(Ozzie's in the Lust Ring)

Naruto and Octavia were in a limousine on their way to Ozzies.

"Still surprised your dad was ok with me taking you to the lust ring" Naruto said as he adjusted his suit

"Oh he wasn't but I have my ways" Octavia said as she adjusted her black dress

"You threatened him, didn't you?" Naruto asked with a knowing smirk

"Maybe" Octavia said with a coy smile "hey I never asked yesterday but how were you able to take Valerie out of the pride ring to the lust ring?" She asked as sinners were bound to the pride ring only

"Oh that, see I found out from your dad that since I'm an overlord my lovers get special privileges." Naruto explained

"Hmmm. makes sense...I wonder what privileges I'll get when we make it official" Octavia said

"This your way to ask me to make you one of my lovers?" Naruto smirked

"Well I could always use my father's idea of a ball gag and chains" Octavia said

"That…..won't be necessary" Naruto said with a shudder

"Ok" Octavia said while pocketing a ball gag she conveniently had hidden behind her back.

"Tell you the truth I wanted to make it official for a bit but things were getting crazy lately what with the whole fighting that radio freak and becoming a bodyguard for Charlie's hotel" Naruto said

"More than a bodyguard now" Octavia growled slightly

"Via I don't know what is gonna happen with Charlie but all you need to know is that your important to me and I'm not going anywhere Naruto said as he took her hand in his

Octavia sighed. "Very well I won't peck out her eyes." she said

"And you won't attack Vaggie?" Naruto asked

"I don't know…..what's my incentive?" Octavia asked with a mischievous smirk

"Lets get through this date and I'll make you hoot all night long my Owlette" Naruto smirked as he pulled her close to him.

Octavia shuddered at this "you need a new nickname for me babe" she said but still smiled

"I'll come up with something" he said

"I may have a few on a list" Octavia said as she pulled out a very, very long scroll that said 'Name's Naruto can call me'

Naruto looked at the names and chuckled "I'll go with Eve he said with a smile as he trailed a finger under her chin

"Oh I was hoping you'd pick number 5364. But I suppose we can use that in the bedroom" Octavia said

Naruto looked at the list and looked at Octavia flatly, "my feathered cum dump?" he asked

"What?" Octavia asked innocently

"Babe I prefer nicknames that I can say with love behind it" Naruto said as the limousine stopped

"You can say that one with both love and lust" she said as the two stepped out of the Limo

The two saw a massive line just to get into Ozzies

"Is this normal?" Naruto asked as he looked at how far the line went back

As soon as he said that everyone in line turned to him. Many in shock and fear having recognized the voice from the news.

Naruto put up his hands at this "relax everyone I'm just here with my date" he said before pulling Octavia close

The people in line eyes widened further at the sight of Octavia. An overlord and a Goetia heiress on a date. Many would be absolutely terrified.

A big figure appeared in front of the entrance to the club "Ah the newest overlord decided to pay my club a visit. And with the Dark prince's daughter too? Now this is a surprise as I haven't spoken with your daddy in a few months" the figure said

"Asmodeus right?" Naruto asked as Veroskia had mentioned him before

"Yes I am the purveyor of the perverse. Asmodeus" He greeted

"Verosika said I could have her table for my date I hope that won't be a problem" Naruto said

"Yes she called earlier saying her lover had a date with a new bitch he's looking to break in" Asmodeus chuckled

"Yeah that sounds like Verosika" Naruto said with a sigh

"Remind me to gouge her eyes out later" Octavia said with a flat look

"You're not gouging out her eyes Eve" Naruto told her

Asmodeus rose a eyebrow at the nickname Naruto used "ugh a lovers nickname?" he asked

Naruto paused at this and glared at Asmodeus making his eyes glow slightly "that a problem?" he asked as Asmodeus disappeared in purple smoke and reappeared behind the two

"Look you're new to certain aspects of hell so I'll let it slide this time but this place is for lust and the lustful." Asmodeus whispered

"We are plenty lustful" Naruto said still glaring

"Oh I know. I watched Verosika's stream." Asmodeus said with a chuckle

"Look I don't want any trouble since you seem the most reasonable compared to that radio asshole" Naruto said

"Yeah I don't exactly want an overlord with high connections to attack me or my club, so here's my proposal. I won't insult your love or lovers and you keep the mushy stuff to a minimum. Also if you sing no love songs. Only lust songs" Asmodeus said knowing that while he was stronger than Naruto as he was someone stolas was wary of, he did not want someone who's technically a member of the royal family against him. He's betrothed to Charlie, he may as well be a prince of hell at this point.

Naruto thought about this and nodded "give me a 10 percent discount and it's a deal" he said

"5 percent and free water" Asmodeus counter offered. Hey he needed to make money

"7 and you add soda to the free list" Naruto said

"You drive a hard bargain, Uzumaki. I like you. Deal" He agreed

Naruto held out his hand to shake knowing it was always best to get a handshake since those were unbreakable in hell. Asmodeus without hesitation shook his hand.

"Well enjoy the show you two and tell Verosika her reservation for a massive table is set for after Christmas" Asmodeus said

Naruto nodded as he took Octavia's arm and they both walked into the club. The two were led by an imp to a private booth. "Miss Verosika suggested this table rather than her spotlight table" The imp said knowing she had 2 just for her in Ozzie's. One for privacy and one for when she wants to be seen.

Naruto nodded and handed the imp a twenty as he helped Octavia sit down. As soon as the two sat down the lights faded.

"Hey Hey Hey!" A robotic voice sounded

"Ugh this guy" Naruto said irritated

"I hate this guy" Octavia said with a scowl remembering how scared she was of his robot as a kid

"It's me, The Amazing Fizarolli. You've seen my likeness on several robotic models but tonight you get the real deal. And like those robo me's I'm ribbed for your pleasure tonight" He said as he pulled down the sleeve of his arm.

"I think I just threw up a little" Naruto whispered to Octavia who giggled at this

"Tonight we have an amazing show in store for you perverts. Tonight we've got the stylings of…." as Fizarolli trailed off listing the entertainment for tonight, Octavia and Naruto were looking over the menu.

