland. This being on the 27th of February, the weather was not desirable. At -14 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees celsius), Tony shivered even in his heated suit.

"Alright, where to now?" Steve asked, warming up his hands.

"Nick told us that the closest shelter is Hotel Hans Eagle, right down the hill over there," Tony pointed towards a decline that went to a small city. "Ooh, it has Wifi."

The two trudged their way towards the hotel. As soon as they arrived, Steve yanked open the wooden door and took off his helmet, breathing in the warm air.

While Steve looked around, Tony walked to the front desk. The woman working there was young, probably around 25 or 30. When she saw him, she put on her employee smile and turned away from her computer.

"Hej, velkommen til Hotel Hans Eagle! Hvad kan jeg hjælpe dig med? (Hello, welcome to Hotel Hans Eagle! What can I help you with?)" The woman asked.

"Jeg har en reservation til i aften. (I have a reservation.)" Tony answered.

"Store! Hvad er navnet? (Great! What's the name?)"

"Nicholas Fury."

The girl looked it up on the computer database. "Det ser ud til, at jeg har reserveret dig til 1 enkeltværelse. Er det korrekt? (It looks like I have you reserved for 1 single room. Is that correct?)"

"enkeltværelse, som en seng? (Single room, like one bed?)" Tony started freaking out internally. Dammit, Fury.

"Ja, det ser ud til at det er hvad single betyder. (Yes, it would appear that's what single means.)"

"ogen måde jeg kan få det opgraderet? (Any way I can get it upgraded?)"

"Jeg beklager, hotellet er fuldt for i aften. Dit værelsesnummer er D42. (I'm sorry, the hotel is full for tonight. Your room number is D42.)"

Tony's eyes went wide with fear. Luckily, he was Tony Stark. He put on his best genius billionaire playboy philanthropist smile. "Jeg kan virkelig godt lide den jakke. (I really like that jacket.)"

The girl frowned. "Sir, du er klar over, at jeg er 17, ikke? "(Sir, you do realize I'm 17, right?)"

Oh shit.

"Jeg skal på mit værelse nu. (I will be going to my room now.)" Tony sprinted away from the desk and grabbed Steve, who was marveling about the chandelier on the ceiling.

"Let's go before I get arrested." Tony hissed.

They took the stairs up to level D and found their way to room 42. Luckily, no room key was required because Greenland had one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Steve opened the door and smiled at the beautiful designing job done in the room. "This is beautiful!"

"Yeah, I guess." Tony shrugged. He was too busy looking for the one thing that would save his ass.

"Aha!" He shouted once he had found it. "A couch!"