"There's no ramen foxy" Octavia said as she didn't look up from her menu

"You all know I can quit eating ramen anytime I want to. I just don't want to" Naruto said defensively

"Sure you can." Octavia said still not looking up

Naruto pouted at this but shrugged as he looked over his menu "so you learn how to use your new powers from your dad?" he asked deciding to start a conversation

"Unfortunately he was…preoccupied" Octavia said

"Blitz or your mom?" Naruto asked

"Both actually" Octavia said knowing it was gonna be crazy for her father today

"Well if you want I could help you train" Naruto offered

Octavia smiled at this and nodded knowing Naruto may not know magic but did have experience with powers and abilities.

"Good evening. What can I get for you two to start with? We have a very fine selection of wines this evening" A well dressed Imp approached their table and asked politely to see if they'd be interested in some wines.

"Uh I don't know wine's any suggestions" Naruto asked the imp politely

"We have a very nice sauvignon cabernet for the evening as well as a very sweet rosè wine with a hint of cherry."

Naruto nodded at this and looked at Octavia. What do you think Eve?" he asked

"Hmm I'm thinking the Rosé. Father prefers red wines like cabernet while I prefer a little sweetness." She said as Naruto nodded

"We'll take a bottle of the Rosé wine" Naruto said as the Imp nodded and went to fetch the drink and glasses.

(A little later)

Naruto and Octavia had just finished their meal and were currently drinking wine while watching the performances.

"Ok I'll admit food besides ramen can be great" Naruto said with a smile as his steak was amazing. Very tender, spiced perfectly. It was incredible.

Octavia nodded and looked at the dance floor seeing other people dance

Naruto looked at Octavia and smiled "you wanna dance?" he asked her

"We can dance there or we can go to the other dance floor" she grinned pointing at a dance floor with stripper poles.

"For a first date I prefer something traditional with one of my girls….though if you wanna work a pole for me later in private" Naruto said with a teasing smirk

"You do realize where we are right?" Octavia

"I'm not one to put on a show babe" Naruto said

"What about your deal with Asmodeus? Also you are so dense I'm trying to say lets fuck. This is a lust lounge" She said

"Oh I know babe, sue me I like to spoil my girls you do realize I like to be affectionate in addition to having sex right? Naruto asked

"Fair but if you want to affectionately Dance we need a different venue" she said pointing out all the people grinding on each other on the dance floor.

"Good point ok you owe me a real date later for now let's get a motel and….make us official" Naruto whispered to her

"Motel or should we get a private room here?" She asked

"They have those here?" Naruto asked

"Yup and no they don't spy on you. Though the Imps that work here will provide services if asked" Octavia

"How did you even-" Naruto said before being interrupted

"Pamphlet" Octavia said simply holding up said pamphlet

"Oh thank goodness I thought you let some other guy defile you" Naruto said as he sighed in relief

"Oh hell no. No one else would compare" she said

"How do you know? we haven't done anything yet" Naruto asked with a teasing smirk

"I may have watched Verosika's stream after it posted" she said with a small blush

"Ah that's why Loona has been giggling and texting you. Does my Eve wanna be my sexy pet with her best friend?" Naruto asked as he trailed a finger under her chin

"More than anything" Octavia said immediately without hesitation.

"I'll text Loona where to meet us then" Naruto said as he took out his phone before grabbing Octavia and picking her up over his shoulder.

"Good show Asmodeus see you later! Booty awaits me!" He said as he hauled out of there with his date as Asmodeus sent him a thumbs up.

(With Loona)

Loona was watching TV in naruto's penthouse looking bored

Suddenly the door was kicked down and Naruto came in while still carrying Octavia on his shoulder

"Hey alpha you finally breaking her in huh?" Loona asked with a smirk

"Yeah and your helping so get in my room and prepare your slutty body bitch" Naruto growled at Loona

"Yes Sir!" she said as she immediately ran into the room.

"Oh wow you really have her trained" Octavia muttered.

"And before the night is over you will be trained too" Naruto said as he smacked her ass making her moan.

(Lemon Warning)

Naruto followed Octavia into his bedroom and saw a stage

The lights flashed down on the center of the stage standing side by side were Loona and Octavia the princess of hell gripped the pole with both her hands while Loona had her backed turned Naruto.

They looked over at their lover and smiled, Loona acted first so Octavia moved aside giving Loona her shot she pressed her back up against the hard steel poll as she moved her body up and and down with a slow sensual motion, her large ass pressing over the poll, she then got on all fours moving around the pole like horny little puppy giving a sultry woof as she did so till she gripped at the poll once more and proceed to shaking and twerking her ass in Naruto's direction moving back and forth, up and down showing off her ass she raised one leg wrapping it over the poll and she spun herself again and again bending downwards with her hands behind her head giving her breasts a good shake for her man.

Octavia came in next walking like a stripper but keeping the elegance of a queen, she took hold of the pole with just one hand pressing he back up against it smiling as she raised her left leg pulling down her stalking and tossing it to the side she repeated this process with her right, she strutted over towards Naruto laying down in front of him running her hand along his face cupping his chin as she leaned in closer only to pull back and shook her ships back and forth as she reached behind her dress slowly pulling down the zipper she hugged under her breasts giving Naruto and wink reaching up one cup pulling it down exposing one of her white/black feathered breasts she then spread her legs apart pulling as she let the dress fall exposing herself to Naruto holding out her hands embracing his gaze, Octavia smiled pleased by his reaction as she struts over towards him flipping off the stage onto his lap, she runs her hands over his chest grinding herself up against him nibbling on his ear

Naruto gripped her hips rubbing them as she moans in his ear "such a dirty little bird I have" he said whispering into her ear teasingly feeling her feathers jump out slightly

Octavia moaned her grinding increasing in speed 'ah I swear I am his slut his toy and cocksleeve' she thought hoping to be breed and filled with his seed

The princess of the Goetia family then proceeded to remove Naruto's shirt showing his muscular abs and upper body making her mouth water as she rubbed his abs

Loona crawled over and helped remove his pants and underwear

Octavia let out a little yelp feeling his freed manhood smack her lower lips 'that thing is basically a weapon' she thought to herself as nothing that large could be considered as anything less

"I know you have been wanting a chance to have this bad boy inside you. I want to watch as he absolutely ruins you" Loona grinned at Octavia before giving the bird woman a long teasingly lick at her lower lips making her moan 'watching him just take a bitch will be a true prize' she thought as watching her master just take a woman was always a sight to behold

Naruto gripped Octavia by her ass cheeks as he rubbed his cock on her wet pussy "you ready?" he asked with a smirk as she moaned

Naruto rubbed himself up and down teasingly over Octavia's neither regions the urge for the sex and the feeling of temptation made her drip with excitement.

Octavia moaned and finally something in her snapped and she impaled herself on his cock with one motion

She shivered and shook and Loona watched as some trails of blood went down Naruto's cock

Loona smirked seeing the blushing avian demoness thinking she of how cute virgins looked as she moved up and down her lovers cock, she moved over to Octavia taking her chin her hands and kissed her deeply their tongues exploring each other mouths twirling around back and forth as the moaned in pleasure, Loona took hold of Octavia's hand moving it between her own legs feeling her soft fur till it reached her wet pussy taking the hint Octavia's fingers found their way into the hellhounds nether regions causing Loona to howl into Octavia's mouth as the trio was entranced in their own forms of pleasure, Naruto's hips moved in an even motion with Octavia's as her pants and moaning grew louder.

Naruto, not wanting to dismiss Loona, proceeded to pleasure her holes with two of his tails one joining Octavia's fingers at it poked, and probed her pussy while also rubbing softly over it up and down and in a circular motion while the process was carried out on her asshole.

Naruto massaged Octavia's breast pinching her nipples between his fingers rubbing the tiny nips in between his fingers while Octavia bounced her hips down at a quicker pace. At the same time his tails sped up inside each of the lovers.

Naruto groaned as he felt his cock twitch in Octavia's tight pussy feeling their climax was coming soon.

"Give me your seed now!" Octavia screeched out

"Your wish is my command princess." Naruto smirked gripping her hips as he began thrusting hard and faster while Octavia cried out in ecstacy

The two girls moaned loudly as they they felt his tails matching his thrusting pace

"Ahhhhhhh!" Octavia screeched loudly as she arched her back and threw her head back as she finally climaxed hard on Naruto's cock

Loona let out a loud wolf howl as she sprayed her own juices over Naruto's tails reaching her climax right alongside her.

Naruto let out a roar as he flooded Octavia's insides with his essence

they all rode out there climaxes and Octavia fell forward into Naruto's chest passing out

Naruto chuckled at this and kissed Octavia on the forehead Loona couldn't help but smile as Naruto rubbed the younger girls head.

"She's sure got a long way till she can match up with us huh?" Loona teased

"Yea but she will get there now…..assume the position loona I am far from done" Naruto growled as he got up

Loona got down on her hands and knees with her head down to the ground, shaking her ass at him her tail wagging excitedly

Naruto spread open Loona's ass cheeks their tails entwining together before he thrusted into her pussy next, Loona roared as Naruto began to pound away at her rear with the ferocity of a wild beast Loona's tongue wagged out as Naruto's hips slapped against her ass as skin slapped against fur, her claws digging deep into the floor that she scratched the surface.

Naruto panted hard as he reached forward and pulled on loonas hair

"Ahh!" Loona yelled as Naruto held her hair in his hand as he reached the deepest part of her pussy while his other hand tightly gripped her ass

"Prepare your womb for my seed my bitch Naruto growled out as he smacked her ass hard

"My holes are always prepared, you're my alpha!" Loona yelled

"Such a good pet" Naruto growled as he started to thrust with all his strength making her ass slap against his waist hard

"But not your only one anymore" Loona grinned looking at Octavia's passed out form

"I hope you teach her well. Otherwise I'll get Verosika to" Naruto smirked playing on Loona's pride

"She'll be a perfect pet cumdump for you. I'll see to it. Now, play with me daddy!" Loona howled her mind getting foggy as she felt a high level of pleasure

Naruto's speed kicked into overdrive making her cheeks ripple like crazy as he pounded her pussy to oblivion

"Ah! Ah! Awwwooooooo!" Loona howled as she climaxed hard

"Remind me next time I pound you to record those howls. I need a new ringtone" he smirked as it'd be amusing every time she called him and was reminded of her cries of pleasure

"Seed me please!" Loona panted as she whined that Naruto hadn't climaxed

Naruto grunted deeply as he finally climaxed hard in her pussy

"Such a needy girl" Naruto panted as he kissed the back of her neck with affection

Loona sighed and smiled loving this side of Naruto. It wasn't common in hell, but affection like this made him truly one of a kind.

"Now that your done with your bitch I will require you to get back to training me darling"" Octavia whispered into Naruto's ear surprising him and Loona

"What the-?! When did you wake up?" He asked as that had genuinely caught him off guard.

"When she howled like a bitch in heat nice pipes by the way" Octavia said with a smirk at Loona like her lover liking the sound of the hellhounds calls

"Well the night is young and we have a lot to teach you don't we Loona?" Naruto asked as he slapped Loonas ass making her moan

Throughout the night the room was filled with the collective moans of both Loona and Octavia as Naruto pleasured them

(Lemon End)

(Naruto's penthouse)

Naruto sighed at the sight of Christmas decorations getting hung up by hell's denizens. Truthfully when he was alive Christmas was one of his most hated times of the years. All the villagers back in Konoha with families to celebrate with while he was alone? It angered him. Just a holiday that reminded him how alone he truly was every single day.

He was hopeful that maybe, just maybe this Christmas would be different. But even if it was, it still didn't erase his scars.

"Hey babe wanna unwrap your presents?" Verosika asked as she and the other girls came out wearing sexy Santa outfits

"It's not even Christmas" Naruto muttered, still not looking at them as he stared out the window. He didn't want to ignore his girls but this time of year really affected him.

"Since when do you turn down sex? Millie asked a little concerned

"Yeah did Via and Loona break you with their stripper bit?" Verosika asked

"Hang on girls. I think something is really wrong here" Mayberry said, very concerned for Naruto. This was not normal for him.

"Girls I'm fine so let's just stay home" Naruto said

"Ok now I know something's up. Don't you remember we have plans at the hotel for a Christmas party today?" Verosika mentioned

"Oh….right that" Naruto said in monotone

"You're going" Octavia said with a frown

Naruto scoffed at this

"Ok the fuck is going on?!" Verosika yelled as he was never like this since she's known him. This was really weird for her to witness.

"I'm sorry girls. I really am. Christmas is just….. not a happy time for me" he sighed. He never actually told them about his life when he was alive much. Figuring since he was in hell it didn't matter. But he supposed even death still left some scars.

"You had bad experiences with Christmas?" Millie asked with a frown

"Amongst other things" he mumbled, hoping they didn't hear him. He wasn't normally negative but he really hated this time of year.

"Well a Christmas party will cheer you up" Millie said

"Plus you don't want to make Charlie sad do ya?" Loona asked

Naruto paused at this and thought about what might happen if he ditched Charlie's party

"Damn it fine let's go" he sighed as he headed towards the door.

"We need to keep an eye on him. Something's really bad if he's like this" Millie said when he was out of earshot.

"Ugh this is why I prefer just sex with no attachments" Verosika griped a little

"And you will still help Naruto because you love him" Loona said

"True but don't you dare tell anyone. Especially your dad" Verosika said

"Don't truthfully think he'd care" Loona said

"Let's just get going before Naruto kicks a choir boy" Verosika said.

"Oh god my leg!" a voice outside yelled

"Too late" Octavia said with a sigh as they all left

(Hazbin Hotel)

"Hey, welcome! You guys made… it…." Charlie said as she opened the door for Naruto and his girls before seeing Naruto's stoney face and the girls looking at him with some concern. she was wearing a green sweater and a red Santa hat

"Let's get this over with point me at the bar" Naruto said as he entered the hotel

"It's over there…. Um what's going…..on?" Charlie asked as Naruto strode past her to the bar.

"No idea" Mayberry said with a large frown.

"Is Alastor here?" Millie asked

"No he said his gift to Vaggie is him not showing up. She was quite ecstatic about it" Charlie said as she pointed to Vaggie smiling and cheerful

"Good the last thing we need is him provoking Alpha like this" Loona said

Suddenly Blitzo burst through the window .

"Whoo! Let's party! I wanna get 86'd!" he yelled excitedly

"Could've just used the door" Charlie said

"It's a party and it's in hell you're supposed to go nuts, now where's the booze?" Blitzo asked

"It's over there." Charlie pointed at the bar where Naruto was currently drinking with Husker giving him drink after drink.

"Hey save some for me, Naruto!" Blitzo yelled as he ran to the bar for some booze.

"Oh great I was starting to feel better" Naruto groaned as he took a drink

"Oh what's got you down? Verosika give you HPV?" Blitzo asked as he sat down next to him

"Blitz, I'm really not in the mood for your bullshit today. My mind is like thin ice. It won't take much for me to crack. So choose your next words very, very carefully" Naruto said as he downed another drink.

"Hey relax buddy, you can talk to me" blitzo said.

"Since when do you care?" Naruto asked

"Hey I'm your boss, you're with my daughter, and it's Christmas consider it my gift for me to keep my asshole level to level 2 instead of 10" Blitzo said

Naruto chuckled at this finding this funny

"There's a smile now tell uncle Blitz what is wrong" Blitz told him

"Technically you're more like my father in law. But this is honestly not something I want to talk about." Naruto said

Blitzo frowned at this but nodded "ok but if you wanna talk I'm free I have seen some shit. And I can already tell so have you" Blitzo said, actually being sympathetic.

"Thanks Blitz" Naruto genuinely smiled before going back to his drinking.

"Ok everyone it's almost time for secret Santa!" Charlie said with a smile

"Ugh who did you get whiskers? blitzo asked

"…..Vaggie" Naruto said

'pffft! Unless it's your own head I don't think she will like it" he laughed.

"Oh it ain't my head" Naruto muttered

"Ok first up is Naruto getting a gift from me" Charlie said with a smile as she picked up a box

"I get a present?" Naruto asked in surprise

"Well I'm your secret Santa so yeah" Charlie said now really concerned

"Sorry I've just…. Never gotten a present before for Christmas" Naruto admitted

"Well I hope you like what I got you, it took me a while to get it made" Charlie told him. As she had remembered when he was speaking about his abilities, his father had influenced his seals and teleportation ability. She had used some royal family archive magic to pull up an image of him and used that as the base for this guft.

Naruto opened the box before his eyes widened. It was a short sleeved long white trench coat. With the kanji for fire written in red on the back. A coat similar to his own father's when he was the hokage.

"Do you like….it" she said before gasping as she saw tears appear in Naruto's eyes.

"It's…. It's beautiful. T-Thank you Charlie. I love it" he said, gazing at the coat. His first ever Christmas gift, and something that was very sentimental to him and his emotional state made the dam finally come undone.

"Naruto, what's going on with you?" Charlie gently asked. She was really concerned now.

"I-" he started to say before he was cut off.

"Whiskers, there's clearly something going on. You may as well tell us." Angel said. He knew something was really eating away at Naruto. Something he felt was similar to when he himself worked for Valentino. That and Charlie's teachings may have worked its way into his head a little. Or it was the Christmas season that was affecting him. One of the two.

Naruto sighed at this and looked at Stolas and Octavia "look it's a long story so can you and Via use some magic to show them my past while I go get my present for my secret Santa? You have my full permission for it" He told them.

Stolas nodded at this as he could see something was bothering him alot and while he was admittedly curious he wouldn't pry unless necessary. But since Naruto is giving free reign on showing memories he knew it was serious.

Naruto left the room to go get his present

"Ok let's see this" Verosika said wanting to know what was bothering him.

"Yeah I wanna know why alpha is so sad" Loona said resolutely

"I need to know" Millie said as she knew this was important.

The group gathered around the two Goetia family members

Stolas opened his grimoire and him and Octavia waved their hand and made a image appear. Of Naruto on the day of his birth when his parents were killed and the nine tailed fox was sealed into him.

And from there they soon learned why he never spoke of when he was alive. Before coming to hell.

The distrust, the agony and pain of being alone. True despair. They realized he had seen it all. They felt his emotions. The pain, the anger, the sadness. And they realized why he hated Christmas time.

Who's there to celebrate with you when you're hated? They watched everything from his birth to his demise. Where he was saved from being erased from existence thanks to Stolas.

Soon the image dissipated

Millie growled as she pulled out a battle axe "Ok, who here wants to make a trip to Naruto's home dimension?" She asked fiercely. She was feeling unadulterated rage after that.

"Get in line!" Loona growled her fur on edge

"That village will burn and I will leave nothing but ashes and statues" Octavia said her eyes glowing red

"Stolas, can you bring us to his dimension?" Blitzo asked calmly. Too calmly

"Probably other dimensions are a Grey area so I don't know if going there breaks any laws" Stolas said calmly as well, keeping his emotions in check for now

"Let me know cause I want to end those fuckers" Blitzo whispered to him

Charlie and Mayberry were crying after seeing Naruto's past

Verosika was growling in anger at what she saw. She admittedly is a terrible person at times but even she wouldn't have done half the shit those vile humans did to a child. It infuriated her.

These people made hell based punishing beings seem like fucking fairies.

Vaggie was angry but conflicted since she admittedly only tolerated Naruto but seeing what he went through made him seem almost like a kindred spirit of sorts.

Angel was just too shocked to say anything as he was flashing back to when he was working for Valentino. The abuse was just hitting him like a freight train over and over again.

Now you may be wondering why most of these demons cared as they were well demons. Sympathy isn't their strong suit. But Naruto managed to befriend them and more. He was family. And while most hated humans as it was, this reinforced their hatred if anything as they did things to a child some of The foulest demons Wouldn't dare do.

Naruto soon came back into the room dragging a large box behind him

"Ok I'm bac- woah!" Naruto yelled as Charlie tackled him into a hug

"What t-they did to you! And and" Charlie just broke down more crying into him

Naruto blinked at this and smiled and patted Charlie on the head "Hey its OK" he said

"No it's not I WANT THEM ALL DEAD!" Charlieroared briefly going demonic before she started crying again

"Hey it's ok, red cheeks. I just wanted you guys to understand why I was feeling this way. This time of year it all hits me" Naruto said

"Yeah well that's over now you're with us and it's nothing but good times now foxy" Verosika said

"I know and I'm sorry for how I was acting to all of you. I shouldn't let this get to me but I guess it's just hard" He said

"All is forgiven my boy now, who's your gift for?" Stolas asked

Before Naruto could answer the box started shaking and yelling could be heard from inside

Naruto scowled and smacked the box "zip it asshole or I'm taking your vocal cords!" He yelled

"You brought someone from earth?" Millie asked smelling the box

"Huh it's to Vaggie" Loona said looking at the gift tag

Vaggie paused at this and her eyes widened in surprise

"What?" She asked

"Let's just say Charlie helped me with this. I think you'll enjoy it" he said, Much to everyone's confusion. Especially Charlie's as she wasn't aware of helping with a gift. She and him had only discussed the person who who lit the fire for Vaggie's hatred of all men.

Vaggie approached the box and ripped off the wrapping paper to reveal a large coffin.

Vaggie opened the coffin and saw a bound and gagged elder Hispanic man. One she recognized as the man who abused her when she was alive. The reason she hated all men. The reason she overdosed.

Charlie looked at him and her eyes widened in surprise "you brought her-?" she started to ask Naruto

"Yup the asshole that made Vaggie's life on earth hell now…." Naruto said as he handed Vaggie a rusty hatchet "do the honors" he said with a smile

Vaggie looked at him in shock before looking at Charlie knowing she was normally against senseless killing. Charlie smiled and turned around.

"I see nothing" she said, knowing Vaggie deserved to do this. Plus she was still angry from witnessing Naruto's past so this would do some good for everyone.

"Hogan!" Blitzo said with a German accent

Loona rolled her eyes at this "shut it Shultzo" Loona said as she prepared the Camera on her phone figuring Vaggie would want this recorded to remember it

Vaggie took the hatchet from Naruto and approached the casket "I'm gonna enjoy this" she growled as her uncovered eye glowed red "but first Naruto!" She said

Naruto stood at attention as Vaggie yelling at him still scared him a little

"You're ok for a man" she said before lunging at the coffin to eviscerate the man who ruined her life.

"Jeez even a serial killer would tell her to calm down" Blitzo said as limbs flew along with blood

"...no they wouldn't" Angel deadpanned knowing Alastor was one back when he was alive and he'd be goading for more blood

Soon all that was left was a pool of blood and gore and the casket was destroyed.

Vaggie was covered in blood and panting with a large smile on her face

woah that's hot Naruto thoughtto himself

"That was the greatest I've felt In a while!" She cheered

"It's about to get better I set up a seal so when he ends up in hell he will end up right outside the hotel" Naruto told her

"Hey you puta! You may have killed me but you were still the best fuck I ever had!" a man's voice yelled from outside

Charlie growled as her face went demonic

Naruto growled as he pulled out his holy sword and handed it to Vaggie "go nuts" he said

"It'll be my pleasure!" Vaggie yelled as she charged outside to tear up the bastard.

They all heard screams of agony

"You scream like a bitch!" Vaggie yelled out as they heard the squelch of her cutting him

"I like her!" Mayberry said as she said the exact same thing to her ex husband's fling before she tried to kill her

Vaggie soon came back inside covered in more blood and ash. She smiled "thanks Naruto you're upgraded to friend now" she said as she handed him back his holy sword.

"No problem" he said, knowing she needed this.

"You so found her killing that guy sexy" Verosika whispered to him

"I will neither confirm or deny" Naruto said with a small smirk

Vaggie heard this but said nothing.

"I definitely found it sexy" Charlie whispered to herself having also heard the succubus and hellfox whisper.

"Ok I'm ready to bring in some Christmas cheer so let's get shitfaced!" Blitzo yelled holding up two whiskey bottles

The others cheered in agreement as they all officially started the party

(hours later)

"Ok I'll admit that was a great party" Naruto said with a smile to his girls as he looked at the trashed room with everyone passed out

Husk was buried under empty booze bottles after trying to see if there was any liquor left in each empty bottle.

Nifty was sleeping on the chandelier. Upside down.

Angel was currently cuddling Blitzo and Stolas. He made a note to photograph that to embarrass Blitzo later.

"Let's head home babe you have other presents to unwrap" Verosika said with a flirty look.

"Hold on I wanna say goodbye to Charlie and thank her for inviting me" Naruto said as he walked up some stairs

"Sure you do…. Invite them for a foursome sometime" Verosika said cheekily

Naruto rolled his eyes as he looked at some doors and soon saw a door with Charlie's name on it open half way. He walked up and looked inside and what he saw made him blush intensely.

Vaggie was naked and bent over a bed with an equally naked Charlie behind her thrusting into her ass with a strap on

"Ai dios mio! ah!" Vaggie moaned as Charlie smacked her thick ass hard making it ripple

"Tell me what you are, Vaggie!" Charlie growled as if she was a demonic entity of lust. Not a succubus but something beyond that.

"I'm yours! Mi amor!" Vaggie screamed out

"Damn right you are! You're my bitch for eternity!" Charlie roared

"I love you!" Vaggie screamed as she arched her back and climaxed hard

Charlie chuckled at this and leaned forward and kissed her lover "love you too" she said with a loving smile

Vaggie moaned and smiled at this before she grabbed Charlie and threw her to the bed and ripped off her strap on

"My turn" Vaggie said licking her lips as she put on the strap on before thrusting it into Charlie's waiting snatch.

Naruto backed up away from the door and tried to compose himself

"Holy shit that was hot" Naruto thought to himself as he felt really turned on.

He walked downstairs and approached his girls.

"You ok sweetie?" millie asked

"Yea….let's go home I have some ho ho hoes to play with" Naruto growled as he smacked Millie's ass hard making her squeal in excitement

"You saw them going at it didn't you?" Verosika smirked

"Shut up and get moving I need my bitches….now" Naruto growled out

His lovers all shuddered hearing this as they watched him make a clone. "You drive. when we're there you get whichever one of them you want to fuck" he said to the clone as he was gonna start plowing them in the backseat reagrdless. And he didn't want then to accidentally run over someone while they fucked. It would get blood on the car after all.

(A few days later)

Naruto was at the meeting room with the others waiting for a job to come in. Business had been slow. Like really slow. Hell it was so slow Blitzo asked if Verosika was gonna visit their office. That's how slow it was. At least the barbs they trade are interesting.

"Ok I'm gonna watch TV" Loona said turning on the TV

"They all saw what looked like a commercial for heaven and beings from heaven. Something about blessing souls. Something about no money required. It was so horrifying Blitzo shot the tv.

"Hey! I paid for that!" Loona yelled not happy her portable TV was destroyed

"Um Loona i paid for it remember" Naruto said

"Yeah after you fucked me in Blitzs car you bought it for me" she smirked

"YOU DID WHAT IN MY CAR?!" Blitzo yelled

"Oh relax it's not the first time I did it" Naruto said

"Yup he ravished me in there too" millie said with a smile

"he did me on the hood" Mayberry said with her own smile

"He fucked me in the drivers seat of it" Verosika smirked at her ex

"And I fucked Octavia in there too. We did it in the trunk. Cramped but kinky" Naruto said with a smile

Before Blitzo could respond the wall caved in and what looked like stairs appeared and nearly crushed Verosika if Naruto hadn't pulled her out of the way.

"Do not be be afraid" a very, very annoying voice said eccentrically.

"You nearly crushed one of my girlfriends asshole if anyone should be afraid it's you" Naruto growled.

"Yeah you could've just used the door dude" Loona said, not impressed by this guy.

"I am eccentric and therefore must do eccentric shit. My name is Loopdy Goopdy" the man said

"You still could have used the door dude" loona said

"Shut up dear furry I am here to hire you all to kill someone on earth for me seeing as I just died moments ago" Loopdey said

"Wow, freshly dead and already looking to get revenge...I like it! The name is Blitz the o is silent" Blitzo said as he approached loopdey

"What O? Loopdy asked as he shook hands with blitzo

"Aw thanks now who do you want us to murder?" Blitzo asked

"I want you to murder my business partner!" He exclaimed overly dramatic

"What he do to piss you off?" Naruto asked sounding bored

"He did the unthinkable. You see, I was not always an old man. I was a young man. And we ran our own robotics company. We had invented our greatest invention but a few hours ago. An age reversing machine. Something that could save all 3 trillionaires from ever dying and make us rich." Loopdy said

Naruto paused at this and slowly smirked "you idiots didn't test it did you?" he asked

"Yes we neglected to test our machine on the poor like we usually did. We were too sure of our brilliance."

Naruto growled hearing this but Before he could do anything blitzo sprayed him with a water bottle

"No attacking the clients! Bad man whore!" blitzo said as he sprayed Naruto

"What the Hell?! Is this pee?!" Naruto yelled smelling the liquid that had hit him

"May I finish my tale of woe and betrayal?" Loopdy asked

"Let me guess you morons aged in the machine and he was able to save himself and you just want us to off him for you" loona said not looking up from her phone

"…...pretty much. He needs to be taken care of before he gets all the money for our research and become the fourth ever trillionaire. Now get your crimson asses up there and kill that no good heartless son of a bitch" Loopdy told them

"Ok well you know goopdy" Blitzo started to say

"Loopdy!" he growled angrily at blitzo

Blitzo held up his hands defensively right Loopdy "you know if we off him then you will be stuck with him forever right?" he asked

Loopdy smiled at this and took out some mechanical chainsaws with his robot arms "Oh I'm counting on it" he said with mad glee in his voice

"... hey is there any way you can make more of those robo arms? For reasons?" Verosika asked

"Bad succubus!"Blitzo yelled as he took out a rolled up newspaper and swatted her with it.

"Oh I'll fucking tear off your arm and beat you to death with the wet end!" Verosika yelled as Naruto held her back and carried her out

"Meet up later after you get control of your bitch!" Blitzo yelled after Naruto.

(Later on earth)

Naruto and the others were on a tour bus and were all in disguises courtesy of verosika except for blitzo who had to wear a wig and a fake moustache attached to glasses.

"I still say I should have a disguise too" blitzo grumbled

"That's what happens when you run your mouth to my woman" Naruto said

"Oh please that used up bag of holes barely counts as a woman" Blitzo spat

" Blitz I love you like a brother but please shut up before Naruto guts you" millie said as she could see that Naruto was one insult away from snapping

Blitzo looked at Naruto before staying silent. Maybe he had crossed a line.

"Note to self buy Verosika an apology cake" he said as he wrote on a pad of paper

"Make sure if you do it's big enough for a stripper" Millie whispered to him. Thinking Naruto or a clone hiding in the cake would be a good idea

"We are coming up on his mansion" loona said

"Wow that was fast" Millie said as they all looked at the gates to a big mansion

"Alright gang let's ice this fucker" Blitzo said as he leapt over the gate

They all followed after Blitzo and approached a window to look inside. They saw a very, very old man looking depressed at a photo

"Wow that machine definitely works" Naruto said with a chuckle as the man looked older than even the third hokage before he died.

"Goodbye my one true love" Lyle Lipton, their target, said sadly looking at a photo of money. He was depressed and ready to die. "Thanks to this old shitty body I have nothing worth living for" he said .

"Wow looks like this will be easy" Millie said

"Easiest money we ever made" Loona said watching Lyle tie his I.V into a noose to hang himself with.

Before Naruto could say anything a portal appeared inside the mansion over Lipton. Which caused the windows to shatter from an unseen force and pushed the demon assassins back.

"What the hell?" Naruto said as he looked inside and saw the same three cherubs from that commercial "Oh god fucking dammit" he muttered "Blitz it's those heavenly shitbags from the tv." he said

"Good lord I'm being haunted by floating orphans" Lyle exclaimed

"Ha! good one!" Naruto laughed.

"Weren't you an orphan?" blitzo asked

Naruto said nothing but he stomped on Blitzo's tail

"Another note don't mention Naruto's past" Blitz said as he pulled his tail free

"It's alright Blitz I'll make it up to him for you. I'll just need my new collar and leash" Loona said with a smirk

"We are here to help you, mister Lipton my name is Colin and this is Cletus and Keenie. We are here to bless you due to the wishes of those whose lives you've saved with your inventions" the blue sheep cherubs said

"I hate filthy orphans!" he exclaimed

"Oh I'm gonna enjoy killing this guy" Naruto growled out

"Mr Lipton we're here to show you that life is worth living. No matter what" Cletus said

"And that's our cue" Millie said. Blitz jumped through the window crashing into the room and landing on the floor in a heap.

"Again there is a door" Loona said as Naruto opened the door and let Millie and her in before him

"Mr Lipton we believe you should continue with your plan to kill yourself." Millie told him as she entered

"And if you can't bring yourself to do it I'd be happy to assist" Naruto cheerfully said

The cherubs looked at Naruto and the others and looked confused as they looked at Naruto

"You from hell? You don't look like any race from there I'm familiar with" Keenie said as she despised demons. So she made sure to familiarize herself with each one

"I have been calling myself a hellfox" Naruto said as the disguise faded briefly to show his true form before reapplying "Gotta thank Verosika for teaching me that little trick" he said with a smirk

"You're a sinner? How? They can't leave hell?" Cletus asked as this was bizarre

"What's your name?" Colin asked as he took out a big book

"The name's Naruto Uzumaki" he said

the three cherubs froze at this information

"The higher ups in heaven have been going nuts trying to figure out why you ended up in hell with that disgusting fox demon" Keenie said with contempt at the mention of the fox demon

"What did you just say?" Naruto growled

"Why won't you let me die?" Lipton whined not paying attention

Naruto growled and with a swing of his tail he bisected the old man in half killing him

"NO!" the three cherubs yelled

"You talk shit about Kurama again and you're next!" Naruto growled his human disguise falling along with Millie and Loona

"Loathsome Demons! Your influence has caused a kind and gentle soul to suffer!" Keenie yelled angrily

"Oh please he tested on poor people so don't preach to me bitch!" Millie yelled

"I was referring to him!" she said pointing at Naruto

This caused Naruto and his friends to pause for a moment before they started to laugh hard

"Suffer? Him?!" Blitzo yelled as he pounded his fist on the floor

"oh yeah he's definitely suffering nailing hot women every night" Loona said with a snicker

"And he has actual friends unlike in that shithole village Millie said with a growl at the mention of Konoha

"Despicable. He would never have killed before going to hell! You all corrupted him. If you had stayed away from him he would've been in heaven where he belongs! His soul was meant to be there but now he's stuck in hell just like his horrid mother!" Keenie yelled in fury

"The fuck you say about my MOTHER?!"Naruto roared

"Oh fuck!" Blitz, Loona, and Millie said as they felt Naruto's power unleash

"Your mother and father doomed you to hell all because of sealing that vile demon into you! Had they not done that all 3 of you would've been in heaven! But now you pay for their idiocy! A mother bound in Hell and a father bound to the reaper! And after all the good you did you've become just another loathsome beast that dead people tread on as they walk!" she roared

"You don't know anything!" Millie yelled as she got in Keenie's face a battle axe in her hand

"Yeah my alpha is an overlord so you better watch your mouth!" Loona barked rage in her eyes

"An Overlord?! This just proves that you demons should all be exterminated in one fell swoop!" Keenie yelled

"Then make a move bitch!" Millie yelled as she then tackled the cherub

"God I love that woman" Naruto said with a smirk as he cracked his knuckles

"She totally pegs you doesn't she?" Blitz asked as he pulled out his gun

"Nah though Me and Mama have double teamed her" Loona said with a grin knowing that calling Verosika mama would get under Blitz's skin

"Stay alert we have a fight here!" Naruto yelled as he ducked under a light arrow

"We better get a bonus for this!" Loona yelled as she charged at Collin intending to tear the sheep cherub apart

Naruto meanwhile ducked under another light arrow before tackling Cletus and grabbing him by his head. He then slammed the cherub through a mahogany table smashing it to pieces.

Millie was spinning her battle axe to block any arrows shot her way from Keenie

"Your aim sucks you cunt!" Millie yelled with a grin

"FILTHY DEMON! DIE ALREADY!" Keenie yelled as she fired some more arrows at her

"ooooo how tolerant of you" Millie quipped as she dove at Keenie to slice her but she dodged the axe swing.

Collin was keeping away from Loona by flying and taking shots at her with his arrows

"Hey, leave my baby alone!" Blitzo yelled as he fired his machine guns at him. Collin hid behind a pillar to avoid the bullets

When the bullets stopped Collin sighed in relief before the top of the pillar he was hiding behind was destroyed by Loona's claws

"Mmmmm fresh meat" Loona growled as she went to bite Collin who flew away and fast.

Suddenly a white portal appeared and started to suck the three cherubs into it

"This isn't over you demonic whore!" Keenie yelled at Millie before she was sucked into the portal

"When we meet again YOU'LL DIE FIRST!" Naruto yelled at her after hearing what she said to Millie

"She's mine!" Millie yelled out as she swung her battle axe embedding it into a wall from her anger at being denied the kill

"Shit I was excited to try heaven meat" Loona growled

"You'll get him next time Loony" Blitz said holstering his gun

"Well let's head back Millie said with a sigh

"Shouldn't we loot the old farts place? I mean he was rich" Naruto asked

Blitzo paused at this and smiled "good idea son in law!" he said as he ran off to loot

Naruto chuckled at this as he liked this nickname

"Alpha you ok?" Loona asked

"Yeah though what that bitch said makes me wonder if my parents are in hell" Naruto said

"Maybe Charlie would know" Millie said. If anyone can tell him if they're in hell and why they didn't see him yet it's the princess

"Yeah as her fiance I bet she would love to help you find them" Loona said with a teasing smirk at Naruto

"Oh haha. Still it's weird that they're not bound to the pride ring like other sinners

"Maybe they work for an overlord I mean those guys get all kinds of special perks" millie said

"As long as it ain't Valentino that's fine" Naruto said knowing that the overlord had many, many sex based businesses and he didn't want his parents working for that fucker. He'd rather they work for Alastor than him.

"C'mon let's grab stuff and go before Blitz ends up falling in a solid gold toilet" Loona said

"Too late!" Blitzo yelled from upstairs

(A few days later )

Naruto and his girls were all sleeping in their shared bed after a fun romp of sex when suddenly the phone rang

Naruto groaned as he picked up the phone "what do you want Blitz?" he said into the phone

"Hey buddy I wanted to ask if you and your girls were up for a vacation in millies hometown" Blitz said

Naruto blinked "You want us to go to the wrath ring?" he asked

"Yeah there's a festival there going on and I figured we all worked hard and could use a break. Also stolas need's his book for it and we have no way topside without it. " Blitz said

"This that harvest moon festival thing Mills was talking about?" Naruto asked

"Harvest moon festival?!" Millie asked as she shot up from the bed excitedly

"Ohh it's too early for shouting!" Loona growled

"Yea I just got the feeling back in my legs" Mayberry whined

"I'd prefer other things a mouth does as a morning wake up" Verosika groaned

"Ok show of hands, who wants to vacation to the wrath ring?" Naruto asked his girls

"eeeeeee!" Millie squealed before she ran off to go pack

"What's got her so excited?" Naruto asked

"Babe she's from the wrath ring" Mayberry said

Verosika quirked an eyebrow at this and smirked "Oh really? Meeting the in laws? I'm in!" She yelled

Naruto groaned at this

"Cheer up Whiskers, wait till you meet my mother!" Verosika teased

Naruto rolled his eyes at this and went back to his phone "ok Blitz we are in when do we leave?" he asked

Blitzo then dropped from the ceiling onto the bed "As soon as possible" he said into the phone

"Get out of my bed!" Octavia screeched at Blitzo her eyes glowing

"This is still the most action I ever had in a bed that Blitzo was in" Verosika quipped

"ha ha ha we leave in 3 hours so go pack" Blitzo said as he left

"Huh he usually insults me for that" Verosika said

"Well dating me has benefits" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Also alpha almost killed him the last time he insulted you in front of him. Like straight up slaughter" Loona said

"Awww you wuv your succubus?" Verosika asked teasingly as she pinched Naruto's cheek

"I love all my girls" Naruto said simply

"Careful foxy we're going to wrath which means I may do my own bareback riding when we're there" Verosika smirked

"Good news sweetie! my parents said we can bunk with them!" millie yelled as she came into the room with her bags packed

"On a scale of 1 to 10 how pissed are they gonna be that I'm with you?" he asked

"Sweetie you're an overlord and they respect power and strength" Millie said

"Ah OK but first time they make a comment about the other girls I swear I'll-" Naruto was saying

"Sweetie if they say anything about my harem sisters I get first dibs" Millie said

"Out of curiosity would it be possible to bring your mother in for a threesome?" Verosikai asked

Millie looked at Veroskia flatly "she has a good marriage V" she said

"Yea no home wrecking" Naruto said as even he had lines he won't cross

"Can't blame a girl for asking" Verosika shrugged, not really caring. She was just insatiable really.

"Ok let's all get packed" Naruto said

"Don't wanna get up" Octavia groaned out

"If you get up later I'll let you ride me in the car" Naruto whispered to her

"Only if you use the shock collar as well" Octavia said

"Like I wouldn't spoil my goth beauty" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Hope your parents have soundproof rooms" Loona said to Millie

"... they do not" she responded

"Got you covered" Naruto said as he got out a suitcase

"Seals?" Mayberry asked as she got out her own suitcase

"Yup!" Naruto said as they all started to get ready to go to the Wrath ring


"What do you mean he's an overlord now?!" a deer cherub yelled at the three cherubs who returned from their failed assignment

"It's exactly as I said those disgusting demon spawn corrupted him to the point that he is now a new breed of Hell Beast!" Keenie yelled in a rage at the idea of a good soul falling so low

"Well new years is coming within a few days so let's see if this overlord is as strong as he seems to think he is" the deer cherub said with a smug look thinking they'd be able to kill him

The cherubs clearly did not understand the power Naruto possessed even as he was now. He was a threat to the afterlife as a whole.

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